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  1. wrong topic maybe someone could advise where best to put this topic or move it for me?? thanks Ill start from the beginging. I Purchased a car(carcraft) oround late march 2005 through black horse finance. Car was 6k turned out i was paying around 18k back. Bought the car and it was the worst thing i ever did. Fault upon fault up on fault. Took it back numerous times just to be fobbed off. In the end after paying £304pcm for around a year i took the car back to carcraft left it with them wioth logbook keys everything and canceled my standing order. Time went on which at the time i w
  2. Like many users on this forum we have experienced very poor and unfair practice from CarCraft and wondered if anyone had advice on how to proceed against CarCraft. We purchased a 59 plate Volkswagen Passat from the Lakeside branch for 10k, 45k miles on the clock. 10 months later in early November last year the car broke down on the m25 with my 5 year old daughter in the car. The car needed almost a complete new engine (after many investigations) to repair at a cost of £3600. We had serviced the car according to Volkswagen schedule between the purchase and the breakdown.
  3. Please accept my apologies initially for how angry i am today!. Bought a car from Sheffield Carcraft last year despite very pushy and rude sales as my partner never had credit before she struggled elsewhere. The car was lovely, she enjoyed driving and we were happy. Within 6 months we took the car for its service as it didn't have any history. Thats when the 1st bit of doubt crept in. When my wife went to pick it up, your team had her stood there for 30 minutes plus as they couldn't find the keys, they looked everywhere and couldn't find them. They hen
  4. Myself and my Fiancé bought a Black BMW 2008 320d as a family car as we just had our first child, we bought it from CarCraft's Enfield branch in July 2012. We purchased the car with 3 years drive happy package and warranty. Before purchase we noticed the tow bar cap at the front was missing and was assured that this was being sent to us in the post. (We didn't receive this until two months later after me chasing countless times). As we got the car home the salesman (who is now the sales manager there now) had left another persons car keys in our car so he contacted us to adv
  5. Payout for used car salesman, 52, fired for being ‘too old’ A used car salesman thrown on the scrapheap because of his age has won a multi-thousand pound payout. Gary Hawkins, 52, took legal action against the Black Country motor dealership Carcraft where he worked as manager after complaining he’d been told there were too many miles on his bodyclock. Speaking after a Birmingham employment tribunal backed his claim of age discrimination, he said: “I have struck a blow for middle aged men and women everywhere.” And the Sutton Coldfield businessman, who has a four-year-old daug
  6. Hi Bought a car (BMW 520) from carcraft Merseyside, 8months ago. They sold me a finance package with exorbitant interest rate (black horse) on the pretext that If i paid the whole sum within 14 days (which I was going to), I would not pay a penny in interest & by me signing upto this finance package, they Will get a commission. As I had nothing to loose, I agreed & signed in good faith.i was also promised that should I find it difficult to pay the full amount within 14 days, they will refinance within that period in a very competitive interest rate as they (car craft) had their
  7. Hi, I am needing urgent advice if possible re the company Carcraft... Basically, I have a 2010 2.5l Ford Focus ST3 that I wanted to sell. Last night, I had a look round various websites to get a quote and see how much I could get for my Car...I looked at a few websites including Carcraft & Webuyanycar... I got a phone call off Carcraft, Trafford today wanting to know if I was interested in doing a deal...I told them I couldn't as I had lost the log book so was hoping to sell it privately due to this...They said it wouldn't be a problem and asked me to pop down to see their motor
  8. I bought a car from Carcraft last week (big mistake lesson learnt) The value of the car was £8499. I paid £100 deposit and part exchanged my old car for £499. On the contract of sale the final price is 8095.25 (8449 for the car + 96.25 tax, minus the value of my old car and deposit) Looking on the documents for the finance agreement Carcraft have arranged finance for 8595.25. No deductions have been made for the deposit and part exchange of the old car. I've contacted carcraft who say it has nothing to do with them and I should contact the finance company, the finance comp
  9. Feeling very stupid and angry regarding what has happened. On Saturday needed a car and went to Carcraft Leeds. Knew the sort of car I wanted and they had a few that fitted the description. found one which had a showroom price of £7999 but I had seen on the website at £6795 the night before and also viewed on my phone the same day. Agreed to buy it at the web price with the salesman and was paying £1500 deposit and the rest by deposit. The way the finance was sold was mainly by looking at the weekly cost. I obviously wasn't on the ball enough here as he basically sold the idea of kno
  10. Hi, After telling so many nuisance callers I've never taken out a PPI policy I've just found out I have! I bought a car from Carcraft in 2007, reading the paperwork I've took out a credit of £1651.88 with a total amount payable of £2064.60, repayments payable of £34.41/month for 60months, it also mentions an APR figure of 9.5%. When buying the car I stated I didn't think I needed the policy as I was in a secure job and had family who could help with payments if required. It would appear in the excitement of getting a new car I've inadvertently signed the PPI box so despite
  11. Hi everyone I bought a car (foolishly) from Carcraft in July. After 4 weeks there was a hell of a rattle and i had to call the RAC who warned me not to drive it and towed it back to Carcraft. i was told it was the cam chain and a cam kit was ordered and it was replaced. I had it serviced 3 weeks ago and was told i needed new brakes and discs....errmm.....?? I enquired as to why and she said i had done a lot of miles and the car would have been "showroom standard" and brakes acceptable when i bought it...ok fine. It has now developed another rattle. had it back
  12. Good Morning, I have a simple question but has a long sub plot! On 15th November last year we picked up our 07 plate Astra 1.7 Diesel from CarCraft in Chertsey, we declined to take out the extra warranty so had the standard 1 year. We have had no problems with the car at all, the free service was booked in with no problems before the 6 month limit and the car passed its MOT. Fast forward to Thursday 15th November this year 6.00 pm, car still running perfect, my wife is taking my son to football and I get a phone call - basically the car has died - all warn
  13. Hello all, I'm sure that there will be people on here that have had issues with Car Craft and I would appreciate assistance from your wonderful people, plus those who know all the legal things. Ok, so I purchased a vehicle in March 2012 and took out their 'Drive Happy' warranty that covers servicing, MOT, electrical faults etc. As part of this agreement I am expected to get the car serviced within the first 6 months or first 6000 miles, whichever comes first........no problem.......Until you try and book said service. So at the beginning of August I contacted your Enfield
  14. Hi everyone, I recently bought a car from carcraft on finance, and I was mis-sold the extended guarantee ( I was told it was free, but on looking closely at the paperwork I've been charged). I want to cancel the guarantee, Im still in the time limit to do so, but to cancel it I have been told I need to go in and re-sign the finance documents. I really dont want to do this because I have really bad credit, and I'm afraid if I cancel my current agreement I might not be able to get finance again for the new agreement. Is it possible to be refunded a diffrent way, i.e. cash, cheque?
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