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  1. The same thing has happened to me to. I owe £20k. But never agreed to my credit limit being increased and staff purchasing without my authority. It wasn’t even pointed out I was signing a PA. I stupidly thought I was signing on behalf of my Ltd company. They are threatening personal bankruptcy. Even though I have 0 equity in my house. They are bullies. They had me tears on the phone. They are rude, aggressive, threatening and do not support small businesses in any way. I spent a fortune with them over the years and they end up treating me like I want to be in this position, it’s my fault
  2. TODDLE2U ; are you still active on this forum and can you assist me with a pernsoal guarantee which has now been called upon from Travis Perkins. A lot of what's been said is similar to my situation. Credit application forms were signed in 2014, and like other we didn't know what we were signing for and a quick signature was given after form completed by office staff. There is no mention to seek independent legal advice on the form, should this be stated clearly?
  3. Was called today by I.C.B..... Definitely something to do with motor insurance.. I went through 'security' and when they asked for my address I refused but give the my name and DOB... They said I have not passed security and hung up.. ha! I called Premium Credit who work with Adrian Flux to take credit payments said it is nothign to do with them (that's who I am insured by). So what do I do here? I realy don't care about my credit score because it's to pants is the whole scoring system anyway... But yeah would like to know what's up with these cowboys.
  4. My wife has been staying at a relatives house. Someone just cold called the house asking for her from Nationwide, she has an outstanding loan, credit card, and overdraft with them.. are they allowed to do this ? - i thought not. ??
  5. Hi folks, i have posted on the forums before and successfully won in a claim against me. This recent claim against me for an alleged debt of 3,815.60 inclusive of their so called costs..(which to me are ropey). .please bear with with me as i need to refresh my knowledge of certain aspects in compiling my defence... In the claim form particulars . .. there is no mention of when this alleged debt was instigated , i.e. when i am supposed to have defaulted . It is my understanding that this should be there on the claim form..by default...(help with this appreciated).
  6. Hi, was caught shoplifting in boots, picked up 4 items nearlly worth £700 (as per Boots). security staff took all my details, called police, and i had to wait until police turn up, but nobody came. security staff called police 4 times, they were given a log no. but were getting told that no police officers are free at the moment to attend. after 4 hours of waiting, i was let go, as the store had been closed and they waited over an hour for police even after the store was closed. i was escorted out , i was given banned notice and RLP recovery letter.
  7. Been helping someone who has got themselves into a bit of bother with a PBC [pawnbrokingcompany] over the renewal of a large logbook loan against a hypercar. Just wondered if anyone else has had an success in getting a LBL extended on the value of a vehicle that was clearly valued at 10+ times the amount of the advance, against the trade resale of said vehicle, without it being "re-valued" by a 3rd party on behalf of the PBC? The issue is the vehicle has gone up considerably in value, over the period of the original LBL and the PBC have called the full amount in, against the value of
  8. Hello, To give some background: I rent a property that I do not spend time in, I visit maybe once a week. It's mostly a place that collects my mail and stores some things since a relatives death. Yesterday evening I picked up a card from TV Licensing stating that "They had visited the property but I wasn't in". The time on the card was "20:31". The card states on the back "We will reshedule a visit". (It also contains the usual stuff about "This is the start of an investigation".) The card appears to be from a few days ago. All lights were switched
  9. Just received letter from Fidelite, cant match up any account numbers on the letter but they are changing their name to Resolvecall by the way, and are threatening me with a home visit. Sayss they are acting on behalf of Crabotts. Want me to contact them else they will call at my home
  10. Hi there and wonder if anyone can help. Unfortunately, my husband passed away a couple of years ago and he handled all the payments of bills, etc. since the 90s we hired a company to tend to the garden once a month and they billed us quarterly. The problem is that two years ago when i went to pay for the services for the proceeding months ahead, they told me we haven't paid them since 1997 and gave a bill for a few thousand as they are saying it's back dated from then until now. i told them that my husband would have paid them, and he always paid things like this
  11. Hello, I posted on Saturday a letter to Santander reclaiming over 2 k of bank fees (template from this site) . It contained a paragraph in which you say what has happened - lot of death in my family and lost biz too. It was a very painful letter to write. (I kept it just a paragraph). Today they texted me they had been trying to call me and to call back. I hadn't answered since I am avoiding calls from anyone (not in a good place). I feel sick. Do I have to talk to them? I don't think I am strong enough to hold it together on a call (now my keyboar
  12. I have received a letter from APEX regarding a Capital One debt which is in dispute (due to charges and incorrect balance amount s on each statement) despite this Capital One have sent this to said DCA. Their letter 'assumes' that I have entered in to a payment plan, the letter I received today is the FIRST letter that I have received from APEX and I have not contacted the DCA in question neither have I entered in to a payment agreement also I have not received a letter from Cap 1 confirming APEX is managing the account etc. I would like some advise on how to proceed with this?, I ha
