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  1. I was involved in a very minor collision whereby someone drove into the back of me. My car was booked in for repair at a local accident repair centre. The other Party's insurer arranged a hire car from Europcar for me to use whilst my car was in for repair. I was contacted by Europcar who gave me a time to meet its representative at the repair centre and told me I would need to sign for the car and provide Identification. On arrival at the agreed time, I was told by the receptionist that the representative from Europcar had already dropped the hire car off. I did not sign any agreement or show any identification. After 2 days my car was repaired and ready for collection. I contacted the other party's Insurance to ask what I should do about the hire car, they told me to leave the hire car at the repair centre and they would contact Europcar to off-hire the vehicle. A week later I received a phone call from Europcar asking me where I had left the vehicle. I explained as above and that was that. I have now received a letter saying there was damage to the car that I am liable for. I have responded via email saying that I dispute this on the basis that firstly I did not sign any terms and conditions and that secondly the vehicle was off-hired 7 days before it was actually collected from the repairs centre. Any other advice?
  2. Hi there, First of all I apologise because I know this site must see so many of these threads. I am trying hard to help my mum with parking charges she was advised by many to ignore initially. She had received letter after letter and is terrified of bad credit or court. The parking charge came from Matalan car park in Ayr, Scotland. My mum took my elderly gran there and parked in a disabled bay with the blue badge on display on 11/03/17. My mum had no idea you were required to pay for disabled parking and spent approximately half an hour in matalan. She received her first letter on 16/03/17 and has kept every letter. The initial letter has picture of her car registration entering and leaving. A few threatening letters later and now we have a letter from Gladstones solicitors threatening possible court action in the next 6 years and a bad credit rating. We have two weeks (one week left) to either pay up £140 or face the possible consequences. I would be forever grateful if someone could give me advice on where we go from here? Do we pay the full £140? Do we fight to pay the original fine? Can we appeal? Whatever it is I am willing to write letters, make a 1000 phone calls or pay the full fine myself just to get rid of this worry for my mum. I dont think ignoring it is going to help anyone in this situation. My local trading standards weren't much use. She said they had never taken anyone to our local court, but eventually they would. We could continue to ignore or pay. I will pay the full thing before ignoring it but something is telling me there may be something else we can do, perhaps pay the initial fine? If anyone out there has any advice or experience could you please help? Thank you so much
  3. Just a few questions for any mortgage experts on here as I require some clarity and help. I have an existing mortgage with the bank and later took out a secured loan on the property. 1) Do I have to notify the lender of the charge ? 2) Does the secured loan company have to notify the original lender or seek permission first ? 3) If they do under what law does it state this ? 4) Do all further charges to the property / secured loans have to be regulated by the CCA 1974 ? Thank-you for looking.
  4. I had a loan with Blemain about five years ago. The loan was secured against my property. After two years I remortgaged and repaid the loan. I have checked the paperwork recently and noticed that I was charged £4,681 for collection costs. I have now written twice to Blemain asking for a detailed breakdown of these costs. The reply I had today said, the costs were "as a result of administrative costs applied to the account". I know that! They don't seem to want to give the details of the charges. I don't know what to do now. Shall I write again or what? Please can anyone help me.
  5. Eon sent my vulnerable relative £679.44 charge 19-5-17 for Western Distribution visiting Eon then sent an outstanding balance of £1,080.35 Eon have set the meter to take £5 a week towards the debt. Doubt the property has ever had a meter reading in the 27 months that the relative has been at the house. Relative is very challenging due to mental health and does not engage with anyone including mental health, gp, etc. Relative is often not at the property for more than a night due to a break in at the property at the end of last year, they have become too upset to stay there, the doors were not secure after this despite having attention and anyone could come and go into the property who might have knowledge. An ex partner of my relative recently out of prison as been in and out of the property we do not know about this we do not know if they have been staying there items have been stolen. The family have had some security measures installed at the property in the last month it now as a bolted 6 foot gate and new doors and locks and new glass in 2 outside doors. I put in a EON Energy Fund application for my relative the reply has come today stating the application was unsuccessful when I contacted EON Energy Fund they stated that EON had told them not to accept the Energy Fund application this is so wrong my relative has not stolen electric they simply have not been staying at the property or using any energy, there was no electric or gas on in the property when relatives attended to work on the house and I doubt it has had any gas on for some time there was so much mould and damp. We were advised by EON to put at least £7 a week on the electric key to cover the debt and standard charge this we have been doing, relative went home for one night then left again it has disturbed them this break in then the knowledge that the ex partner has been using the property, we understand that the ex partner as been recalled to prison. What can we do about these charges and the fact that this Energy Fund application as been unfairly denied.
