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  1. Hi I would like some advice please. I have 2 credit card accounts with Capital One that I was defaulted on in 2007 despite paying regular, agreed, reduced monthly payments. The debts were then passed onto Robinson Way. I have requested CCA's from Robinson Way and all they have sent me is the application forms, so they just keep ringing and writing and I keep ignoring and not paying. Anyway am I now in a good position to offer a full and final settlement and if I do and they refuse will it mean that I have admitted the debts, etc? I want the defaults removed from m
  2. Hello all. I've just found this forum and have been reading through some of the very helpful guides regarding PPI. I am currently in the process of helping my sister with a PPI claim against Capital One. We've never done this sort of thing before so do have a few questions we were hoping you could help with. Initially we contacted Capital One to ask if she had PPI. They emailed back and said yes. I then sent off a SAR to see what information they hold on her as we're not sure if she was mis-sold, so are trying to establish a few facts. They responded with a pack
  3. Hello everyone. I am helping my partner defend a recent claim received from Bryan Carter on behalf of Lowell. There were some outstanding debts on my partner’s credit file upon our return from living abroad for the past six years (winter 2008 to winter 2014) but all default dates were shown between March and May 2009 and have since dropped off as they were over six years old. Since receiving the claim and prior to finding this excellent forum the claim was acknowledged I posted an edited template found on another site to Bryan Cater stating the debt is statute barred an
  4. Hi, Currently I have three credit building cards Vanquis - £250, Aqua - £100 and Capital One - £200. I applied for these to rebuild my credit. Can anybody advise me should I pay the three off now and close them which I can afford?keep one and pay in full every month?keep three and pay in full every month?I will keep the three if it promotes my credit better than paying off one in full every month. Any advice would be appreciated please. Do these cards repair a poor credit history which I have at the moment? Thank you
  5. Hi all, I am new to this site and have been looking through lots of threads which have been really useful but thought I'd post my current issues. My partner and I have recently signed up to Experian and Call credit to see our credit reports and we've vowed to clear up our debts. My report currently shows 3 defaults - it is probably worth noting that the reason behind these was my partner had a motorcycle accident on boxing day 2013 and was unable to work for over 3 months so we had to try to manage on my income and a bit of SSP for him. Obviously, keeping a roof over
  6. I have had letters from Lowell chasing an old Capital One account for quite a few years which I have always ignored. I have had many threats of legal action from various associated companies of Lowell which I have also ignored, however on Saturday (28th June) I received a claimform prepared by Bryan Carter Solicitors on behalf of Lowell Portfolio Ltd. They are stating the debt was assigned / purchased on October 2009, and they are after the original claimed amount (by Capital One) plus interest dating back to October 2009. Could do with some help on this one.
  7. hi all In 2002 my mum was sent a letter with an application form for a Capital one credit card. She signed the form and sent it back as she's never been offered credit before and was quite excited. She was unemployed at the time as she is long term disabled. She didnt sign an actual agreement, they just sent her a credit card. It was a normal Cap1 credit card. After a month it went up to a silver card, then a silver sleepy kitty card, then a gold card. She was making regular payments and was well on top of it. Then one month she was late with the payment an
  8. Hi Pleae find atttached a letter from Capital One in reply to my PPI claim. After a SARN I sent claim for miss selling. They said they would look into it and it would taks 8 weeks. I replied saying no way Ivew been cheated and gave them 14 days notice with a letter before action. The lfirst part of the etter below sumarises the reason for my claim. They say I agreed to sign up over the telephone and was sent a policy and a 30 day cooling off period . I do not remember any of that. In fact in reply to my original SARN they said they did not have to send any info about
  9. My OH just received the attached confusing letter from Cap One regarding late payment and over limit fees that she had been charged since she opened the account to date. Has anyone else who has tried to do the same recently received the same letter and is this just the usual first response ? Apologies re attachments, having scanner trouble again. Cheers
  10. Well those famous people at IND and Hegarty LLP are really proving their worth. Today i've also received a summons for Northamtpton County Court for a claim they have on a debt originally from a loan amount from Capital One of which was passed onto Robinson Way some 4 years ago. Robinson Way couldn't provide me with the appropriate evidence of a mutually signed agreement having followed the process outlined from the very good members within CAG. Looking around on the forum, there seems to be a lot of information given in lots of threads which is causing me a little c
  11. Hi All its been a long time since using this forum so if someone can help along the way than that would be great, My friend has got into debt and hes worried so i thought i would try and help with the advice i have received in the past, together i think we can assist hopefully, History information i have is that he is In debt for a capital One credit card -Now with interest and all charges adds up to over £8000, this was taken out in April 2002, he has gradualy made infrequent payments due to his financial circumstances and has recieve the usual default/su
  12. Hi All, Slightly odd question, have looked though the forum but cant seem to find anything on it. if the data provided to 3rd parties about you by your credit card company is factually incorrect, are they in breach of the DPA or CCA, If so do you know what section? Also who is responsible for ensuring the accruacy of the data displayed on the CRA, the supplier or the CRA? Ross
  13. I have quite a large amount of debt, the majority of which (over £30k) is with NatWest over various loans and credit cards. I also have a balance of around £800 with Capital One. I have been paying all of them off in a self-arranged and self-managed arrangement for the last few years. Recently, I've had a temporary loss of income. I wrote to all my creditors to explain this, also mentioning that I would appreciate it if they could go easy on me because I do suffer with anxiety and depression, largely because of the debts. NatWest happily gave me 3 months of token payments, asking for a re
