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Found 277 results

  1. Hi I'm having a complete melt down - can someone please point me in right direction for business rates question !
  2. Good afternoon, We have been going through a living nightmare with the above company - they are related to Lloyds Bank. We have been fighting them in the courts and we won our case and now we have a fresh complaint and they have just admitted that they have tacked it onto the end of our previous case! This is not what we want or asked for - and they are refusing to deal with our fresh complaint on its own grounds - even though it is a completely different matter. TMB have a disgraceful habit of blatantly ignoring customers and I was wondering if I can use the BCOBS rules to bring them to court again? The judge sided with us in our case and we won - but they broke the law and acted illegally during our case - and we need to have some recourse as they have put financial penalities on us to the tune of £25K!!! Help please as they are literally causing us to mentally suffer extreme anxiety again. I cannot go through this again. Nor can I let my family watch this over again......
  3. hi there not sure if this is the right place buthere we go five months ago i went into a buisness merge/partnership with a friend who is in the same line of business who was struggling financialy because i thought extra pair of hands would mean less hours for me. i left the partnership 2 weeks ago as he was hardly doing any work and i was working more than 80+ hours a week. i had agreed for a fixed income untill his debts were up to date at which point the profits would be 50/50 but he was not paying off his debts and just chilling leaving me to do all the work. i had a complete setup but he hardly had anything i even injected money into the business for stock but as i was seeing more of my hard earned money eaten by him i told hime i dont want to work with him and that i would just take all my stuff and set up shop back where i originaly had my business. when i went to pick up my things he told me that we need to sit own and do paperwork profit/loss before we do anything else so i had to wait so he can work it all out so i went home so i went home only to recieve a phone call from him threatning me, me being a nice guy decided instead of the police to get friends and family of our involved to sort this situation out and in return i just recived a invoice for my car at his place which i was not able to pick up because 1 he had it blocked in the yard 2 he threatend me so i did not go back just waiting for our friends to get a solution but now he has sent me an invoice plus all my stuff are at his place and the thing is we did not have a written agreement and the thing is i dont know what to do to get all my stuff back
  4. Hi Everybody, I have a local cafe business which I am looking to relocate to a better, more prominent area of my town. At present, I have been trading for less that 1 year yet the business has seen significant growth and customer footfall is increasing despite it’s current location within the town’s local market (which has seen better days!) Recently, a rare opportunity to rent a shop on the main busy high street has presented itself and I am very eager to move my operation to this new premises. The shop is smaller than my existing premises, however I would be looking towards providing ‘food to go’ rather than offering a seated menu. Furthermore, I would be keen to carry on renting my existing kitchen facilities to produce the ‘food to go’ for the new shop, with the existing cafe operation being reverted back to how it was before I took over – moving my branding etc to the new shop. I have a 2 months waiting period before the occupiers of the new premises move out. What would be the best strategy to help me pull this off successfully? All advice and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated
  5. I had a few personal accounts with NatWest with a few grand overdraft on each which I couldnt pay back. These accounts were eventually closed by the bank and are now in the hands of debt collection agency. I also have a business account with them which has no debt attached to it. A while back I stopped using my business account in case they took money out of that account to repay the overdraft and just used a basic personal account from a different bank for my business banking which really isnt ideal but helped me get through at the time. Im now wondering as I dont have good enough credit to open up a business account elsewhere if I can still use my NW business account without them taking money directly from it since the personal accounts are now closed and the debt passed to another company? What do you think?
  6. Hi - I have just received in the post a claim form from County Court Business Centre issued on 13/08/15 for an alleged debt for Shop Direct from Lowell Portfolio. The form has no official stamp and does not have a signature only a typed name IAN MARSDEN which it says is the claimants solicitor, who are Brian Carter Solicitors. Is this form genuine? I have never received any proof of this debt. I have just tried the contact number 0300 123 1056 and it just rings (its Saturday). There is something on the form that says I should go online to moneyclaim.gov.uk and it also gives me a password. HELP!!! Sharon PS : FYI you helped me out with a Lowell claim quite a few years ago and they wrote back to say that they would be writing off the alleged debt of +/-£2000, so your advice most definitely does work!!!
