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  1. Hello people, this is my first post, so go easy! Right here's the situation: I messed up with a Captial One credit card in 2004 after only having it for a short time. In 2008 I received a letter from DLC (Hillesden Securities) asking for the balance, some £550. I requested the CCA, which promptly came back. So I began paying it off over 14 months, and made the last payment in uly 2010. Earlier this week I accessed my credit reports. On CallCredit there is an entry for Hillesden, as follows: Account Opened: 5 August 2004 Last Updated: 1 July 2010 Opening Balance: £0
  2. Hi all, here's one I need a little help on. Robinson Way are chasing a debt from CAPITAL ONE for £464.99 dating back to 2000 (can't remember exact original amount so this is the quantity showing on thier latest love letter). This was in my wife's maiden name, she moved in with me in 2001 and forgot this debt, until ROBINSON WAY started sending letters to this address in 2008 in her maiden name, even though we were married in 2002! We did not answer a single letter from them or acknowledge anything from them to admit this debt. They did try to call my house phone (where they
  3. Hi all, I have for some months (possibly a few years I haven't kept count) been receiving letters from Lowlife portfolio about my "outstanding"(nice of them to compliment me on it I thought lol) debt of some £771.87 to Capital One which they seem to have purchased. The card only had £200 limit, I think I only used it a couple of times and paid it for 6 months until I got fed up with the ridiculous interest they were charging and decided they had had far more money from me than the original £200 and stopped paying. After a few months Cap one wrote to me saying my account was in default blah b
  4. I had an account years ago with Capital One, which I think, will have defaulted in 2004. I say 'I think' because I have no documentation and the debt has now disappeared off my credit report as it has been 7 years. It would appear that in 2004 they sold it to Lowell. There's an account on my credit file in the name of Lowell for the same amount as Capital One and with the same reference number (last 4 digits anyway so it's definitely it!). The start date is 2004 and the default date is mid 2006! So it would appear that I was defaulted twice for this one account. However I can only se
  5. Called Capital One to bring my account up to date after receiving default notice and call centre said account was "with Frederickson" and gave me a number to call. I didn't ring but instead looked up Freds here on the forum. About a week later I had a call at work from someone called Rocky claiming to be from 'FDA' or something like that. Told the caller it was a work line and could not be used for personal calls. He thanked me and hung up. Next I had a letter from Freds telling me that I owed the balance on my Capital One account, giving me a number to call. Instead I sent off one o
  6. Hi all, hope you are fit and well! I have recently lost hours at work and are now part time, this means I can no longer afford my bills - I have written to my creditors offering a pro-rata payment (have sent a income/expenditure form also to each of them). I used a template letter from the library (offer payment/stop interest etc etc). I got a reply from Cap 1 asking for my bank statements (which they will not get - cheeky sods!) I just got a reply from argos (my argos card) stating: As a reuslt of financial difficulties you are currently experiencing we have blocked y
  7. Hello all(Appreciate you taking the time to read this)I wonder if anyone can try and advise me on the problem I'm having with the Claims Guys. Firstly, they have already managed to reclaim some money for me, so that's fine. So are their charges. I can live with that.The problem comes from this last claim.I had a Capital One credit card, which through me missing payments, went to Cabot Financial. To cut a long story short, Cabot have confirmed that they recieved full and final payment in Feb 2008. I was made redundant and so used the money to clear my debts. This was one of them. An
  8. Hi, revived a letter today from Apex,saying that they wrote to me recently, but they didnt, re a Capital One credit card, that is nearly stature barred or if not alredy... my questions are: 1) my name Geoff is spelt Geofff.. is this an issue? 2) the address is incorrect being the wrong flat number is this an issue? 3) should I ignore this letter? giving me time and finally 4) if i do have to contact these people, what is the current state of affairs regarding cca requests and if so can i have a template....
  9. I have sent a SAR to Capital one which has been ignored by them proabbly as they know they now owe me money due ppi charges etc. They complied weith my CCA request on the same letter. Now can anyone advice if i should go to the Information Commisioner or to the county court to compell them to copmly. Whichever action i need to take i know i will need to send a letter telling them what will happen and giving them seven days to comply before i take further action.