  14. Hi , I have been chasing a claim against Cap 1 for about 18 months. It was submitted to FOS It was forwarded to them approx 6 months ago. it has been turned down by FOS and I have now taken appealed to the Ombudsman. My original claim for mis-selling was (1)based on the fact that the original credit agreement had an option for PPI which required a signature and a tick. I can confirm that this part of the agreement was never ticked or signed , however PPI was added to the account. (2)Being in full time employment for the past 16 years I would recieve 6 months fu
  15. I received paperwork from NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT on Wednesday 3rd yet it was only on Monday 2nd that Lowell actually told me over the phone who there client was. Obviously I want to defend the claim but im clueless on what to do now and need to get this form back within the time period????? some background hope this helps with your information. I had a credit card with capital one and defaulted on the card in 2004 and have had no correspondence from them since around then. I also have been accepted for a credit card from capital one less than 6 months ago. so 1
  16. Hi all I have debt with Capital One which I am currently paying through Lowell. This debt does not show on my credit file and I was wondering why that would be. I have checked Equifax and Experian and its not on either of them. Just curious! Many thanks Anne
  17. 2 YEARS AGO I STARTED PAYING THE CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD WHICH IS NOW CLAIMED BY LOWELL. I STARTED DEFAULTING ON THEM IN 2006. I AM NOT SURE WHETHER I ASKED for a CCA file or not but all of their correspondence mention the original creditor name. So far I have been advised by DX to send them a CCA file. Which I shall do as soon as my printer is fixed. A new development is that none of these appear on my Equifax credit file any more. Do they still have enforcement powers as I have been paying them a statutory payment for each account. They have offered discounts in the past.
  18. Hello All, Please may I ask for some advice on the following situation (I will try and keep it short!!): I have an old Capital One credit card account that spiralled out of control when I was last unemployed in 2005/2006. I had PPI on the card, however, due to stress and depression I suffered as a result of my unemployment I failed to make a claim for 6months. Once I got my act together and realised I had PPI I tried to make a claim only to be told I no longer qualified as I needed to make a claim within the first month(?) (cant remember specifics its long ago) of unemployment!!!!
  19. 2 YEARS AGO I STARTED PAYING THE FOLLOWING DEBTS WHICH ARE CLAIMED BY LOWELL. HBOS CAPITAL ONE LLOYDS I STARTED DEFAULTING ON THEM IN 2006. I AM NOT SURE WHETHER I ASKED for a CCA file or not but all of their correspondence mention the original creditor name. So far I have been advised by DX to send them a CCA file. Which I shall do as soon as my printer is fixed. A new development is that none of these appear on my equifax credit file anymore. Do they still have enforcement powers as I have been paying them a statutory payment for each account. They have offered discounts i
  20. Hello everyone I would be very grateful for some advice regarding a Default placed by Capital One. Back in 2010, I started to complain to Capital 1 regarding charges and ppi added to my account. At the same time, I had a direct debit in place- which was not taken for 2 months. I don't recall receiving a default notice - Capital One placed a default , stating I defaulted on 12th November 2010. This was also the same month, that my direct debit was back running as normal with payment taken. I was successful in having the charges/interest refunded, although the
  21. I have decided to try and get back all my £12 charges from Cap1 along with a small amount of PPI that I never needed. I have already received all the info back from them, and I sent off my separate claims letters 3 weeks ago, one for £550 of charges and another for £150 PPI. How long before I escalate this claim and what would be the best way forward, FSO or court?
  22. All, My request to a refund of PPI payments and interest going back to June 1999 has been rejected by Capital One. They have provided a copy of my postal application, a "Short Application Form", which has my name and address printed. The application has a section where it states: "Please enrol me in Capital One's Payment Protection scheme" with a Yes or No box. The Yes box has been ticked while the No box is completely blanked out; like it has been entirely filled in by marker. I suspect the application form has been amended after I submitted it. In addition, the ink and style of the
  23. Hello All, And thank you very much for the help and advice that you give so generously. I have been following that advice for six months now - 4 credit cards, 3 with MBNA and 1 with Cap One, all dating back to the early ninties. Six months ago I wrote using your template telling them that I could not keep up the payments. They both agreed to nominal monthly repayments and suspended interest. The accounts never went into arrears and I haven't had a missed or late payment in the past two decades. They have now told me that the suspension of interest and agreement to nominal payment
  24. Ok my post yesterday was a little long and a complete rant!! In short, I have been getting phone calls from Freds about an account which is in dispute with MH, no letters were sent prior to this from Freds to say they had been passed the account and nothing has been heard from MH since Sept last year when I sent them a letter in response to the CCA they sent (2 months after the cut off date) I have stated I will not discuss the account over the phone and any communication should be in writing, after I stated this they sent me a letter asking me to phone them to discuss the
  25. Hi All, Had a Capital One credit card with 200 pounds limit - at one point in 2007 it went upto 220 and over the course of a few months it escalated to 550! i wasn't aware of these charges as i didn't receive most of the paper work - also i was abroad for some of the time... i then partially settled it in 2008 - but was unaware that it will still be set as a default in 2007 and will not come off my credit file until end of 2013... I sent a letter in feb 2012 to the executive response team at Cap1 requesting for the default to be removed as it's ruining my life and that of my fam
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