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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, Bought a second hand mini cooper for my other half from this dealer: Jxxx Cxxx Limited in Hendon (please avoid them by the way, really nice and sweet before sale and absolutely rude after sale). The car was purchased last Saturday 7 June 2014. Yesterday I drove it to pick up some wheels about 50 miles away. About 20 miles from home on the motorway the car rev itself to 6000rpm and stalled. I was able to pull over, started the car again and 10 minutes later the same problem happened. I then decided to go home and on the way home, the issue happened another 8 times so 10 times in total. The car when advertised was full of nice words but this problem was not mentioned at all (wouldn't have bought it if I had known this of course). I've done some reading and I think I'm entitled for a refund. Called them up and as expected they said "no refund, bring the car back to us so we can check it out". The car cannot be driven safely and I don't think I can reach an amicable solution with them. Please could you advise what are the best next move for me? My plan is as below: - Send them an email + letter as written confirmation requesting a refund. Let them know that I will be taking necessary action to get my refund as I'm entitled. - Call Trading Standard to report the problem. What else should/can I do to put the pressure on them for a refund? Many thanks for your help in advance.
  2. In order to reject a used car, do I take it back to the dealer, even if we are in dispute about how much he will refund me? I am planning on taking him to court for the full amount I paid, plus compensation for repair costs, as it broke down after one week and was not as described. If I take the car back, do I sign the car over to him while I let the court decide how much he should refund me? If I keep the car until the issue is resolved, do I have to insure it, even if I don't use it? The car tax is due to run out, can I claim back the cost of this, since I am not able to use the car due to the dispute? I have asked the dealer to collect it, but our negotiations have been going on for almost 3 months and he keeps changing his mind about what he is prepared to offer me. Meanwhile I have a car that I can't use.
  3. I bought a car on Tuesday 28thAugust 2012 from a second-hand dealer. I had a few concerns regarding thevehicle at the time of purchase regarding the brakes, tyres & excessive noise when turning the steering wheel at full but was assured everything was in order, full MOT given and my concerns were merely due to the vehicle having been sat idle for 4 weeks. I immediately took the car to my local MOT testingstation and the repairs required are excessive to the amount of over £1000. In particular my local reputable MOT provider has noted an 'egg' tyre which they believe has been tampered with in order to disguise this serious issue in order to make a saleof the vehicle. The MOT testing station that originally passed the vehicle is next door to thesales garage and they undertake all of the MOT’s for the second hand vehicles sold by the dealer. What concerns me is how a vehicle that failed an MOT & then subsequently passed on the same day (27/07/2012) still has serious mechanical issues relating to the vehicle that were identified at the point of the initial ‘fail’ MOT on the27/7/2012. The vehicle was then classed as having a ‘pass’ MOT and sold with this. My local MOT provider has documented & identified the original ‘fail’ MOT issues still exist !!!!! This vehicle was to be driven by my 18 year old daughter (a new driver) with an‘egg’ tyre that could have resulted in a serious road traffic accident; thank goodness I had the foresight to have the vehicle checked by a reputable MOT testing station on the very same day of the purchase. I have contacted the dealer and they will not refund me for the vehicle which was only purchased 3 days ago and has not been driven since the purchase. I have also tried to call the original MOT Testing station several times but they will not take my calls! I strongly believe the two parties are working incollaboration in order to pass off vehicles to unsuspecting customers when the vehicles are indeed not road worthy and I wish to have both companies investigated. These Companies are selling a lot of vehicles on a weekly basis and need to be investigated before a serious incident occurs!I have reported them to VOSA & awaiting their response & am also now contacting SOGA in order to obtain further advice. Is there anything else I can do? Details of the MOT that passed the vehicle are below and are taken from the government website facility to check vehicle MOT history…. Details regarding the vehicle & the MOT station have been removed at this stage due to potential legal reasons. Date of test: 27/07/2012 Certificate issue refused (Fail) Test class: IV Reason(s) for refusal to issue Certificate Offside Rear Tyre tread depth below requirements of 1.6mm (4.1.E.1) Nearside Front Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover insecure so that itno longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.4.G.2) Front brakes imbalanced (3.7.A.2d) Advisory Notice issued Front Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1g) Offside Rear Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (2.7.3) Front brake discs slightly worn Movement in n/s front strut top when raised Date of test: 27/07/2012 Certificate issued (Pass) Test class: IV Test expiry date: 04/08/2013 Advisory Notice issued Offside Rear Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (2.7.3) Front brake discs slightly worn Movement in n/s front strut top when raised
  4. Hello, Thank you for all the wonderful advice you have given me inadvertently as I have browsed the forum. I wonder if you have any advice for this... We are currently in dispute with a car dealer as our engine needs rebuilding only 10weeks after buying the car. It seems as if we are heading towards the Small Claims Court as he just keeps whittering about how we aren't covered under warranty. A business friend of my husband looked the company up and found that this business isn't registered under their trading name, or place of business. He says that it will be registered, but under an unrelated name, and a different address so that if needs be they can disappear from there and pop up trading under a different name somewhere else. My questions are: 1) If I file a small claims can I do it under his trading name, or do I have to know the name he is under at companies house? 2) How likely is he to disappear if I instigate legal proceedings in your experience? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Pheobe.
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