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  1. Today in the post I received a claim form from TM Legal Services for a debt that I owed to payday loan company Lending Stream. The original address on the claim form had been crossed out in red pen and my current address was hand written in the box to the right of this. The date on the claim form is 10/10/2018, the date that is marked on the franking stamp on the envelope is 07/11/2018. I called the court and they advised I have received a judgement by default on 06/11/2018. I had started an affordability complaint with the original lender Lending Stream via letter on 01/10/2018. In this letter I gave them my current address. They are the only lender I had to send a letter to as the rest I have done via email. Unfortunately, I sent this by first class post and not recorded delivery. I have not had an acknowledgement from the lender to this letter. I called the company TM Legal Services who initially advised it was the court that sends out claim forms. When I pointed out that the envelope that the claim form came in had a return address of their company and was posted the day after the judgement was obtained they put me on hold. They came back and said that they received the original claim form back as undelivered and had done a trace on me to find my current address to send out the claim form. I called the court back and explained this and they said I can apply to get the judgement set aside at a cost of £255. I have sent a further letter of complaint to the original lender and advised the financial ombudsmans office of the situation, however they say that when the complaint comes to them if referred (29/11/2018 is 8 weeks) they are unable to instigate the removal of the CCJ even if my complaint is upheld. I now don't know what to do. Should I apply for the judgement to be set aside now or wait for the reply from the lender/complaint to the financial ombudsman's service? At the time of the loan I had 6 defaults for various utilities and loans in my recent credit history as well as an outstanding balance of over £3500 with other short term lenders. The original debt was for £850 but now with court costs and interest stands at £1780. If I apply for the judgement to be set aside, is that there is an ongoing affordability complaint a valid reason, along with the fact that it was sent to a previous address? Is the fact that it was sent to what the company alleges is my last known address and not my current one enough of a reason to get it set aside or will I have to show that there is a chance I will win the hearing? Will the 30 day period after the CCJ to pay reset if the judgement is set aside? I work in an industry regulated by the FSA so a CCJ will likely cost me my job. Apologies for the long post. Thanks a lot for reading if you got this far.
  2. Hello, I was completing a credit check after being refused to get a specific type of finance and to my horror I found out I had been issued a CCJ on the 2/10/18. After ringing Northampton they informed me that the CCJ was issued over a parking ticket issued on the 30/01/17 by JD parking. correspondence to do with this had been sent to a previous address, and even when I was living at this address at the time of the alleged incident I never received any letters about receiving a parking ticket. Now the location that this occurred was at my friends flat where he has a parking permit that was in my car at the time. I have received the evidence from JD parking's solicitors and there are a few reasons why I think their evidence is not credible, firstly the photo of the windscreen is not a full photo and has clearly been taken to omit the parking permit from the photo, the timestamps on the photos have also clearly been manipulated and added after they were taken - the timestamps state it is 22:45 yet in the photo you can tell it is the middle of the day, not that the time makes a difference to being allow to park there it just shows they are not credible. (if anyone wishes to see the photos I am more than happy to share them). I am on the electoral role and I pay council tax and many other utility bills so I feel like they have not even tried to find me in my absence of a reply and just let it all happen. I know I need to fill out a N244 form but I need help to make sure I complete all the sections correctly and that I have a strong chance of being awarded with it being set aside My hopes is that I can get the money for the N244 for back from either JD parking or their solicitor and also having their claim thrown out for being absolutely false. After reading the guide on this site I should also contact JD parking and ask for their consent to set aside? this seems bizarre because they are surely going to say no? I am looking to be applying for a mortgage in the next few years and fear that this will seriously affect my chances of being successful, so thank you for all and any help. This is a template letter I am going to email to JD Parking to get their consent to set aside the default judgement. "Dear JD Parking, Reference: Claim xxxxxxxxx JD Parking v xxxxxxxx Your Reference: parking ticket ref from POC I have recently become aware of a County Court Judgment in Default obtained by yourselves/your client on 2nd October 2018 for an alleged private parking charge from 30/01/2014 for Vehicle Registration xxxx xxx. I am writing to request JD Parking/your client consent to set-aside the Judgement. I am currently drafting my formal application to the court to request the judgement be set-aside pursuant to CPR 13.3 for the following reasons; 1) According to your Particulars of Claim in the case the alleged incident took place on 30/01/2017. At this time, DVLA records would show that the vehicle xxxx xxx, was registered at my current address, with myself as the registered keeper. 