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  1. Hi this is for an old Shoe Tailor account from Dec 2004. I've checked my credit record and it's showing Lowells default date 4 January 2012. I have had no letter of intent from the Solicitors? I have made payments to this debt so pretty sure it is not statute barred. It has been to lots of different DCAs. I have now entered into a Debt Management Plan and Lowell have more than one account with me and do know this. I had passed accounts to Stepchange, which i informed all creditors of. Having checked my email I only put reference for the ot
  2. I have catalogue debts which have been passed to NDR (I understand these are part of Shop Direct). Like many others, myself and my husband got into a situation where we could not afford pay the minimum amount. I have written numerous letters informing them of our situation and even giving them a StepChange reference (which they requested), all ignored, until this morning. I have now received letters for each account from NDR to say they will not accept a our offer of repayment. What do I do now and where do I go from here. I understand I owe this money
  3. Hi all, apologies if I'm in the wrong place. I'll try and make this as short as possible. I have an account with Ace Catalogue, and at the moment I'm paying the minimum each month which is £40.00 but my wages have been reduced at work so I'm unable to pay £40.00 a month. I contacted ace as soon as possible so we could sort out some sort of reduced payment plan. At first I received an email off them quite quickly, I explained my situation and they replied with "yes sure we can do a reduced payment plan, how much would you like to pay a month?" So I sent an email back stating how much I could pa
  4. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post so feel free to put me right. Just looking for some advice about a catalogue debt i've owed for roughly 4 years. Can't even remember what catalogue it was to be honest but the debt was about £240 although this has been bumped to £360 once Lowells got their sticky paws on it. It's been showing up as a red default on my file since 2010 (although there's a second DF added under one of the months in 2012, don't know why). i don't dispute i owe money to whoever it is and i'm now in a position to start paying i
  5. Hello I think I have to take Ambrose Wilson to court to get my late payment charges back. I have been writing to them since the summer but they just ignore everything I send them. They ignored my information request and endless reminders for a list of charges, so I had to file a complain with the ICO. I copied Ambrose Wilson into the email I sent to the ICO and then got a reply from AW within 24 hours with full list of charges!! And a denial that they have been ignoring me saying that they had sent them months ago (lies! They never wanted me to have them
  6. hi guys can anyone give me advice on how to deal with this debt DEBT 5 HUSBAND Mail order shop direct Lowell DEBT £381 catalogue on all CRAs start date 20/3/2010 defaulted 13/12/2010 updated 26/01/2011 This balance opened as £220 from catalogue then Lowell asked for £260 its been passed to numerous debt collection agencies and the balance is now £381 on CRAs last collection letter was from Frederickson international ltd on 20/2/13 letter before action is title.
  7. sent 3 items back to isme in same parcel. they received one back but not other 2. I have been trying to resolve this since December 2012 and still trying to get it sorted. sent at least 60 emails. isme recently told me to send them my original returns receipt from post office which I did recorded delivery and was signed for in march 2013 so they could make a claims with the post office. then was told they could not help me. I contacted someone else again at isme to go through all this again and was told all I could do was make my own claim with the po
  8. Hello My sister in law bought a sofa from a catalogue buy now pay later. She now has to pay bedroom tax because her oldest child is under 10. Instead of paying the tax she paid the catalogue and got into arrears which have thankfully been paid thanks to a family member but now she can't manage to pay for the tax and the catalogue. The amount owed is around £900 and she has been paying £50 a month. As far as I know she hasn't missed any payments. Is there some sort of debt agency which could help lower her catalogue payments? Thank you
  9. Hello everyone. I have a situation that I would really like to asked for your advice please. I had gone to arrears with Next directory by 90 days after being a loyal customer for 5 years. This is mainly due to a drop of income because of an illness. They initially passed on the debt of £814 to Brecon Debt Recovery on which they have accepted a 50% F&F settlement. I have promised to pay provided that everything is put into writing. Now since the 1st letter(& only) they have sent in writing was not comprehensive, the last letter that I sent to them was to
  10. Been speaking to someone recently who has a selection of catalogues. Balances are only about £50 here, £80 there - total owed is about £400, but their credit limit combined is about £15,000. They plan on maxing the catalogues out on clothes, new cooker, xmas pressies etc and then not paying. She's 69 and hasn't worked for many years due to mental and other health reasons. I assume the catalogues would take a dim view of this?!
