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  1. Hello all(Appreciate you taking the time to read this)I wonder if anyone can try and advise me on the problem I'm having with the Claims Guys. Firstly, they have already managed to reclaim some money for me, so that's fine. So are their charges. I can live with that.The problem comes from this last claim.I had a Capital One credit card, which through me missing payments, went to Cabot Financial. To cut a long story short, Cabot have confirmed that they recieved full and final payment in Feb 2008. I was made redundant and so used the money to clear my debts. This was one of them. And nothing has been heard from either Cabot or Capital One since.Earlier this year, I used the Claims Guys to see if there was anything to be refunded through mis sold ppi or unfiar charges. And they eventually got back to me saying there was! £114 in mis sold ppi and £95 in charges. I was then told that all I had to do was sign the offer letter and Capital One would refund the money. Now, the Claims Guys have called me a few times asking for their fee for this claim. But I have not been refunded the money. The Claims Guys assured me it had, but to the credit card account. This didnt make sense, so I called Capital One. They said that they could see the amounts in question but could not talk to me due about it. Something to do with restrictions on the account. They suggested I call Cabot.Cabot told me that there was no longer an account, or credit card. The money could not be transferred to this account. Full and final payment was recieved in Feb 2008. So I called back Capital One. Again, they could not help. So I called the Claims Guys.They said that they would need to speak to Capital One and I would hear back from them soon.I heard back today, but not to update me, but to ask for their fee, nothing else. I went over this all over again and the person I spoke to said the following (excuse me if I put this down wrong)..." The money has been refunded to you but to the credit card account. Because you defaulted on the card, there was an outstanding balance and so this money has paid that off". I wont drag this on any longer but refused to pay until I had spoken to Cabot, who once again confirmed that they had recieved full and final payment in Feb 08. they sent out a letter to confirm this at the time. there is no recored of any money paid to Cabot with regards to this account. All I would like to know is has anyone had this experience before? Are they correct saying the money has been refunded to the old account (I can't see how, it doesn't exist). If this is unfair charges and mis sold ppi, how can it go back to them? I'm getting quite overwhelmed by all the phone calls and feel like I'm losing my grip on reality. Kind regards
  2. Hello, My boyfriend recently did a credit check on himself as we were considering moving flats and it came up that he had a debt with Scottish Power from our last place of residence 2 years ago. We rung Scottish Power who confirmed the debt of £1157 which we offered to pay but they informed us that it had been passed to a debt collectors and that they would be contacting us. We finally receive a letter from the debt collectors 'Past Due Credit Solutions' stating that 'we STILL haven't paid off the above debt of £1620 and that they are now recommending to their client that they should issue a claim against us in court'. This is the first we have heard of the debt and the first letter that we have received from the agency. On top of that our debt has gone from £1157 to £1620! We're happy to pay the debt but don't understand why we have to pay an extra £463 when we've had no contact from them previously. How can the charges be so much without any previous contact and is there a way we can get some of them dropped? We've recently got a tax rebate and are happy to just pay this off in one go, would the collectors be inclined to give a discount if a lump sum was offered? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. MY friend signed up for a 24 month contract with 3 Network. He pays £30 a month, £15 for internet [15GB] and £15 for a Laptop add-on. Now, he was paying for the contract, but he was using the internet, so he gave me the Dongle and i now pay him the monthly £15 for it's usage while he is paying off the internet. Device Name: Huawei E122 Since then he has had a phone line put in and 'proper' internet into his home. He no longer needs the Dongle. Now i am going to be moving abroad to France in the relatively near future, and the roaming charges are extortionate, it is something like £1.50/Mb to use it in France. I can't take the Dongle with me, I cant afford it. So... Is there a way we could cancel his contract without incurring the cancellation fee, when he still has 15 months left on the contract? Is it possible to transfer the contract to me, then when i move cancel the contract as i wont be able to pay them and the roaming device isnt currently active on the device. The main problem is the laptop. If we cancel the contract, will he have to return the laptop, if we manage to cancel the contract without the fees? Any help on the matter would be appreciated Megan
  4. Hi is there a place I can go to for templates for excessive business bank charges for a ltd company (they kept sending me overdrawn and then charging me) they have told me there is over £600 in charges applied to the account, I tried using personal account template letters but they have written back stating that its a business account but i cant find any templates anywhere, please help someone????