2) I have never received any communication from JD Parking and was entirely unaware of any Private Parking Charge being made against my vehicle until finding the CCJ registered against me when checking my credit file, and obtaining copies of the original claim and judgement document from the court. 3) After reviewing the evidence received from your solicitor it is clear that I should not have been issued with a private parking charge, I had a permit to park where I did but that was blatantly omitted from the photo taken of my car parked in the bay. The time stamps have also been manipulated and added on after the photos were taken, there is no seconds displayed and the time stamps state it to be 22:45 which is clearly wrong as it is broad day light outside, this proves your evidence is not credible enough to have served me with this private parking charge. According to publicly available information my circumstances are far from being unique. The industry’s persistent failure to use correct and current addresses results is an unnecessary burden for individuals and the justice system across the country. This is a topical issue: I note that the Justice Minister The Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP announced on the 23rd December 2016 a consultation and information campaign to help protect consumers from debt claims. The consultation will look at ways to; better protect consumers who are sent mail to inaccurate addresses and verify addresses again before a claim is sent. The Minister added that In the digital age, we must ensure companies pursuing unpaid debts make every reasonable effort to contact individuals, rather than simply relying on a letter to an old address. I therefore request you/your client consents to set-aside the judgement and provides me with all documentation / information relating to the original parking charge so that I may consider my position. Had I received the original charge it is likely it would have been settled immediately. You will be aware that this application without consent will cost a £255 court fee. As it is your/your clients failure to take reasonable care that any letters and the subsequent court claim were issued to the correct address I will be asking the court to order you/your client pay the costs of the application along with any further costs allowed by the court. I look forward to hearing from you/your client within 7 days after which time I shall be submitting my application to the courts. Yours sincerely xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  3. Hi as part of our research on outstanding debt to put together an income and expenditure form for StepChange, we requested a Noodle report and on it there was a CCJ which we have now discovered id Moriarty law for an Uncle Buck debt. In the letter it states that an instalment plan had been offered to us which it hadn't and i assume that before a CCJ gets registered we should have received some communication from the court which we didn't. Don't really know where to go from here as we are trying to pull together a plan but it's going to be blown out of the water if we are forced to make a lump sum repayment. any advice would help.
  4. Hi All, Need a bit of advice. I checked my credit file and found a CCJ had been registered by default against me for an outstanding debt to our previous gas supplier ( I shall call them M-Power for this discussion but you get the drift of who they are). I contacted the court help line and was given the solicitors info who applied for judgment. I didn't receive any info about the ccj so I told them I was going to request a SET Aside of the cci as I wasn't aware. The solicitors agreed to this set aside even though the debt wasn't paid but providing I entered into Tomlin order. Anyhow I received a court date about the set aside and I went along to say my bit. The solicitors didn't show and the judge agreed to my request. Now this is where is gets a bit weird. The judge said that although he has granted the set aside he has to give the claimant 14 days to submit any amendment of claim? after which if they domino reply then that's that. The court hearing was on 03/10/18 and on the 20/10/18 I receive a letter from the court advising that the judgment was set aside but the claimant has until 04/11/18 to submit any defence or amended claim. surely the 14 days would start from the court hearing and not 17 days after? Also today I received 2 letters, one from the solicitors advising that they have submitted the info to the court on 02/11/18 requesting an amendment to original claim and also costs. But on the same day I also received a letter from the courts advising that the CCJ is now completely set aside and that that's that? Sorry for the long post but need to know where I stand. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I need a little advice. I have received a CCJ letter from a private parking company called CPM. The CCJ has been put together by Gladstones solicitors. I have already submitted an acknowledgement of service however due to a holiday have only now a few days to file my defence. I noticed that the CCJ has spelt my name wrong on the summons letter for example by one letter - Joe Bloggs Would be Jje Bloggs. As I understand the court process they are all about the details - so surely this is enough to use a defence? Any advice would be greatly received. TIA
  6. Hi, can someone perhaps help. I have CCJ from United utilities, which was being enforced by high court enforcement agent back in September. I stayed the writ using an N244 form as I wanted to offer £150 per month. This was subject to a court hearing where the judge would listen to my instalment offer. Unfortunately I missed that hearing which was today. Is there anything I can do now? Thanks.
