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  1. Looking for advice on behalf of my partners daughter. She and her partner have recently rented a small house and during the letting agents checks she was informed that she had a CCJ registered against her. This is not surprising as she has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and one symptom is not being good with money. She has moved around a lot and I suspect that letters and court papers were delivered to an old address and she has received the CCJ in her non-response. As I understand it someone will still be chasing this debt. What is her best course of action please? Thanks.
  2. Hi all I need advice. 2 years ago we had a minor car accident which we believed had been resolved by our insurers!! Last week we received a letter from the court asking for £1556 as the insurance company had not paid the total amount we now have a CCJ. I have spoken to the insurance company who have assured me that they will resolve the issue ( they have admitted fault) someone forgot to pay some of the fees and they have not responded to any letters sent to them!! Now to me even though they have promised us that they will resolve the issue I can't help but feel that this is negligence by the insurance company - getting to this stage to me is totally unacceptable unfortunately only now we have received a letter about it otherwise I would have been on to them a hell of a lot sooner. Any advice on this situation would be very much appreciated.
  3. I am a freeholder of a flat where the leaseholder owes me approx £1200 in insurance, court fee's and interest and I have a CCJ for this amount. I have pursued this leaseholder through the County Court, First Tier Court, and back to the County Court and won every time. Recently I have employed the Sheriff's office to collect the money but they encounter the same problem as me - he won't answer the door or acknowledge any callers. When the Sheriff calls they can hear activity inside but get no reply. The debtor doesn't have a car to clamp so the Sheriff is "closing the file" as they say they can't do any more. What can I do? can I contact his mortgage company and ask them for payment? Any advice would be most welcome.
  4. Post for a friend Letter from Mortimer Clarke concerning a CCJ issued in July 2017. Please fill out this I&E form within 14 days otherwise instructed to life the stay and request payment of £50 per month. No CCJ on credit report. Requested copy of CCJ. Defaulted back in March 2011. 1st letter knowing about CCJ. My question is does sending stat dec as never received the CCJ paperwork and couldent defend claim, where does it reset it to? Does it take all the way back to 2011 so debt would be SBd now or to the original court date in 2013 and debt not Sbd?
  5. Hi there, First of, any help or advice would be very much appreciated. my sister ended up getting into around £1300 worth of debt with orange due to her teenage daughter running up a very large phone bill in one month. My sister, I assume - has just ignore it all. I only found out yesterday due to her asking to lend money to resolve this. She received a county court claimform on the 27th September and a letter from Lowell's to state court proceedings would be the next option on the 2nd of October (after the claimform had already been submitted). Had I have known earlier I would have sent a CCA or SAR I think it is for her but now obviously things are a little more tricky. I told her to hold off doing anything until I had done some research (prior to this she offered them half but they refused). she totally ignored me because she's a royal pain and sent off the court letter saying she intends to only contest part of the claim. I imagine a few will be slapping their foreheads over this haha. what would you advise to do? She is also a new foster carer and has been informed if a CCJ does register against her she could lose her place as a fosterer. So obviously want to avoid the CCJ at all costs Thanks for reading!
  6. Hello, Found myself stuck in a bit of a situation and feel over my head. Have just received a letter from Lowell solicitors in the post titled 'Second notice of county court judgment (ccj) arrears - £150' This is from an old debt from orange dated 2013 or thereabouts. i last received a letter from them in 2015 and have never contacted them in-regards to the debt. The letter starts We wrote to you previously regarding your judgment arrears, but we are yet to receive the payment as required under the terms of your CCJ. As a result you currently have arrears of £150.00 This is the first i have heard of any CCJ or any letter other than in 2015, the debt is for a small amount of £590 repayment is no issue, but i wish not to cause further harm to my credit file. I have checked my credit score on clearscore, no sign of ccj or any changed or listed debts etc. Paid and checked my name and address on registry trust,once again nothing registered. My problem is where do i go from here? Who do i contact? What do i ask? Why isn't this supposed CCJ showing on my credit file or the trusts website? My current address i have lived in 8 months and is registered to my name on electoral roll etc. Previous address i lived in for 3 + years. The letter further on threatens county court bailiffs etc attachments of earnings etc. Repaying the debt is no issue, what is important to me is my credit score. having spent the last 4 years rebuilding it i would like to keep it on the up. Ok so i have just checked my credit file in depth, i have just found this. What changed in August 2017 You are now on the electoral roll at your current address •You opened your LOWELL PORTFOLIO 1 LTD (I) •Your LOWELL PORTFOLIO 1 LTD (I) account went into default •You closed or settled your LOWELL PORTFOLIO 1 LTD (I) account When i check on noddle i am greeted by this active court judgment. Judgment date 20/06/2017 Amount £ 587 Court name County Court Business Center On the accounts page it shows an open account with Defaults monthly since the opening of this account. Looks like my credit score is shredded Thanks in advance guy.