  7. Hi, I am looking for some advice on how to proceed with a claimform I have tried my best to complete the CAG template (below). Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue – . 13 Jan 2016 What is the claim for – 1. By an agreement between Capital One & the Defendant on or around 13/07/2004 (the Agreement) Capital One agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card. 2.The Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 6000.00 What is the value of the claim? £6,000 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Credit Card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Before (2004) Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. (Cabot). Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Yes, September 2010, giving me 28 days to clear arrears, I wrote back saying I couldn’t and sent I&E etc. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? No, not to my knowledge. I tend to keep all financial documents sent to me and I can’t find anything from either Cap One (other than above) or any DCA. I’ve had a couple of cards with “Confirmed resident” stamped on them in 2012 and 2013. A few months ago, Experian showed the default dates as October 2010. Why did you cease payments? Feb2011 What was the date of your last payment? February 2011 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Yes, PPI claim of £1300 from 2004 to 2006. I got nowhere with Cap One, so went to the Ombudsman (FOS) in 2011. In July 2014, they rejected my claim and I registered with the FOS that I disputed their findings as I didn’t feel that they had fully addressed the points raised in my complaint. As their findings were final I have not done anything with it since. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? I Wrote to Cap One in October 2010 into early 2011 chasing a response. They eventually wrote back saying that it had been passed to Friedrickson DCA and they were no longer dealing with it. I also wrote to Cap One about the PPI and they rejected it, hence the reason for going to the FOS. I wrote back to Friedrickson telling them I was disputing the amount with the FOS and have heard nothing from them since. Based on previous answers and advice on the forum, I will send the CCA request to Cabot tomorrow, presumably, I'll also need to send the CPR 31.14 request to Mortimer Clarke for further information as well. As far as the County Court forms are concerned, do I just complete the Acknowledgement of service form and leave the everything else blank? Do I tick 1. Intend to defend all of this claim as, depending on what comes back from Cabot/Mortimer Clarke, I don't know whether I have a defence or not? No doubt, I will have more questions further down the line, but I want to get the County Court form completed as soon as possible (certainly well before their deadline of 1 Feb?). I've never been in a court in my life, so this situation is somewhat worrying to say the least. Thank you.
  8. Hi, What do you think I should do? I ordered Business Fibre 152mb broadband in January 2015 Virgin required a £230 deposit which I paid. It is now a year later, hundreds of emails and hours of calls and 6 missed apointments and we seem no closer to an actual installation. Costs initially escalated from £60 for the install to a couple of hundred, and 2 months in I opted for a government Connection Voucher to cover it. Since then they have continued to rise and I've continued to agree to them as they are still less than the grant. Highlights include: a 3 month wait while Virgin was emailing the wrong email address to get the installation started being asked to pay £3895 excess costs which turned out to be a basic algebra error resulting from adding the £3000 connection voucher grant and actual £895 costs together waiting for contractors to not show up to do work on 6 different weekends I made a formal complaint in October and have a reference for it, but all the complaints department do is chase their Manilla call centre to give me an update, which typically doesn't contain any information. It has been a very frustrating year and the practical and financial impact on my business is huge. There is also no sign this is going to end with Virgin actually getting round to the installation... I've thought about complaining to CISAS, which is the ombudsman Virgin Media seem to be linked to, what should i be asking them for? Is there anything else I could do?
  9. Hi Argos sent my debt to Moorcroft. I sent them a CCA letter. I have had no reply, but in the meantime I've been getting texts and voice messages left by Frederickson. I have had no letter of assignment to say they now have the Argos/Moorcroft debt. I did answer the phone to them one time and advised them that I had sent CCA request to Moorcroft. The guy on the phone said I'd have to send another one to them. I advised him too that I would await written communication from them as I would not speak to them over the phone. A letter arrived weeks later asking me to ring them as due to data protection they could not provide any details of the account in the letter .(as I had moved house recently is their explanation.) So, as I've had no CCA from Moorcroft, do I send an account in dispute letter to Frederickson?? Do I have to send a CCA letter to them now ?thanks for the advise guys. Cara
  10. Hi, I will try and cut a long story short!! I stopped making full payment on my Isme and Littlewoods account over a year agodue to the loss of my job, I have since had a baby who is now 6 months old and not working although my husband is. I contacted both catalogue companies advising of my situation and they couldn't come to an acceptable arrangement as we literally had no spare money so was offering £5 p/m on each account. At the time the balance on the Isme account was approx £2,000 and the Littlewoods one was £400. Both accounts went over to NDR which is understand is part of the company and again they could/would not agree to my offer - I still made a few payments of that amount anyway to show willing. Since then charges have been added to both accounts, the Littlewoods balance is now approx £700 and the Isme one is a whopping £3,800 due to interest and charges. Isme have now sold on the account to Capquest. I have had the initial letter from Capquest requesting full payment which I know is pretty standard. I'm not sure who will be taking the Littlewoods account yet but NDR managed to get a further sneaky charge on both account before selling them on. I was going to write to Capquest and advise of my financial situation and offer the £5 per month I have been trying to pay over the last year or so, I am guessing they will not accept this due to the balance. Can anyone advise if they may accept or if they will request a higher amount, also am worried about going to court etc. Can they add even more charges? I am so worried about everything and also about harrassment from them as have read a few things about Capquest - none of them at all nice. Lastly, a family member may be able to help me out a bit but couldn't afford by any means the full balance they say is owing, does anyone have an idea if Capquest may accept a settlement figure and if so roughly how much I would need to offer, do I need to pay low payment first before offering anything? Thanks so much and sorry for the long post - this is my first one so am not familiar with abbreviations.
