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  1. Hi I recently received a letter from London south east, south and central courts informing me that I owed £312 and had 10 days to pay in full to avoid various punishments. The letter mainly consisted of ways to make the payment with no information on the charge, so, I phoned the information line and found out that the fine stemmed from a bus fare in Camberwell on 20.8.2010 and I had to go though my local statutory court in order to progress, I was told the fine would be frozen for 28 days to allow me to appeal. So.. as far as I can remember this is what happened in 2010. For some reason
  2. Hello Gang I received a PCN notice for what looks like ended up to be an expensive trip to London. It seems like its a fair cop - they have a picture and silly me - i did stop in a bus lane!! However, the date of contravention was 02/02/13 and the date of notice is 21/02/13 - almost 3 weeks ago - is it still enforceable?? Its my only hope.. Thanks guys.. Regards, Jameson
  3. Hi! I was made redundant from my previous employer's lousy fleapit on the 29th November last year, and a couple of weeks ago the large Bus Operator was advertising Driver Vacancies again, so I applied for one! I was invited to a Presentation and Written Assessment Test at my local JCP Office, which I scored a very high mark on, so I have now been invited to attend a Practical Driving Test conducted on a D1-type vehicle at their local Operations Garage on 7th February. A couple of questions:- 1) I have been unable to locate the exact Paper Counterpart to my Photocard Drivi
  4. Hi,im after a bit of help re:mobility bus pass, i got a 1 yr mobility pass which expires in a few weeks, ive re:applied for it again and was basically asked me the same questions over the phone but got a letter saying they had turned me down,so i am appealing the decission,and have to go to see a physio and been told they will examine my breathing, and walking (distance) and my medical history, im in receipt of dla care low rate, and not entitled to mobility high rate,which would mean i would automatically get a bus pass, basically id like some advice if anyone has actually been to one of th
  5. Hi... Some info would be appreciated if you guys can help? I have had a fine for driving in Vicar Lane, Leeds bus lane..........which I probably did as I dont know the city and I was driving up to see my Mum in hospital who had just broken her hip, and was lost whilst trying to find my way. There is grounds to appeal on the rear of the form if the fine is excessive............. As I was in the bus lane at 9.21 pm 2/1/13 and no other traffic is visible in the photo, can I claim that this is excessive as I did not use it to gain an advantage. Worth a try? Regards.
  6. This happened today morning. I have a nationalrail season ticket and My train from my regular station got cancelled and in order to avoid delay to my work, I decided to take a bus and travel to a different train station(2 stops away) from which the trains are more frequent. I got on to a bus and showed my season ticket and the bus driver let me in to travel in the bus. as soon as I entered in to the bus, a person who claims that he is a ticket inspector asked me to show the ticket and by seeing that ticket he said that its not a valid ticket to travel in the bus and he wrote my name, date of b
  7. Hello all! I recently received a Bus Lane PCN for Kilburn High Road, London (Northbound). There is CCTV footage of me driving along the lane. It was at 11:41 on a Saturday. My understanding was that the lane was not 'active' except on Mon-Fri. I have since checked and in fact the lane is active 10am-7pm on Sat. I am considering my options for appeal. My main consideration is that the Bus Lane is not enforceable as it is not correctly signposted/marked. I would be very grateful to any thoughts. I will attempt to describe my thoughts. The section I was caught in is a 'continu
  8. I was travelling along the Headrow in Leeds in December, when I turned left into Park Row (I think) half my vehicle crossed the thick white bus lane line, I have now recieved a PCN for this. Am I justified in contesting this as I was making an attempt to turn left[ATTACH=CONFIG]40450[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40451[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40452[/ATTACH] and the bus lane goes to the very end of the junction. I was only in the bus lane for mere seconds and there was no traffic around. I have attached the PCN paperwork.
  9. recieved a bus lane penalty charge notice. stating i recieved a letter last month but i did not recieve one. do i have any chance of appealling and winning. the fine was origionally £60 now it says because i did not pay within 14 days i need to pay £90 i did not recieve origional first charge notice. what should i do ? pay or fight for my rights.? advice please . i have uploaded the letter recieved.. http://postimage.org/image/51deut0bd/
  10. Hi guys I strayed into a bus lane as I was lost as soon as I noticed I was in the lane i pulled straight back out. I have appealed hoping that they will let me off on compassionate grounds you never know. I've attached the images and paperwork in case they've made any mistakes and I can escape paying the fine any advice would be grateful. Thanks Lee
  11. Hello, just wondering if any one could help. I was fined £80 for a using a transferred pass on a bus monday because I didn't have my photocard. The pass was mine and I presented the inspector with ther forms of photo I.D and gave the inspector all my details to prove it was mine. I can assume my son had removed my photocard from my purse with out me realising as it wasn't in my purse when the inspector got on and I found it at home. I even got on the bus at the same stop as the inspector! Something I certainly wouldn't do if I had a stolen pass or knew I didn't have mine in me.
