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Found 98 results

  1. Hello all, apologies if we are not posting in the right section. We are a couple who decided to buy our first house. We found a property where we made an offer that has been accepted so that we started all the paperwork both with broker and solicitors. A part of the deposit comes by a gift from family and as normal the broker asked us for a gift letter saying that that money is a gift and that there is not any financial interest in the property. The letter has been made, signed by the member of the family who transferred us the money and gave to the broker who will forward that to the lender. The problem is that now the solicitors contacted us saying that they want a gift letter too and that to prepare the extra documentation will charge us around 100£. We told them that we have already the letter that has been approved by the broker and that will be sent to the lender by him but they don’t want listen reasons. They said that they have to make also the interest of the lender. This sounds very weird to us as we thought that if we pay them, they should make our interests and not the ones of the lender. Anyone experienced the same thing/issue? This request of an additional gift letter is really necessary and legally required? Thank you very much in advance.
  2. In September last year I started a new thread regarding a very serious case concerning a debtor who had been arrested for assaulting a bailiff. The reason for the debtor's arrest can be seen in the following links from that time: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?433030-Debtor-charged-under-section-68(1)-of-TCEA-2007-with-quot-intentionally-obstructing-a-bailiff-quot-.(20-Viewing)-nbsp
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2881419/Man-appears-court-charged-murder-neighbour-stabbed-death-way-work.html
  4. Hi Guys Will put the Vodafone Ref Shortly. Have a contract with Vodafone. One of the lines was recently taken out and a Galaxy Note 4 was supplied with a number that ive later found out was a recycled number. I got my bill today and ive been charged £19.99 for a unlock code I haven't requested. The IMEI number given was an Iphone, I later found out this was the previous account holder to that number. CS gave me the name of the person who did this... Mohammed (The previous account holder) I have a question. Vodafone says if the details dont match then they wont process the order. They say it was done very recently. With that in mind, why was I charged? Why did you process this? Why did you give me the name of the Person who did this? This account was cancelled almost 3 months ago and your careless has breached the Data Protection Act...
  5. Hi All. My Father is nearly 80 and relies on his landline. He recently reported a problem on his line to his provider (Post Office) who confirmed there was a fault and advised him BT would be out to have a look. BT arrived a couple of days later and the engineer says there is a fault caused by water ingress and he needs a new connecter box in the house. He replaces this box and disappears. Next thing my Father is being charged by the Post Office £144 + VAT for this tiny box! No-one, not the engineer or the Post Office at any time suggested there would be a bill, let alone one for £144+VAT, they just did the work. He thought, as it was their box and their line, there would be no charge. Question is can they just do the work without advising him there would be a huge bill? Surely they should have quoted him for the work? Not only is he on a pension and can ill afford the cost, he is quite upset about it as he feels conned. The irony of it is that the water ingress came from the hole where the cable entered the house and wasn't sealed properly originally, so it is actually their fault anyway. Thanks in anticipation of any advice.
  6. Hi there, I would appreciate help and advice on the following matter (please see below). For over three months now, I have lost signal at my work place. I am unable to receive or make calls from my mobile phone. This is not only frustrating but is very disruptive. This problem with the loss of signal has only occurred recently as I used to get full signal on my mobile phone for the last 7 years that I have worked here. I have now phoned many times and have also written a formal complaint letter to Vodafone. To summarise, Vodafone has confirmed that they are having issues in the area which is affecting phone signal and are not be able to give me an exact timescale as to when the issue will be rectified. I am not in the position to wait indefinitely for Vodafone to rectify their issues. From my point of view, I have been paying for a contract for which service has not been provided. With this, I have asked for my contract to be terminated however have received a reply saying I will be charged an early termination fees of £193.00. If Vodafone are unable to provide me with a service, surely they should provide a refund on my monthly bills that I have paid for the months that I have not been able to use their service, and to waive the early termination fees of £193.00 so I can move to another provider? Has anybody else been in a similar situation? What is your advice please? I have also emailed Lee [#8437881] - but have had no response. Thanks in advance for your help/advice.