  7. My husband received a parking notice in February 2017, after parking on a private road outside the house where he was living. GLADSTONES SOLICITORS were involved. He received 2 notices and as it was a private parking company he ignored them. A few months letter a 3rd latter came suggesting a court case and demanding £400. He filled in the form and returned it saying that whilst he disagreed with it he would pay but could not pay all at once and requested a payment plan. He suggested £100 per month. That was in November, 2017. He heard NOTHING back from them and received no further notices or correspondence. On the 22nd March 2018, at 17.45pm there was a hammering on the front door, my husband answered and noticed a clamp on his car. A guy came into the apartment and told us he was from DCBLtd and was a High Court Enforcer and he was not leaving until we had given him £2318.00 cash/ debit or credit card or goods to that amount. We were shocked as we had no idea what he was talking about. He was very intimidating. I asked for his ID and he showed me a badge and ID I photographed him and the ID. I asked for paperwork. He showed me but then got very aggressive when I tried to take it from him to read it. During this time he let it slip that he was filming us and derided us for not knowing or noticing that he was wearing CCTV. He walked around the apartment writing down our goods onto the back of the paperwork i.e. 2seater white sofa, 3seater white sofa, wood frame mirror etc. All of which would raise pennies at public auction. He snarled at us that he could go into any room, any cupboard, any drawer that he wanted to. He also tried to take the IPAD that belongs to my husbands company. He then informed us that he would call the van, which if it arrived to take away the goods would cost us £1500 extra. We tried to reason with him but he called the van anyway. We panicked and managed to borrow £2300 from my son. We could not afford the van to turn up and take away our belongings and be left with an empty apartment and £4000 debt. We paid him and he left. We looked at the paperwork at last, it was headed "Notice that goods have been removed for storage or sale" There was NO name and NO address on it. There was a CCJ which we checked and is now on my husband’s credit rating. The original debt was now £773.93, There was a compliance stage fee of £90, An enforcement stage fee of £822.00 and A stage sale payment of £630 Plus interest of £2.24 A total of £2318.17 We tried to dispute the payment with my bank, they did not want to know, I have been to CAB who say that as it is no longer a debt and they are unable to help. We have called GLADSTONES SOLICITORS and Northampton Court to get copies of any paperwork. We cannot contact GLADSTONES or the court. We have emailed the court requesting that they remove or put a paid notification on the CCJ. About 30 minutes after the bailiff had left the house, my husband received an email reply, from JULIE who said she was from GLADSTONES Solicitors, acknowledging his request for a payment plan. She wrote saying thanks for the letter dated 18th February 2018 -the date the CCJ went through and that it was no longer their concern. When we requested they send copies of all correspondence they said they were not obliged to send any copies of paperwork or correspondence. Where do we go from here? What can we do to get our sons money back? Please help! Many thanks
  8. Hello. In late 2017 I was given a ccj from a short term/ payday loan company. I rolled over the loan once and it stood at just over 600, its now at 750 as a ccj When I got the loan I was quite unwell, unable to afford it and suffering from Paranoid schizophrenia, andxiety and depression, unable to work due to my illness. Just before the CCJ was in court I was unable to go to court as I was under section in hospital receiving treatment for a severe attack, I could not of known I had received a court date or have went to it to challenge it, I did however get someone later after I had visited home and found out about it to call up and explain. As I recall they said they couldn't do anything. I am just wondering if there is a way to challenge this?, as I am doing much better now and would like some credit to get my life back on track, but with a ccj this is very difficult. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi I received a PCN from a Free! carpark some time ago.. 4 hours free then pay. I received no letters from UKCPM about a fine nor do i know what it was for . . I then get a letter from Gladstones saying Pay £160 else court action. I 'forgot about it'. Next i get a court letter which turned up at my address late , saying £273 to pay with response within 14 days else action will be taken. Ok this one i genuinely did forget about, i emailed them stating the letter was late and i forgot to take action due to work commitments and stress. Next thing i know i have a CCJ on my credit file and a letter from the courts saying they made a judgement. Luckily i had 30 days to pay the £273 and they will lift the CCJ so without haste i paid and the CCJ is now gone. two days ago i receive yet Another! Gladstone solicitors letter on behalf of UKCPM. new reference number so a new claim, this one as before £160 before court action. and again , no letters from UKCPM beforehand. Now, i know this will go to CCJ if i ignore it, but what can I do? the carpark is free for 4 hours ! i used it almost every day for the Gym. the carpark is poorly marked, paint very worn on disabled bays, no phone number to call to extend your stay. you have to display a ticket but half the time the machine was out of order however i still am aware of PCN's being issued for non ticket when the machine is not operational. What shall i do? Many thanks for your help
  10. Hi Guys, I have received a few letters from Clarity which started with the usual we are trying to contact someone, which I ignored (why help them?) then came the "you owe us loads of money" letter, which I also ignored because I see why I should ring them or do anything initially. Then came the "we will send round the FieldCall people to discuss the fact that you owe us loads of money" letter. I was not too purturbed because a) I had been chased almost a year ago for almost the exact same amount by Lowell, who finally admitted they were wrong and appologised for writing to me (I had written a very polite "prove it" letter), and b) I recently came across these forums which are a revelation. I wrote a letter back basically saying, very nicely (I think) - prove it, and I don't want you sending anyone round to talk to me about it. Today I received the attached letter (suitably redacted), to which I want to reply in this way: Dear Clarity, If you don't know who I am, then stop accusing me of owing you money. Yours faithfully, etc. What do people think? I don't wish to fire flaming letters at them, because I feel that that sort of thing can later predudice things, if, for some reason it all turns sour. I am not worrying particularly, but would like to ensure that my response is measured and reasonable. Any advice?
  11. I was just checking my Noddle and notice I have a CCJ a few months ago from a debt from 2014, admittedly I have moved a few times so had no idea about this or received any paperwork, can anyone please advise how I should proceed with this? thanks
  12. My wife has a CCJ to the value of roughly £800 from vodafone, containing what i presume would be a large value of early termination fees. She has made one payment towards this, as she only became aware of it last month (dont ask, burying the head in the sand...) Now, ive seen some members on here stating that OFCOM are against early termination fees being included in a CCJ/default? Is that correct? maybe dx100uk you know more? as its one of your posts referencing termination charges and mobile contracts that i have referenced
  13. Today my other half received a rather strange letter titled Notice of Transfer Of Proceedings from Cabot Financial UK Ltd that states this claim has been transferred to the county court at _____________ for enforcement. This was done apparently because she did not reply to N56 (form for replying to attachment of earnings application) within the specified time. She did not receive this form. The receiving court will arrange for the bailiff to serve N61(order for statement of means) The only CCJ she had was over 10 years ago and is now definitely statute barred. Is there anything I can do to prevent any further action on this? Surely Cabot are taking the mickey??