  11. Basically, help! We have a small business, opened one year. Our business banking is with barclays- as are my personal accounts. Didn't have much choice with that, for lots of reasons. Barclays are awful. They refused us an overdraft or any funding whatsoever - the account was in credit by considerably more than the overdraft we'd asked for, but we needed the ability to have credit in the future because we need to buy stock. Refused when we had contracts worth thousands, almost lost one because of it. Told us to use 'payday loan' type companies for credit for stock. We actually had to, to ensure we got stock for an order. When the money hit our account, they took a hefty chunk- even though our free banking wasn't to end yet and at that time, we weren't overdrawn. More recently they took our money earmarked for rent, out our business savings account. We told them we didn't give permission for them to do this- so they did it again. This left us overdrawn on the main account - they'd agreed a temporary overdraft, which we pay off monthly - we didn't really have a choice at that. Today they cancelled that - because they've taken us over limit - in response to me contacting them to tell them not to empty the savings account! Money goes in - on paper, we're fine, until Barclays take hundreds out every month. Since September, almost £2000 has gone to them. They won't actually provide us with where it's gone, or what our monthly fees are meant to be. We can't speak to our bank manager directly - and when we did - she actually said that the computer says no. And apparently no human could look at it sensibly, and make a decision on actual income or our business plan, or anything. Just- no. Our business is everything, we put absolutely everything into it. Then Barclays take it. We can't pay the rent because they've taken it, they've shut down our account. I've got a personal barclaycard - this morning checked it and that's inexplicably overdrawn. To add insult, barclaycard put up my credit limit on the account and dropped the interest rates the SAME month they turned down the business for a barclaycard - and sent us awful wine to say 'sorry' after the application apparently was turned down on their system before we'd applied. I just don't know what to do anymore. We put in a complaint in October and got back £200 of the charges, we told them we accepted the part payment but we were not considering the matter closed and would take it further for the rest of the charges/fees/random amounts they swiped. We've applied for other banks, but the more we're turned down, the worse we look. We've applied for a no-credit check business account today. That takes five days- won't be surprised if they turn us down too. How do we stop Barclays ruining our business? How do we get another business account that we can have card payments paid into? We can't swap to a personal account for business merchant services. They're meant to be ringing back in half an hour. I am not very happy with them Don't think I can speak to them, had a massive rant at them earlier, which wasn't helpful and didn't make me feel any better either. But just at the end of my tether with them. Barclays are just destroying us. Logged onto the online banking- and they're offering ways of funding small businesses as an advert, ffs!