  7. Hi all, first post. Just got a little question about CCJ defense response times. I filed my defence today (Sunday) online. Today is the last day I have for filing the defence. I should not of left it till the last day but I was waiting for a response from the claimant which only came the previous day. I had 33 days from the day of service in total to file my defence. My defence will not be processed by the court until tomorrow which will be the 34th day after the day or service. So my question is does the defence have to be processed by the court within the time you have to file a defence (in my case 33 days after DOS) or is it that as long as you have uploaded it before the time runs out you are safe? Thanks
  8. Please help, I recently attend a county court for claim made against me by Mortimer/Cabot to be set aside. this is going to be a lengthy story but please bear with me . My story below; I obtained a vanquis credit credit in 2007. The limit was £1800, but I did not realise that they have increased my APR from 19.9% to 29.9% without any notification from them .i realised nearly a year they have done so and that was in 2009, I gave them a call immediately to find out why, but their response was they will investigate and get back to me but they never did. I called them on numerous occasions but I never get an answer why the APR was increased without any notification. I wrote them in 2010 after months of calling that I will stop paying them if they don't tell me why they increased my APR without any notification and that was exactly what I did. The last correspondence I had with Vanquis was in 2011. At this time the debt on my account was £1258 I moved out of that address in June 2014 to a new address. I found out in January 2016 on my credit file that the CCJ was set against in me in July 2015 for the total debt of £3909, I immediately file for a dispute and explained the reasons above and Noddle credit agency got back to me saying I should contact Cabot which I failed to do because I didn't want to have any conversation with them. I received a notice Attachment of Earnings from the county court in November 2016 which I provided and I did applied for the case to be set aside also. Judge dismissed this case and ask me to arrange a payment plan with Mortimer/Cabot. I thought the judge was very unfair, he did not listen to any of my reasons, despite that I have tenancy agreement that proof that I moved out of the old address and that I did not receive any letter prior to CCJ, he did not even look at my documents. He said I should have contacted the court in January 2016 when I found out on my credit file and that I should have contacted vanquis also of my changed address. Thank you for patience for taking your time to read this lengthy story. Please your advice on How do I moved forward from here. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a CCJ on my credit report commencing on 10/08/2014. The date of default for this debt is 08/10/2011.It is for £664. The debt is with Lowells for Mobile communications Three. I have not moved recently however I cannot remember any court forms for this CCJ at all. Do you think its possible to get this ccj set aside? Also how does the CCJ work until 2020 when I presume the debt part will drop off in October? If I asked for it to be set aside after the default date could I get it set aside because the actual debt would be more than 6 years old and is it possible to go down the prove it route then. Can anybody help with this at all,I am literally going round and round with this problem, Many thanks
  10. Hiya everyone Newbie here. And I wouldn't be here without something that I did as a bit of a lark earlier today. A friend put me up to looking on Trust Online to see if I had any CCJs. Now I didn't think I did, but I went on anyway and found out I have one!!!!! You could have scraped me off the floor with a spatula. I had NO idea about it till today. I've seen no papers, no letters, no forms. Apparently it was issued on May 21 2017, four months ago. Is this a normal thing, not telling people they are even under threat of a CCJ? Do the courts take their time in telling you about them? Really don't think things are going to a former address, as I have lived at my present address for 19 years - no way it could have gone to a place I lived before. What do people suggest I do now? it'as for 2700 quid I can't pay it up front, I haven't had the 14 day breathing space to scrape up funds. There is a possibility that it could be an issue my business was involved in but a) that should have been dealt with in March this year and b) I'm onto my business insurers and the client concerned about said issue. The credit checker (Trust Online) I used did not tell me who was wanting the money or which court it was lodged at (all it said was County Court Business Centre) and that was it. I have looked up the CCBC and the nearest thing i got to it was a place in Northampton ... but I've herd a few dubious report since about this Northampton office. To misquote Harry Potter, never tickle a sleeping dragon... I'm worried that delving into it all and making inquiries might trigger off people chasing me which at this moment i cannot afford. Six months down the line, fine - not right at this moment. I'm not frantic just yet, but I know I might head that way so can anyone give me any helpful advice before I do go off on one!!!??? Many thanks Marie
  11. Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me on the above. I received a letter from Shoosmiths LLP Solicitors yesterday stating that they are acting on behalf of their client etc. and intend to take County Court Enforcement action within 7 days if no response. There is a CCJ of £12,703.99 outstanding that was judged on the 24/10/2014 which I've been unable to pay due to various circumstances. Not to give the impression of a sad story but a poor set of choices lead to a path of divorce, court battles, working two jobs, overdosing children etc etc. leading to suffering from depression and anxiety and have been on meds for some years - like many others out there, and like many others I haven't dealt with issues very well. I'm not objecting to the debt but I'm not sure how to go about responding to this. Can anyone advise me please? Some help would be greatly appreciated which I will gladly reciprocate on any part of my knowledge and experience. Spannerboy
  12. Made an application to set aside a judgement for a CCJ from a company called MOTORTRADES.CO.UK. Received a letter from the court yesterday stating hearing had been set for July 28th 2017 at 3.40pm allowing 20mins for the hearing. I suffer heavily with anxiety so was wondering what to expect at the hearing, the company involved I have found out has since closed up shop so doubt there be any resistance to the set aside application. I have also found loads of complaints on this company online where they have conned people into setting up advertising and websites but not actually done as they had claimed. Loads of examples easily searched and printed off.
