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  1. I have no idea if this is the correct forum, so please forgive me if it should have been posted elsewhere! My husband has just rented an industrial unit to start his business. It's been empty for some months previously people have understandably used the space outside for parking. However, since we received the keys, only one person has had the decency to come over and apologise and move his vehicle. Every day we go and cars are parked outside of the unit meaning we have to park elsewhere; and at the side, where the large delivery doors are, is also sometimes blocked, despite a huge 'Keep Clear' sign. I've tried searching Google, but can't find anything to do with our issue. I was hoping that someone could point us in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there, today I received a claim form addressed from the county court business centre in Northampton, which has been filed by Moriarty Law on behalf of JC International Acquisition for a debt on behalf of Talk Talk Limited. I have seen a similar problem to mine posted on here but I can't seem to follow it, so I need help step by step to get me through this maze!! The particulars of claim state: THE CLAIMANTS CLAIM IS FOR THE BALANCE DUE UNDER AN AGREEMENT WITH TALK TALK LIMITED DATED 13/10/2011 WHICH WAS ASSIGNED TO THE CLAIMANT ON 26/03/2014 AND NOTICE OF WHICH WAS GIVEN TO THE DEFENDANT ON THE 26/03/2014 AND WHICH IS NOW DUE AND PAYABLE. THE DEFENDANT AGREED TO PAY MONTHLY INSTALMENTS UNDER ACCOUNT NUMBER 100*****43 BUT HAS FAILED TO DO SO. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS THE SUM OF £167.12. THE CLAIMANT ALSO CLAIMS INTEREST THERON PURSUANT TO S.69 COUNTY COURT ACT 1984 LIMITED TO ONE YEAR TO THE DATE HEREOF AT THE RATE OF 8.00% PER ANNUM AMOUNTING TO £13.36. So with the amount claimed being £180.48 the court fee of £25.00 plus Legal representatives costs of £50.00 the total amount is £255.48!! My response to all this, is that I have never agreed to make monthly instalments because I have never spoken to them regarding this debt and have never responded to any letters. At the time I took out this deal with talk talk I was in a very dark place in my life, not long coming out of a rehab and I was not working! After coming to my senses that I could not afford this because I didn't have any money for food, I contacted talk talk to say I wanted to finish which I believed had been stopped. I made payments to them for the amount which I believed I owed to finish the contract, and unplugged the device not to use it again. I also moved address not long after. I have now got my life on track with work and have got what I believe is a good credit score with nothing against me, so to have this rear it's head against me is a bit of a shock! So please please give me advice on how to tackle this and what steps I need to take!! The issue date of the claim was 29/09/2017 and I received it on 04/10/2017 Thanks in advance for any advice you give.
  3. How to make a complaint to Defence Business Services READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-make-a-complaint-to-defence-business-services
  4. Feel its not far off , sickening, especially when its being used to manage essentials https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/18/britain-debt-timebomb-fca-chief-crisis
  5. Feel its not far off , sickening, especially when its being used to manage essentials https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/18/britain-debt-timebomb-fca-chief-crisis
  6. Hi All I have an interesting one for you, perhaps you can help answer my query. I bought a former RAF married quarter back in December 2016. When we bought the house we were told that the water supply company was Severn Trent Water Services (not to be confused with Severn Trent Water but they are part of the same company). Now Severn Trent Water services have a license to supply business customers and as far as I know their license does not include the supply of water to retail customers. As you can guess we are not a business and therefore should be supplied with water by a company who supply water to retail customers and are licensed to do so. Some time back I contacted the Council for Water Services to find out who supplies our water, and received the following information. Our water supply should be with Affinity Water, but they have no record of supplying water to our postcode (or the other 3 postcodes within the estate). Our waste water is dealt with by Thames Water who have records of the post codes but cannot bill the estate. It seems that currently the MOD is responsible for paying Severn Trent Water Services for the supply of fresh water and the treatment of waste water. So who bills us for the water supply and waste water treatment? Severn Trent Water Services as far as I understand legally cannot charge us as they have a license to supply business customers, and we are a retail customer! Affinity Water cannot charge us as they have no records for our property, Thames Water cannot charge us as they are being paid by Severn Trent Water Services so the service hey provide. If we were with Affinity Water (who we should be) then they send out a single bill for fresh water and waste water and pass on the waste water charge to Thames Water. I understand from some property owners who moved in over a year ago that they were sent a bill by Severn Trent Water Services but how can they be billed? This company does not have a license for supplying retail customers, and we are not business customers - if we were business customer we could actually choose who supplies our water (since April 2017). What would be the basis of their charge as all the properties are currently un-metered.