  12. Apart from the title... This is a good thing isn't it? https://www.transportxtra.com/publications/parking-review/news/47214/court-clears-roxburghe-of-business-malpractice https://www.fca.org.uk/news/statements/agreement-hfo-services-limited-roxburghe-uk-limited-hfo-capital-limited Gary Osner Email: gosner@zzps.co.uk Phone Number: Position: Parking on Private Land Operator representative Group: Parking on Private Land Location: Surrey Parking on Private Land Operator Representative Chair of BPA Standards Panel http://www.britishparking.co.uk/Council-of-Representatives
  13. Good Morning, and for those of you that read this, thank you. I am new to the forum as i am running out of options and routes for advice. I took on a lease two years ago and on the 15th July with no notice from my landlord, scaffold and boarding was put around my salon. I was told by the builder that it would be two weeks maximum. We are now on the 11th November and it still continues with updates by me from the builder and still not one word from my landlord. I have lost 80% of my client base and had to get a full time job to tide over my loss of revenue - which has lead the clients that did stay with me to leave because my hours in the salon were not convenient. I have lost approximately 9k in summer revenue and my client base which ultimately IS my business. I have sunk everything i have into the business and it was successful and just starting to really take off. I appreciate that work sometimes needs to be done but can anyone suggest if i have a case to take him to court? For loss of business, inconvenience and loss of revenue? Surely with no notice i have a ground for it .......and in my lease it states a clause of " you are allowed to trade quietly "...i.e no interruptions from your landlord. PLEASE HELP
  14. Hi - am in more than a slight panic!! (I have posted this problem elsewhere then remembered how helpful this forum was in the past.) A week ago I received 5 years worth of Business Rates demands - 2002/3, 2003/4, 2004/5, 2005/6 & 2006/7. There was no letter just the outstanding amounts. I had had during that time, a running battle with the Council about these rates due to my feeling the amount was unfair due to part of the property being unused, I didn't pay the landlord rent for it and I didn't receive any income for it (it was also pretty derelict and not fit for use). As a result the Valuation Office sent a nice woman out who agreed it should be split and the empty part be the responsibility of the landlord. His wife then hit the roof when the Council sent them a bill and it was rejoined (due to her bullying tactics no doubt!). The debate then went back and forth to the Council and was never settled properly (each time I got sent a new bill, I contacted them, challenged it and it stalled - I did make payments however). I left the property in late 2007. Eventually I packed up my business to care for my elderly disabled parent (which I am still doing). In 2009 (I think!) I was sent similar - just the bills, no letter. I had met a guy who said not a problem he would sort it out as it was his line of work. He duly got involved and I heard no more. Until a week ago when the same 5 bills appeared And then this morning I received a threatening letter stating a Liability Order had been issued on 19th May 2003 for £2927. And if I do not pay by this Wednesday, they will send in the bailiffs! I would NEVER ignore any court summons etc. and I was still at the property at the time. When I looked closer at the bills, the 2002/3 bill to which this LO presumably was for, the amount owed was £1131.40. The date of this bill was 1/4/2003. There was a small charge of £50 costs but it does not say what for and anyway it predates the LO anyway . No further costs on any of the subsequent bills. There are no names of contactable people on any of the correspondence. So what do I do????
  15. Hi All, We use Virgin media business 150mb. We moved on the 28th of Oct and really need broadband for our business. However, they are saying they cannot install until the 19th. We need to be with Virgin as we are still in contract. I find it really hard to believe that they would expect a business to survive almost a month without any internet. Does anyone have any feedback on this?
  16. I popped in to a Metro Bank branch in South London recently to open a business instant access deposit account. Their website says "No Metro Bank Business current account is required." They tried to sell me their business current account, which is not free unless you have more than £5,000. When I refused, they asked me why I wanted an instant access account, and I told them that I just want a basic account. They said that you cannot make an online transfer out unless you have another Metro bank account, so I opened a personal current account, and I was accepted for that, but a credit check was made, so it affected my credit rating. The business instant access account needed to be approved by a business manager. I called him the next working day. I work as a professional but I am not a member of a professional body (it is not illegal in the industry that I work in). He said they can't open an account because of this reason. I submitted further paperwork to his colleagues by visiting the branch (which is not in my home town) and waiting for about 25 minutes, after convincing him over the phone that would be acceptable to open an account. He then called me the next day saying that the account will not be opened because I will be using the business instant access account as a business current account and that I will be using it to deposit payments from customers He also said that they have a right to close it if I do. Nowhere does it say in the terms and conditions that you cannot use it as such. Also, their Account features state that you can use it as follows: • Receive electronic payments (CHAPS, BACS, faster payments, SWIFT, standing orders and internal transfers) • Pay in cash and cheques He also said that I cannot use the account to make an online transfer to my personal current account, even though I was informed by the customer service adviser who opened my personal current account that I could. To add insult to injury, I asked him to send me a letter or email saying why he is refusing to open the account, but he wouldn't do that, saying "we don't send out these letters." They have wasted my time. The business manager didn't say at first that a business current account was required. The excuse he gave me for not opening the account at first was that I was not a member of a professional body. Now he says you can't use the business instant access account as a current account, even though their website says that you don't need a business current account to open an instant access account. I made a formal complaint by telephone to the business centre. I explained what happened, but they defended him. They said he had the discretion to refuse to open an instant access account if it was to be used as a business current account. I challenged them to tell me the exact clause in their terms and conditions, but they couldn't find it. This is ridiculous. Why does he have full discretion? What if someone made a complaint against him? Now I am left with a credit check, which was made for a personal current account that was missold, and no business instant access account. Please do not trust anything this bank says about this account. They will try and sell you a business current account to make money out of you from charges, and they will refuse opening the instant access account by saying you cannot use it as a current account, even though there are no restrictions as such in their terms and conditions.