  13. Hi All, New to this forum, i have an issue with which i need help. I've tried to convey the situation as best as possible below, please let me know if more detail is required. I was in a debt management plan some years ago which had some unpaid loans. The Debt management company referred their inhouse partner (Priestly crowe) to check for PPI. Being a bit young & dumb i agreed to this and the charges. As the loans were still outstanding, the PPI which was 'claimed' was taken from the debt instead of being paid in a cash sum. I instead owe the money to Priestly Crowe. They were paid on a monthly basis the fee which i owed. Last year (October 2016) my debt management company ceased trading, i dealt with all debtors myself. I sold some belongings to have enough cash to pay everyone what was owed. However i could not get hold of Priestly Crowe. Their contact details had changed and i did not have the new correct ones. Fast forward to about February this year and i received a call from them. I asked them to send our paperwork for money owed so we could get a payment plan sorted. No post or no news. The same happened in April. On Saturday i received post from the CCBC Northampton about a CCJ that had been instructed by Priestly Crowe. I have subsequently settled the payment as i did not want any financial implications to affect my current credit score & status. Seeing how long the CCBC take to do anything, i knew i was on a short time scale to get this processed. I have questions about the process & where i stand: 1) I was told the claim pack had been sent from the court, but i have not received it. They cannot provide me with proof - only that their system shows it was sent on the 12th August. - Do i have any leg to stand to make a claim from Royal Mail? I have lost 3 weeks of time to defend my case & check the facts were all correct - debt & amount owed. Plus to now defer the case would have cost a further £255 for which i would not have been able to claim back, if i was defended correctly. 2) Priestly Crowe LLP - Regulated by the FCA. Should they/did they need to contact me prior to taking this action? Are they obliged to show the court any proof they have attempted to contact me/show i've refused payment prior to getting a CCJ? Or is simply their 'word' enough to get this processed? 3) I have asked for my history/paperwork from Priestly Crowe to check the contract, payments & the amount owed is correct. If it isn't, am i able to process a counter claim for this amount? Small claim court, CCJ . . . etc I hope i have covered all bases here and given enough information. If not, please ask away and i will reply where i can. Thanks in advance, J
  14. Hi, Im currently in the process of challenging lowell solictors for a shop direct catalogue debt they allege i have to which we are at the mediation stage. Today i return home to find a letter from lowells saying im behind on my county court payments for another shop direct account which i have no idea what it is for, this is the first correspondence ive had on this from them. I've checked my credit file and i do indeed have a CCJ on my file for the balance they say i owe. Where do i stand on this? They obviously had my address as Im challenging the other account in question , why have ive not received anything yet its gone through the courts and they have gone in their favour? Can i still challenge the debt even though its gone through the court? I am fuming, If anyone could point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it Have a great weekend Thanks Andy
  15. I have a CCJ from BW Legal / Lowell Portfolio that I was issued 2 years ago. It is for around £2000 from an old credit card debt. I'm not sure if there were any PPI payments made for the card, but there were probably some 'unfair' charges on there. I'm pretty skint at the moment, I'm trying to get a business off the ground can't get any funding due to this CCJ (my credit is fine apart from this). I'm thinking of offering them maybe £200-400 as a full and final offer, I wondered if anyone would be able to answer a few questions first... How likely is it that they'd accept 10-20% as a full and final payment? Would this mean that the CCJ was marked as 'satisfied'? Would this actually improve my credit score? Thanks, for any help.