  11. My mum and myself have been with Grattan catalogue for well over 30 years - so you can imagine the amount we have spent.. ...3 years ago I ordered a 50 inch tv/fridge freezer/washing machine/laptop/ipad and the bill came to £5400 .. ..i've now paid half of it off and have a current debt of £2600 (which I'm still paying)... .my mum has a debt of £1,000 with them. According to the credit available to spend we have over £8,000 available (I say we as my mum is elderly and I have a computer and I arrange the monthly payments online). For christmas, my children wanted a
  12. Hi everyone! I currently have 4 catalogue accounts with the Home Direct Group (Littlewoods, Woolworths, Isme and Very) and due to a recent change in circumstances am unable to make my usual payments. I have emailed all 4 catalogue's explaining my situation, offering them a token payment and explaining that I would like interest and charges frozen as well as a review of my circumstances in 6 months time. I also mentioned that I would like to keep all correspondence via email or letter (So that I have proof of what has been said). I have received emails back from a
  13. I have just had a county court claim from Lowells Portfolio Ltd regarding a catalogue debt of £144 (now £226 with court costs). I had an account with GUS Ltd dating back to the 1980s but this was taken over by KandCo a few years ago. I always paid my debts but was a bit lax about doing so on time, but it didn't used to matter with GUS as long as I paid it. When Kays took over it all changed I started getting charges amounting to £24 each time I was late, in the end I got fed up with it, in July 2011 I paid off my balance and emailed them telling them I was closi
  14. Hi My wife has received a Court Summons in regards to a Very account that she stopped making payments on due to us having income problems. I don't know a great deal about the account itself, but suffice to say she/we should have engaged in communications with the company rather than just stop making payments. Hadn't heard from them for a while and then the court documents showed up. The amount is for approx £1,600 account balance, plus interest, solicitor fees court costs = £1,900 approx. We are unable to pay this and will probably have to pitch a repayment proposal to them. Bef
  15. My friend has had a catalogue with account cover plus on (PPI) for over 20years. She has been in financial difficulty for three years and cant afford her catalogue payments. It was only when I got involved that I found out about PPI. She says she didn't want the cover but was pressured into taking it. She was either unemployed or on part time work at the time. I suppose that's how club books make their money from people who cant afford to pay outright. Having used the compound interest calculator using just £1 @ 44.8% it comes out today at £ 4,412.89 Now
  16. Hello, I have 3 accounts with Shop Direct and I lost my job in June last year. I tried to keep up with my payments to Shop Direct for as long as I could but other things had to take priority in the end - rent, council tax and utility bills. I informed Shop Direct of my problem but they said that there was nothing I could do expect set up a payment plan. "Fine", I thought, this will help reduce my outgoings a bit. But no. Shop Direct wanted £200+ pounds per month, which was more than what I was paying without the payment plan. This, apparently, was to cover interest
  17. hi, this morning (Saturday), a guy with his car drop a card in my letter box asking me to pay for a catalogue debt i have since 2003/2004 . Since then i have move house and haven't hear from them. the card says ; CSL The Old Court House, High Street, Whitchurch, Bucks.HP22 4JS name mrs...... re Arrow global shop direct £... i called to see you today but was uneable to make contact with you regarding the above account. please phone me on .................. our free collection service is provided to assist you in paying your account . date25/05/13 age
  18. Hi, Not sure if I'm posting in the right place here but I need some advice with catalogue debt. I have recently received 3 letters from lowell finance saying that I owe money for 3 separate catalogue debts, 2 with shop direct and 1 with JD Williams. But I never took these out! I recently opened a credit account with Fashion World just so that I could get the 10% off and have since payed this off in full as I don't want to build up debts and I'm assuming that's how they have found me to send me these letters. The debt is from my previous address at University
  19. Hi all Just want to pick your brains on something. I purchased a Toshiba Laptop from Very Catalogue, which was delivered on February 28th 2013, just over a week ago. I switched the Laptop on and it started to go through the process of setting itself up etc, all good so far. Then it shut down during the process. Not a good start. After three tries I managed to finally get the Laptop setup. Since then, everyday and several times a day, I get the horrible 'Blue' screen fault. Having Googled the error it seems to be a Lan driver problem. I did the usual, full recovery
  20. Hiya Everyone, I am new here this is my first post. I joined because I am extremely worried and anxious that I may have gotten myself into a really serious situation. I will be honest from the outset. I am in debt with so many different payday loan companies/ mail order companies that I don't even know what they are any more, so has my mum (who I live with) In November 2011, my mum got a loan with a PDL company, she entered 'MR' instead of MRS and she entered 1 year out of the DOB, she was accepted for the loan and we haven't paid it back. I am now so worried sick
  21. Hi, i am new to this site and unsure what to do. I really need help with a catalogue debt i have with VERY Ltd. I have been paying this debt for almost 2 years and it still hasnt cleared, infact it has only gone down about £90 from the total balance. I have been issued with numerous charges for late payments, minimum amount payments, letters, etc.. you name it, yet i had set up a payment option??? Also the amount of interest added is phenomenal. I am unemployed and am at my wits end. I feel as though I am never going to get this payed off. Pleas
  22. Hello, i'm new to this forum so i'm not quite sure where i should post this! Me & my partner have littlewoods & next catalogues, & i'm really struggling to keep up with all the payments! is there any way i can reduce the minimum payment with any of these if so anyone done it before & how did you manage to get them to agree! I'm starting to worry about this now as i don't want to get a bad credit rating but just can't afford the minimum payments they are asking for! I'm a stay at home mum and my partner works but we have lots of bills to pay and these ones haven't been my priori
  23. hi i wonder if someone would be kind enough to give me some advice regarding the above.i fell into debt with marshall ward catalogue and received letters from lowell requesting payment.i sent off asking for the original credit agreement which they requested from MW.i have received an agreement which was about a month outside the 12+2 days allowed.also the agreement they have sent isnt the original catalogue agreement but an agreement that turned the catalogue debt into a fixed loan debt which was signed by me after falling into arrears with MW.please could someone advise me the best way to pro
  24. My Mum's a customer and bought some things on Buy It Now, Pay Later. Her October 2012 statement showed a balance of £0.00, but stated that £394.00 was due before 14th DEC 2012, or interest would be applied. Mum paid the full amount of £394.00, which reached them 21st NOV and was shown on November's statement. But this same statement showed they took the payment off the amount of £705.03(!) (which I presume is the full interest price of all the Buy It Now, Pay Later goods,) which left £311.03 as the new balance! But she doesn't owe anything now! The amount owed, £394.00, was paid in f
  25. After having a look at my options I've decided to let my creditors default my accounts and then come to some sort of arrangement to pay. I have catalogue, store card, PDLs and credit cards. I'm wondering how long it usually takes for them to actually default you? I want to get things sorted but definitely want my credit file recorded with those defaults first so that the 6 years start ASAP.
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