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Found 56 results

  1. http://www.manchester.gov.uk/egov_downloads/200910_Parking_Report_to_the_Joint_Committee.pdf "One of the principle difficulties is that the driver of the CCTV vehicle parks is for anything up to five minutes while the operator points the camera at the offending vehicle. Appellants have questioned why the council CCTV car can park for five minutes on a double yellow line while they are having penalties imposed on them for the same practice. Adjudicators have noticed that in some of the correspondence the council has claimed that the TMA provides an exemption from parking restrictions for a CCTV vehicle. This is not the case - there are NO provisions in the TMA or any of its regulations that create exemptions to parking restrictions in TROs for vehicles engaged in camera enforcement."
  2. A couple of inspiring examples of what can be done by a few people standing up to enforcement rip-offs. From West End Extra: Published: 11 February 2011 by JOSH LOEB A CITY hall internal probe could lead to its paying back millions of pounds to drivers fined on Westminster roads. On Friday council parking chief Kevin Goad dramatically announced that all traffic enforcement in the borough had been halted pending the result of the investigation. His comments came in an email to a member of campaign group the ....who had highlighted what they say are faults in traffic signage and called on Mr Goad to investigate. Mr Goad said: “The review of sites is already underway and we have suspended enforcement at all sites in the interim.” The development was welcomed by campaigners and opposition councillors, who claim City Hall is exploiting motorists as “cash cows”. If the investigation concludes the signs do not comply with legislation, it could pave the way for thousands of drivers fined by the council to claim their money back. A member of the ................., who did not wish to be named, said: “This is not an admission by the council and they might come back and say they have investigated and found the signs are OK.” But he added: “I am 99.9 per cent sure that I’m right and that all these signs are wrong.” The .......is a breakaway group formed by members of ...., which campaigns against motorcycle parking fees. As well as many bikers, its ranks include car drivers and cabbies, some of whom wear masks from the film V for Vendetta – about an uprising against a totalitarian authority, with which they compare Westminster City Council. They carry out regular protests and “hunts” of CCTV camera cars. Last month the group won a victory when City Hall’s head of transport, Martin Low, admitted signs at one site – the junction of Lower James Street and Brewer Street in Soho – were “not as clear as they should be”. He apologised to motorists wrongly fined for driving straight across at the junction and said they should contact the council for a refund. Labour group leader Paul Dimoldenberg said the council should refund drivers’ money immediately if it was found to be at fault. He said: “Once again there is a serious problem with the council’s parking regime and many hundreds, if not thousands, of motorists may have been wrongly fined. Many millions of pounds may have to be given back.” A ......spokesman said confusing signage compromised safety as it could lead to accidents. He said: “It’s not enough to say contact the council for a refund. They’ve got names and addresses. They’re very eager to take money off people but they won’t contact them and say ok, here you go, here’s your money back.” Lee Rowley, cabinet member for parking, said: “We work hard to ensure our roads have clear and relevant signs and markings and it is great to see members of the public helping us to be as clear as possible with this. I’d like to express my thanks to those people who have pointed out where we could be clearer which, in turn, is helping to ensure Westminster Council provides an even better service for everyone.” Another ........ action in Southwark revealed around 500 illegally issued PCN's (another invalid TMO), all of which have been cancelled or refunded according to the latest FOI Request. NB: Due to some confusion, I should point out that ..... are allied to, but not part of, ..... ..... are a group fighting revenue driven enforcement in general, whilst ..... focus exclusively on Westminster's bike parking charge.
  3. After painstaking research, edit discovered that Westminster City Council have been fining drivers for obeying the law! The Traffic Management Order permits going straight ahead into Sherwood St from Lwr James St, Soho, but WCC erected non-compliant signs, without authority, to enforce a left turn into Brewer St. Those who did not comply were fined! Fortunately, it was nipped in the bud after nearly 400 £120 PCN's were issued in December or this highway robbery could have netted up to £500,000 per annum. It looks like this is not the only case and more are being examined. WCC have increased their fleet of these cars from 2 to 7, so expect more desperate measures.
  4. We are a campaign group dedicated to regaining the voice of the individual. Initially we are taking on the so called parking “industry” but our remit will not stop there. We want to open the public's eyes to the likes of the oppression we have already encountered at local and central government level, and will explore in an open forum any lawful ways of fighting oppression, greed and corruption at all levels of business and government. We will do this by direct action. We need an army of volunteers, armchair or otherwise, to join us and stand as one to simply say ENOUGH! People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. Here is one recent exposing underhand revenue driven tactics, that will save motorists up to £500,000 per annum in fines for complying with the law!
