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Found 585 results

  1. An old account has reared its head again. Citi assigned my account sometime in 2003/2004 and Cabot soon chased this up as it was assigned to them. Payments were made until 2007 when i requested a CCA agreement and nothing came back. Cabot didn't chase much after that, though the odd letter still came. In 2007 I claimed charges/interest from Citi and this went to the FOS where the bank offered to pay around £980 and send this to Cabot. The FOS agreed but I didn't. Got a letter from Citi soon after saying that a cheque has been sent to Cabot. I haven't heard anything on the account until today with Cabot informing me the account has been assigned to them with a balance of £1020 (includes the charges, PPI etc which was previously refunded). I've rang Citi who can't understand that the account was assigned in 2003/2004 to Cabot and it's been through the FOS for the charges. They say it's now owned by Cabot and to contact them. Rang Cabot who know the account was assigned to them before as they have both the old and new ref numbers attached to the account. They say the account was sent back to Citi when i raised the complaint. They agree it is now Statute Barred. What seems to have happened is that Cabot sent (sold?) it back to Citi who've now sold it back to Cabot. I've never had a Notice of Assignment from Cabot/Citi saying that they now sold/re-own/sent the account to Citi (assignment was equitable only) so how can Citi now sell something to Cabot which they don't own (as Cabot already owns it)? Any advice please?
  2. I need a little help with cabot. It all starts at my old house back in 2007/08 when i get a call from jacamo saying i owed them money for goods. I have no knowledge of these items and told jacamo i have left my previous property by the date they claimed i recieved goods. I was only young at the time and a single mom and was scared of the constant calls and threats of balliffs etc so i felt i had no choice but to start paying. Which i did, i started making token payments then i moved and stopped. Now fast forward to earlier this year i recieve a card saying for the occupier to call this number and i found out it was a company called cabot who claim my debt had been passed to them. I told them the situation and said i was young and bullied but i thought the payments i made had paid it off in full. (mistake i was nervous i just wanted them off my back) Since then i requested a CCA verbally and recieved three letters one stating they had recently obtained info comfirmation that i lived here dated 11th march 2011 and another saying Regarding your query. We've contacted Jacamo and asked them to investigate your query. Although we expect to recieve a reply within 21 days, if the info we need have been archived by the original lender it could take longer. Now firstly they cleverly don't state it was a CCA i requested. and secondly isn't there a 12 day rule. This letter was also dated 11th of march 2011. (it's now 7th of april) and a third letter stating they had taken over my debt but still no CCA. Today i recieved a phone call from a bullying little toad called adam who constantly tried to twist my words and make me pay saying i'd be getting people to the house and that apparently they HAD sent me a CCA, which i haven't recieved. also bringing up the fact i'd made a few payments and that in a previous conversation with danny i had stated i thought i had paid in full. (he was twisting everything and i was getting tounge tied) I told him they would get nothing out of me until i saw 'my' signature on the CCA that i never signed etc. He told me he didn't have to send out a CCA which had my signature on it (???) i said if you don't have 'my' signature how can you prove they sent me the goods. He tried to say oh you have received goods, i said no how can you say i have if there is no signature etc. He constantly twisted my words and i got annoyed . I also requested all communication be in writing from now on and he said no we can call you 6 times a day. Is this right? i lost my temper told him to p*ss off and put the fone down, he rang back straight away saying i think we got cut off (calls me by first name) (even though i said it's miss ****** to you) and i said yeah i told you to p*ss off and i put the phone down (satisfying but wrong i know) They have rung since then but i haven't answered, it's horrible not being able to answer my own telephone, Any advice to get these bullies off my back would be appriciated. Also because i did make some payments to jacamo before can they say i've acknowledged the debt? Also i had a look at my credit file on Equifax the other day and it stated the debt is 154 quid and so does the query letter, but the welcome letter dated 23rd march states 157 quid! it's all very confusing for me. Any help would be apriciated as i have no clue what i'm doing/dealing with!
  3. Cabot have written to me again after nearly 4 years. They've offered a 30% discount on the account which is now £2,588 from £1,200 in 2007. I asked why the balance has increased and am told it's due to the 1% interest they apply every month and that's it much lower than the original interest rate from the credit card provider (am I meant to be grateful to them?). I asked under what agreement can they charge me any interest and am told under the same agreement I had with the lender. I told them they haven't supplied this after my request in January 2007 made under s.78 CCA and the £1 fee, which they returned for their own reasons. I'm then told the 'agreement' was the reply card application form they sent to me in 2007 because it had the words 'this is an agreement regulated by CCA 1974'. Any advice?