  6. Good Evening all, I was after some advice on if you think I could reclaim the late payment charges / over limit charges on an old credit card ? To cut a long story short I had a Halifax credit card running from 2002 - 2010 that I got into difficulty with, eventually running up an outstanding balance of £11,800 After many sleepless nights, countless number of letters back and forth, many requests for the singed original CCA, many threatening letters and a lot of advice from the CAG I eventually managed to get the debt written off, well not written off as such, Halifax made a gesture of goodwill payment of the full outstanding balance Yes that's right £11,800 paid by them as a "gesture of goodwill" This was all back in 2010 and I left it at that Anyway with all the PPI stuff going around I though I would check to see if the policy ever had PPI (via SAR) which it did not, but there are quite a lot of over limit charges and late payment charges so I have filled in the compound interest calculator and it amounts to over £6,500 Do you think it would be cheeky to request these charges back ?
  7. Hello I am hoping for advice as after finiding this the other day when i asked how much i owe it has threatend to consume me now and will leave me with no pension. loan started in 2008 shortly after i had a child with a disabling condition and work was not to be i had enormous arrears and they have taken a warrant out 3/4 times to try take the house the fees are as follows collections telephone charges @ 30.00 - 50.00 a time letters @ 35.00 a time collection instruction 250.00 buildings insurance £791.00/362/510/600/170/150/165/80/80/78,,,,this varied so much and for the most i had sent in a copy ...of my own plus ge money also do this so im triple covered... professional fees £86.25 dishonoured receipts @ 35.00 each court hearing fee £215 court fee £150 Posession proceedings £130 court preparation fee £190 collection visit £110 telephone collections £35 a time hmpg £110 monthly charge arrears @42.00 monthly charge arrears @46 visit cost £100 posession warrant 18.00 legal costs 120legal costs 230 warrant for reposession again 16.00 legal costs 230.00 arrears charges are now £50 these all come to the grand total of £6562.59 I have paid them to date £18,621.54 in payments start of loan was £12k @ 13.9% settlement figure is £21,276.78 today (of which i was told but they did not put down £7k is the actual amount left without the charges....) i think they said 144 months left of agony to go..... I cannot be tied to these unhelpfull liars for another ten years who every month remind me they can get a posession order tomorrow ...and tomorrow...and tomorrow ...i have been sick ive had to home school my youngest then had my mum have cancer and die...this is now breaking me can anyone help please i need to sort this out to stop them bullying me? Thank you
  8. I have had a studio 24 account for some time. I am paying it off and have never missed a payment although there have been some late payments, usually no more than a day or 2. I have had a statement saying £12.00 default sum. I was a day late this month. the last 'default' is on my credit report Can I claim these charges back? I have looked in the library as I thought I could use the bank charges template and adjust accordingly but I am finding it difficult to find
  9. this is my first visit and I can't seem to get into the appropriate forum? when I go the forum there is no link to allow me to post a new thread?