  5. I post this to help others, so that they do not have to experience the same frustrations and pain I did on the realisation of what was happening. To also ensure, that the wonderful work of this forum is not undermined by those who seek to do damage to it and its members. It would appear, I too have been the victim of CCTV Engineer’s, - “If it appears too good to be true, than it is likely to be just that”, School of nonsense. Unfortunately, I did not heed in time, the warnings of other members to this site like ST220, Nicky Bodmin, HIP_HOP, Applecart and others. You don’t do you, when visiting a forum like this, because you just think it champions just causes for the consumer? I thought it was simply people, helping other people on this site to get justice? But it is now obvious that there are mind games and brinkmanship at hand, not everyone is, who they say they are, and offers of help and advice are on occasion just empty gestures of promises of everything but, the delivery of nothing. Whatever the incentives at play was that persuaded CCTV to write me an email that suggested he was Jeff the Solicitor involved in the OFT case Vs Nine Regions Ltd/Log Book Loans Ltd case, only he can reveal. But write he did.? There is no doubt that this will back fire with disastrous consequences when this is now made public. Hopefully for others, he will not pull the same trick twice. No wonder CCTV feigns connection to a solicitor with 27 years Bill of Sales experience! He is that solicitor! I have included below, that email from CCTV’s (Tom’s) personal yahoo email at 22:57:25 at night! I had been so wrapped up in what is going on around me, that it took my friend to point out that solicitor’s simply don’t normally send out emails at that time of night. They wouldn’t send emails from an unconnected personal yahoo account. And most definitely, would not write such an unprofessional email to an individual that has not been instructed by them and simply sign of as Jeff! The email is littered with spelling mistakes, which I can now see is Tom’s (CCTV’s) trademark and is simply signed Jeff as mentioned above. This is the same Jeff that I now read that Hip_Hop has been questioning whether he exists or not? If such a person exists, it is surely not the person in the email below, nor does Tom/CCTV have a relationship with him to the extent that the solicitor needs to use Tom’s personal yahoo email account late at night, to post questions to prospective client’s who have not instructed him,? Unless of course, you are on another agenda like Tom is than all rules are off? I wouldn’t ordinarily comment on a public forum instead jut electing to move on but this is simply wrong. Others may not think it matters. That CCTV is simply offering an opinion that we can all just take or leave. Where’s the harm in that? But I trusted that opinion because of his self styled expertise; after all, he got his case dismissed against Log Book, had connections with the OFT Solicitor? Was an expert witness for the OFT? All these things built his credibility up in my eyes. Now I question what, if anything, is real in his world of OFT and Log Book? I seriously now doubt anything he states as being fact. Maybe someone like the IMS guy can make contact with OFT and can find out why CCTV is pretending to be the solicitor in the OFT case? Are the Moderators of this forum aware of the exploits this member is up to? To offer opinions as part of a general discussion is one thing but to systematically offer a judgment of value and then pretend to be the lawyer, who has this judgment in hand, is upsetting for questioners like me looking for solutions to my problems. I am not sure what can really be done about this other than to warn others by posting the evidence for all to see in a high profile posting as I am doing now. I have posted below the relevant PM’s sent and received and also emails swapped. No content has been changed with the exception of a small typo which was corrected for the reader in red and the IMPOSTER ALERT that I also highlighted in red, so that other members can easily identify Tom’s/CCTV’s poor attempt to convince me that he was Jeff the Solicitor! I have protected CCTV’s email address to protect his identity but unfortunately he didn’t offer me any protection against wasting over a week of my time. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be continuing my interest with the forum with the exception of keeping this thread alive so other well meaning Caggers aren’t unsuspectingly drawn in to his web as I was. The whole experience has left me feeling pretty deflated by the action of one of its members. The lack of any real communication from Tom/CCTV in over 5 days, despite repeated PM’s and emails should have been a warning too and the PM to tell me not to let Hip_Hop in on the judgment. Now I know why. Well it will not happen again! I do not believe as others have now suggested that this member is a tout for LBL, they I presume would be a lot more subtle. Besides, CCTV- or Tom as is his real first name, is easy to trace, as his yahoo account indirectly tracks back to him and his business that is not associated with Log Book. His motives are therefore not related to working for Log Book I don’t think, but are baffling none the less. I post this only to inform, so that others may benefit without sacrifice. 