  7. Hi there, I hope that someone can help me clarify a matter and advise on if there is anything I can do. I have been in a contract with Orange (now EE) for a good few years. In June 2011, I was midway into a contract when I registered a new phone via customer services. It was the Iphone 4 that had been purchased directly from the Apple store and I advised this to the agent I was speaking to. At the time, I was advised that the £6 a month Orange Care would increase to £12 a month as the new handset was a smart phone. Later I found out that the agent I spoke to also put a note on the account to say that the handset is a generic handset. There was no reason for me to question the £12 a month as I was led to believe that my handset was covered. About 2 weeks ago, I called up EE upgrades to negotiate a new deal for my contract. I told the advisor that I was thinking of buying another handset directly from Apple and was wanting to know the best sim only tariff that they could offer. During the conversation that advisor told me that if I purchased a handset from a third party, in this case Apple, then the EE care would not be valid on it and as it would be classed as a generic handset. I paused and then told her that my current handet is a generic handset and I have been paying the monthly £12. She was not sure why this was and told me that I would need to speak to customer service with regards to it. She also told me that there were notes on the account to state that they were aware that the handset was generic. I've tried speaking to customer services and feel like I'm being passed from pillar to post. When I eventually spoke to a team leader, he advised that it was wrongly applied and in the event that I needed to make a claim, they would have honoured it. My gripe is that at the time, the agent knew that the handset was generic and continued to apply the new insurance to my account. Had I been informed of the full facts, that the insurance does not apply to generic handsets, there would be no reason for me to continue paying for Orange insurance? Is this a case of 'misrepresentation'? Am I right in thinking that the insurance was missold to me? They have admitted that it should not have been added to my account but also that they would not refund me. What can I do now? Am I entitled to a refund? Any help would be much appreciated. TIA
  8. Hi I have recently joined an NHS dental practice and have had an initial examination at a cost of £18.50 on the day a second appointment was made to have a filling done the following week the next day I realised that I couldn't make that appointment due to other commitments and so rang to re-arrange for around two weeks afterwards at which point I was told I could but it would be classed as a second treatment and that I would be charged £50.50 I'm unsure if the receptionist understood fully what I was getting at and so I have asked them to clarify what they mean in writing. The letter I intend to send tomorrow please feel free to point out any errors... Document dental surgery staff member referred to me too: http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/DentalServices/4717.aspx
  9. My mother passed away a few days ago. She was a protected tenant in a large housing association / housing trust. An officer of the trust has informed me that she was in rent arrears prior to her death, and that until the flat is cleared rent will continue to be charged. She had been living in the property (and another property in the same HA) from the early 70's. She was the sole tenant, there was no-one else living with her & no-one stands to continue the tenancy. She was a hoarder therefore it will take some time to clear her rubbish & belongings (little of value). She had very little of value, and i've found recent credit card statements indicating she was in thousands of pounds of credit card debt. There may be other debts. She was in receipt of pension credit & housing benefit. The rent included heating & hot water, therefore the HB would not have included that, so the HB was not for the full amount. There may be other HB deductions. I am her next of kin (sole child). My questions are : 1) is the HA right to claim a) rent arrears prior to her death b) to charge rent while the flat is unoccupied but being cleared of her belongings after her death ? given the amount of stuff she has hoarded, this will probably take a month or so. they have verbally offered to allow 'approximately two months' if needed. 2) re the credit cards she owes money to (the one i saw was ' m&s credit'). and other loans she may have. What happens following someone's death? I suspect her estate will have very little value. Do the CC companies claim it from the estate, chase the next of kin for the debts owed ? or are they written off ? any help appreciated i have never been in this situation before.