  7. Hi everyone, I am hoping for some advice here. Last November (15th), I bought a Samsung S7 Edge dual SIM (non -EU model, it seems to be a Middle east model) mobile phone from progadgetsuk - registered business store on eBay. This was listed with 1 year warranty and new device and came in promptly , after I made the payment using PayPal. When the package came, everything seemed genuine and the phone worked perfectly 3 days ago it suddenly heated up and would NOT come on again .. neither charges up, nor does the display screen turn on. I remember clearly raising a query on item listing page where the seller had confirmed that any repairs would be handled by him directly with SAMSUNG under the warranty period. I have contacted the seller for the last 3 days continuously with no response. eBAy have no facility to report this item as it has passed their deadline of 30 days for some reason their customer service stated that I should contact the seller directly. Surprisingly eBAy DOES not provide me an option to report the seller or make any comment on the item listing ( from my history) which can affect the seller's credibility rating in any way. Since I paid for this using my paypal account, I opened a dispute resolution case with paypal, but their reply was that they CANNOT do anything about cases which fall beyond the 180 day mark. I have tried contacting SAMSUNG directly as well , they say the following: SAMSUNG UK - This is a non- EU model and hence they WILL NOT repair it. SAMSUNG (GULF/ Middle east) - They are saying that the 1 year warranty has expired ... though I bought the phone from the seller only on 15th November. I have now run out of ideas as to what should be my next step and would be grateful for any advise that consumers like me might have faced. Many thanks for your patient reading.
  8. 21st Jul 17, 7:14 PM Hello All POPLA refused my Appeal Hello All. I am newbie here. Trying to find a solution to my frustration. The gist of my appeal to POPLA was as follows -------------------------------------------------- *That I paid for the parking fee, which avoided loss to the parking company. *The Dashboard on the Rangerover is sloped/curved and the parking ticket could have slipped on to the steering, due to the air gush when the door was closed. *The parking ticket had no self adhesive to stick it to the dashboard. *I have shown the ticket to the parking attendant on my return to the car, while he was still there and he asked me to appeal. *My intentions were not to breach the terms and conditions of parking site, hence bought a ticket and should not be penalised with unreasonable amount. PEA( PARKING AND ENFORCEMENT AGENCY LIMITED) nor POPLA could consider my appeal, and reply was as below.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ASSESMENT DECISION was on 30/03/2017 on their website Unsuccessful Assessor summary of operator case The operator’s case is that the appellant failed to display a pay and display ticket. Assessor summary of your case The appellant’s case is that they purchased a pay and display ticket but it slipped down the dashboard, as the ticket did not have any self-adhesive. Assessor supporting rational for decision The operator has provided photographic evidence of the signage located around the site in question. The signage states, “Not displaying valid permit/ticket clearly on the dashboard…Parking Charge Notice is £100”. The operator has provided photographs of the appellant’s vehicle parked at the site in question. The photographs provided show the appellant’s vehicle without clearly display a pay and display ticket. The operator has issued the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) as the appellant failed to display a pay and display ticket. I acknowledge the appellant purchased a pay and display ticket but it slipped down the dashboard as the ticket did not have any self-adhesive. However, from the operator’s photographic evidence of the appellant’s vehicle I cannot see a pay and display ticket displayed on the dashboard. In order for the warden to assess that the vehicle was authorised to park at the site, a pay and display ticket would need to be clearly visible in the vehicle. As it was not, the warden has issued the PCN, as they would have been unaware whether the vehicle is authorised to park at the site. POPLA’s remit is to assess whether or not the appellant has adhered to the terms and conditions of the site in question. Therefore as the appellant failed to display the ticket correctly, I am satisfied the appellant has not adhered to the terms and conditions of the site. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the motorist to ensure that when they enter a car park, they have understood the terms and conditions of parking. By remaining parked on site, the appellant accepted the terms and conditions. On this occasion, the appellant has failed to follow the terms and conditions of the signage at the site and as such, I conclude that the operator issued the Parking Charge Notice correctly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On not replying to their letters, regret PEA have given it to a debt collection as expected received debt collection letters from CSB SOLICITORS LIMITED followed by county court claim form dt 14/07/2017, for £265/- ( Claim £165/-, Court Fee: £25/-, Legal Reps cost : £50/- Total £240.31 further interest to accumulate on daily basis. I would like to defend and change the court to my local area. Any suggestions as to how to pinpoint the defence, so that the judge would see my side of the argument that there was no loss to the company and the penalty is disproportionate and unfair. Further as the said parking site is cordoned off currently for flats development, i cannot prove the terms and conditions on the signage as it existed, if at all . There are no signs boards currently. Any help is greatly appreciated in advance. Please could anyone be kind to advise as time is ticking . Appreciate your help in advance. Thanks