24th October 2010 12:03 #28 THFC1960 Cagger since Oct 2010 Posts 9 Re: Are Log Book Loans Money Laudering? Originally Posted by cctv engineer like i have said to you in reply to your email . our solicitor who has delt with bill of sales since 1983 does know what he his talking about and when he sees a case on here he will act. 5 members he has contacted and have won. lets take stubs you havent seen the outcome on the forum thats all done and dusted. trooper has had a judgment sent to him by me. and i have it here which is the same case as THFC 1960 and we are giving good info. Hi CCTV can you advise/post me the judgment that you sent Trooper that you say is the same case as mine. Thank you so much. ______________________________________________________________________ 24th October 2010 18:11 #29 cctv engineer Basic Account Holder help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Oct 2009 Posts 356 Re: Are Log Book Loans Money Laudering? Originally Posted by THFC1960 Hi CCTV can you advise/post me the judgment that you sent Trooper that you say is the same case as mine. Thank you so much. Hi THfc1960 i will pm you contact details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24th October 2010 18:27 cctv engineer Basic Account Holder help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Oct 2009 Posts 356 Hi. Hi please send your detail to the following email and we will arrange a time to talk. regards Tom. tom*****@yahoo.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From:THFC1960 To: tom_*****@yahoo.com Sent: Mon, 25 October, 2010 16:35:49 Subject: CAG PM Hi Tom, Thank you for your PM I look forward to receiving the judgment that you are in receipt of. It was encouraging to read that it is the same judgment that you sent to Trooper's for the same case. I feel so relieved that by having this judgment, I will be able to stop Paying logbookloans.co.uk when I have a Bill of Sale and Consumer Credit Agreement made between Nine Regions and myself. Really appreciate your help with providing the judgment. I know that I will be able to reference the judgment to get the agreement made void or a similar outcome to Trooper? Bless you. Regards THFC1960 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 25th October 2010 18:24 cctv engineer Basic Account Holder Help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Oct 2009 Posts 356 Re: Hi. Hi THFC1960. jeff will see your email tomorrow. he is only there in work hours. but he will only send it with names taken away except for the judges name. please do not post it back onto the forum and never pass info onto hip-hop as trooper myself and spud all think he is lbl thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Wed, 27/10/10, THFC1960 wrote: From: THFC1960 Subject: Fw: CAG PM To: tom_*****@yahoo.com Date: Wednesday, 27 October, 2010, 12:07 Hi Tom, Thank you for your PM on Monday evening. The waiting is causing me anxiety as I have not yet received anything from Tom. ? (Typo Should be Jeff) Is everything O.K, does he have my email address? Kindest regards THFC1960 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ******IMPOSTER ALERT******************** ******************* Wed, 27 October, 2010 22:57:25 Re: Fw: CAG PM ... From: tom ***** ... Add to Contacts To: THFC1960 Hello. sorry my name is jeff. Tom has passed some details on to me about your problems with logbook loans. what i understand is you have been paying a company called logbook loans and your bill of sale is with nine regions. we have looked at too cases were this has come to light. Toms own case and simon from the forum. can you send me a bit more information. items to look out for. which is the name of the solicitor on your bill of sale . areas ----manchester-bolton-wigan-north liverpool-stockport. most around the north west area we can make the bill of sale void. i have only spoken with Tom over the phone for a short time about your problem. so can you please just give me a quick run down about your problem. Jeff. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 29th October 2010 14:35 THFC1960 Basic Account Holder Help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Oct 2010 Posts 9 Re: Hi. Hi CCTV Engineer, I havent heard from Jeff on when he is posting the judgment? Is everything OK? Regards THFC1960 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 30th October 2010 20:17 cctv engineer Basic Account Holder Help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Oct 2009 Posts 356 Re: Hi. Hi THFC. i do know he has spoken with you but how far he has got i dont know .............. he was with oft for two days last week and i wont see him till monday. i will ask him then. ________________________________________________________________________ 30th October 2010 23:28 THFC1960 Basic Account Holder Help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Oct 2010 Posts 9 Re: Hi. Thanks CCTV, I was beginning to get worried. He hasn't spoken with me only emailed me. Do you think he will be able to let me have the judgment with personal details deleted monday after you have seen him, as I am really anxious to get matters moving as quickly as possible? I don't as you know need anything else at the mo but am really grateful for your help and assistance. Don't see why they should get another payment to logbookloans.co.uk, if Jeff has the judgment to stop this. Every day is one day closer to another payment that is going to crooks not to the Lender I signed up with. Gosh, hadn't realised how late it is, so off to bed, hope to hear from you soon, Keep well. Regards THFC1960 _______________________________________________________________________ 1st November 2010 20:54 THFC1960 Basic Account Holder Help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Oct 2010 Posts 9 Hi CCTV, Hope you are well. I am nearly fit to burst in anticipation. When can I expect to see the edited judgment Tom Best regards THFC1960
  6. So far only covering some of central London but hopefully this will build up to provide an extensive resource of places to be extra careful and maybe even get added to sat nav POI's: CCTV car map Please feel free to add locations here and I'll pass them on.
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