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Found 13 results

  1. I purchased carpets for 2 bedrooms and stairs told the guy i would not be able to clear rooms. Came with free fitting never said anything paid for carpets. Then he said you will have to clear the rooms. I said i just told you i could not. said well they can work around and do one room and then come back next day and do next. said no wanted it on one day Well they arrive i cleared rooms bar the beds they refused to fit had a long argument with owner who said they could not becuase they had to put grippers down. Then when i said but the rooms are 12ft and the beds are on casters and only 4ft said well it would be extra money Refused to fit and wanted to leave carpets i said no how do i get money back it is a small company and i think they wont pay up they did not even give me an invoice
  2. I am having two rooms fitted with carpet on two separate days, the first fitting day has been confirmed. There payment dept has since left a message on the answer machine saying the full payment in total needs to be paid before the first fitting even though there are two separate fitting days. I have paid half of the total amount which seems reasonable, can I pay the rest after the first fitting but before the second ?..
  3. Hello Friends, Yesterday, me and my wife had this bad experience at a carpet shop. After bargaining the price, when we decided to leave the shop without buying, the salesman asked me 'What happened?'. So I said that I will wait for being more closer to Christmas time. Then the salesman gave very rude reply to us that "come after two three years and the prices will be low" and in a very condescending manner. My wife felt very bad and insulted about this. Can I use any legislation to help me in this case here. Really help as my wife was almost in tears when she left the shop. I really want to fix that salesman. Thanks for your replies.
  4. My daughter and myself went to a carpet shop on Sunday to buy some new carpet for the stairs, not a great lot needed. Daughter gave the chap her stair measurements, and she chose her carpet that was on a large roll. She paid for this along with fitting costs and arranged the date for it to be fitted which was the following Wednesday (tomorrow) Today she received a call from the shop saying that they had run out of her chosen carpet , could she go down and pick another one , or wait ten days for some more to come in. WHAT ! This carpet was bought and paid for on Sunday , there was a large roll of it . Does she choose another, maybe a dearer one and ask to pay the same price ??? or have her money back and kick up a big fuss, ????
  5. Hi all, my tenant upon moving out hired a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet. The cleaner came a couple of days ago did their job and left, the carpets were still damp after 24hours and not to mention shrunk! The letting agent still has the tenants £1800 deposit and the carpet to replace is around the same amount. 1. Is the tenant able to sue me if the deposit is not returned through small claims? 2. Can I sue the carpet cleaning company as I have suffered Loss/ Damages or does it have to be my tenant whom sues the carpet cleaning company as they paid the fees/ contracted with the carpet cleaners. There is a bit more to the story but that's the main gist of it, in order to keep as succinct as possible. Any help much appreciated
  6. Hello forum, I hope someone can help me as I'm feeling quite stressed about my situation. I am stressed at the lack of customer service I've received where people misquote prices and don't seem to care you have a timetable you need to stick to - they're quite happy to mess around with timings and not be accurate enough when they quote timings, they just don't care and they just want the sale. Quick bit of background and then will ask my questions. I ordered a Tamla lazy boy sofa 3 seater and a 1 seater (manual recliners) and was told 7-8 weeks for delivery. I was unaware at the time there was a free carpet offer on. The offer was only for 16sq m of carpet anyway on certain carpets. This is what I'm having issues with. To begin with it was never really made clear which carpet was actually included as 'free' but he seemed happy for me to think the £12.99 per sq m was included. This matter was cleared up on a later visit and I switched my attention to the carpet that was actually included in the offer. The sales rep seemed knowledgeable but when it came to sorting out the carpet, he quoted me something that would only have been confirmed by the guy who came to measure my front room. He had not been given any information about my order, just told to measure the front room and quoted me for the price of a £5.99 per sq m carpet. Anyway, I went back to the store in Dartford twice to decide on the carpet and was told that the carpet fitter was not aware that I had ordered a lazyboy sofa which is why his quote was different to what the store quoted. I'm still not sure I was actually quoted correctly at all. I had opted for the £9.99 per sq m carpet anyway which was included as the free carpet and had to paid the remaining balance. I even took a picture and confirmed it with the same rep as before that that was the carpet that would be delivered. He told me it was called pewter. I have since found out that pewter is not the colour I wanted. I generally don't do colour coordination or know the variations of colours but if I show you a picture and point to the actual sample I want then how can you tell me a colour is pewter when it isn't? The carpet fitter came on Saturday morning - called me at 8 am to say he'd be there in 20 mins - so I'm rushing around to get my boy out the house and left my partner to deal with the fitting. When I came back I saw that the carpet was not the colour I was expecting - I had confirmed it twice in the store, even took a photo and made sure it matched with that I told the same sales rep. as above, he wrote pewter. The problem is, and now my questions: I cannot find anything on the contract about what to do if SCS mess up and have the wrong colour carpet