  9. Back in May, I received a parking charge to my windscreen from our old friends UKPC. I was parked in a loading bay at my storage space and was displaying a permit. On the charge notice it stated that I was not correctly parked within the marked bay, although no such markings exist. I appealed anonymously, via UKPC online appeals, just giving them the reference number and the car reg. My appeal was acknowledged. Here we are, almost 60 days later and I have had no reply. As we are now over the 56 day I am assuming they will not be pursuing this but I have also noticed that they have not been ticketing cars that have been parking in the same loading space without permits. Are UKPC still in business? If yes,I guess they have lost their contract with the landlords.
  10. Hi everyone, Story so far: I have been sent Business rate Demand notices for the period of 01/05/2012 - 01/08/2012 for the garage me and business partner rented back then. I have a few questions: 1. Is there a timeframe within which councils should present business rate bills within? Reason i ask is that business partner have left the UK few years ago which leaves only me to pay for it. Plus, i read there are some court cases whereby bills like that should be presented within reasonable time? 2. Rental agreement had my name spelled differently, would that void this bill? And yes, as you have guessed, i am looking for reasons to get rid of these demand notices, if possible. Thank you for your time and help.
  11. Has anyone experienced glitches in the functionality of these, whereby previous lists pre-populate new ones and the only solution is to log out and start again? Very difficult to explain to online help desk!
  12. Hello My business, a pub company, had been a customer of British Gas for 8 years for both electricity and gas. As both these contracts were due to end in January 2017 I agreed terms and rates to renew with British Gas once again through my broker. For reasons that are unclear to me British Gas declined to honour the agreed terms at the last minute and forced me to find an alternative supplier. My broker suggested it was because my business had no trading history, which is absurd as I have been trading since 2009 and have been with BG for the entire time. I then started to receive a series of 'final' bills from BG. The first set of bills, for both electricity and gas, were for the period up to 30th January 2017 - my contract end date. The rates applied to these bills were as expected and the consumption was inline with previous years and were duly paid. I then received a second set of 'final' bills, with new account numbers, up to the 28th Feb 2017 for electricity and up to 9th March 2017 for gas. My rates had changed to 'out of contract' rates and my consumption had supposedly more than tripled compared to previous years. As a pub our electricity consumption barely changes from one month to the next, it powers the lights, fridges and freezers, and is pretty consistent. The gas powers the ovens in the kitchen, the central heating and hot water and can go up in the winter months. But considering February and March weren't particularly cold this year the increase in consumption that BG are claiming is hard to believe. The upshot of it all is that I now have outstanding 'final' invoices from BG for approx. £7,000, instead of the £2,500 that I might have expected. Added to which, the rates I was able to negotiate with my new supplier at the last minute are significantly worse than I had agreed with BG. I have refused to pay these invoices and believe that the consumption BG are claiming is wrong. I also think that they should honour the rates we had agreed for the new contract on these last bills rather than apply 'out of contract' rates. They have chosen to pass the accounts to Debt Collection companies, claiming I have made no attempt to resolve the issue, which is not true. Instead BG are choosing to ignore my complaints. Should I continue to fight this and if so, how ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi, This is my first post and I hope in the right section. Apparently this forum is the best place for advice. This is one that has had lawyers and the Financial Ombudsman scratching their heads. In 2015, I approached a local firm (promoted intently by Channel 4 - this chap is quite the celebrity) for a business loan. On making the application, we were then invited to their office to go over the paperwork. The office manager of the firm (also been on the telly) then proceeded to insist on a copy of our then Director's driving licence - the paper copy of the driving licence. Dutifully, the director obliged and presented the paper copy of the licence. The director then signed