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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone else received a letter from Redstone (alias Melanite) Mortgages stating that the FCA has ruled that they have calculated some customers' monthly payments incorrectly since 2010 and that those customers are due compensation? If so, has anyone received compensation or a refund yet? I received such a letter stating that I was one of those who had previously been overcharged, but with no details of how much I would be refunded or when. It stated that my account has now been recalculated and my new payment will be £6 per month higher! I rang them for more information and was told yes, I would receive a refund by cheque, but they could not tell me the amount. Then, after being put on hold for a long time, I was told that actually I will not be getting any refund as my account is in arrears. Instead, they might adjust my arrears, again no idea how much. All completely vague. I then demanded a letter from them giving a complete breakdown of figures showing how much I have been overcharged and how much will be refunded, including interest. The employee agreed to but seemed clueless and uninterested. I also stated that if I do not receive this information within 2 weeks I shall contact the FCA and let them know that Redstone/Melanite has not complied with their ruling. It also seems suspicious that Redstone changed their name to Melanite, and sent out letters telling customers that their mortgage had been transferred to this new company, at the same time that the FCA ruled they were in breach. They are pretending Melanite is a new company, yet their address is the same, the employees who answer the phone are the same people, and even the recorded message is identical.
  2. I have drawn a complete blank! It's been so long since I've had to use this part of my brain and I'm not having much luck 1 of our employees who works part time (4 days per week) is going on Mat leave, her last day is 31st March Our annual leave runs from 1 Jan - 31 Dec She wants to know how much holiday she would be entitled to before she goes off Has anyone got a calculator or website I can use please? Thanks
  3. Hi I am new to the forum and am looking for a little help. I have a tenant who has basically stopped paying her rent. After some abortive attempts to evict her I am nearly there but she has run up over £1000 in unpaid rent. Can someone advise how I calculate interest on this unpaid debt as it is increasing every month so there is no specific date that the debt is incurred. The only way I can think of is to treat each monthly payment as a separate debt and add up the interest charges individually. Will money claim online accept this as I don't want to jeopardize the claim by calimng the interest incorrectly. Many thanks
  4. Notice of Enforcement and how to calculate ‘7 clear days’. The first point to make here is that approx 70% of all business mail is managed by postal providers such as TNT Mail. Although an envelope may carry a Royal Mail logo this merely means that Royal Mail manage the actual delivery to your door. Under the previous regulations (before 6th April 2014) when enforcing a Liability Order there was no provision for the enforcement company to send an initial letter prior to a personal visit. With the enforcement of an unpaid parking charge notice there was also no specific provision for the enforcement agent to send an initial letter and instead, the regulations merely provided that the enforcement company may send a letter and that if they chose to do so...they could apply a fee of £11.20 (plus vat). Under the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2014 the position has changed (as outlined below) but unfortunately there is a great deal of confusion with local authorities and enforcement agents as to how to ‘calculate’ the period of notice. The correct position is outlined below: What is the legal position in the Regulations? When a “time period” is given in any regulations it may be referred to as ‘working days’, ‘days’ or ‘clear days’. Each has it own specific interpretation. The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 specifically provide that a Notice of Enforcement “must be given to the debtor not less that 7 clear days before the enforcement agent takes control of the debtor’s goods”. The statutory regulations confirm that in calculating ‘clear days’ you must exclude Sunday’s, bank holidays, Good Friday or Christmas Day’. Of vital importance is that the regulation also stipulate that the period of '7 clear days' is a ‘minimum period of notice’ (more on this further on). Additionally, when calculating ‘clear days’ the 1st and the last day are known as ‘event days’ and are also excluded. Examples are provided below.