  10. Hi hopefully I can get some advice . My housing association /landlord as been over charging me for the past six years . Even after being made aware they were overcharging me 4 years ago they still charge it and have even increased the charge. I live in a house and they are charging me block service charge rate . It's not just me this is being done to all the houses in my street and the surrounding streets owned by my housing are being over charged .yet they have not told any of the tenants they are being overcharged. I was told that it's taking so long due to the amount of people owed money. It could run into hundred of thousands . I have been trying for four years to get this money from them and now they say they will only back date it six years . Any help on this would be grateful
  11. http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/01/holidaymaker-charged-12500-for-downloading-my-family-while-in-turkey-4888919/
  12. Hi all, here a quick overview: My fiancee went to the Philippines, and once there turned data roaming on. Apparently it was not possible to call or text with it turned off, and she wanted to be available in case of an emergency (me and our son stayed here in the UK). She got a text from Orange with information about the usage - £8 per MB. She thought it would mean 8p per MB and left data roaming on (she remembers the text saying £?8). The result were several texts from Orange about data usage which were ignored as she was swamped with other texts and busy first arranging surgery and later a funeral as a result of it. I.e. it was a pretty distressing trip for her. The result of data roaming being on and apps running in the background (they were not actively used) was a usage of 200MB = £1600. I realise that a good part of this is our fault, but I do not regard £1600 as an acceptable price to pay. £8 per MB is far removed from their costs, from the value of the service to us etc. Also, their own data packages are cheaper by multiples (the same amount of data paid by packages would be about £240). We've called Orange, but the call center didn't want to amend the bill, now we emailed them (executive office, customer service) as well, asking to amend the bill. The direct debit is due soon, and I'd prefer the issue resolved before that date... Questions: 1) Considering that there have been texts, what is the best way forward for us? 2) What is the best way to deal with the impending direct debit payment? I want to solve this as amicable as possible, and don't want to go down the route of cancelling the direct debit, getting additional charges etc.
  13. Hi, Despite being a customer of three for more than 3 years, since 2011 I've had some financial problems but always managed to pay my bill (but a little late). Because of thise, since the beginning of 2011, I've added up all of the dates and over the 7 occasions I've been no more than 10 days late (but still within the month I was billed for),I've totalled up: 2011: Total of 11 days barred (bills never overlapped) 2012: Total of 25 days barred (bills overlapped once, but no more than by a few days) 2013: Total of 3 days so far and next bill is due on 8Th... Despite always staying in good comms with them, they don't care, and still are happy to charge for something I've never received. Luckily I've kept all the dates and times... Neatly diarised too. Is there anything I can do about this? My bill has always been pretty much up to date, and at the most 3 weeks late, but still within the period I was billed for. Regards, Adridude
  14. Hi there, was hoping to get some advice on a problem I've had with Orange. I was checking my bank account yesterday and noticed Orange had taken out a whopping £202 for my last months bill. Now I knew I'd use a bit of excess data but nowhere near that much. Upon checking my bill I found I'd been charged for calls to a premium rate number that were never connected. I'm in the process of emigrating to New Zealand (I actually fly next Tuesday) this has all been very short notice due to personal reasons I won't go into. On the 9th April I was at my fiancee's parents house putting together the evidence for my visa application and had a query I needed to raise with NZ Immigration. No big deal I thought I'll phone them, it's a Premium number but it's only a quick question, and I have to make the last post for the day to send my application. When I dialed the number I got a recording saying something along the lines of calls to this number are blocked from my phone press whatever to speak to a customer service rep. So of course I did that, they said they'd unblocked it and to turn my phone off and on again and I'd be able to make the call, easy. So I do that, get the same message, hang up. Try again a couple of minutes later, same thing, few minutes later same again. Try resetting my phone again, same message. So I phone again and choose the option to speak to someone, they tell me I shouldn't have been told it would be done there and then because it can take up to an hour. Not happy but it's still in time so I try again a few times over the next hour. Comes to an hour and 10 minutes after the original call and it's still not working, so I choose the option to speak to someone. This person then tells me they don't know why I was told this as it can take up to 24 hours! Obviously I'm not happy at all about that and ask to speak to a manager to discuss why I've been told 3 different things and the problems this is causing me, I have to wait quite a while and we go through a few things and in the end she says there's still a good chance it will work in time, and she'll phone me back. I wait and make two final attempts just before 5pm and of course still not working. About an hour later the manager phones back and I make my displeasure known that if I'd been told originally it was going to take that long I'd have had the time to drive home to make the call (her parents are emigrating as well and had already