the form, and the £5000 start-up loan was sent through to our business bank account. The repayments were set as follows: Initial payment of £266.25 then 46 months at £166.25 with a final payment of £266.25. The £200.00 was the administration fee. Payments commenced the month of May 2014 and all was well. In August 2015, I met with our accountant to discuss year end - we were discussing the social element of the business which was a Ltd by share company. Accountant advised us to start a Ltd by Guarantee company as we were seeking grant funding to run a couple of projects for the local community. I asked the accountant what we were to do with the business loan and on looking at the paperwork he advised me the loan agreement was in fact a hire purchase agreement and that it was a legal problem rather than an accounting one. Here is the part which has had people scratching their heads. The agreement for this loan is actually a hire purchase agreement - on digging deeper, we looked at the paperwork and realised this was correct - we only had the carbon copy of the agreement also. The top copy had been sent to our director after the funds were transferred. On looking at the top copy, the date and the agreement number were not on there and it was quite evident the carbon copy did not match the top copy. Staring me in the face and as plain as the nose on my face was "vin number" chassis number, registration number, all relevant to a HP agreement used for a vehicle. I emailed their office asking them for an explanation and received a brusque response in that the agreement was explained at the time of signing. I got absolutely nowhere with this stance. So I cancelled the standing order to see ensure they would contact me. Sure as eggs are eggs, I received a phone call as did our director stating the payment had not been made. I made the outstanding payment and continued to chase both the original agreement to match our carbon copy and an explanation of the hire purchase agreement detailing the goods under the hire purchase agreement. I questioned the goods were non-existent although we do accept we received the £5000 funds. We had paid for well over a year. On further digging, what was originally offered, was a rate of 14.9% with an APR of 29.9% We approached a solicitor, he wrote to them on our behalf - they refused to acknowledge this correspondence. The director by this time - (September 2015) had resigned as a director from the company due to ill health - he maintained that he was unhappy with the loan agreement and he realised he had signed as a personal guarantor which was not explained to him at that time. I decided again I was going to not honour the payment - and wrote to the company telling them I had cancelled the standing order. They then set about sending hand delivered letters to our director's home address - he has had two heart attacks. They also sent the same letter to our office and I raised a dispute outlining how we had been mis-sold this "product" and at no time had we taken out a hire purchase agreement. Then this company called Falcon Management Services Ltd sent a letter demanding a payment arrangement. In North Shields - I contacted them and began to make payments to them of £250.00 per month to clear the debt. Bizarrely, after paying three months, I received a letter from a new account manager from the local firm asking me to set up an arrangement to clear the arrears - I informed this new account manager that we had been paying FMS £250.00 per month for three months and I was amazed that as they had instructed the company to chase the debt that they were unaware this arrangement was in place. I received an email back they were unaware I had made these payments and as they had received no payments from FMS they were cancelling their contract with them and the debt was returning to them. I began to challenge them on the agreement again - endless emails occurred and I seriously challenged the agreement. They then sent me a blank loan agreement for me to complete. That was in November 2015, my solicitor pushed forward with correspondence asking them to explain the interest rates and the hire purchase agreement - gave them 14 days to respond and to date, he or us have not heard anything since. This finance arrangement is led by a person as I said earlier, with various TV appearances on CH4 - claims he is applying for a banking licence, and is still advertising business, personal loans on his website and claims he is a peer-to-peer lender. The company is registered with the FCA with an interim permission number for whatever activities come under that IP. Has any person here got any advice in how to proceed with this one? Naturally, I want to out the activities - but I am loathe to - this person has serious support from people in Government - further diligence has led me to some questionable results. I hae spoken to many legal representatives and they are scratching their heads and keep asking me where the goods are. The FO has an open complaint from the former director as the finance is on his credit file. Any help would be appreciated. Another forum has told me it is fraud but I am not sure how I am to proceed at all. But I do not want any other small business to be affected as we have - and I know he has loaned money to a woman in the town who set up a florists. Help - please. Thank you.