  5. hi there , i wonder if someone can help sanity check my ESA for me. I was migrated from IB and awarded ESA ( wrag group ) in July 2012... at first tier tribunal on the 1/08/2013 the decision made on 31/7/2012 was set aside and i was told i should be in support group.( so i thinking my rate will increase and there will be some arrears to be payed to me) My contribution ESA (wrag rate) ran out on 15 august 2013 and the last ESA payment i received was 05 Jun 2013. I have just received a letter and i cannot make sense of it It states from 16 august 2012?? ( why not 31/7/2012) my ESA will be £22.02 a week from 11 April 2013 my ESA will be £23.47 a week money will be paid every two weeks we will pay £69.90 into your account. The first payment includes arrears of £69.90 that are due from 16 august 2012 to 28 august 2013 How ESA has been worked out your living expenses £71.00 limited capability for work addition extra money because you are in the support group £34.05 which gives total income-related amount £105.05 Income and benefits personal health insurance or work related pension £83.03 total income £83.03 your total income -related amount is £105.05 less £83.03 so you would have been entitled to : £22.02 However because you are entitled to contribution based ESA we will pay you:£22.02:???: the amounts on this page apply from 16 August 2012 to 28 November 2012 I get a ill health retirement pension. if this helps at all ...as from april 2012 ( when getting IB) my calculations for the reduction from my pension were as follows: High rate £99.15 + age addition (lower) £5.90 = £105.05 receive gross annual pension=£13055.09 /divide by 52 to give weekly pension gross=£251.06 Take off £85.00 week=£166.06 divide by 2 , to give what ib will be reduced by=£83.03 Entitled to £105.05 get reduced IB of(105.05-83.03)= £22.02 a week when i was migrated from IB to ESA ( wrag) , so i wasnt worse off I got £22.02 a week 1.:?:what i really cannot understand is how despite now being awarded support group i am still getting the same amount £22.02 a week 2. and how The first payment includes arrears of £69.90 that are due from 16 august 2012 to 28 august 2013 has been calculated 3.??the amounts on this page apply from 16 August 2012 to 28 November 2012.... does this mean they are calculating things separately, and i will get another letter... what about the time period 29 nov 2013- to now ? Working this out really is beyond my impaired cognitive abilities, and if anyone can help me before i contact DWP and try to understand what they say to me it would be very much appreciated . i hope i have given enough information/figures to allow someone to make sense of this
  6. Hi, Well I don't seem to be having much luck on the CCA front! The latest reply regarding my MINT account is that they cannot procees my request as they require my signature. In the request I sent off I included the £1 postal order and relevant details, and signed the letter electronically (as per advice on the forum). So what can I do now? This is a card I took out in mid 2004 and the account is defaulted and being managed through the CCCS (but i still get a statement every month directly from MINT). I don't want to give them my signature to add to a document if they dont already have it, but I'm not sure how to progress from here. Any ideas? Hx
  7. Hi, I'm having trouble calculating my final pay. Holiday entitlement runs from 1st April to 31st March Holiday entitlement was 27 days, with 1 day taken this year I was paid monthly (25th) in arrears for a salary of £27,500 (gross) or £20,515.76 (net) I had been employed for over two years My employment was terminated without notice at the end of the working day on 20th May My workings (net) are: Monthly rate = £20,515.76 / 12 = £1,709.65 Weekly rate = £20,515.76 / 52 = £394.53 Daily rate = £394.53 / 5 = £78.91 3 full weeks from 25 Apr to 20 May = £1183.59 3 full days from 25 Apr to 20 May = £236.73 2 weeks PILON = £789.06 7 weeks worked between 1st April and 20 May + 2 weeks notice = 9 weeks holiday entitlement 27 days entitlement / 52 weeks = 0.519230769 days per week 9 * 0..519230769 = 4.67 days holiday - 1 already taken = 3.67 days holiday 3.67 * 78.91 = £289.60 1183.59 + 236.73 + 789.06 + 289.60 = £2,498.98 How far off am I?
  8. This is a handy link for those affected. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/benefits_e/benefits_help_if_on_a_low_income_ew/help_with_your_rent_-_housing_benefit/housing_benefit_cuts_for_social_housing_tenants_from_april_2013/housing_benefit_-_bedroom_calculator_for_social_housing_tenants.htm
  9. Hello! My mother recently reclaimed her PPI payments from Barclaycard (it was an old LPF card) and it was upheld. The only issue I have is when running the figures through the spreadsheets you guys provide. When I put the figures into the FosCISSheet I get one figure, but when I use the FOSRunningPPI sheet I get another amount. I'm just wondering which figure is more accurate as there is a large difference between the two. For the record the account was opened in May 2004 and the last PPI payment was made in January 2007. The account was closed only a few months ago, but no PPI was deducted as the balance was low enough for this not to matter (I think it was 9p). I assume the difference in figures is due to the interest not compounding, am I right? Thanks!
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