  5. Hi all I hope that this is in the right place. Here goes: I foolishly got a credit card with Capital 1 in 2008 . This was while my business was prospering, but things got a little tight when the credit crunch started to squeeze the market that I'm in . Anyway, I defaulted on the repayments for the £200 debt and due to the charges, the debt was finally sold to Lowells with a balance of £483.70p. After some letter ping pong with Lowells, it is getting to the point where I think I might have to make an offer of payment to them, but I wanted to know whether it would be realistic to try and reclaim the charges back from Cap 1 in order to help me pay the debt to Lowells. If anyone thinks that this is a plan, I would also like to know how to calculate the amount to claim back from Cap 1. Thanks in advance. JJ
  6. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with this. I bought a sofa a few years back from dfs and took a finance with HITACHI CAPITAL. I had a few late payments and they charged me £32 for each late payment/ direct debit failure. The account is now closed (paid it off last year). I phoned them up this morning asking about those charges, they confirmed the total of all charges was £313. They said they would post the list of charges to me. I wanted to know if I could claim these charges back at all? Would really appreciate your help. Many thanks, Cathey
  7. Basically, I had an account with A&L before they became Santander. I wasn't using it as a current account, so left it to sit but stupidly forgot about the under-funding charges. I heard nothing until they became Santander, when I had a letter demanding over £300 - all fees that had been added to the account. They started calling, so I set up a payment plan with them. £100 a month. I paid the first £200 off then got a statement randomly sent to me. In that 2 month period, they'd charged me £200 in charges. So I'd basically paid nothing. I tried calling them but was told there was no record of a payment plan. Then the letters started, saying I'd broken an agreement, they want £450 or they're taking me to court. I got 4 of these letters in one day, along with a default notice. Whenever I try to speak to them, they put me on hold then cut me off. I don't know what to do, as I can't afford to pay them - I ALREADY GAVE THEM £200 FOR NOTHING!! And the fact that every penny is charges. How do I stop them from threatening me and sort this out? Please help!!
  8. Hi, My Aunt took out a wfs loan and secured it against her property, she then retired from workinglife and came upon some difficulties repaying the loan amount. She then entered into an arrangement to pay £50 a week over the phone, this didn't cover the default nor did it cover what was actually required to pay the normal installment. So she continued to rack up charges and arrears. I did an SAR and they kindly sent a pack of stuff through, here are the bits that jump off the page so to speak: Insurance Suitability Document: Already has Insurance in place for Homecare24, PAP and Lifecare24, so PPI was circled NO. Yet in her statement of account that was sent, there is a PPI refund to the acc for the sum of £982.07 PPI roll up adjustment of £471.35 CCA: Total amount of credit £15000 over a term of 60 months, monthly payment of £422.51 with a variable APR of 23.5% Underneath section is the charge for credit section: Total charge for credit £10350.50 Acceptance Fee £235.00 Monthly Indemnity Fee £0.00 Interest charge £10115.50 Rate of interest £24.6% On her statement it has missed direct debit fees of £105.00 It also has a debit listed as BR SUSPENSE TRANSFER, with 96 individual transactions coming out on a single day, some for £50.00 and some for £105.00 CAPITALISATION changes from one wek to the next, sometimes as high as £240.47 or as low as £20.00 At the end of her statement it has the following entries: 25/10/2010 SETT O/C REVERSAL SASNOTONK DEBIT £235.00 25/10/2010 CAPITALISATION SASNOTONK DEBIT £51.01 25/10/2010 PPI ROLL UP ADJUSTMENT CREDIT £471.35 25/10/2010 PAYOFF - CANCELATION CREDIT £14528.65 BALANCE 0.00 Now I'm no expert but am i correct in believing that she now owes them nothing and the account can be closed? As I write this she has just called to say that a letter arrived explaing that if she wanted to settle her account the final redemption figure is: Total Amount Outstanding £12391.98 Rebate of fees and charges (66.04) Default Interest £30.57 Interest to settlement £377.08 Settlement figure to pay £12733.59 Can anyone help me help her... thanks in advance. Eoghan.