  14. I was having difficulty with my debts which are around £12K. I am on benefit, and so I foned up Debt Free Direct to see what they could do. I am very upset that all they could offer me was an IVA - 7 years paying £130 a month. Naturally I had to sign up because I was getting constant harassment of one of my creditors Halifax who kept foning me up every day demanding money I didn't have. I am now wondering if the IVA really was the right solution; they didnt offer me a Debt Relief Order which is what I would have prefered. Is there anything I can do besides letting the IVA fail (which I dontwant to do because Halifax will harass me again). Very distressed by the whole thing; Debt Free Direct knew I was on benefits; I really cant see myself paying £130 a month for 7 years, especially as I could loose my benefits at any time anyway, they failed to take this into account. Because of being on an IVA no company would give me advice as I have rung around several this morning; they said the IVA would have to fail before anyone could help me!! NOT happy can anyone please help
  15. I had been with Natwest for 22 years and had a black account with the Gold Advantage Charge card. I was advised to become a company as I would be delivering a service through several agencies. Unfortunately, due to exceptional circumstances and include a bad personal relationship left me in debt and I am about £8 -9k in mortgage arrears on a house I rent out and a personal overdraft that was £12k. In 6 months that OD was cleared and both business and personal accounts were in the black. The difficulty in meeting the mortgage department for an arrangement to be put in place was mainly because this period was over the summer, they would meet with me after 5pm and if I called at 4.45 they would not deal with me. I sent in 2 income/expenditure spreadsheets but they clearly didnt see them but I managed to set up a DD for the mortgage online and I met the deadline. That evening all three of my accounts were closed. I called the callcentre and they said they didnt have me on record. I tried to log a complaint and they were too busy on the Friday but promised they would be in touch the next day. They never did. As a prelude they stopped my access to online banking even though there was no way of spending money or transferring out into other accounts so it made knowing where I was financially and who had paid me and hadnt. The worst thing is that I couldnt operate, I need supplies, sundries and I was without any money to buy food or even some milk. I told Natwest this but they told me all my funds were transferred into the mortgage. It took a further 3 months to work out what had happened and the cause was not offered to me by the bank whose level of investigation was looking at the screen in front of them whilst on the phone. They hadnt cancelled the previous direct debit so every month the original arrangement would draw funds then the older previously arranged dd would be rejected. This was recorded as a default. I tried to make it clear to them there was an arrangement in place, it utilised a payment system set up and approved by the bank and it was their job to find out where the money was disappearing to every month for three months instead they left it to me. I complained about being oushed further into hardship by continued charges I had no way of keeping track of as the online facility had been taken away four months before they closed me down, failed to log 6 out of 8 attempts to complain and didnt care that I had not a penny for two weeks. They tried to issue a repossesion order and I wrote in to the lawyer to say that was illegal as the account was under dispute. In the meantime, I asked for SAR to get all the account information and after three months all I have is mortgage account copies. The lawyers are now calling me and I am sure its about instructing me to pay the arrears within the week or they would issue a repossession order on the house. They cancelled the direct debit that existed so I was conscious to keep puttting funds in every month but trying to function without a bank account lost me more money and irretrievably lost more clients. I am expecting a lump sum of money that will clear the arrears but the knock on effect meant that I was late paying my suppliers and one has taken a county court judgement out against me and bankruptcy is where I am at if I dont have some means of a reprieve. Yes, they said that if i didnt have an arrangement in place my account woud be closed and they talked about recovery. Sounded to me it was going to get better! The arrears werent as much as my overdraft which i cleared in less than 6 months and they had said the the charge card was a different legal entity and when I called the credit card company customer services before they closed my accounts they said that there wasnt any money owed and that it would be fully operational once the mortgage arrangement was in place. That wasn't true and I also lost my 36,000 reward points as I had no online access and frankly more serious things to worry about. i cant really afford a litigation lawyer at the moment and have little faith in the FSA from what I am reading. The banks replies to my complaints are to issues that weren't raised and they have not taken notice of my plea to allow me access to funds I had to eat and drink. I was not notified clearly that every account would be closed down and as far as I am concerned there was an arrangement in place that obviously isnt integrated into the RBS network as they couldn't see that the money had been taken from the holding account and HSBC provided a fast pay reference number. You cannot open another bank account if you have mortgage arrears is what every other bank told me but once I called the Business Debtline they advised me to walk into a bank and ask to open an account. Why didnt the other banks suggest this to me? A week after submitting an application form for a Cashminder account with the coop was i able to restart rebuiding what Natwest pulled down.