  4. Hi all, I have just bought my credit report at Equifax and found I have a default from Aug 2005 with CABOT FINANCIAL, it says Credit Card from Cabot Financial (Uk)ltd, it also says a balance of £1800+. I have no idea what this could be and nothing relates to the account no. have put a dispute in with Equifax but dont hold much hope of any sense from them. I would have thought that they would be asking me for it if I owed them £1800 but have never heard of them or the account. Can anyone help thanks
  5. Hello everyone, A while ago I started receiving letters from Cabot saying I had defaulted for a Premier Man account, I have never had a premier man account that i can recall, I do not have any catalogues. I sent them a letter back saying this and also mentioning about them supplying the original credit agreement. I have now had a letter back from them saying they are unable to obtain a copy of said agreement, and are now asking if anyone else could have taken out the account in my name. My question is, how do I now get them off my back and get rid of this debt? Do I simply write back and say that no one has taken an account out in my name? Or is there another way? Any help would be appreciated. Regards Steve
  6. Ok, let me start Cabot are chasing me for two amounts both are debts they have purchased from Barclays. An overdraft £2300 An old loan £4500 First I made the mistake and phoned them on the 9th March (Then read these forums, YES I know the wrong way round, now I am communicating only in Email) BUT I did confirm my current address and some income. I was a little vague on outgoings. On the phone I disputed the Loan on the phone and had their agent say they could see a final payment, but couldnt see how much in Mar 2007. We then went to the overdraft, and we agreed a plan (1k now) and nine payments of £100 each month. (Have I cut my own throat here!). For others information they are very skilled starting with a 'In theory what could you pay' which by the end of the conversation is a commitment to pay. If I have to now honour these now, so be it. They sent me an email to confirm this plan, and as I had asked for who their data protection officer was, (hoping to request a copy of the call recording), I had a working email address with which to communicate which I knew they were monitoring (ie not a Dont Reply). Thinking this would be cheaper and easier than stamps and would give me some sort of record. After reading the forums, I have sent the standard provide me with the CCA type email (slightly modified as I didnt send any money, but wanted on record the account is in dispute). I also noticed TWO defaults have been added to my Credit File over the weekend and asked for these to be removed. Cabot have just responded :- Dear Mr Your Query Further to your recent communication regarding the account detailed above. Cabot Financial purchased this account on the 24 February 2009 with an outstanding balance of £2300.88. The last payment was made on the 4 September 2006 according to information passed to us from Barclays Bank Plc. So that we can fully investigate the matter we require further information regarding the settlement for example when the payment was made, how much was made and the payment method. Upon receipt of this information we will liase with Barclays regarding the matter and advise you of the outcome. Regarding the registration of the default, this will remain on your credit file for a period of 6 years from registration. Once it has been proven that the account has now been cleared this will then show as satisfied but will not be removed. We trust this clarifies the situation and await your response. Contacting Cabot If you have any queries, please call one of our customer advisors on 01732 524615 (Minicom: 01732 524630). Kind regards Cabot Financial What should my next step be :- Send in a proper CCA Letter with postal order? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  7. Hi, i'm writing this on behalf of my mother. We've been hounded by Cabot for years, phone calls in the hundreds, possibly more. We've always ignored their calls and correspondence, far from being imtimidated we actually found them to be rather amusing. After god knows how long the phone calls finally stopped and figured they'd finally got the message....until today. We recieved a very interesting letter addressed to the whole family name, not just my mother, sending their condolences on my mothers death!!!! I can't scan the letter so i've typed it out word for word below: Dear Sir/Madam Condolences We regret to note the death of Mrs xxxxxx and wish to express our Company's condolences. Whilst we appreciate that there will be a number of issues to address at this time, we would be grateful if you could pass this letter to those who are dealing with the administration of the estate. Alternatively, please provide us with their details. In the meantime, please could you send a copy of the death certificate, using the enclosed prepaid envelope, so that we can update our records. Contacting Cabot If you have any queries, please call one of our helpful customer advisors on 01732 524642 (Minicom: 01732 524630) Thank you for your help at this difficult time. Yours faithfully (copied and pasted signature) Emma Robertson Customer Relations Department I would like to make clear my mother is alive and well! While we're not worried by this letter, we are interested to know other peoples opinions about this letter and your thoughts on whether this is a very dirty tactic designed for us to contact them, considering that we have always avoided any sort of contact with Cabot.