had all their accounts closed and disconnected as they were leaving the next day). In the end I had to pay to have a same day courier deliver my application on the Monday but I decided to let it slide as I'd be free of Orange soon anyway. it turns out though that after all of that I was charged for every single one of those phone calls at a premium rate despite none of them making it past Orange's blocked message. The half hour I spent on the phone to the manager cost me just shy of £60. After incorporating VAT I was charged £120 for calls that never went past Orange themselves. Obviously being quite angry but figuring it was a fairly simple problem, I phoned Orange yesterday and explained all this. The woman on the phone didn't seem to believe me when I said none of the calls had connected, I mean, making a load of 5 second phone calls to a premium rate number, followed up by a 30 minute call, followed up two more 5 second calls is obviously what I wanted to do....... She explained she couldn't refund my money and that it had to be investigated by an "offline" team who would phone me back. Great I thought, what time will they call? Sometime in the next two weeks........ Given that they'd billed me just shy of 3 times what they should I explained I didn't think it was reasonable for them to sit on that money for 2 weeks and was basically told sorry but we can't do anything. I contacted Barclays straight after and they reversed the direct debit within an hour, so at least I've got my money now, but has anyone had experience of something similar with Orange? It seems insane that they'd consider it acceptable to try and sit on that money for 2 weeks whilst they "investigate" what is a very obvious case. So I'm now left with a £202 outstanding balance on my Orange account that I'm going to have to deal with from outside the country, which is going to be a complete nightmare. Sorry if this is long winded it's just a very stressful thing to have thrown at you a week before you move to the other side of the world!
  15. Hi, In March I took out 2 addition mobile phone contracts with Vodafone and as part of the agreement I would be able to share the data from my existing contract onto these new contracts, and this data share would just continue even after the upgrade on my existing contract that was due in May. (As written on the T&C's I signed) I therefore, arrange the upgrade on my original contract earlier this week and was assured again during the upgrade process the on the 42 per month iphone contract (1gb data) that I would be able to continue to share the data. Then after recieving the upgrade I was unable to access the internet on ANY contract, after numerous calls to vodafone I was then told that I had previously been given incorrect information and the as the 42 per month contract is not a RED contract I would not be able to share the data.. I was then told I would have to upgrade to the 47 per month contract (3gb data). So I went ahead with the upgrade and was assured that I would have the data sharer on the account. HOWEVER, I am still not able to access the internet on ANY phone. I have spoken to vodafone everyday since and after being passed from department to department each time I was told that there has been no data assigned to the account and that due to this the internet access has been barred. I was then told this had been resolved and I would be able to access the internet on all handset again. This works until midnight that night, at which point I receive a test message on all phones saying I have used all my data allocation and that I wont be able to access the internet until I buy more data - I have actully only used 88.60mbs of my 3gb allowance!!! This has happened everyday since my upgrade and everytime I call vodafone I get told the same thing.. Its fixed and you will be able to access the internet... That works until midnight everytime. I called vodafone again today and was told that they dont know what is causing the problem or how to fix this. Its apparent that vodafone can't honour the terms of the contract that was purchased but when I try to cancel the contracts I am told they will charge me the termination fee. How can I resolve this because I am not prepared to pay to cancel the contracts when this is a vodafone error that they cannot permanently fix... and I am not prepared to phone vodafone every day like I have done for the passed week. I am beyond annoyed now!! Update: I have now emailed vodafone using the link in the forum and received an auto reply with ref: 6880383
  16. Sorry friends, I am not a pro. Please can you take a look at these and tell me if I was charged PPI? The copy I hv recd. is not very well scanned either. Thanks
  17. I have recently received my latest bank statements, after checking through them I noticed two Aldi transactions had been duplicated and funds with drawn from my account. The first for £23.87 on the 24.03.2014 the second for £18.78 on the 25.03.2014. The statements show that on the 26.03.2014 another £23.87 and £18.78 had been with drawn from my account. On the 27.03.2014 £18.78 was refunded and on the 28.03.2014 £23.87 was refunded. Unfortunately this caused me to enter my overdraft and although I do have an overdraft facility the Nat West now charge £6 per month for the use of the overdraft. I rang Aldi and explained the situation but they basically apologised and mentioned the issue was caused by an update to the card machines in certain areas of the country. They went onto mention that they had written to several banks to clarify the situation. I was then informed it was upto me to contact my local Nat West bank who would then refund my £6.00. I was not happy with the information I was being given and didn`t believe it was down to the bank to refund my £6.00 overdraft fee. I then asked for the name of the next in command at Aldi but this information was refused due to data protection. I then requested the name and e-mail address of Aldi CEO, this was also refused. Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed next and any views on who should pay the £6.00 overdraft fee? Many thanks in advance for all replies