  16. Afternoon one and all. Hope you're all doing well? I was hoping that someone might be able to advice me of something just milling around my head. On the 7th of April, I found a car on Gumtree and entered into a conversation with the seller. After a while, my gut instinct was literally going ten to a dozen because the seller said that he wanted to sell the car to me using a third party, gullible as I am, I researched the said third party which was Reedy's Trading Group. I did quite a bit of research on Reedy's Trading Group and found many a website that verified that they were real. Even on their website and the back end they had Gumtree accredited within their SEO. I proceeded with the sale doing a bank transfer for £2779.00, Yes, I know, what a idiot. Turns out that Reedy's never existed, they had cloned all of these websites and created reviews. I got in contact with Gumtree to report the seller after reporting the fraud to Action Fraud for all the good its done. I work as a user experience designer and I wanted to ascertain exactly how Gumtree verify who is real and who isn't? I contacted Robert Hatterley who is the CEO of both Gumtree and Ebay UK and the only reply that I kept on getting was that how Gumtree are a classified add and they have a dedicated Fraud team... This is where I need the advice. 48 hours after the [problem], another company cropped up on Gumtree selling 15 cars, the name of the seller was Reedy Trade. I created a dummy account and these people sent through pretty much identical to how I was [problem]med before. I have reported this to Gumtree, 72 hours later, I checked and the seller is still there. If Gumtree is quoting itself saying that it prides itself on how it tackles Fraud and they have a dedicated team, yet in 48 hours I have managed to prove that the fraudsters are still trading on Gumtree, would I be able to claim damages back under the Misrepresentation Act of 1967? Because they are claiming that they are being vigilant, yet this isn't the case? Thanks in Advance Cole:|
  17. Hi Guys Just a quickie. How much (Average) would it cost a firm to receive a £1 standing order payment from me on a monthly basis?
  18. Hi All, I purchased a Netgear Ready NAS for aprox £300 for our company for a upcoming project. By the time it came to use it I tested it to make sure the transfer speed are what was stated and they weren't so it wasn't any use. I emailed them 15 days after purchasing letting them know this and they said as long as everything was returned as new they would accept a return, so I replied saying this was the case. The item didn't come sealed so even if I hadn't of opened it there is no way of proving it either way. They then emailed back saying it would be subject to a restocking fee of 30% and I have argued the fact it isn't stated in their terms and conditions surely they can't force that from us after buying the item. Is there anything I can do before just giving into this restocking fee ? Link to their business terms and conditions - https://www.ballicom.co.uk/help/faq#terms-and-conditions-business-purchase Thanks
  19. There is now an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fair Business Banking. I know from the years that I have been on CAG that many have found themselves in dispute with their banks and when it comes to SMEs in this position, there is really nowhere to turn. The FOS is of little or no assistance and the legal route is usually financially impossible. That is where the APPG comes in and is working hard to change things so there is a level playing field. Here is a link to the APPG site http://www.appgbanking.org.uk/ The APPG site tells how you can become involved and it is also currently asking for case studies for the forthcoming inquiry. Here is a link to that: http://us15.campaign-archive2.com/?u=4db7ef3d08358a0aafbe5f312&id=e9e076cf4e My particular case revolves around LPA Receivership which has been discussed extensively on CAG and this is one of the many areas the APPG is looking into. If you require any further information, please contact me through CAG. Thank you, Joan Keeley
  20. Hi, After some advice please. A supplier claims i owe a few hundred pounds from 4/5 years ago. I believe i paid all invoice's upto date when the business ceased trading. Have recently requested detailed breakdown of what they are claiming monies for but their hired solicitor has sent a letter saying bit late in the day to request these documents and unless i pay up forthwith they are going to court. forgot to mention they sent regulary monthly demands and despite me requesting detailed breakdown of what they were claiming for a couple of times over 4/5 years and never got a response to my requests i ignored their demands as i believed it to be a mistake.
