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Found 13 results

  1. Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. it was thanks to you guys on CAG that turned my life around in 2005/6 and stopped my stupid spending/credit splurge. I sent the prove it letters to my creditors and that was that. they screamed, shouted and yelled. threatened allsorts, but I stood firm and in the end the debts have fallen off my file. so they can 'nanas for it now. (still get the occasional letter asking me to contact them to discuss payment terms - yeah right) but anyways - hi everyone! I posted this on the Facebook group, and after a few repl
  2. I have just looked at my latest Noddle report and found that Callcredit have done a search on me.It is shown as Consumer Credit File Request. Previous to this,there have been no searches on my file for over 2 years.Is this normal,if so,will it affect my credit rating. Regards,John.
  3. Hi New poster so be gentle..... I recently signed up for Noddle to keep an eye on my Credit File as I reach the end of my DMP. Subsequently I noticed that there is a Default on my file for a HSBC Credit card that was part of my DMP -- dated 2012. I set up my DMP in 2005 and I am due to finish in December this year having paid in over £50,000!! So, as you can imagine, I am not happy about this default as it won't drop off until 2018 despite being accepted into a DMP 9 years ago! A little bit of history: - DMP set up in Nov 2005, all creditors accepted offers includin
  4. After 6 years of hell my credit file is now completely clean with equifax and experian but callcredit are still showing a default that should have gone 12 days ago! I've raised a dispute and they said it could take 28 days! Any idea on how I can get this gone ASAP!?
  5. A slightly unusual circumstance but there are a couple of footprints on my credit file that have nothing to do with me and Callcredit refuse to remove. i have spent hours trying to discover what is going on and now it appears that a search was done because a credit agreement was signed by a person whose name was misread by one of these third party middlemen that CRA's allow access to their databases and my information was given out instead of the intended subject. Now, having complained to callcredit I receive a reply that I should take up the matter with the originator but when I do, of
  6. I tried to get my statutory £2 report from Equifax but it comes up with this each time : Please Note: Unfortunately we have been unable to retrieve the product(s) you have requested based on the information you have supplied. Please verify the information you have entered below and, if appropriate, resubmit your application. If you have tried to request your Statutory Report and the information below is correct, it will be necessary for you to order it by post by completing our printable application form. The information below its referring to is my card details...What does this m
  7. Hi All, I now know that Equifax and Experian keep their credit searches on file for 12 months....but does anyone know if CallCredit do the same as according to check my file.com, call credit still got searches there from 2011. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. My credit isn't great, so I looked at my credit reports on Equifax, Experian CreditExpert and CallCredit. I was amazed at how much of the information was completely wrong. I've now written about two dozen letters to financial organisations, including letters to the three agencies themselves, but although I've got some things corrected, there are still dozens of errors. It's pretty serious because anyone searching my file will get a bad report, even though all debt was cleared two years ago. Has anyone else had a similar problem and is there an organisation that will f
  9. hi, I have been using moneysupermarket to do a soft credit search on me using callcredit, and it was coming up as LOW. Which i did not expect, as i check my credit report regularly with experian, and there is nothing bad on it. After reading about callcredit , i registered for their free credit reports for life. On there it showed a ccj from 2008 at my old address, which i moved out of in 2005. So i did not receive any court paperwork about this and had no idea that there was a ccj against me. It is with Northampton County Court. Any help on how i get this sorted out???
  10. Hi, Just obtained all my credit reports as needed to check everything is in order for future house purchase.All is well with Experian and Equifax, however I have found a CCJ in 2008 from Callcredit which has alarmed me. I think I know what it relates to - management fees for a property I own were late a few years ago but I did pay them off in full and still do (the property is now rented out). However I never received any letters regarding the CCJ. Also, interestingly, the CCJ on my Callcredit file has an incorrect postcode, the rest of the address is correct. e.g. the property add
  11. Hi, I have an issue with T-Mobile I'm trying to sort out and I'd appreciate some advice. First to the background... apologies for the lengthy post and the sizeable images, but I wanted to provide as much info as I can. A few years back I had a contract with T-Mobile with phones for both my wife and I on the contract. I was the sole account holder. During a girls' break abroad in 2006, my wife used her mobile to send texts to myself and our children - unknowingly racking up a hefty bill, as T-Mobile charged connection fees per text. After trying to come to an arrangement to repa
  12. Hi all First time posting here. Thanks for the advice. I recently found that I had a default on my file from Instrum Justitia for a credit card account from 2005. Using a letter found on here, I have managed to persuade them from pursuing this by using the " I would point out that under the limitation act 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.” They have replied today and will not be following it up or contacting me again. Great news! However, I would now lik
  13. Hi Everyone, I have recently been going about the motions of getting my credit files up to date with Equifax, Experian and CallCredit. I haven't really had any problems up until I tried to deal with CallCredit. A few years ago, when I turned 18, I went down the bad-credit spiral. I was approved for a loan I shouldn't really of had in the first place, I was given a cheque book with guarantee card, etc etc. I was pretty damn stupid back then. Now though, after some advice from a cag forum member (Whom I know in a personal capacity) I've managed to get most of these debts settled/wiped
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