  18. Dear Friends, Please can someone advice and help on this issue. I went to a Pub with some friends in East London in October 2013. I ordered some drinks and snacks for myself. At the end of the night my bill was £25 and I paid by my credit card. When I returned home and looked at my credit card till receipt I realised that they had charged me £250 instead of 25 and I had entered my pin without seeing the amount. called them up the next day and discussed the mistake and they admitted and agreed to refund if I went down to them. went back to the Pub in evening but found them to be closed and there was a notice saying 'Closed for refurbishment'. called them on the phone a few times but no one was picking up. I went back again after a week or so and they were still closed. This cycle of events went on for few days. I complained to my Credit card company (Tesco), who said that at the first instance I should try and get the refund back from the retailer as that would be easier. After trying twice with the Pub which was still closed, called my Credit Card again and asked for a Reclaim from the merchant. I also put this in wrting on their specific form. After about a month they got back saying that Mastercard (the credit card company) is not allowing the refund of the Disputed transaction. So they cannot help anymore. The reason given by Mastercard was that I am not able to produce any paper proof or bill of only £25 and not 250. This is true. The pubs only give you a total amount due to be paid and you pay. They do not give itemised bill like restaurants. The payment slip I had is for the £250 that I paid by mistake instead of 25. The Pub has since closed down and there is another Pub opened at the same place in a different name. When I went there and spoke to the new people they say they do not know the previous owners and have nothing to do with them. However, i doubt that they are the same people doing business in a different name now. All the above facts are absolutely true. It was a genuine mistake on my part not to check the amount before confirming payment on credit card. I overpaid £225. Please advise as to what can be done now to get my £225 back. Whom and how do I approach? Is there any hope? Many Thanks and Best Wishes. Probe
  19. hiya everyone, first of all apologies for all small case letters, my caps lock is broken. this is my first post so i hope this is in the right forum i am in a bit of a situation at the moment and i don't really know where to go from here. last monday (february 24th) i booked a one night stay at the grand burstin hotel in folkestone for friday (february 28th), costing £35,. i booked online through laterooms.com, with this particular hotel, you pay in cash when you get there at reception (i have stayed at this hotel many times before and have never before experienced any issues). on laterooms.com i gave my debit card details to secure my reservation - it confirms that you won't be charged. on wednesday 26th, i noticed that there was £35 less in my bank account than there should be. i contacted my bank to enquire about this, and they confirmed for me that there was £35 pending for the grand burstin. i then rang the grand burstin hotel who told me that it was just a 'holding payment' and would be released when i paid in cash on friday........ i wasn't too bothered by this so accepted it. on friday when i got to the hotel it took me about an hour to actually book in because they claimed they couldnt find my reservation, so i had to use their house phone to get this sorted out myself. after that little mess was sorted out, i paid in cash at the reception, and asked again about this 'holding amount' , the man who took my cash said again that it was just a holding amount and that it would be released now that i was paying in cash. on sunday march 2nd, i checked my bank and saw that a £35 debit for the grand burstin had been made - its an actual debit transaction - in my experience of holding payments they never actually should appear on your bank statements, so i was concerned about it and rang my bank (nationwide) who confirmed that it was an actual payment - and not a holding amount, the man said that there was nothing pending to go back in to my bank so on sunday evening i emailed both the grand burstin, and laterooms.com to explain this entire situation. monday afternoon i received a very patronising email back from laterooms.com saying again that it was just a holding payment and that it is going back in - thats not right, so i sent her a copy of my online bank statement showing her the debit. laterooms now seem to understand the situation, and are in contact with the grand burstin - laterooms.com emailed me back telling me that the grand burstin are claiming that 'all formalities on their end have been completed' :?: i have not received any direct contact from the grand burstin hotel - even though i emailed them sunday. £35 is an awful lot of money to me, i need it back asap, i have already had to borrow £20 from a friend to get me to payday (which is tomorrow thank goodness) neither the grand burstin or laterooms.com seem to be doing much and i am not sure where to go from here? sorry about this long first post everyone, i hope it makes sense (i know its a bit of a confusion situation) any advice here at all would be fantastic -