  21. Hi, I was issued a Final Notice from bwlegal 18th July for an alleged contravention on 28/03/2016 I sent a hand written letter in April which I have annoyingly misplaced the copy of along with the original PCN letter from VCS. I have had another letter from VCS stating it was too late to appeal and then a letter to notify it had been passed to their legal team, bwlegal. This was with the first letter from bwlegal that they have been instructed by their client of a balance due etc. Then the Final Notice letter. I have read a few threads on the forum from people who were issued a similar PCN by the same company and the template letter used. I have used that template and was going to send the below response to bwlegal but was just after some additional opinions or advice if this seems an OK way to proceed. 28th July 2016 Dear Sirs Your xxxxx I refer to your “Final Notice” letter dated 18th July 2016. Firstly, I have no intention of paying the money demanded by your client and any court proceedings will be vigorously defended. Second, I wrote a letter in April to your client clearly explaining the mitigating circumstances why I had pulled over which was to tend to my 2 year old daughter who was being sick. I was stationary for less than 10 minutes and did not switch off the engine! Third, should it be your clients intention to start court proceedings, they must provide a Letter Before Claim which complies with the requirements of Annex A Paragraph 2 of the Practice Direction on Pre-action conduct. Please note that a failure and/or refusal to comply with the Practice Direction will result in a complaint being made to the court and an application for a stay of action and costs pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 4 of the Practice Direction on non-compliance and sanctions. In the meantime, you should note that this charge is disputed and you must now refer this matter back to your client and cease and desist all contact with me. Failure to do so will result in a complaint to the Credit Services Association. I trust I have made myself clear. Yours faithfully ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, B
  22. hi i was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. i needed statments from my cashplus business bank account from april 2015 but when i log into my online account area, i only have acccess to september 2015 as CSV downloads. is there any way i can get access to statements from beyond this date (from 2015 april)? im assuming all i need to do is contact them and ask for them?
  23. Just a quick note to all BT Business Customers. BT in their wisdom decided to add an extra charge of £12.28 per month for 'Classified Paid Line Entry' without telling anyone since December 2014. I have spent most of the morning trying to sort out this with them and finally will be getting back nearly £100. Worth checking your bills to see if they have added this to your account.
  24. Hi Could someone tell me what happens when one of two business partners dies? My friend's husband (I'll refer to him as K) died in May and he was in business with his sister, running a café. The partnership was not a formal one - ie no agreements were signed (I know - WHY?!) but K did pay a sum to his sister to "buy in" to the business. K died intestate (again WHY?!). As you might imagine, this is causing a whole host of problems for my friend and I'm trying to help her unpick the knots. My friend believes that her husband's 1/2 share of the business is part of his estate (which is in the hands of solicitors). My friend believes that the business should be valued and sold, with funds being split between the sister and K's estate. The business was put on the market before K died, but overpriced and has not sold. The sister refuses to bring down the asking price. The sister maintains that if a valuation is required, then the probate solicitors should arrange it and pay. The probate solicitors don't seem to be addressing this issue and are being extremely slow. My friend is concerned that the sister is continuing to run the business as though nothing's happened, and is taking all the profit. She could engineer the accounts to appear that it is making a loss and therefore of no value for the purposes of probate. The sister has continued to run the business, and obviously take all the profits. This strikes me as unfair and surely K's estate should have either 1/2 the business value or 1/2 the ongoing income. It could not be both, so the same should apply to the sister, surely? When a partner dies, is there a requirement to sell the business? Any advice would be massively appreciated Thanks
  25. Hi All I received a letter from bt saying that i could cancel or move my landline and broadband from bt early as they are putting the price up in March by 6%. the letter said that if i wanted to do this i was to call and notify them before i started the move, when i called them i was told by the person from bt that it only affected my landline and not my broadband and that if i moved my broad band i would receive an early termination fee of 18 months for the broadband. as this letter says that both my broadband and landline will be affected and can move for free can i hold them to the letter if i move or can bt charge me the termination fee. also the reason for me having 18 months left on my contract is that i moved my business in September and when i moved the landline i was told that it would start my contract from new as the number would change due to moving exchange.
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