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  1. I am posting this on behalf of a family friend. Their situation is as follows:- Husband is working full time, wife is working 12 hours per week and earns just over £100 per week. They have 3 children, the eldest is 16 and starting full time college in September after just leaving school. Their 2nd child is 12 and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 at the begining of this year. He has just been awarded DLA High Rate Care and Low Rate Mobility. His condition has deteriorated and he needs around the clock care. Their 3rd child is 3. They have no savings and the husband is considering leaving his full time employment to become his son's full time carer. (Wife cannot be full time carer due to a recent family bereavement and is still grieving) Can someone please advise what benefits they would be entitled to as trying to get any information is turning into a minefield and different people are saying different things. Many thanks, JB
  2. I am on Pension Credit and have been for almost 3 years. My wife initially was on SSP and claimed carer's allowance, however when she started ESA, the carer's allowamnce stopped and we always regarded it as "eligible for CA, but not in payment". Her ESA finished on 30th April 2012 and my Pension credit payment was adjusted to compensate, but the carer's allowance "eligible for CA, but not in payment" has not been taken in to consideration. Does my wife have to re-apply for the carer's allowance and go through the whole process again or is it perhaps because the Pension credit dept overlooked that she is "eligible for CA, but not in payment". It is a difference of about £33 a week.
  3. My wife cares for me and receives a carer's allowance as I need help with getting dressed, food preparation and injections. Our daughter in South Africa has offered to pay for her flight out to SA for three weeks as neither one of us has seen our youngest grandson. In the meantime my son is arranging to fly from SA to spend time with me. In the interim period between the wife leaving and the son arriving our other daughter will be caring for me for a few days. Would my wife still be entitled to carer's allowance as we would like to give the other daughter petrol money as it is a 40 mile round trip for her every day. Obviously our son if he can make it, would be helping me with various daily tasks that I have difficulty managing. If the son cannot come over here and the daughter over here are unable to assist as hse has her own family with a very young baby, can I get help regarding a carer for the 3 weeks, but how would I go about sorting it out and paying them for their services? the other thing is that the carer's allowance will not cover the carer's fees so may not be able to afford it.. I don't want to deprive my wife of this opportunity of a lifetime and it will give her a much needed break. I am on Pension credit and the wife is on ESA.
  4. Hi consumer forum, I bought a house with EX partner ( separated over 15 years) as was in (both owned seperate flats previously) best interests re housing investment to pool money in joint mortgage as both working in London). 18 months in he had major operation + became life threateningly ill and could not work. After him being 5 months in hospital and still in crisis but to be discharged needing a kidney transplant I sold the house and moved with him to property in country more appropriate to his recovery as London was not ideal and he had no family to helpl. However I could not get his name put on mortgage as he was not working employed at that time. so I (with his full written agreement overseen by solicitor who did the sale) put house in my name only. He is now on disability benefits and he is contributing what he can towards the mortgage from his DLA and pension credit, can I charge him rent ( i am formally assessed as his carer correctly -Not his partner) housing benefit or similar to help with mortgage? I help him with home dialysis and other needed tasks. thanks for your help
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