  8. I have posted on an existing thread without any response but feel it better to start a new one. Today, out of the blue, I received a Northampton Clearing Centre claim for over £17000 for two credit card accounts (on the same Claim) Cabot claim to own. Morgans wrote to me in September and I responded asking for proof of ownership of one of these accts.(Barclaycard) but the other one (Capital One) I have had no contact about at all. I intend to defend these claims because I do not know where their figures comes from; I have had no notice of assignment form the second c/card and no Default notices at all. I have written to Morgans to say I will applying to the court to have the matter set aside until Cabot can prove they have a right to pursue me. I have told them I also need to see the CCA's for these claims. As I am unemployed and have been for 6 months I am no longer able to claim Job Seekers Allowance and waiting to hear if I can claim other benefits becaasue I have ziltch income. Can anyone please provide me with urgent assistance as to what I should do next?
  9. Hello all, I've just joined this site in the hope to find some help from people in the know. I was contacted by Cabot Financial back in October and they are stating they have bought an old debt of mine from CITI and that I owe them £127.54. I recall have an account with CITI that did go into arrears back in 2002 but I did pay back £600 to them in December 2004 and from I can remember that was the end of the matter. Anyway, I asked Cabot to send proof of this alleged debt and I would take it from there. Surprise, surprise no proof has turned up either by post ot by email which I kindly invited to send it via. Since then I've been receiving letters from Cabot in a form of a statement saying 'this is a statement of your agreement with us' (What agreement!) and that I have 'failed to make a minimum payment' which has seen the final balance rise to £130.00. They contacted me again this morning and where quite fiesty saying I really should pay up now or my account will go into arrears and I'll have problems getting credit in the future. They went to to say that if I pay up now they will update my credit file. However, I swiftly pointed out that there was no record of the debt on my credit file as I check it via Experian a few weeks back. I re-iterated my point that you have to send proof of the debt and I am right they have to send the copy of the orginial credit agreement? This i asked for on the phone and they said they will send via email, which going by their previous form probably is not going to happen. So where do I actually stand in all this and what do I need to do further to address the matter? What are Cabot legally allowed to do and of course are not. It seem cabot are just a bunch of low-life bullies. Thanks
  10. Hi hello everybody, This is my first post here on CAG forums. I was wondering if anyone has any help and advice as to how I should now proceed, made a CCA request to Cabot financial the debt that I have with City financial after much time several letters from Cabot apologising for the delay and a letter to them putting the account in dispute, today a big envelope of paper work arrived including some old statements pages and pages of terms and conditions, and in the letter that they have sent with this paperwork it says and I quote this paragraph from their letter Not withstanding the above please find enclosed all the relevant information following your request for information under section 77-78 of the CCA. We can confirm that we have provided they reconstituted true copy of your credit agreement, which for the avoidance of doubt complies with the consumer credit act (cancellation notices and copies of documents) regulations 1983 and therefore complies with the obligations set out under section 77-78 of the CCA. Obviously being a reconstituted copy it does not contain my signature or a signature of the original lender. It states in the letter from Cabot that they purchased the debt from Citi financial on the XXXX date, but they have failed to provide in all the information sent the deed of assignment. I am looking for some advice as the best way to proceed, I have previously contacted Cabot with a view to making a full and final settlement offer (funds coming from my father to make full and final offer to all the other debts I have only enough money to offer about 28%) this offer was refused they can bet with a counter offer of just over 50% this was all prior to requesting the CCA the advice I am looking for is how to make a further offer full and final, Clearly if Cabot at the original consumer credit agreement signed by both parties and containing all the prescribed terms they would have sent it and not gone to the trouble of getting a reconstituted true copy of my credit agreement can anyone please advise as to what the next best course of action is in making a full and final offer. If anyone please help I'm sorry if this post is long winded and if you want to scan and post up any letters or the agreements, please let me know. Thank you very much
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