  20. Hi, First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic, but it seemed right to me. Some time ago, I was planning to set up a website and I paid a company to register a domain name. I paid for nothing else, and did not sign up for anything else. About a month later, I got a new job and so gave up on the website. The domain name was paid for with a single fee for a year, and I paid that and didn't see anything for 2 months. I had set up a dedicated email address to handle everything related to the website, and after about 2 months of being inactive I stopped checking it. As it turns out, about 2 months after I paid that initial fee, the company had set up a direct debit (over paypal, using the details I had given before to pay for the domain name) to pay for some extra monthly service, without me ever giving my permission. At first I assumed it was just a mistake and that (with some hassle), I should be able to get my money back, or at least cancelling further payments. Looking through my emails and the tales of others, it looks like I might have trouble. In one email I received it says that the contract lasts for 1 year (what "contract" this is I am unsure of) and I have read of similar experiences, with threats to reduce peoples' credit ratings and so on if they do not continue payment for the full year. They have not replied to my email yet, and I am not hopeful that it will be productive anyway. If I pay this fee monthly for a whole year, it will total more than 20 times what I originally actually consented to paying. Furthermore, what is to stop them simply tying me in for another year once this year is up? Surely none of this is legal, and I am wondering if anybody has suggestions about what I can do about it, as they are clearly experienced in screwing over their customers and getting away with it. Their only defence as far as I can see is that they sent me an email (hidden well within a tidal wave of spam from the same company) saying that I could cancel this extra service within 30 days, but after that I would be tied in for a year. Obviously, I missed this email because I stopped checking the account after a few months of not getting any emails other than spam. Do they have any ground to stand on legally? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  21. Hi, I still hold a 2002 Credit Agreement with GE Capital Bank that clearly shows a PPI was charged on this loan. But, I hear that G E Capital bank has been sold many times since. Please can someone tell me who do I address the FOS to? Thanks Autumn
  22. This has been posted elsewhere on the site,but its needed in here too. A friend of mine was in despair following Santander not only charging him for a failed direct debit,but then continued to add further daily charges. He informed me that he had called them and emailed them,explaining that the charges were punitive since his only income is Jobseekers allowance. The fees stood at £55 and were rising. He asked me if I could help,and duly wrote him a letter. I was finding it hard to understand,how a bank like Santander,were openly flouting their obligations. My friend had pleaded with them and explained his situation. Santander of course could see from the account too-that he was in reciept of benefits since they were paid into this account. No excuses then...lets get to work. Account number xxxxxxxxxxx Sort Code xx xx xx letter before action Dear Sir/Madam, I am very disappointed in your response to my complaints which were made to you today, and that you have chosen to ignore my request for hardship, I therefore have no alternative but to seek recourse through the county court system. I believe that Santander have treated me unfairly under the following BCOB rules of which Santander should be compliant with,since Santander is a firm regulated by the FSA. Rule 5.1.1 R states “A firm must provide a service in relation to a retail banking service which is prompt, efficient and fair to a banking customer and which has regard to any communications or financial promotion made by the firm to the banking customer from time to time.” Rule 5.1.4 G “Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and to treat them fairly. In particular, a firm should deal fairly with a banking customer whom it has reason to believe is in financial difficulty.” Santandar have been informed that I am in reciept of state benefits and that I need these to cover essential living costs including food and heat/lighting. Santander have not at any point acknowledged that this is a hardship case despite me notifying you.You have levied charges of £55 in recent days,and have refused to refund these in your return call to me on 6th.June. For these grounds I feel that I have been treated unfairly. In order for this claim to be settled without the need for court action I require that the full amount taken of £55 returned to me by way of a credit to my account. If I have not received a satisfactory response within 14 days then court action will be commenced without further notice and further costs will be incurred. A judgment for a breach of BCOBS is very serious and the FSA would be empowered to act. Yours Faithfully Mr V. Upset Would the recipients of his email to Santander actually know what the letter was about ? You bet they did! He got a reply quite swiftly...in fact in the space of 30 minutes. Message: Good Afternoon Mr V. Upset Thank you for your email. I am happy to reverse the amount of £55, which have been waived due to exceptional circumstances. To ensure no further charges are incurred on your accounts, we would ask you to monitor your accounts throughout the month. This can be completed through Online Banking, Local Branch and Telephone Banking. I hope this information is useful and if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via Secure Messaging or my colleagues on 0845 9724724. Kind Regards, The nice man (who knows his BCOBs from his bankcharges) Santander Customer Services So the message to all those who believe they have been treated unfairly,is to give them a taste of their own famous words when they fob you off with sorry we cant refund the charges..... "This may not be the reply you wanted" Edit. The banks get letters and emails from people threatening them with Court action every day. We know this and so do they.So its essential,that you are willing and prepared to act on any threats if the bank do ignore your letter/email.