delivered, particularly if the carpet seems to be the £12.99 per sq m carpet not included in the deal. It has now been fitted and even my partner said to the fitters that it didn't look the right colour but they weren't going to not fit it or contact SCS to check for any mistakes. It was really early in the morning and my partner let them fit the carpet, he doesn't mind the different colour but I usually sort this stuff out. If I had been at home then would I have been able to say 'no' to the fitters and call SCS there and then? The fitters didn't seem to care about having the wrong carpet. So, I now have the wrong colour carpet. It's not a major problem but my new sofas will clash and I don't know how SCS could confirm one thing and still get it wrong. I just don't know my rights. I'm ok with a different colour carpet but I don't want to be charged any extra for their mistake if they have given me the £12.99 per sq m carpet. 1) Is there anything in law that covers me for the mistake made by SCS meaning I don't have to pay extra if they've delivered and fitted a more expensive carpet? As far as I can see if they have misquoted then they bear the loss because I have already paid them. To add, if it's not the more expensive carpet they've delivered then there really isn't a problem at all and I can just complain that it's the wrong colour and leave it at that and call them incompetent. There is nothing in the contract that I can see that covers this type of event, only matters arising from defects. 2) Is there anything in law that covers me for any mistakes made in their quotations for the carpet fitting, underlay and fixings? - I am wondering if I have been misquoted and paid more than I should have. The fitters were supposed to bring 2 gold bars for the 2 doors but they didn't. I also haven't received the rug doctor cleaning kit which I was promised. 2) I am now worried about my lazy boy sofas not being delivered on time. If delivery takes longer than 7-8 weeks what can I do about it? It seems futile to complain to head office but is there anything is law that covers me? I'm not sure what this would be exactly. 3) I don't know how long I have to inform them of the situation but need to know my rights first. They quote 72 hours for sofa delivery issues but say nothing about carpets. I want to call head office to find out their policy on this but after reading reviews of their customer service I'm not sure I will be given the right information. I will go to SCS today to sort out the rug doctor kit and the gold bars issues. I will tell them I have sought legal advice in case I have been misquoted prices and have been delivered the carpet not included in the deal. I will not be paying any money to them but will ask them to make sure that the tamla lazy boys are on track and again quote that I have sought legal advice in case they are not delivered on time. Until someone can advise me on my rights I will just let them know I am aware of mistakes they have made and will take the matter further if I get any hassle from them. I apologise my writing's all over the place but is anyone able to help me? thank you in advance
  7. I ordered a carpet around a month ago from Carpet Right. Today, the fitters turned up to lay it, only for me to realise that they had brought with them, the wrong carpet. One of the fitters then phoned Carpet Right, and he was told that the wrong carpet had been put in packaging that my carpet ought to have gone in. ie. it had been mislabelled. Now, I have been told that the correct carpet cannot be laid for another two weeks. So, I am now in the position of having a hallway, stairs, and landing just covered in underlay. This is obviously a huge inconvenience. My question is this. Am I legally entitled to some form of compensation. Does anyone know what the law says, if anything, regarding cases similar to this. Regards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Hi We moved in our flat 2 years ago which had new carpets when we came in, we noticed moths a while back and when I looked into getting read of them it suggested they could eat the carpet bare so I did a survey of the room (bedroom) where we see them and when I removed a chest of drawers there was a hole of bare carpet about 8 inches square. Do I have to replace the carpet? We rent with Savills and the flat is property managed by them! Thanks Sam
  9. Five furniture and carpet retailers have changed their pricing practices following an OFT investigation. A Share & Sons Limited (trading as 'SCS'), Carpetright Plc, Dreams Limited, Furniture Village Limited and Homestyle Operations Limited's trading brands 'Harveys' and 'Bensons for Beds' have each confirmed their commitment to using genuine reference prices and, without any admission of liability, have made changes to their reference pricing practices. The OFT has therefore closed its investigation. Reference prices are used by retailers across their sector to advertise a bargain to shoppers, for example by comparing a lower current price against a higher past price such as 'Sale, Was £800, Now Half Price £400'. The OFT believes that consumers should be able to trust that such price comparisons are fair and meaningful and that the advertised savings (or 'price advantage') are genuine. Improper use of reference prices can mislead consumers, for example in circumstances where the 'discounted' price is in fact the normal retail price of a product. http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2014/19-14#.Uyxn-KyQYrs
  10. Can anyone advise on what to do please. We hired a carpet cleaner at the weekend as living room carpet looked slightly flat and grubby in places. Spent all afternoon Suday cleaning with a machine hired from tesco. Rug Dr. Used the recommended cleaning solution and followed the instructions to the letter. Next day carpet looked like new. Tuesday morning we noticed a strange smell which has steadily got worse. It's like a combination of wet dog and old running shoes!!! I've had the heat on and windows open. I've tried shake and vac and febreeze. Still no better and getting worse if anything. Any advice would be brilliant.
