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Found 90 results

  1. Not sure if this has been posted already http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/dec/22/benefit-cap-delay-dwp-criticism
  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/dec/16/parents-disabled-offspring-benefit-cap What a nice way to treat people who save the country billions each year. Not. Can't believe they kept this one quiet either.
  3. Hi All, I'm not new here but also not a frequent flier, in the past the info and advice I have gained from this site has stood me in good stead...... so I'm back again, sorry. I have 2 defaulted (delinquent) credit card debts on my file that I would like some advice on, apart from these my file is good with loans, mortgage and mobile phones all perfect. The defaults are from a time shortly after a difficult period in my life, I'm now in a much more stable position and would like to get these errand debts at least under control. I would like to point out I am not looking to avoid my obligations but I'd like the odds to be in my favour where ever possible. The first is for approx £1800 to Cap 1, the default date is Aug 07. I sent CCA request which was not satisfactory so I told them the account was in dispute and just turned my back, since then I've lost count of the amount of DCAs the debts been through, all the usual supects. It's now with Low ells. In light of the fact that next Aug the default date will be six years ago am I best to leave this well alone? The second is to RBS and is at almost 5k, default date on this one is 2010. I would actually be willing to start paying this off, there are charges on the account but I wondered whether it was best to start clearing the debt first before sticking in a SAR. Also if I start making payments on this will it's status on my credit file change and start looking favourable again? I'd really welcome any advice on this matter as next year I'm looking to expand what has been a one man band working out of a single garage and get proper premises and I'm guessing I'm going to need the banks help. Many thanks in advance.
  4. A Labour MP has proposed a bill that would limit the total amount of interest paid on credit card borrowing to prevent debts from “spiralling” out of control. At the first reading of the Credit Card Debt Limit Bill 2012-13 on 27 November, Yvonne Fovargue explained that under the bill, credit card companies would be required to discharge a debt when three times the equivalent of the principal sum owed has been paid in interest. She told parliament that while payday lenders have been the focus of media attention recently, credit card companies are responsible for causing detriment to a larger number of people. Fovargue said: “The number of people seeking help with credit card debt has risen sharply in the past five years. “Whereas people previously used credit cards for luxury or exceptional purchases, many are now using them simply to make ends meet, as well as committing to further credit card borrowing when one card is maxed out, in order to plug the gap in their household finances.” She added that the aim was not to let people off lightly or allow them to default on their debts, and stated that credit card companies would “get their profits”. “It is about giving people a guarantee that their debt would be paid off at some definite future date and that it would not spiral upwards.” Fovargue gave an example of a Lloyds credit card with £1,000 on it, which will take 17 years and nine months to pay down the amount using minimum repayment levels. The bill was introduced to parliament under the ‘ten minute rule’, which allows an MP to make their case for a new bill in a speech lasting up to 10 minutes. It will have its second reading on 25 January 2013. Link: http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14646/online-news/credit-card-bill-proposes-interest-cap-on-borrowing
  5. Plans for a cap on the interest that payday lenders can impose on customers could move a step closer today if members of the House of Lords agree to amend a new law. Peers are set to vote shortly on an to amendment to the Financial Services Bill which could include a cap on the interest and charges that payday lenders are allowed to pass on to customers. Some payday lenders charge up to 16,000 per cent APR and if the vote is in favour of the change it could see stricter rules imposed on firms. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2239881/Payday-lenders-face-cap-House-Lords-vote.html#ixzz2DXYjlog9
  6. Ok here's the situation, about 2 months ago I finally paid the balance off on my Cap 1 card (sent a cheque 10 days before the due date to the value of the balance of that months statement) I didn't hear anything for 2 months when I received a statement claiming I still own money on the account. I replied explaining the situation & that as far as I am concerned the account is paid off & I want the account closing. I've now had another letter saying they can't close the account as there is still an outstanding balance & it has to be paid by the 30th of November. What do I do? Pay up & forget about it, ignore them & run the risk of them sticking a load of charges on the account or send the letter I have just drafted which reiterates the contents of my original letter & advises them that any further demands for money will be considered harassment & treated as such.