  10. Hi all, I think its best to start at the beggining! Back in Nov 10' i was self employed and run out of work, i tried to claim job seekers but was not entitlied as had not paid enough national insurance contribitions. Phoned capital one to explain my situation and asked them to freeze payments for 3 months aswell as interest and charges, there response was that they could setup a payment plan providing i sent in relevant documents ie job seekers letter, income expenditure, bank statment etc. I sent in every bit of information i have excluding bank statement as my bank account was currently
  11. Got an old Capital One account that is now owned by RW. The balance is under £200 and was defaulted for a little over £400 back in November 2006. Have played letter ping pong for a while regarding the account- unenforceable agreement, invalid default etc. In May I invited the Managing Director to take me to court for the monies they claim to be owed. Funnily enough, I've no heard a chirp from them since then. Now the default is a big issue for me. I have a couple of others that drop off by mid 2011, although that won't stop me doing what I can to prove they were unlawful! This RW one
  12. I have been reading about mis selling of PPI and how they sometimes do not pay out. It got me to thinking that as I work in the public sector and would recieve full pay for 6 months and half pay for 6 months in the event of sickness and the chances of losing my job is next to impossible then maybe I had been mis sold. I sent a SARN and what was revealed was my accound started in 2000 and the PPI kicked in misteriously in 2004. I do not remember signing anything to ask for PPI to start. In fact when I sent the sarn I asked for all information they held about me including any contract
  13. Hi all, I received my CCA from capitalone today and am not sure what im supposed to be looking for as they have sent me an original agreement (which is signed) and a current agreement which is not? Any help would be much appreciated thanks I have attached the CCA that they sent me but i also have 6 pages of printed terms and conditions that they sent. I have another post explaining why i requested a CCA in the first place ( basically capitalone are refusing to put me on a long term repayment plan and refusing to freeze interest as im struggling with minimum payments, i am paying them £1
  14. My wife has a crap 1 card, she took them to court in Nov after they refused to refund charges, they settled mid Nov for £109 which they took of the balance but not off the monthly payment which included the charges, she made payments of about £50 per month and again they charged in Dec and Jan O/L's and Late fees as payments were always below their figure (which included their refunded charges) so went back to court in early Feb,then Crap1 issued a default notice for £206,which was still made up from the previous charges that have been refunded, the current court case is for £79 and a further
  15. I lost my job a few months back and was relying on my credit card to live. I soon got close to the limit of £500 when i finally got a job, but it was only on part time (you all know how hard it is to get a job these days?) I earn around £150 a week, with and immediate £430 (car, insurance,rent) coming out each month. Then i have Petrol + food to contend with each week. (i travel lots so i use arund £20 petrol every 5 days!) I have missed many payment now for my car insurance and credit card/car finance. (i have cought back up with my insurance and finance). But now capital one are wh
  16. Advice sought on potential illegality of Capital One breach and mis-use of personal data I am a UK citizen who currently lives and works in Brazil at an International school. I return to the UK in December and July each year for around 5 weeks each time. I have a Capital One credit card. I told the company I live in Brazil and have given them my phone numbers in Brazil, but they never use them. I am late with my last 2 payments but can not make the payment until I come back to the UK in a few weeks. However, here`s the thing - Capital One have somehow gotten hold of both of my e
  17. Hello There, I'm hoping that someone here can help me. I had a credit card with capital one that defaulted on the 08/10/10. The amount of the default was £341.40. My credit limit was £200. Some background information: on the 1st of July my grandfather died. This was followed by the death of my great uncle on the 31st of July. This was a very traumatic time for my family and caused me to neglect payments on a number of accounts. My grandfather had been suffering with a very agressive form of prostate cancer and I had spend much of the year helping him. Anyway, capital one s
  18. A few months ago, Capital One served me with a default notice and passed my debt with them to Capquest. I have been paying token payments on this and several other debts since becoming unable to work 10 years ago after suffering a serious form of cancer. They had started demanding to see copies of my bank statements etc and it was when I refused to do this, having submitted the usual statement of expenses, that they issued the default notice. I requested a copy of the CCA from Capquest, who passed it to Capital One. They have now sent me what they say is a "reconstituted copy" and a rathe
  19. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on here about CCA Requests and, swamped by debts I thought I would give it a try. I've read some conflicting opinions on whether the 77/78 letters work or whether they give rise for banks to provide a modified copy etc. First I'll tell you a little about my situation: I have most of my debts with Natwest - 2 credit cards, 2 unsecured loans, 1 overdraft and a mortgage. I've moved my main bank account to another provider to protect my income. I also have credit cards with Capital One and Tesco (also run by RBS/Natwest I believe). Could yo
  20. Hi - I originally posted a thread Help! Asset link taking me to court in forum capital one in 2007-08 and received some really valuable advice which I followed and never heard anything again. I have found out this week that I now have a default next to my name from....Assetlink. Is there anything I can do to get this removed? My last correspondence was 8 Jan 08 from Mrs Roberts Litigation officer at asset Link Capital, saying ...we wrtie futher to your recent defence filed. The contents are noted. In order for us to fully investigate the points you raise, documentation has been requested from
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