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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, just found out I made an Illegal left turn in cardiff may 2017. Need help on which forms to use. Cardiff Pcn people have said I need to complete forms TE9 and TE3. TE9 just asks fo r some details, in my case I never received the initial notices as didn't re register my Car to my new address, but nowhere on the form does it ask why I didn't pay. TE3 I just don't understand. How do I let them know why I didn't pay the initial charge . Should I be using form te7 or other forms
  2. Hi there I have a question relating to a loan that I took in 2004 through Zenith Windows to install double glazing. But Zenith windows went into administration in 2010 I believe. Loan amount 5K. It is now paid off. How do I go about getting the PPI back from them and the unfair charges. Can anyone help please? Many thanks and much appreciated.
  3. received a PCN in the post from New Generation Parking Management 18 months ago - I sent them an email informing them that I am just the registered keeper and not necessarily the driver. (I used the template from this group) NGP never responded to my email. They have now passed 'the case' on to ZZPS/Wright Hassall Solicitors who have just informed me that the Protection of Freedoms Act allows them to County Court me. Is this right? (I did not state who was driving) The driver (my wife) has recently died and would I still be liable for the charge? This has really upset me a
  4. Hi all, I have received 2 Parking Charge Notices (for different contraventions) that are at different stages. I have received the NTK for infringement 1 while infringement 2 occurred on August 31st so I still have a few days before the NTK is sent. I am looking for some advice as I feel both have been administered unfairly. Please let me know if it's advisable to open a new thread for the second PCN to avoid confusion. PCN 1 For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 04/08/2017 2 Have you ye
  5. Hi, I have just found and registered onto this site because of the proceeding thread regarding New Generation Parking Management Ltd. I have just received a "parking charge notice" (PCN) for parking in a visitors bay without a visitors permit. The permits are for a 24 hour period with no return in 48 hours. As I was contracted to work in one of the flats over several days for the flat owner this was no use. The flat owner's parking bay was occupied so I checked with the concierge and was told to display a notice in my cars windscreen stating where I was working, flat number/name
  6. Evening all, Came home from a few days away to find a lovely letter (in Welsh..!!) from the South Wales Police - 38mph in a 30mph Limit - I always thought the road was a 40mph; anyway my fault. Couple of questions..... 1 - Likely outcome... £100 & 3 points or what's the chance of being offered the Awareness Course?? (currently licence is clean, and has been for over 7 years.) 2 - I thought they have to supply a photo? or does that only come along if you deny / argue and it goes to court? It would be a rear pic anyway as it was a Gatso jobbie at some traffic lights.
  7. Hello, Back in October 2015 I was visiting a friend who lives in an apartment complex in Cardiff bay area. Usually concierge there will let you in and inform you of where to park however when I turned up no one there to instruct so friend buzzed me through the barrier. All the visitor parking spaces were full and no where around building to park as double yellows on main roads. There was however an un marked part of the road within the complex which had no obvious signs, no obstruction and no yellow lines, so my friend told me it would be fine to park here until
  8. I have issued a claim against cardif pinnacle over mis-sold PPI . they are defending the claim stating the claim is outside the 6 year time limits and that i would have benefitted from the protection. the 6 years expired in 2012 but i complained to the FOS before this date, it took them till may 2014 to get back to me with their decision. The FOS state that i would have known before that the PPI was of no use to me and therefore they have rejected my claim, thats the reason to issue the court claim. the policy was started jan 2003 and then cancelled by me in 2007 af
  9. Hi Everyone, Am currently finishing at Cardiff university, hence moving back home and trying to cancel my gym membership. Unfortunately when I filled out my gym membership I put down my parents address on the form to match where my bank account is registered. Therefore when I've tried to say am relocating back to this address they've said am registered to that address. Which begs the question why would I be going to a gym 37 miles from my parents house. I have now set them a copy of sky moving house showing I've been living in Cardiff in a rented accommodation and moving the sky bac
  10. Hi, I parked overnight from Sat-Sun in UWIC's Hall Carpark, stupidly, I had no change and friend advised that 'no one pays fines so its all ok' And I got a ticket on 4/5/14 This was from VINCI Park Services UK Ltd; £40 - £16 if paid within 14 days Am I right to believe, from what i have read in another post on here, that all they can claim from me - if i refuse to pay - is the £1 they have lost from me using a space in their almost empty carpark?
  11. Having once had a Northern Rock mortgage around 8 or 9 years ago, i can't recall if I paid PPI or not. Anyway having followed the guides on this forum, I just called Cardiff Pinnacle and they assured me that no PPI was ever paid by me. Should I be content and close the door on this enquiry, or should I seek a more conclusive opinion. Thx
  12. Is this worth a claim? I bought my first house in early 2001 through Northern Rock, PPI was through Cardiff Pinnacle, I sold this property in late 2001. The PPI Direct Debit remained in place even though I had no mortgage again until April 2002, I then sold this property in March 2005. During this time the same PPI insurance was in place and through my misjudgement not cancelled, I then purchased another house in March 2007 again with PPI through Northern Rock/Cardiff Pinnacle. I was then paying two PPI insurances but only had one mortgage. I realised this in 2009 and got a refund of £235
  13. Hi, Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/respond to my post. I have just been sent a letter from Transport Investigations Ltd for travel with no valid ticket. Looks like there's a lot of people in a similar postion from other posts on here (and elsewhere). The letter states that they are considering prosecuting me under the the Railway Byelaws (2005) or Regulation of Railways Act (1889), and that I have to get back to them soon in writing with any mitigation I wish to be considered. Detail: The letter related to when I was stopped from buying my usual
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