  13. A few days ago, I checked my credit file with Experian.co.uk and found out a CCJ filed against me by a company called Davinci Virtual UK Ltd (for £184). I used to live at a different address from 1st April 2010 to 3rd August 2011. From 4th August 2011 to now I have moved. I have not received any communication from Davinci Virtual UK Ltd or aware I had used their services. The CCJ relates to services used to May 2011 I was told. I wish to apply to set aside the judgement as I believe the company did not exist. I have checked with the Companies House records;
  14. I really need some advice. Last night night I was caught shoplifting at Boots. I was detained by LP and they advised they had been watching me for a months, maybe even a year, and knew I had stolen other items. The LP guy said I had only got lucky that he had never been on duty to catch me. I did not have any photo ID so he was going to call the police but eventually decided not to after I'd explained my situation. He took my debit card details, train pass details (it has my photo but isn't official ID) and accepted a letter I had in my bag from Stepchange as proof of my address. He took a pho
  15. Hello, I was apprehended by security in primark yesterday after I left the shop. I went back into the detention room and he searched my bag. He brought out the items I hadn't paid for and called the police on me. I really do not have an excuse for this and I am greatly ashamed. I panicked and started crying and apologizing, even agreed to pay the £95, now I don't know how that value came by because I did some exchange and paid some money via my card, I was too distraught to challenge it but that is not even the problem. The security man collected my provisional driver's license, wr
  16. Thats something for you... I SAR'd RBS Group... All the complaints that came through and issues I had WOW!!! Theyve written on their Notes I am a serial complainer... Thats just Natwest itself! :/ It appears that RBS however arent so bad with that Lesson to the world, Use a 3 strike rule. If they screw up 3 times, move away
  17. Bailliffs called unitied untilities debt in my wifes name. Will they want to know all the income coming into the household . My wife is not working due to illness after losing job 2 years ago. you can probably see my past experiences in archives. I myself are on pension state pension have had to take on a partime job against doctorrs orders. another firm of bailiffs put an attachment of earnings on my wages for council tax debt. so only come out with £95. after aeo. because this is in my wifes name do they only want to know what she can afford to pay, or beca
  18. Step son now staying with us had to have mental health team intervention about 12 weeks ago claims to have had benefit forms filled in by MIND who he was referred to, and which he posted himself, had no acknowledgement of claim or anything from dwp. I unfortunately don't believe him ( I hope im wrong) but going on his past ie. going to job centre and refusing to go on courses hence no JSA. My question basically is do the DWP acknowledge claims and does it normally take this long for a claim to be considered when a "fitness to work" note is provided. Ive read a lot of the posts this am but
  19. I received a call from the JC asking me to come down on my usual signing on date but earlier for a meeting what could this be any input please Regards mashmallow
  20. Hi, my partner had a fine for not picking up dog foul, i wont go into detail but a special cop said he saw the dog foul and my partner walk away, i know he always picks it up as i quite often go with him, he isnt the sort of person who would leave it, he told the s.p.o it wasnt his dogs, but i will pick it up anyway, so he did, as he felt he hadnt done anything wrong he even gave his own address and name. the next thing he gets a court date, attened court and they found in favour of the s.p.o and he was fined 400 pound. we set up a standing order, alt
  21. Hi All, and thanks for taking the time to read this. I am a trader at shows around the country, four years ago, I befriended a guy who was down on his luck, and offered to put him up for a few months, after this he moved out, however a few months later he was back again, after a few more months he suggested that he put a small cabin on our patio to use when he wasn't attending events as a place to "lay his head". after much deliberation with my wife I agreed but pointed out that it was a temporary arrangement until such times as he got himslef sorted out. well four years on the guy
  22. ..managed to reduce debt provided I pay within 7 days.. However, I need to avoid CCJ, debt collector agreed.. CAN I TRUST THEM?
  23. I was due my ESA medical a few days ago - as medicals are on hold for the moment I am assuming they are going to leave me in the WRAG group (I have heard nothing to say otherwise.) If I had attend the medical and presuming I passed and was left in WRAG I was going to appeal it. So not having had a medical how do I go about that. Do I get the GL24 form from my JC fill it in with a covering letter and send off. Will my money still be stopped, even though I am not strictly appealing a recent medical.
  24. Hi guys, So I attempted the most stupid thing in my life which was to shoplift from waitrose. The stuff was £9.99. I was caught after I exited the shop and was taken to the camera room by a guy dressed in civil clothes. They told me that they'll resolve it in the office so they did not call the police. I was asked my address ,name and date of birth but they didn't ask me for ID or make any scans of my ID. They gave me a document which banned me from waitrose and another which was from RLP. They told me I will receive the fine in the post. They took a picture of me and sent me h
  25. Just recently I was called in to see the compliance Officer at the local Jobcentre. Basically she said that she had information that suggested I had more savings than I declared when I applied for Carers Allowance and Income support, which I have been receiving since April this year. She pointed out the evidence on her computer monitor that I had received £112 (?) per month in interest from HBoS. I admitted that I had an account that I didn't declare and explained that the money wasn't mine. To cut a long story short, I explained to her that my Brother put the money(£34k) into my account to a
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