  16. Hi, I have just received a claimform from IDR (for Barclaycard) for £18k, do not really know what to do, would like to defend it somehow, have only ever admitted the debt to Barclaycard, when it went to default, since then I have not spoken or interacted with DCA's at all over this until IDR sent the Claimform have approx 10 days to reply. What would you guys suggest? have a home with plenty of equity but my wages are very low due to self emplyment after redundancy, have two young children and a wife who is also on the morgauge, so worried about a charging order going on my home. can only afford to pay them about £50 Per Month HELP!!
  17. I've had 2 CCJ's from Lowell appear on my credit file that went to my old address, this meant that I was unable to defend them. During that period Lowell were constantly writing to me at my current address regarding 2 other debts. This meant that they must have known where I live now and could have easily sent the Claimforms there. Is there any precedent for getting these set aside?
  18. Hi all sorry if this is in the wrong place. Looking for some advice, I had a CCJ on a debt held by Restons I was and am paying monthly amounts in Sept 16 the CCJ came to an end there was still outstanding balance. restons have started to send forms for my income circumstances etc where do I stand can any further action be imposed by them i.e. Can I get another CCJ on the same debt as now it has gone off my credit record obviously that has massively improved and my wife and I are finally able to look at mortgages but obviously worried about this. Any advice is great thank you
  19. Hello, This is my first post on this forum so I hope I have posted into the correct area, apologies if not! I recently received a CC Claim Form and a Judgement for Claimant (in default) after picking up post delivered to my old address. The CC Claim Form was dated August 2014 and the Judgement dated September 2014. I managed to pick up this post at the start of February 2015 having moved address in January 2011. Until I opened the post I had no idea of what this contained. The Proof of Claim details are:- Claimant - Cabot Financial (UK) Limited, 1 Kings Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4UA Address for Sending Documents & Payments - Mortimer Clarke Solicitors, Worthing, West Sussex Particulars of Claim:- "By an agreement between CitiFinancial ("CFE") & the Defendant on or around xx/11/2007 ("the Agreement") CFE agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card upon the terms & conditions set out therein In breach of the Agreement the Dedendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant on xx/09/2010. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS: xxx.xx" The amount is between £700 & £800. As I did not know of any claim I did not have any chance to defend myself and therefore the Judgement was made on xxth September with additional costs of around £150. I called the Court to request further information and guidance and later checked out this website and decided to apply to have the CCJ Set-Aside - this cost me around £150 for the service. Before attending Court I received a letter with a draft order from Cabot agreeing to have the Judgement Set Aside and I attended court earlier this month where the Judge granted this as below:- 1. The Judgement against "me" dated "xxth September 2014" be and is hereby set aside 2. The registration entry be cancelled 3. The Defendant shall send to the court and to the claimant fully particularised defence by 3pm xxth April 2015 4. If the Defendant failed to comply with paragraph 3, the claimant shall be at liberty to enter judgement against the Defendant I have submitted a CPR 31.14 Request to Cabot with a copy to the solicitors and also sent a CCA Request to both. Earlier this week I received a letter from Cabot saying that "they acknowledge receipt of my request under section 77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, however it would appear that the address you were writing from differs to the one which is held on our records". " In order for us to provide you with the information you have requested whilst protecting the data of our customers, I would be most grateful if you would provide by return proof of your address. Acceptable forms are copies of a utility bill or driving licence." "Upon receipt if this information and provide it matches the details on our records, we will be happy to provide the information you have requested". How can I provide them with proof of address when I don't live there any longer? I'm confused as to how this works and concerned that I've not done the right thing! The CCA Request and CPR 31.14 Request was sent by me from my present address with the reference number on the Court Order etc. I've got to put a defence together for the first week of April and I'm under the impression that a CCA Request provides them with 12 days to respond, this is fine if my original requests are valid or does to recent "address differ" throw a spanner in the works and reset the time clock again? Can anyone help me please? Do I need to do anything regarding CCA / CPR? Thanks Simon
  20. Hello, I was declared bankrupt on 19th May 2017. I had a CCJ from Capquest that predates this by a month or so. The other week I received a letter from the County Court stating Restons have applied for an attachment of earnings for Capquest. I returned the N56 and attached a cover letter explaining the debt was included in my Bankruptcy and included a copy of the bankruptcy order. I sent a letter to Restons with this detail also. Today I received a transfer of proceedings form moving it to my local county court. It states I never returned the N56, which I obviously did. I have spoke to the official receiver and they ahve stated that Capquest got sent the statement for creditors and should be aware of the bankruptcy. They however told me they will not intervene with the court and I should seek legal advice. How do I get this sorted? Do I need to apply for a change of order? The letter states a bailiff will attend to deliver a N61. Should I be concerned? Any help appreciated.