  10. Hi guys, I used to be a lodger at someone’s house and he handed me a letter yesterday (100817) in my name dated 1 May 2017 titled NHS dental treatment charges - penalty charge. I went for a check up at a dentist on 4 March and they are claiming that I ticked the box for HC2 exemption for free NHS treatment (unsure – just wanted it over with as I was in agony at the time with toothache) It lists the payment as £53.90 treatment charge £100 penalty charge It also states on the back that if you are included in an award for Universal Credit (UC) and you had no earnings for the last complete assessment period of £435 or less then the NHS will cover the cost I have just ring UC and they told me my claim was closed on 170717. I have asked them to send me this as a letter (again landlord’s address) and they told me they would in 2nd class post. However I have no idea about the amount of earnings in the assessment period. Can someone clarify that if I did earn over £435 then I would be liable? I am wondering whether I should get involved with this at all. The person I lived with is extremely unreliable and for all I know this penalty may have increased or I have received further letters in my name there. I no longer require dental treatment and have moved on from this now. Please advise whether I should contact them? I do not want to dodge the system but I have moved away from the city and even getting mail from him is difficult now Thanks LP
  11. Hello Early this year I decided to take some advice and try to discover if any of my three previous Credit Cards had PPI. I've used this site a little but more so when the Bank Charges was first being publicised. It seems such a long time ago now! However, whilst collecting my data from the three Credit Cards I probably now realise I may have been the only person who wasnt sold PPI unless Eggs is hidden within its Reward scheme that came with the Credit Card. i.e 10% off Insurance plus other things... I've made an enquiry to Citibank but unsure whether I should trust their decision fully. If anybody can actually advise I would appreciate it. With my other two cards there was no mention of any PPI on any of the statements so am I correct in thinking that everthing was above board with these accounts? One was Tesco and the other Mint, both ran by RBS. Whilst going through my statements I have suprised at the amount of charges on two of the accounts. These date dack from 2001- 2006 and the other 2004-2006. Given the length of time, am I still able to claim these charges back? l understand that we couldnt do so on bank charges but believe that didnt apply to Credit Cards. Ive spent quite some time trying find some recent posts regarding all my questions but everything related to the above seem dated now Any help with above would be greatly appreciated Dagenham Dave
  12. I'm currently living in a privately owned residential road / estate. A management company was formed last year which then purchased the common parts of the estate, ie roads and footways etc. The company has indicated it's intention to issue fixed penalty tickets to anyone parking there without a permit. This of course raises several questions, such as whether these charges would be enforceable. There are also various practical issues which I can envisage arising, for example, if a legitimate visitor was to arrive unexpectedly, or outside of normal hours, with no means to request or obtain a permit. Signs have already been put up on various parts of the estate, and amongst other things, they say that by entering onto the estate you are agreeing to be bound by a contract. I remain unconvinced as to the legality of this, on the basis that the situation is substantially different from the case of Beavis v ParkingEye, in that the Beavis case revolved around someone who had already entered into a contract for the parking of a vehicle, and paid money to do so, whereas in this situation, a man delivering an ebay parcel to me in his van does not intend to enter into a legally binding contract with the estate management company, nor does the window cleaner, and neither do any of my friends or relatives who may occasionally decide to visit. I'm aware of the basic elements of a legal UK contract (offer, acceptance, consideration, intention of the parties to enter into a legally binding agreement), and it appears to me that many if not all of them are likely to be absent in the situation I've attempted to outline above. Wording of sign in case photo isn't clear.... What does anyone else think ?
  13. Name of the Claimant ? - Parking and Property Management Date of issue – 15 Dec 2016 Date to submit defence = by 4pm Monday 16th January(i think) What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? - DATE 22/08/16 - AMOUNT - £150 - DUE DATE - 26/09/16 - - DATE 23/08/16 - AMOUNT - £150 - DUE DATE - 26/09/16 - Total Due - £300 AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS The claimant claims the sum of £305.20 for parking charges and indemnity costs if applicable including £5.20 interest pursuant to S.69 of the County Courts Act 1984 Rate 8.00% pa from dates above to 14/12/16. Same rate to Judgment or (sooner) payment Daily rate to Judgment £0.07 Total debt and interest £305.20 What is the value of the claim? £390.20 (£35 court fee, £50 Legal representatives costs) Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim? Parking and Property Management Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Yes
  14. The new rules will hit Bailiffs hard with their exorbitant card charges .
  15. first off im sorry if this has been answered somewhere i did search thoroughly through the forum threads but i couldn't find this particular situation... after being laid off in January i used most of my redundancy money to pay off existing bills and such and eventually left me with £0.02 in my account and thinking everything's sorted, i didnt look at my account for a while and when i went back it was a whopping £-160 and what had started as a £15 charge for a returned direct debit has now just racked up charges for being overdrawn and i didnt think they were allowed to make money off their own charges? i rang up nationwide and after some shpeel they said there was nothing they can do. i managed to get a tax rebate which just managed to fix the problem and Lowe and behold the charges kept coming now i'm back at square one and its only going to get worse, this has been going on since march, now ill admit im not the best with money but after starting a voluntary apprenticeship where i dont make much money if any im running out of ways to fix the problem, help!
  16. I have noticed that a firm of HCEOs seem to have added application costs in a writ of control to the debt. Then the application fee is added in their charges (charging twice). As it is already added to the debt, it then also adds to their later stage fees, which are based on a % of the debt. Could it be that most people dealing with them are struggling to manage the debts they have without perusing the details of these bills?