  12. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me. Last month I was caught on a London Bus with my mother's discounted job seekers Bus pass. Genuine mistake, but then everyone says that and quite frankly it isn't really the point. What is however is that I am being taken to a Magistrates court by TFL on the offence. With it being a first time offense on I think this seems incredibly harsh, but I was willing to go along with pleading guilty and paying the fine... Until I noticed on one of the 'FAQ' attached forms that I'm going receive a Criminal record for it!? I was told numerous times
  13. Hi everybody. To start with, I know, 100% that I am in the wrong here and do not expect any sympathy for the situation at all, I'm just wondering as to what, if anything may happen next. Basically, this evening, having just missed my train I decided to get the bus for the 4 mile journey to a friends house. I realised that because I'd only taken enough money to cover the train fare I didn't have enough money on me (£4.90) to cover the cost of a First day ticket (allows you to make unlimited journeys in the area as I needed to get two buses), and foolishly thought I may be able to get
  14. So I drove through a bus gate in Southwark. But in my defence, I did not see the markings nor did I really have a chance because of a really poor layout and badly maintained signage: - One sign and the street marking was obscured by the bus at a red light, and I was behind the bus. - Another sign suffered a hit and was pointing towards the shops, so not fully visible from the street. - The third sign was mounted too high up on the lamp post, actually separated from the rest of the signage. - The road markings are a bit confusing, the direction of travel which should be followed by all
  15. Hello ! I`m a 23 years old full-time student in London. I own a motorbike for nearly a year now. Had no problems, but recently my previous landlord contacted that I have still incoming mail. That was two statutory declarations (issued on 9th of October) from Islington council for driving on a bus lanes. Penalties were issued on 04/23 and 04/26 in exact same spot on my daily run to my work. They require me to pay in total £404. Even if I had a money to pay I am too late, because I had 21 days to do that. They are threatening me in a letter that i might be fined or jailed up to 2 years, o
  16. Apologies if this post comes off blunt, I just want to lay out the main elements. I've been caused a lot of stress by this, I'm very worried that this'll damage my job prospects, and I was stupid not to have paid that bus fare. I'm a student on my gap year, and will be going to uni next year. I'm direly low on money, and that's part of the reason I evaded the fare. Sorry to all the hard working paying customers of TfL for that First off, about me, 18yo, just left school (ie had free bus travel up until two weeks ago), no criminal convictions, never in trouble with the police, etc. Also I
  17. Hi All, This is going to sound like a very silly post and I have been an absolute idiot in my actions and completely regret this now. Basically I have a monthly travel rail travel card and I thought this allowed me onto the busses too, as I pay so much for it a month. I know I have to use my Oyster on the underground though, but don't often travel on the underground. I was travelling on the bus one morning to work, when a ticket inspector asked for my ticket, I showed my monthly pass and ID card. Apparently this is not valid on the busses, we came to my stop and both got off. I wa
  18. Hello all Just looking into purchasing a student concession season ticket for my daughter, who is about to start 6th form college. Went on to the Arriva bus site and followed the links to buy the tickets on line. As my OH uses the bus a lot, she felt that the annual price of £590 was wrong. After double checking the links and clicking on 'Buy Student Saver Tickets Online' it again took us to the page where you select Adult or Child tickets only and the price was £590 for the year for Shrewsbury Out of curiosity selected a none Shrewsbury area and there was a tab for 'Student' t
  19. Hi there, I have recieved a pcn for being in a bus lane whilst turning left into a car park. I definitely want to appeal this as the picture shows my car in the bus lane for only a few metres before turning left into the car park. What are the rules on this? I have tried to look up the Traffic Management Order for this bus lane but Mcr council don't have any on their website. I have read somewhere else online that the bus lane is supposed to have a break in the solid white line where the junction is?Is that correct? This specific bus lane has no break in the solid white line. Hope
  20. Hi there, I have recieved a PCN for being in a bus lane whilst turning left into a car park. I definitely want to appeal this as the picture shows my car in the bus lane for only a few metres before turning left into the car park. What are the rules on this? I have tried to look up the Traffic Management Order for this bus lane but Mcr council don't have any on their website. I have read somewhere else online that the bus lane is supposed to have a break in the solid white line where the junction is?Is that correct? This specific bus lane has no break in the solid white line. Hope
  21. hi, there I'm a 21 year old uni student home for the holidays, And i attempted to use my Children's Bus pass to get a discounted fare on the bus. The bus driver took my card and told me that it had expired and i was too old to use it. since i was going to work, I paid the cost for an adult ticket and said that I didn't know that i couldn't use it as a bus driver had let me use it yday. I am really worried that i will get a court hearing. I don't want any legal trouble as it might affect my course of study at uni. how likely is it that i will receive a letter from them? The card it
  22. This is a clever idea, but no doubt some people will find the downfalls.
  23. Hi Guys, Hope you can offer some advise. I received a PCN, dated 16 July 2011, for driving through Bus only lane on Eden Street Kingston. Due to my inexperience & fear of the double penalty I paid it. I later noticed and photographed the Bus sign in the closed position. It was closed for many days for sure, and possibly weeks. The sign is hinged and can be flipped open or shut. I challenged them on this. Please see attached pics. After several telephone calls and several letters they finally (11 months) sent me two separate photos, one showing the bus sign open (in force) at 10:
  24. Hi everyone I know that has come up in the past before, but for different reasons. I received a PCN for driving in the bus lane. In the photo that I've attached, you can see how the solid lane of the bus lane ends with a broken line. This is followed by a bus stop and immediately followed by a left turn. This was the first time I had ever use this road. I realized I was turning left, checked the lane next to me and what I saw was a staggered line followed by the bus stop, so I turned into the lane. In this case, I should have realized that the bus stop had a solid white
  25. Please help, as you don't have much time: My court date is scheduled for 31/5/12 This incident happened in March 2012, I received a letter a few weeks ago go for TFL, telling they are going proceed with the case and prosecute. I never expected it to get this far, and i've now in a state of panic, and concerned about having a criminal record. The charge is, 72B1 Failing to Pay Fare. • I boarded a bus no 390, on Oxford Street(Nr Tottenham Court Road) in the evening. • I showed the driver my ticket with Photo ID, he acknowledged and allowed me to board the bus. • 3 Inspecto
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