  9. My wife has a crap 1 card, she took them to court in Nov after they refused to refund charges, they settled mid Nov for £109 which they took of the balance but not off the monthly payment which included the charges, she made payments of about £50 per month and again they charged in Dec and Jan O/L's and Late fees as payments were always below their figure (which included their refunded charges) so went back to court in early Feb,then Crap1 issued a default notice for £206,which was still made up from the previous charges that have been refunded, the current court case is for £79 and a further £24 has been added,so in total £213 has been/is being claimed for charges but they have issued a termination notice saying defaulted for £206. As this £206 is clearly made up of charges and she has made more than what would have been the min payments each month how can they suggest the account has D/F as the D/F is made up of their charges that they have refunded but refuse to take off the minimum payments? Without the charges added to the minimum payments the account would have remained upto date and therefore cannot warrant a default or T/N. The POC'S in both her court claims state any defaults must be removed so considering refusing when they no doubt make their 11th hour offer. The payments they decided to take off the balance also included the court fees which surely have nothing to do with cap 1's account. Letter from Fredricksons came dated 22/2 Crap 1s D/N & T/N was dated 21/2 looks like sour grapes to me, a case of trying to get their own back.
  10. I have never had this kind of problem and let alone I was stupidly thinking!!!!! I am an international student and yes,me and my friend went to Boots to get cosemetics and we both took perfumes 4 each and they cost around £200 :-( . They called the police,I also got a RLP letter and they banned me from Boots. I will have to go to the Thames Valley police station tomorrow (They took my passport,the officer said ''I'm taking this to make sure you come'') I am very worried about how much this will cost me. My boyfriend has promised to pay this off for me but isnt it going to be too much?? Also.. .I will have to re-new my Visa in July and I am worried about the Criminal charges and stuff.. ..How much does this usually cost??? and will I be able to get my Visa???
  11. Please advise! Hi all... Worcester council Parking ticket was issued which i didnt want to pay (less than a third of my car over hanging double yellows in my dead end street) and the ticket went from £35-£110. This then went to Bristow & Sutor who sent letters... i think. At the time i had no income and didnt open my mail as i had lots of debt with other creditors. I am now on tax credits (£50 a week) which is my only income as my business is not making a profit yet. The fee's went to £320 in no time as a ballift left a letter at the door one morning at which time i made calls to them to find this out. I made arangements to pay this off at the lowest rate they offered (£25/week) and started making them. During xmas i missed 3-4 payments and then tried to call to make arangements to catch up. They informed me this would not work and told me i had to pay the full amount be day end or the account would be passed back to the ballift to seize goods etc. before this call i made a £50 payment online thinking this would show my intent... shouldnt have! A week later i made another payment of £70 followed by a call to them again to try and make arrangements to make the last "catch up" payments the next Friday (about £70) to get back to the £25/week. they told me it was all to late and it was now in the hands off there ballifts! Again my £70 payment to show my intent before the call... shouldnt have! I then decided the fact i had been advised it was with the ballifts to not make anymore payments since they WOULD come to my door. 3 weeks had passed without any door knocking or letter and i got a text from them. After calling them i found, to my shock, the balance which i thought was under £200 was now £430!!! i was told someone tried the door on the 28th jan (someone was in all day without a visit or letter) and this incured another fee of £230. At this i will not make anymore payments and would rather pay hundreds of pounds in lawer fees if this will end the nightmare. Sorry for the lenght but please help me. Regards HATE Bristow & Sutor!
  12. Hi Has anybody had any experience with cross border payments within the EU. I have accounts in Holland with ABN Amro, and in Luxembourg with ING. Both accounts can be accessed via the internet and I can make cross border payments between the two accounts very easly as I have the IBAN and BIC numbers for the accounts and banks concerned, such payments generally have a charge of 3-5 Euros. I can make payments from either of these two accounts to my UK bank account, and again the there is a charge of 3-5 euros per transaction., and the transaction is completed within 24 hours. But when I try to make a payment to either of these accounts from my UK bank account, which is also accessible from the internet, it is not possible to set up the transfer without going into a bracnh of the bank and completing a written form, for the privelege of which I am then charged £15-£20, and it takes 3-5 working days. Again I can make a payment worldwide from either of my European bank accounts to an account anywhere in the world - in the past I have sent a payment to a friend in Singapore for some books - all I needed was the SWIFT CODE and the account number, and it cost me 5 euros, and could be completed online, and the transaction was complete within 3 days (my Singapore friend sent me an email to say he had collected the money from his bank). If I tried to make the same payment from my UK bank account, again I would have to go into a bank branch and complete a written form, and again I will be charged £15-£20 for the privelege and could take more than 1 week for the transaction to be complete. How can the UK banks justify (1) the charge of £15-£20 for the transction fee when the European bans only charge €3-€5 for the same transaction (2) having to visit a branch and complete a paper form onto which I must transcribe the account details (3) the length of time the transction takes to complete? I thnink the cross borer payments are covered by Regulation (EC) No 924/2009 - which although aimed at Euro payments should also be recognised by the UK banks!