  14. I had an account with Very which was Started 16/10/02 Defaulted 26/08/11 Default Balance £2130 Last payment 02/07/12 The last payment was made through a DMC to Lowell Portfolio Ltd. I received varous letters from Lowells and at some point remember receiving letters from bryan carter solicitors. I ignored them! Then i get a letter from Lowells saying that the account has been returned from the solicitors to them and that as i have not made any payments on my ccj they would be taking action. Apparently BC solicitors took me to court. I never received any papers from the court. My address never changed either. I checked online and found that i would have received a big package of blue(?) court papers, did not receive them. Because of this on 31 July 2016 I went online to RTL to check the Register of Judgments - There was nothing registered for me, at my address. In Nov 2017 my Experian credit report showed the very account gone and no ccjs were on there. Today i have received a letter from Lowell Solicitors stating, second notice of county court judgment arrears -£1900.00. The reference number they give refers to the Very account. Are they pulling a fast one, trying to get me to contact them. This account is now statute barred I believe? very lowell.pdf
  15. I was checking my Noddle file and found a CCJ against me at my old address. It says it is still active but it is over 5 years old. I have no idea what it is for as I was living at the address at the time and already paying another CCJ off . I would have responded to this. My question is should I let sleeping dogs lie until the end of May next year and let it drop off after 6 years or should I query who it is from with the courts? In doing so would I reset the clock with whoever brought it against me?
  16. On 19th October 2017, my wife (only legally) parked at Aintree Hospital car park. According to the solicitors who have chased me for money a breach of contract notice was placed on the windscreen of the car. They state that this provided 14 days to pay or appeal. They have told me that because they had no registered vehicle details that they requested this from the DVLA. The solicitors have refused to provide the date that they sent this letter to the DVLA or provide a copy of the letter or DVLA response. On 28th November the solicitors state that a pre-action letter was sent and provided 30 days to appeal or pay £60. They state that a further pre-action letter was sent on 19th January 2018. They then say that on 2nd March 2018 Court proceedings were issued. A claim form was said to have been posted on 6th March giving until 22nd March for a defence to be filed. A defence was not filed by me nor were any court directions complied with (e.g. directions questionnaire). Consequently a CCJ was issued dated 24th May. The only letter I had handed to me by my wife was the CCJ letter (24th May letter). I was not driving the vehicle on the day as I was working. I have made this clear to the solicitors but they say because no letters were returned that they are assured I received them. To make this more complex, I do not reside at the address were the letters were sent and I have not resided there for a period of time before the alleged parking infringement took place. The reason for this is that my marriage had broken down. I have made it clear to the solicitors chasing the money that I am not doubting that an infringement took place, nor am I doubting that the letters were sent out, what I have stated is that I was not driving the vehicle and that I believe the communications that were sent out are likely to have been withheld from me by my wife. To add further complexity the solicitors have stated that a defence was made. They have sent a copy of the defence to me which is not signed or dated. The defence has been put together as if it was written by me and states "it was not me (e.g my name driving) it was my wife (wife's name) driving. The defence was not written by me and I strongly believe it was my wife who wrote this. I have asked the solicitors to confirm the date the defence was received but they have refused to provide this information. My wife has admitted she was driving on the day and stated that she spoke to the parking attendant. Therefore the company have been aware from the outset that it was a female who was driving and not me (a male). I have raised this point with the solicitors but that have not provided a response to it. I would be grateful for any guidance that can be provided. For many different reasons I'm slowly getting my life back on track. I do not believe I should have to pay this fine but from reading around it appears I would need to pay to even have the CCJ set aside. Many thanks T
  17. Hi, I am looking for some concrete advice please on where I stand with a debt that's hanging over me. The debt is for around £9k and was originally a HSBC credit card. I received a CCJ toward the end of 2013, along with a Charging Order against my property, which I unfortunately didn't contest. As I am self-employed and have children, there has been no enforcement action that the courts would take against me, so I have never paid anything toward the debt, or acknowledge it. HSBC gave up earlier this year and have sold the debt to Cabot. I have read a number of threads on this forum and others which contain a lot of conflicting information. So I guess my questions are: 1. Can I get the Charging Order removed on the basis HSBC no longer have an interested in the debt, or have Cabot effectively taken ownership of both? 2. Am I right in thinking Cabot have no enforcement options whatsoever unless they get the CCJ and CO re-assigned officially in the court? 3. Will Cabot likely affect a low F&F settlement to see the back of this debt, or do they usually hang on for the long run? 4. I believe there are probably at least 1-2k worth of charges and interest added to this credit card, can I pursue HSBC for them, and if they are awarded, can HSBC withhold it against the original debt? Thanks in advance. JD
  18. my credit score had plummeted. I used Clear Score to do a bit more digging recently and found a CCJ for £316 in April of this year. I am now assuming this is some sort of PCN for the same car, after I had sold it. This is very stressful for me as I already suffer with anxiety, currently have a 4 month old baby and have a mortgage. I know I cannot defend myself against the CCJ by applying for a set aside as they will just argue that the whole situation is my fault. My question is, has anyone ever been able to negotiate with the original creditor? I'm wondering if it's possible that I pay the CCJ in full but that they might have the power to remove it from the Public Register. I'd even pay more if it meant that it would go away. Do they even have the power to do this? I feel I have suffered enough for a very silly mistake. Yes, I know I have made a mistake. Yes, I know I've been ignorant. I'm already very upset and beating myself up about it as it is. So, I please ask that there are no comments making me even more aware of this.