  23. I'm not sure where I stand legally on this, but here goes: A day or so ago, I logged into my Halifax online bank account. To cut a long story short, we noticed 70 payments over several days to XBox Live. My son had purchased an addon pack for one of his games. However, the pack wouldn't show on his console, so he kept clicking to download it, unaware that each time he did so, he was charged £1.99. We are over £130 down for just 1 item. I contacted XBox Live via telephone and they told me there was nothing they could do and to go to my bank if I wanted a refund. However, the bank told me there was nothing they could do as each payment had a valid transaction number, so I would have to go back and contact XBox Live. By this time I was seeing my money flying away, but I tried again to contact them, and the very nice man on the other end of the phone told me he would escalate the dispute and someone would contact me. I received this email from them: My reply: Their response:
  24. hi ive got sky and the multi room box and all was good until i received a letter saying they were gunna charge me full for the multi room unless i could prove the box was in my house as i didnt have a phone line to the box , so i rigged up a temparary line from the front of my house through the lounge and dining room and into the conservatory they said the signal was there and that the charge would not happen but they didnt say by the way you need a full time line and i thought that was the end of it , To my horror as i dont really look at my bank statements my wife does that and she thought it was a normal amount as we have tv phone and broadband, but we came back from holiday and i happened to open and bank statement and saw that they were over charging, i ran them and they said that has been the case for over 2 years amounting to over £1000 , they basically said tuff and they would not be refunding , that cannot be right , i know i should of paid more attention to my bank ststements and would of picked this up earlier but we are lucky that we have good jobs and are always in the black i know we are fortunate but as i said my wife thought it was normal, can anyone help as this is surely not right that they can just take £40 odd per month extra just because no phone line , they also havent written to us since i proved the box was at our address or a phone call to say do you know we are charging you double they have just kept taking and surely this isnt right anyone have this experience with sky i would appreciate any help
  25. Hi Hoping for a solution to a problem I have which is similar to a few other posts I see on this board. In April 2012 I contacted Vodafone with regard to porting my then current Vodafone number to a new Vodafone SIM I had purchased. I then wanted the old account closing. After being passed around several times I was put through to someone who said they could do what I requested and carried out what was required. Afterwards I continued to use my Vodafone account without issue. 15 months later I purchased a new mobile with a different supplier and closed my Vodafone account and requested a statement which was never forthcoming. I deleted the Direct Debit related to this account and thought that it was finished with. Unfortunately a month or so later I received a statement from Vodafone saying my account was now in the red. On checking my bank account I realised that the second Vodafone account hadn't been closed and I had been paying for it for the last 15 months. I now check my Direct Debits more carefully. I have now been contacted by a DCA (FPC) to obtain even more money from me. What would be the best procedure to get this alleged debt removed and also to retrieve my overpayment of £250. Can I obtain records from Vodafone relating to my original cancellation call? Any help gratefully received. alfiecat
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