  17. Hi, im sorry this is a rather long story but i really need some legal advice... my husband had a tenancy in his ltd co name with a pub company. when he passed away 2 years ago the pub co regional manager asked if i would continue with the pubs, he had another one at the time with them. Both pubs were struggling and i told them i wasnt sure. They assured me of financial and business support. Obviously they didnt want two closed pubs on their hands and i felt a responsibility to my husband to keep them. i struggled to manage both pubs without my husband and trade suffered due to various different factors. The rent support never happened and they often held me to ransom refusing to release orders without full rent payments. At the time the rents were over £1000 per week on each pub and we were trading at just over £2,000 a week so not hard to work out why struggling. I ended up putting around 50k of my own money in as each week unless i paid the rent on both, i couldnt have any beer and if bought from somewhere else they would fine me then refuse the next weeks order until that was paid!!! They never so much as kncocked a penny off anything, i paid full cost on rent for both pubs for the 15 months it took them to transfer in to my name despite having my name on nothing. they lied to me about what rent deal they would do on the new lease and also refused to give me proper credit terms etc. as a result and having at their insistance put a brand new deposit down on what was already my pub my cash flow took a battering and im now on the brink of closing altogether. various people i have spoken to have told me that they should not have let me trade for the 15 months it took to transfer then pub into my name as the tenancy was in my husbands ltd company name which legally shouldnt have traded after he died since he was the sole director And my name was not on anything. Is this true and if so can i do anything about it now? thanks...S
  18. Hi folks. I'm new here. Hope this is in the right section. In short, I rented a shop and ran a business. I signed a lease for 2 years, commencing April 2012. At this time, I opened an account for supply of gas and electricity with British Gas. By April 2013, I decided to close the shop. My landlord agreed that I could vacate after just 1 year as we came to a financial arrangement. At this time, I contacted British Gas to advise them that I was closing up and asked for my account to be closed. I was issued a final bill in May 2013 and I paid in full. The account was closed. Recently, I've received a DCA letter at an address I now have a new business at, chasing £1400+ on behalf of British Gas. I called British Gas and, apparently, in September 2013 my ex-landlord called them to state that I was actually still occupying the premises and that the account should be re-opened in my name (and not put in to his name by default)! British Gas apparently did as the landlord requested and so from September 2013 until now I've apparently been accruing standing charges for a premises that I vacated a long time ago. British Gas are telling me there's nothing they can do, it's a "third party dispute" between myself and the landlord. I don't understand how an account can be opened in my name without my knowledge, for a property I don't occupy, on the say so of an apparently rogue landlord. Any ideas guys?
  19. I'm new here so I apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong section. My wife and I purchased a business a few years ago that we closed earlier this year. The seller tricked us into buying the business by inflating the figures and we fell for it. Anyway.. we have lost our entire life savings trying to keep it going and earlier this year when we had no money left we had no choice but to walk away as we could not find a buyer after trying so hard to sell it for over a year. We have a business loan for £45k with Lloyds which we have personally guaranteed (I've been told the PG is watertight). We also have a £4k overdraft. They've sent us a formal demand for the loan and overdraft. I called them last week to set up a payment plan and I was told that they would contact us back. I wanted to know if anyone has been in a situation where Lloyds have accepted a payment plan for this kind of situation or will they force me to sell my house in order to pay them? I'm quite worried as I really don't want to move. My wife and I are currently working but we have only been working for 6 weeks so we will not have the right paperwork to remortgage the house.