  19. Hi apologies for the long winded post. Please can someone advise on a debt issue i have with Cabot financial. They purchased the debt from Aqua and sent various letters relating to the debt. Eventually it was passed to Mortimer clarke solicitors advising pending ccj request. As they didnt have a web portal to complete an income and expenditure form i did it on cabot's website instead after about a week i received an email saying contact Mortimer clarke. I neglected to do this and was issued with county court papers on 06/07, i contacted both parties to make a payment arrangement but was declined and it was as if all they wanted to do was get the ccj. After pleading my case with no willingness to negotiate on their part i decided fight the case and request a cca which i have done. They have failed to provide a cca i have received a letter dates 30/08 from court saying they have 30 days to notify how to proceed then case will be stayed. Prior to this i have been in touch with debtline who said i could request a tomlin order which is at the creditors discretion i contacted cabot and mortimer clarke with the request and needless to say they were unwilling to agree and just wanted the ccj. At the time i just thought it was a mutual agreement between myself and cabot but it turns out it is an official court order which i suppose is better than a ccj. I have received a letter the other day 06/09 from Mortimer clarke headed "without prejudice save as to costs" it says that cabot are willing to agree to a tomlin order and i have 14 days. They have attached an income and expendature form to complete along with an offer. The debt collection teams for both companies were so unhelpful and unwilling to listen to the fact i had initially completed the online form for cabot or the reason i was in debt in the first place. The debt is from a bad point in our lives and i am not unwilling to pay it back but these companies buy the debt for a fraction of the price and go straight for a ccj, absolutely despicable. The defiant side of says stand your ground and keep fighting on the grounds it is currently unenforceable but my head is saying complete the form. If i agree to a tomlin order and there are issues further down the line the lack of a cca will be irrelevant ill just end up with a ccj and this will have been for nothing. Just wanted to know if anyone had been in a similar situation or can advise what my options are. Kind regards Ian
  20. I applied for a flat last week, and their credit check showed that I have a CCJ against my name. Apparently, it was registered back in 2014. I am not sure if it was a deafult judgement or not, to be honest. Can I still apply for this to be set aside? If so, how do I go about it?
  21. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can please advise as to whether my logic is correct. Essentially I took out a Northern rock together mortgage over 10 years ago just before the recession, this included an unsecured loan of £30k. Shortly after I was out of work for a year and built up mortgage arrears on both the secured element and unsecured element of the loan. Despite 5 attempts of NRAM trying to repossess I managed to fight them off and eventually paid of the secured mortgage arrears however because I was prioritising the secured payments the unsecured loan arrears were not being paid and eventually NRAM applied for a CCJ. However at the time they did not default the unsecured loan account so it is still showing on my credit file with just many late payments. The CCJ dropped of my account about a year ago and during the 6 years prior NRAM didn't take and forceful action to recover the debt. My understanding is that prior to making an application for a CCJ to the courts they should have set my unsecured account to default and hence it should have also dropped of my account when the CCJ did and the unsecured debt should In theory now be written off. I did contact Experian and raised this issue, they replied stating that they contacted NRAM however NRAM stated they would not be making any amendments regarding this unsecured account on my credit file. I would really appreciate any advise on this matter and if my logic is incorrect. Many thanks in advance!!!