  7. Ongoing issue with Cap 1 thought was resolved ages ago..... I've had threads relating to it before here but it is still not finished! Briefly, had Cap 1 loan with PPI added + interest. All paid except a portion of PPI that I refused to pay when I realised it was useless (self-employed). A/c in Dispute. May 2008 took it to ombudsman. Oct. 2009 result - PPI must be refunded + interest. Cheque rec'd for balance after witheld part of PPI deducted. Aug 2011. Saw CRA report. Default showing from Cap 1 Nov 2008!!! No wonder my score was crap. Referred case back to ombudsman (who had ordered the loan be reversed to how it would have been without PPI being added - it would have been in credit!). Aug 2012 Ombudsman ordered Cap1 to remove default and pay me compensation (punitive, but something). Chq rec'd 4 weeks later. Default removed from Experian. But not Equifax. They are refusing. Ombudsman told Cap 1 again to remove Default. Still refused. Even though I sent Equifax a scan of my letter from the ombudsman and various emails between us proving that they must. My plan is to send a LBA to Cap1. 3 questions if anyone can help, please:- 1. The correct address to send the LBA to at Cap 1. The last address I had was in 2009 - has it changed? Cap1 PO Box 6750, Nottingham, NG2 3YA. 2. Because this has impacted my family life seriously, how do I calculate it in terms of compensation if/when it goes to court? The main thing was re-mortgaging. We had to get a buy-to-let mortgage on our property in order to raise funds to buy another house for us. Because of my 'bad record' I had to have my name removed from the deeds on OUR house we were renting out. The new mortgage was put in my husbands name only. The new mortgage for OUR house had to be in my husbands name only, too. 3. Does 'defamation of character' still apply these days? I certainly feel I have been discriminated against.
  8. Hi All, I was being chased by Capquest for a Cap 1 debt, which I expect the PPI & charges reclaim to pretty much cancel out. I sent a SAR request to Cap 1 which was received on 2/8/12, on 6/9/12 I received a letter from them stating that they cannot comply with my request unless I provide them with a signature.I am confused as to why they want a signature as I have married since opening the account & they will not have my current signature on file so I am understandably reluctant to provide them with it at this stage. They also did this with my CCA request, but supplied it once I had sent the template letter from here. Is there a similar letter I can use for the SAR please? As they have already supplied information to me at the address on the SAR request are they in breach of DPA? They also state that the 40 days does not begin until they receive a signed request - is this correct? Any advice on how to proceed with this would be gratefully received
  9. Hi, I have a DHL package coming tomorrow from Capital One, what to do next? Can you tell me what I do when I get the packages? (There were two accounts) I presume I have to log all payments - but really not sure, so if you could tell me a post to look at or how to find out what to do, I would be really grateful. Thanks
  10. unfortunately my wife passed away after a battle with the big c did what i belived was necc re her debts only one company queeried things cap one . sent certified copy of d/c and the card cut up into 3 pieces they wouldnt accept tne cert. said they needed the original what a carry on ive had with them, bearing in mind shed been with them for a long time no missed payments etc and now ive had a demand letter adressed to the estate of mrs sopwith. any suggestions please
  11. A friend had a Capt 1 card for a few years and we know there was a PPI on it. The card is closed now, but we can view it on his credit file. How do we go about getting this refunded please ? Had a few texts about using a company but thought we would have a go
  12. I have sent a SAR to capital one and they have refused to release information as my letter was not signed. They have said I need to supply a copy of my signature - how should I respond please. I do apologise if this has been covered a thousand times but the search facililty couldn't find what I was looking for
  13. hi, received a letter today from capquest final letter before action debt is for 203.58 and i think it relates to something from 2009.. they are saying they will pass the matter to thier pre litigation dept and through the process they will seek an order of the court directing me to pay monies outstanding and then they will under the order of the court send bailiffs to levy goods.. letter is attached might not be very clear as taken on my mobile phone any advice or help please regards mills
  14. just out, but dont know how it will effect everyone http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/BenefitsTaxCreditsAndOtherSupport/BeginnersGuideToBenefits/DG_201734
  15. CAP post 2013: greening, Ecological Focus Areas and permanent grasslands Despite most EU farm ministers wanting to design national ‘greening’ proposals to suit the needs of their own countries, Dacian Ciolas, the EU Farm Chief, warned against such a ‘menu approach’, saying that it would be complex to administer! Heaven forbid that the policy works better but is a bit more complicated for Brussels! Also, the EC is likely to be wary of giving too much power back to Member States! More sensibly, he suggested that work done under agri-environment schemes and other Rural Development measures or an environmental certification scheme would count towards greening measures. Finally the message seems to have sunk in that people who already do ‘greening’ work should not be penalised! The plan is to agree the greening proposals in June. A large number of Member States remain vocally opposed to the 7% of farmers’ eligible hectares, excluding areas under permanent grassland, as Ecological Focus Areas as being too high. The proposed change to the definition of ‘permanent grasslands’ to include traditional extensive grazing areas with heather and shrubs has been welcolmed by the UK. With thanks to SG Landscope.
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