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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. Today I did a bit of a daft thing. This morning I bought a return ticket from my local station in Wales to Bristol Templemeads. I then feel asleep partway through the journey and awoke in a bit of a fluster just before the train was about to leave the platform at Bristol Templemeads. Hurriedly I gathered my things and left the train. Part way down the platform I realised I'd left my outward ticket on the train. Now, I've done this many times before, I realised I'd have to pay the inevitable fine (£20). Knowing my bank balance needed topping up, I decided to walk up to the ticket counter and ask for a single ticket from Filton Abbey Wood to Bristol, knowing that this would be less than the £20 and I could escape the station. Conscience wise I felt this was OK, as I'd already paid for a return ticket and I was now handing over more money than the journey would originally cost and as a heavy user of railways I think it's right people that don't actually pay for a ticket at all get caught. This is where things started to go badly wrong. When asked why I didn't buy a ticket from filton, I made a cock and bull story up about the platform being busy and not having enough time to board the train. At this point the ticket person called what I think was a Revenue Collection Officer, who introduced himself and informed me our conversation was being recorded. When he started to question me about what station I'd got on etc and why I hadn't bought a ticket etc, I kept to my simple story. It was only when he said he'd need my personal details and that he'd need to check CCTV that I cracked. I came clean and explained I'd left my ticket on the train from Cardiff and was just trying to lesson my inevitable cost. At that point he started using words like fraud and proceeded to read me my rights. I got a bit confused at this point and quite cross at myself for getting in to this situation. I gave him my personal details nevertheless. He then informed me that he wasn't an officer of the law and that he couldn't detain me. To be honest I found this a bit odd and daft given he had just read me my rights, I chuckled a bit and said "well in that case I'd like to leave and go to work please". At that point he took my return ticket off me, handed me an excess ticket to get home with and let me through the barrier. Having replayed things back in my head, I'm now not sure where I stand, nor what outcome I can expect. Having read up on the matter, I'm concerned that there might be court proceedings and a conviction, which has knocked me for six a little. I'm more than prepared to pay whatever fine comes my way, for being stupid enough to continue the dubious charade, but I certainly don't want to go to court and risk getting a conviction. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
  2. Hi, I have an annual season ticket zone 1-2. I recently moved to Catford and yesterday I was stopped by an inspector. I produced my ticket but this is zone 3. He then asked me where I was travelling from and where I lived. I have money on my oyster to pay for the difference. But then he asked me where I had travelled from in the morning. I said I had forgotten to tap in the morning as I was running for the train. He then cautioned me. I have been living in England for a few years but I don't understand what that means exactly? Seems this a legal term with consequences... He did not identify himself, I asked him if he would not fine me for the journey. He said he was cautioning me and reporting me to the company: First Capital Connect. He asked if I understood that I was free not to answer but that not answering would be taken the wrong way in a court of law. I was totally surprised and mesmerised. Should I not get a fine, a penalty? He asked for the details and was trying to check if my details were correct of where I lived although it seems he wasn't able to check He was asking if someone else lived with me? What does that matter? What is a caution exactly? Can they still opt for a penalty or will I more likely get prosecuted? Shouldn't there be some more precise information being given? I asked what was going to happen and what this meant and he said "the company will decide" Surely this is not the correct way? I was travelling on my own so I have no witnesses. I did admit to not having tapped in in the morning but he was just assuming I wouldn't pay. Shouldn't there be some good will? Can they check past journeys to make a case against me? Thanks for any help and comments PSF
  3. Hi, I university student and I travel from slade green in kent to london and I have a 16-25 student oyster card. I used to get a zone 1-6 weekly travelcard on my oyster but started to get zone 1-2 weekly travelcard thinking i would be ok with it. Got caught today by an inspector at slade green station and was cautioned and was asked severall questions. I told them my friend said I could use a zone 1-2 travel card and said I didnt know that it was a zone 6 station. They asked for my friends name and address but i only gave his name. I know its totally my fault dont know what to do. What will happen next, would I be prosecuted? Really scared. Any advice please.
  4. Hi, I have disabilities not that it really matters in this case, but my son purchased a child ticket of £2.10 instead of adult £4.20 due to insufficient funds, he needed to get home to me quickly. The Collections Officer asked his name, age at first he did say he was younger, but panicked and said No I am sorry I am 18 but didn't have enough money for a adult ticket and need to get home to my mum. He was then asked his name and address and cautioned. By this time my son was in a real state and asked what it meant, the guy just chanted the caution again and said sign for your name and address and gave him slip of paper. All this before he even set foot on the train!. He was stopped at the barrier! Is this fair should you get taken to court before even being told you have to pay a penalty fine.
  5. This morning, Wed 20th March I travelled from Enfield Chase, changing at Finsbury Park. I touched in with my Oyster Card at the barrier between to get on the tube at Finsbury Park and a man watching over the barrier in plain clothes asked me to talk to his colleague. This colleague scanned my oyster card, I genuingly thought that I had tapped in at Enfield Chase and it turns out that I didn't which I explained to the inspector. He scanned my oyster card and mentioned some of my regular journies and asked where I was travelling to and told him Westminster. He asked if I had any ID with my address and I only had a passport, but then found a letter from HMRC and showed him that. He completed the form with my name and address and then cautioned me. I paniced and said do you do this to everyone and he said yes. I was led to believe that it was standard, but was quite shaken up about it. He then read off 3 yes/no questions from the form. One of them was about was I intending to pay the fare, I think I misunderstood this as I thought he meant to pay the on the spot fine and so got my purse out to indicate that I was willing to pay the fine. He showed me the form and I he had written that I had not touched in and I asked him to add 'in error', but he said I could write it in the comments section, which I did and then signed. I then asked if I had to pay an on the spot fine and he said no they will write to you and let you know if you will be fined or not. He sent me on my way without a carbon copy of the slip, without anything. I was really paniced at the time, and I still am now. Also: - The man was in plain clothes and not a uniform and neither was his colleague who first stopped me - He did not show me any ID - He did not explain who he was or what was happening - He didn't explain why he was cautioning me - They never asked me to pay an on the spot fine, even though I questioned about paying one Sorry this post is so long. I am really worried about this and would like to know what I should do. Reading some other posts I need to wait until they write to me in 6-8 weeks, but there are going to be a lot of sleepless nights in that time. Any help and advice about the best course of action is most appreciated.
  6. I got caught with an out of date train ticket going through the barriers at birmingham station. The ticket inspector cautioned me like he was a police officer and wrote down all these notes. What will happen to me next, im dying to know. I dont want a criminal record....
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