  20. Hi, I was hoping for a little help and advice please.. .. In 2009 I took out a Business Loan from Barclays for a business debt of £20,000. I have an signed Agreement and have been paying £230 per month ever since. I have never missed a single payment. Today I received a letter from Barclays saying that the debt had been transferred to Westcot and to contact Westcot to make arrangements to continue payments but this time direct to Westcot. I rang Barclays to see if I'd ever missed a payment and why it was going to Westcot, the lady was helpful and said I had never missed a payment but Barclays had sold a lot of accounts to Westcot.... My question is this, I know and have read about Westcot and I do not like what I have read and I don't trust them . I was happily paying off this loan and now this is tainted for me as I know where this will head... . CAN I DEMAND THAT BARCLAYS KEEP MY ACCOUNT AS I HAVE NOT DEFAULTED AND THERE SEEMS NO REASON WHY IT SHOULD HAVE GONE TO WESTCOT? Many Thanks for you time in advance. Q
  21. Basically I had a hsbc business account which I shut due to the fact I slowed trading for for a while. Started to use my personal account for a bit and then a lot of business subsequently got asked to leave for breaking t&c. Left me without an account, 7 defaults and 3 arrangements on my credit history in the last 6 years. Ive put in an application with Coop for a cash minder, they seem to of lost my application in branch which is a pain. Had a look at the bank groups and basically hsbc aside I had history with all except Santander, figured I had nothing to lose by putting in an application for a business account. Went basic no overdrafts, loans etc. Had an email off them yesterday with a questionnaire which I completed honestly, emailed it back then today received this. "Thank you for choosing Santander Business Banking. We’re pleased to let you know that your Business Current Account is now open and ready for you to use. What’s next? In the next 7 – 10 days we’ll send your card, card PIN, Online Banking passcode and registration number separately (for security purposes) to the home address you gave us." Is that it?, I've been accepted?, can I have a beer to celebrate? or is there something that can go wrong from here?. Other than my credit history I have no other skeletons in my closet or anything. I know all banks are as bad as the other but I did not expect to get a highstreet account in a million years with my account history. I was thinking best case I get a cash minder and a pre pay. I had a large loan and Credit card with Abbey national which were paid in about 2007 but did reclaim a lot of ppi.
  22. I am new to the forum so appologise if this is in the wrong section. Several years ago I was in Ltd company. We managed to secure bank funding but when the company failed we stopped and both the other director and I have been repaying the bank our debts in installments. We both signed a persobal guarantee. I have since discovered that for about a year he has stopped his repayments and because of the PG the bank is happy just to chase me. Is there something I can do to get make him continue paying and bringing his share level with mine? Is there also a way to pursuade the bank to split the debt equally? Thank you for any thoughts or advice, Jay
  23. Will try to simplify this down and not elaborate too much, I have a tendency to over communicate. long story short, I am 38. Took out a loan with NatWest I don't remember how long ago but it must been in my mid to late 20's. Was unable to make regular payments, it went back and forth actually for years, sort of on hold. I commence work and commenced payments, regular every month for several years, £250, £150, £100 etc. It was never agreed in writing by me I just started to pay, NatWest did write to me once to ask for my budget details, I responded with a £250 payment that month. Fast forward it must be 10 years now ? £15k is now longer outstanding or what ever it was. Its now under £2k. Right this is were it gets interesting, I was working with a debt recovery agency, every month I would log into my online banking (not NatWest obviously) pull up make a payment and send £150, £250 My last payment was over £700, The debt collection agency which I had paid over £10k with over the last few years now, they suddenly wrote to me and said. Dear xx We have been instructed we are no longer managing your account hence do not make any further payments. Roughly that is what it said I was confused by this as I had just made a huge payment of over £700 and was down to a 5% or 10% of the orginal amount. Why would NatWest pull the account back. I will be honest and say at this time which I understand was just before Xmas last year, I feel I had around £1800 left to pay. Ok please continue with me. I was out at lunch time today and decided to pop into Natwest and ask what are they doing with my account ... so understand my surprise when this happened. Till girl, thank you bud01 (me) for providing your account number and sort code (I didn't have the sort code had to tell her the branch). I can see that your account is £2000 in credit. Can you double check that please. Sure, your account is £2000 in credit, (my current account). I explained the situation and she asked that I call the collections team. Fast forward past me buying a coffee and sandwich and taking over a meeting room to make a call to Natwest. I speak to a guy in the collections team, he is only interesting in knowing if I own my own house and I am who I say I am, which I honestly explained, I am renting, and I am mr x etc. He says I have to go through to another department, debt department or some thing I cant remember. I get though to a girl and explain the situation and ask her the following. 