  13. hello i had the bailiffs around on friday for council tax which was stopped by my bank for some reason in december,my wife let him in and he sat down,i thought he was from the council,he then said we missed the payment in december and now we must pay the full amount up as far as april i think,he asked can we do that we said no,he then said if you cant i will have to do a levy and walking possession on your goods ,so me and my wife said we will check the banks now and see what we can do so we ask him how much is it? he then worked it out at £509.55 we checked the banks and we had the money to pay him so we did by debit card,after we paid he then said im still have to do a levy and walking possession,is this right? mY council tax bill was £440.05 £22.50 release charge £36 levy and £11 walking possession so £69.50 paid to them on top
  14. Hello I hope ive posted in the right place, really need some advice. I went to Australia last month & stayed with my sister. Having heard the horror stories of people spending hundreds on using their phones abroad i made sure i was very careful. I've got an iphone & turned off the roaming. I only called my emails & did internet searches when using my sisters wi fi at her home. I did use the internet a couple of times & got messages from orange saying i had used 10mb. This made me use it less. In the last few days of our holiday Orange says i connected 9 times. This was a day when we were at my sisters house all day & her wi fi was on. I was also double checking that the wi fi signal at the top of the iphone was on before using. I've just spoken to Orange who were quite nice but told me i had spent £639 in internet charges!!! I had calculated this to be around the £35 mark so i am completely shocked & have no idea of what to do next. They are definately trying to charge me where i thought i was connected to wi fi (im good with phones, so i would have known if it was just the mobile internet connecting. Any advice on what to do next most appreciated, i think im being taken for a ride
  15. So, the story goes.. My paypal account was hacked.. twice... both times money was taken from my linked bank account.. a halifax cardcash account After going through paypal's resoloution center they agreed both times they were unauthorised and reversed the payments, unfortunately there was not enough cash in my bank account both times to cover the transactions so I was charged £15 by them! After speaking to them they will not reverse the charges! Now if I had made a genuine mistake with a direct debit or cheque bouncing I can kind of understand (altho i'd still be annoyed) but this is just unfair! Do I have a leg to stand on? Who can I contact about this? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi guys, Like many guys I've read about here, I've been sent a letter from CRS. I joined golds gym in october and first payment was from novermber 2009, 6 months contract. I completed the concellation form and cancelled membership just before april, as they ask you to cancel membership one month advance, so April was the sixth month. What I did wrong is I cancelled the direct debit just before april not paying the last month fee. After that, I recieved I think one or two letter/s, I do remember something about £55 - 45 monthly fee + £10 charge. Now, I got a letter from CRS same thing like other people here, saying £55 charge from golds gym and our outstanding collection fee of £85. Total of £140. Pay by 16th december. I do not have the copy of contract I signed when I joined golds gym. So what I have in mind is to go and talk to golds gym about this and see if they're happy if I pay them their £55. As you might have seen before, golds gym have this in their T & C s: ''If you fail to pay any amount due under this agreement, for a period of more than thirty days, we reserve the right to pass the debt to a third party company for collection. The costs incurred in employing the third party company will be borne by you including costs in tracing you should you have changed your address without informing us.'' Now I'm not sure if this was the same in the contract I signed. The second line where it says the costs incurred in... ... worries me a bit. Do you think I should pay the charges because it does say the costs for this third party will be borne by you. I'm confused because I'm a student 20 years old and I don't want the CRS charges to keep rising and then having to pay big money so I want to get it out of the way asap. What do you guys think I should do? Thanks in advance.
  17. they charge 10 pound if you're late paying your bill. that hasn't happen lots, but i wondered. they charge 5 pound per month if you don't pay by direct debit. i've had those fees since i joined Virgin Media in january 2006. they charge 1.25p per month for receiving a paper bill...instead of just an E-bill. which i have also been charge for since i joined in jan' 2006.
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