  11. Hi all, new to this forum, have previously managed to just mention the word Sale of Goods Act in previous stores and successfully had my issues resolved. However, the manager of my local SCS store seemed completely oblivious to the SOGA and as such is adamant that the issue with my carpet remains the responsibility of the manufacturer. In brief, we had a new carpet & underlay fitted by SCS back in January. In August we noticed the carpet was starting to fold over on itself, ie crease. After phoning the store and a message being passed to the manager the fitter came out, restretched the carpet fitted a gripper and disappeared. Within a few days the crease was back again, a call to the store produces an appointment with their surveyor, he comes out, eventually, and decides we need more gripper. Fitter returns, disagrees with the surveyor, lifts up the carpet and announces that the carpet is delaminating and is faulty. He tales photos and says he'll report to the store manager. A week has passed since fitter took photos and we've heard nothing, Yesterday we popped in to store and spoke to the manager, on asking him where we're at with our faulty carpet he announces he's still not heard from the manufacturer. When I asked him what it has to do with them he tells me it's company policy, I asked to see this policy and he says that they don't hold one in store and I need to speak to HQ. This brings me on to mention to him the SOGA and the fact that my contract is with him as the retailer not the manufacturer of the carpet, thus he is responsible for fixing & making amends not the manufacturer. He keeps repeating about company policy etc and it's then like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. I leave with the promise he will call me back by 2000hrs Monday PM. What i'm looking for is that, I am correct, the store is responsible NOT the manufacturer and at the end of the day the carpet is faulty and after just 6 months or so the carpet is the way it is, ie not for for purpose and of unsatisfactory quality. All I want is nice carpet, the same again will be fine, nothing outrageous or out of the ordinary but the manager of the store dismissed the SOGA saying company policy is what it is and completely dismissed I have any rights to anything over SOGA. Help please as I feel this is being made far more awkward then it should be. Cheers, Steve
  12. Hi All I had a leak in my flat which damaged the floor and carpet, so I had to move out for 2 months whilst they took the floor and plaster out. I got a call from the Housing Association giving me a moving in date I contacted my insurance they passed me on to renew carpets and they could only time they could visit was 2 weeks later to give a quote, problem was I had to move back in the day after they were coming. I called my insurance and explained I have to have it fitted before I move in the advised it was ok it will be a cash settlement, I requested an email confirming this. It cost £1850 for all the floor covering from a small local carpet shop the flooring was about £14 m2. I recieved a call from the insurance company saying that they were going to send me a cheque for £760 as my excess was £350. I advised them to hold the cheque as I wanted a breakdown of the costs. The quote sent was for a price £7.54 m2 and at the end of the quote they have two prices retail price total £1630 and scheme discounted price £1110. The carpet was fitted me when I first moved in as a moving in gift unfortunatly that person is no longer with us and I have no way of knowing which company fitted it but it was a really nice twist patter carpet I cant find it anywhere. The HA have agreed to pay the insurance excess but I still dont have £700. How can the flooring quote have a retail price £1630 and a scheme discounted price £1110 which is 32% different and on the discount price it shows discount of 10% What can I do?
  13. My Father lives in a retirement apartment managed by Peverel Retirement. All corridors are carpeted using the only carpet Peverel will use - made by Heckmondwyke. All corridors have fire doors fitted at regular intervals. A section of carpet has recently been stained. The House Manager requested Heckmondwycke to visit and try to remove the stain. This they did but was unsuccessful. Peverel claimed off the insurance which they demand my Fathers development has, through their own brokers, Kingsborough, which is part of the same group of companies as Peverel and get paid extortionate commission to use Zurich. The Insurance have come back to Peverel and said they will pay for replacement carpet - between fire doors. They say their policy is to replace carpet only up to thresholds. Unfortunately, Heckmondwycke, insisted upon by Peverel, no longer do the carpet which the Development have, which is about 5 years old. So the Development will have to have two different carpets down a corridor. Halfway down the corridor is a lift. The residents have tried to be reasonable and asked if the insurance will pay down to the lift lobby, but they have refused. Is their anything they can do to get matching carpet? Its going to look a real mess.
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