1- If my account is in credit why haven't you communicated to me and how could it be I am in credit 2- Why have you not communicated to me, and why did you dis-engage the collection vendor that I was working with monthly, and were is your communication to me irrespective of the monetary aspects. She went away and checked with another team and came back and said. Your loan account has had to be closed. You have a corrupted loan. Your debt has been moved to your current account. You are not in credit but in debt for £2000 At this point this upset me, I did the only thing I could think of and asked that every thing be documented and sent to me Has any one even heard of any thing like this? A few of my thoughts. 1- I should not have contacted Natwest, I knew I owed around that figure or maybe £1200, I should have let them finally come back to me, or maybe never come back to me. Obviously that is being un-unethical which is not the way I am living my life, hence I wanted to go into the Bank today and look into this. 2-If my current account is in credit, it is credit, there is a big difference between being -£2000 and being in credit by £2000. If I owe £2000 and my current account which is still to this day is in credit by £2000 then I don't owe any thing, their mistakes or issues is not my concern. 3- If my loan account is closed then unless that has been communicated to me in writing, the moment that account is closed then my loan is forfeited I don't know what is going on here but some thing fishy is happening, if my current account was minus or in debt £2000 then I could have walked out of the bank and would have taken it on the surface as 1+1 =2. Canceled my on going working payment schedule with debt recovery vendor. No communication for nearly a year current account in credit by the same amount of money I am in debt. Loan account closed. What do I do here? if every one is in agreement Natwest is fine here and I should pay then I may simply make four £500 payments. I am 38 years old. Work in IT in banking area. After my July pay review I am on £53900 (excluding over time) £2k loan is not a big issue, What do I do here? What is this called that NatWest is doing? Loan account closed = loan closed ? Thanks any one that can help on this. And if any one from NatWest is reading this, you are very unprofessional in the manner you have delt with my account, you stopped me making my regular payments which I was actually enjoying doing, the recovery company sent me a stupid letter with zero on it about what was happening, and then you do not communicate to me for nearly a year, now I find my loan account closed and my current account in credit, but also in debt. What are you guys doing?
  24. Hi, I have read through the forums and online and I am unsure what is correct regarding an Overdraft. The most recent letter from Low Life's is asking me to contact them before 11/07/2015 or they will take legal action blah blah, I think they actually mean it this time. I called up HSBC and they said the last payment into the account was September 2009 so it's not quite SB and that is my question what is the SB date on an over draft? Cheers, Flappy
  25. Hi All , need some help with a very long , ongoing saga with natwest.... has a business loan from natwest for £59.950.. . this was back in 2005 ( bought village shop) long story short had to default on loan as business failed in 2008 , limped along until 2010 .... ........ was hoping it was a recoverable glitch due to losing all passing trade as a result of a major build in the area .. ......was hoping to build business up again after opening of housing estate and race course etc from 2010 natwest went for bankruptcy and failed via a stautory demand they also went for a charging order on residential property but failed recently been to court for repossession whereby they won possession order........ ........... submitted a defence that was immediately thrown out.............. refuse permission to appeal still trying to negotiate with natwest four weeks on, as since 2010 been unemployed but an now working and would like to resume payments as even thought business is no longer trading i am actually living at the property after marriage breakup Issue i have is that natwest have now doubled the repayments from £574 to over £1000 a month which i cannot afford what i want to know is , are there any arguments that can be used concerning the fact that the increase is unreasonable? i know that this is not the same as a rental agreement BUT i am living there and there are rules about excessive rents and i am sure i have read about there being regulations that concern a minimum amount that you need to live on. this is in rural wales and the average income round here is not one that would allow for that sort of repayment each months , if it was repossessed and sold at auction no one local could afford a grand a month just at a loss as to want i can do to keep a roof over my head, i know there is nothing that can force them to accept, however certain regulations and their credit licence guidance says they must exercise forbearance and work with you if you are in difficulty. it seems all along all they are doing it working against me. running out of time now and dont knwow hat else to do i would be very grateful for any suggestions
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