  21. I have recently signed up to clearscore and viewed my file, I have noticed I have a CCJ dated back to 14/01/2015. I guess I will have had correspondence from the courts way back when but I have no recollection of that. i emailed the courts and they advised it was debt recovery agency Cabot and saying that restons are representing them. The original debt was Lloyds TSB loan, which I do remember and being the overused 'young and daft' ended up defaulting. I have certainly not acknowledged the debt or made any payments in the past 6 years. I have been reading other similar posts and seeing a lot of great advice, but I am not sure what applies to me seeing as though the CCJ is so old. The court have advised I can contact claimant to arrange payment plan or make a claim to 'set aside the judgement' I have yet to do anything and thought it best to seek advice first. The court have indicated that the original debt was 'on or around September 2008 So, thats why I am here, looking for any help, is this statute barred? Should I be looking to get this set aside? The reason I found out in the first place is that I am looking at a career change and trying to gains some professional qualifications where my history will come under scrutiny, so I would rather not have it there if it shouldn't be there.
  22. Hi all, I'm new here apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. I'm just hoping for some advice. I received a CCJ from Hoist Portfolio for the amount of £850 back in April 2016, I don't really know much about CCJ's just that they aren't great, well with the letter came a statement of means from which I had to fill in and send back within 14 days or the bailiffs would come out/ I could go to prison. I filled in the form that day and sent it away. At the time I had very little money as I had lost my job and had 2 children to look after. I wasn't claiming any benefits in the hope that I would soon be back in work. (I have anxiety so there were multiple reasons in my head as to why I couldn't allow myself to get financial aid) my outgoings were way more than my income and I was borrowing money from one person to pay back what I owed to another person. I offered to pay around £5 a week on my statement of means. I never heard anything back and totally forgot about it until I found the letter today. I'm wondering should I have been paying the money I offered? and if I should, to the court or Hoist Portfolio? I'm in a slightly better position financially now but wouldn't be able to pay the whole £850. I hope that makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  23. Hello everyone. This is my first thread. Today (17/08/16) I have received a letter from a company called BW Legal, they are very popular name on this forum it seems! In mid 2012 there was a fire at my home and my home insurance paid for my to live at a premier in for about 2 months while the house was repaired / renovated. The hotel carpark was run by excel parking and was a pay and display. It was about £9 ish per 24 hour Period and had to be paid in coins only. One day i over slept a bit and I was about 30 mins outside of my 24 hour period. Fair enough. based on the fact I had been parking there every single day for 30 or 40 days. My vehicle was quite distinctive as it had a huge Angry bird on the dash. I thought based on the fact I had already paid hundreds of pounds and always had a ticket the attendant would give me A bit of time as it was the same guy everyday. But obviously not. I didn't pay the ticket as i think it's completely unfair and excessive to expect someone to pay £100 for 30 minutes without a ticket when I purchased back to back 24 hour tickets And renewed my ticket after coming down and finding the PCN. Low and behold, 4 years later I have received a letter from BW Legal saying I owe them £154. £100 for the initial parking ticket and £54 for their legal costs and if they don't receive this in 16 days they have been asked by their client to start legal proceedings. This is the first letter I have got from anyone and I was quite surprised to get it so many years later. What advice would people give at this stage? Ignor? Send a debt denial letter? Any other advice? Thanks in advance.
  24. Please can anybody advise how i can start a CCJ thread? i really need help but not sure how to post my story on here
  25. Hi All, Hoping for some advice. I have today received a county court letter issued on behalf of a claimant called ME III Limited in regards to a very old loan with Blackhorse Finance from 2006. If memory is correct this loan was paid off back in 2010/2011 (it had previously fallen into arrears). this was paid via an ex partners bank who now lives in Australia so I have no way of verifying this with her. I have had no contact with any company relating to this debt since this period, and if in the event it hadn't been cleared as advised, I believe this would be Statute Barred due to the time period. I have checked Noddle and Clear score and neither have any record of this debt. How am I best to respond to this without proof of payment? Should I respond to the claim online stating it had been cleared or at least should be statute barred or should I contact the claimant solicitors with this information and a statute barred letter template for good measure? Would be grateful for any advice.
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