  22. Hi All Around 2010/11 I was in heaps of debt, various cc, loans etc, totalling c £30k. I took some great advice from this site, worked hard, and managed to settle everything. Finally debt free by summer of 2016, credit score still not great, but heading in the right direction. And now I receive a letter from Mortimer Clarke (Cabot): ‘As you are aware a County Court Judgement has been entered against you under Claim Number QWERTY123 and we ask you to pay the outstanding sum of £2244 direct to this office within 14 days.’ The letter encloses an income and expenditure form with a view to arranging a monthly payment, but goes on to say: ‘…our client may be willing to accept a reduced amount for a lump sum payment to settle the debt’. First I’ve heard of it, and I’m gutted, thought all this nonsense was behind me. I’ve established that the CCJ was issued at Northampton and has subsequently been transferred to my local court. All paperwork was sent to an old address, which is why I knew nothing about it. All of this happened just over 3 years ago, and I’m just finding out about it now. And strangely, it doesn’t appear on my credit file? As I thought I was debt free, my circumstances allowed me to become a student, so I’m currently studying full-time, with negligible income (averaging about £200 pm). Seems to me I have 2 choices (unless any of you can suggest a third way?) 1. Offer about £20 pm, which they are unlikely to accept, as it would run for 9 years. 2. Offer a lump sum, I think I could scrape together £600 - £700, but again this probably wouldn’t be enough. All I know about the CCJ is what the lady at Northampton told me: That it has been transferred to my local court (don’t know when), That the payment terms were ‘Forthwith’ and, That the claim said it was in respect of a CC agreement ‘entered into on or about 19/05/2004’. (Is it suspicious that the date of the agreement isn’t precise? Suggests to me that they don’t have a copy of it). In the scheme of things, the debt isn’t that big (given my situation 7-8 years ago), but this is hanging heavier than those bigger debts ever did, because my circumstances are different now, and I have no real income to work with. I really don’t know which way to turn with this. Would be so grateful for your thoughts. Cheers Scarboro
  23. After checking my credit report in March this year i discovered i had a CCJ on my credit report. I knew this could not relate to me as i have never deafulted on any account i have had, next step i took was to pay the fee for trust online to get the details of the CCJ. The details showed that the CCJ had been issued by Volkswagon Finance, i have never had a car on finance i knew it was wrong. My credit file stated it was for another person with the same name and DOB as myself , apart from he has a middle name and i do not. Next step sent a SAR to Volkswagon Finance, and this just proves that they do not carry out checks properly, they sent me the SAR request and everything i received was relating to this other person, nothing relating to me at all. Now i have this other persons bank acc number, sort codes, drivers licence,email address, and every letter/email/court proceedings. I am now stuck at what to do next with this case so any help would be appreciated. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488056-Barclays-default-not-mine-!!!&p=5129009#post5129009 https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488061-Lloyds-Bank-linking-wrong-information-again-!!!&p=5129027#post5129027 Thanks.
  24. Hello Really hoping someone can help. I've received the the forms from court regarding a outstanding debt owed to moriarty law, formerly Lantern and formerly MMF on behalf of poundstopocket. I know I have to respond within 14 days but I really don't want a CCJ because this will affect my future employment and potentially affect my current job. I'd really like to avoid the CCJ but can't afford to pay the full amount at once although I may be able to do over 6 months. Do I have any options as I'm really worried or should I just send the admission and come to a pay monthly agreement and accept the CCJ as satisfied. Thanks
  25. I am trying to find information on a CCJ for my friend. She had a ccj in 2012 and paid it for a long time, the company DLC who then went out of business. She didnt hear anyting for 18 months and didnt pay the ccj. She has just had a letter from Mortimer Clarke, Solicitors who are saying if she doesnt pay it she will have a charge placed on her house. She has checked her credit file and the ccj is no longer on the file, should she contact the solicitor to find out if they are reinstating the ccj or just ignore them?
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