  17. Is there anyone with knowlege of the law applying to these charges. Brent Council demanding an outstanding bill over £2500 be paid by deceased executors long afterwards. Demands for payment to be made, whilst refusing to provide full details of how the alleged amount acrued in the first place. Can the executor get something like an SAR of what the council have on file? The deceased was the executors mother
  18. Dear all, Not been on here for a while, I am seeking your advice and thoughts. Sadly my husband passed away a while ago and I am just in the process of sorting out his paperwork. I have come across some old credit card statements with late charges and was wondering if I should start the process of claiming back the charges. I did this a while ago on 1 or 2 of my old cards, which bore success and remember that I listed charges that were older than 6 years. In my letter, I could state that as they were my late husbands I was not aware of them and as I am administering his estate etc. Also tbh, we were in financial hardship at the point of the charges being applied. I would also like some retribution on his behalf as he did work hard and did get most of the debts paid off. What are your thoughts? Thanks TKM
  19. I feel as though I am drowning! Just come home to a warrant for possession of my home. Is there anything I can do...??? I spoke with the mortgage company earlier today, they tell me if I can make 2 months payments, and a little off the arrears, they think they can help, and I should go back to court (how?). I will not be getting my earnings until the end of March, from my previous employer, but do have a new job, beginning in mid April, but no earnings of course for a month. My house is on the market, much reduced with an interested buyer, but I don't see anything happening before 11 March. I also wondered if I could auction it myself, would that help to persuade them to let me stay. I want out of here so much, but on my terms, so I do actually have a little something to start again with, and not lose it in a few days. Anything anyone can suggest... please, I don't know what to do next.
  20. I've been on a DMP now for over 7 years and am looking into what I should be doing now. There are 6 accounts remaining on the DMP, 2 of which have been reassigned and are wtih Debt Colletion Agencies, the other 4 are with the original creditors. Default Notices were served on all these accounts and my credit file is no longer affected by them. I've had a look through some of the threads on here and it seems that I should be issuing CCA requests to the DCAs at least to see if the debts are enforceable. Just wondering what the position is regarding accounts still with the original creditors. I have a few concerns about doing this though as the DMP is running smoothly and I am planning on applying for a mortgage soon so am worried that by issuing CCA requests, the creditors may be triggered in to starting court action. just wondering if it is worth doing it now or waiting until I have a mortgage. Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/technology/roaming-charges-in-europe-officially-scrapped-from-today-%E2%80%93-all-you-need-to-know-about-using-your-phone-overseas/ar-BBCH3sE?li=AA9SkIr&ocid=ientp However, all is not as it seems... Do read the article linked above because there are still places that you will be charged and quite heavily for staying in contact whilst you are abroad.
  22. I am having to sell my house after my business was destroyed by civil servants who didn't know what they were doing. I have been effectively living on my savings for the past five years. The problem is that I have several charges on my property from about 11 or 12 years ago. When these charges come to court, what amount of the debts will the judge award to the creditors? Some of the creditors are the original lenders (banks) but most are debt purchasing companies who have bought the debtor accounts for pennies on the pound. Does anyone have any ideas about what the standard practice here is? I's be thankful for any advice.
  23. Our car was clamped last week. The agent said we had 7 tickets and everything had been through court. We had NO IDEA of any of this. car still registered at our old address (we moved 3 years ago and post not forwarded after initial 3 months) so maybe this is all true. We paid £500 to have the car un-clamped and was told this covered ALL 7 actions. They promised to send through list of all tickets. But did not. I am complaining about this. My question is: I may well have 7 tickets (but from various jurisdictions - congestion charge, speeding, parking etc. how do I know? Is there a central register? Any other ideas? How do I know I will not run the risk of clamping every time I go out in the car? Clearly if I had known of the tickets I would have paid (or challenged) at the time. And having no notice, when we failed to register the car at our new address, is no defence? Thoughts?
  24. Hi hoping someone can offer some advice please ? we have/had to sell our home all monies have been paid in full to mortgage company they really gave us a hard time and were causing too much stress to carry on with it. I am now after pursuing them for all charges that they have charged us over the years what charges can we claim back we had a joint mortgage account do we both need to do a SAR or will one in joint names suffice any more advice would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance
  25. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/may/20/mobile-phone-roaming-charges-banned-europe-15-june-brexit
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