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  1. I couldnt believe I was seeing this when I was watching the news !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2432593/Gang-deliberately-crashed-bus-500-000-cash-crash-[problem]-guilty-fraud.html
  2. If any one can help or advice this would be much appreciated. Received a PCN from Kingston Council for driving in a bus lane (well the wife, but still a fine)!!!!! Photos show our car in the lane but upon re visiting the road I took pictures and sent of an appeal, they have rejected it saying all is good and I am wrong. A copy of my letter is copied below and I have also copied two pictures of the bus lane. Any advice good or bad welcome. Should I now pay the fine and put this down to bad experience or should I continue the appeal and risk paying £130.00....Thank you in advance. Copy of
  3. Hello, Can anyone please help me with my query? I have been sent a Penalty Charge Notice from Brent Council for apparently using a Bus Lane in on Kilburn High Rd in London during it's hours of operation. I used the Bus Lane at 3:25pm. The bus lane in question has an advance sign which states it's hours of operation from 7am to 10am, and 4pm to 7pm, Monday through to Saturday. The 'End of Bus Lane' sign (of which there is only one) is located a few paces AFTER the spot where I was pictured on CCTV. After receiving the notice I went to have another look at said Bus Lane as I thought the Cou
  4. Dear Forum, I have never driven to London before as I live in the countryside and have had no need to visit the 'big smoke'. On 17/11/2013 I decided to go and collect some second hand furniture from a place I had not visited before. After a 4 hour journey I had hit a busy and confusing (sometimes aggressive) traffic system. My Sat Nav which needs upgrading was politely taking me all sorts of directions which at one stage must have been a bus lane because this morning I received a fine for £130.00 or £65.00 if I pay in the next 14 days, with photographic evidence. Do I really have to pay
  5. This week I drove into a bus lane in Leeds. I am not sure if I have been fined. But I am not happy as I feel the signs are confusing as well as hidden.
  6. Hello, I have never driven or even tried to. I get blackouts & absences- though have no formal diagnosis for this. I've always known even attempting to drive would put myself & others at risk + makes me feel overloaded. I was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome last year. I get middle rate DLA care & only low rate mobility (had to appeal to get this). I tried for high rate mobility due to the severity of my problems, but with lack of proof to back it up & looking relatively 'normal' didn't help. I have just received a letter putting me in 'support group' for ESA despite
  7. Today I received a Being in a Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notice for having driven in a bus lane in Oxford on Saturday afternoon. It's simply a case that this is the first time I had driven in Oxford and didn't know. The letter seems to be from NSL Services Group on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council. This has never happened to me before. My question is, is this one of those unenforceable fines like the private parking companies [problem] for parking on private land where you simply ignore their letters and nothing happens, or is this really enforceable where if I don't pay it then it reall
  8. Just received a PCN for Wellington Street Leeds, offence timed at 20.00. The first photo with the PCN shows my car headlights with a possible road line under the N/S/F headlamp and possible double yellow lines about a car and a half width to the left of my N/S/F headlight. The rest is black. The second photo shows just my number plate in the top left hand corner of the photo, everything else is black. There are no other images in either photo that can be seen or identified. My point is that the images are not clear enough to determine exactly where I was in relation to the bus lane as th
  9. Hiya!! I could do with someone's help! I am doing work experience at the moment and so driving a route that I'm not used to and don't automatically know the layout. On the first day of driving this way I was stuck in traffic (expected!). There was a bus lane to the left. I stayed in the traffic for about 400yds at which point I saw the bus lane stop. I knew that I was taking the next left so pulled into the other lane. It turned straight back into a bus lane but I was already stuck in it by then and had no option but to completely obstruct the lane as there was no room for any cars to
  10. Hi All, I was following my satnav and it told me to go into a bus lane (one that you couldn't get out off once you were in). A policeman then pulled along side me and just politely informed CCTV would have picked it up and it expect a ticket. However, I've not long moved and my driving licence is still registered at my old address. I've got the form to change it but it might take a while. So I want to check if I have this ticket so that I can pay it before any late payment fines etc. However, DVLA say its not their jurisdiction, its the police or maybe transport for Londo
  11. Caught on camera in a bus lane yards from turning into my street. Comprehensive appeal shortlist specifically states (by omission) that if I swerve to avoid killing a family by entering a bus lane, I am liable to the fine. In fact ANY safety reason is excluded from appeal. I am not interested in looking for loopholes to avoid a fine or court, A serious safety reason made me enter the bus lane when I did, during an exceptional queue due to road works at the time. Recent meeting with LA reps and police highlighted the safety issue I speak of and as an advanced driver & rider with a full,
  12. Hi All, I received a PCN for driving in a bus lane which I think is massively unfair and should have never been issued. I'm planning to appeal but am looking for some advice on what I should include in the letter to ensure success! I've outlined the details of the 'offence' below. I'm looking for some advice on the best way to appeal a PCN for bus lane use that is most likely to be accepted. The PCN is for driving in a bus lane in Bath: 1 - I don't live in Bath anymore, I moved to Edinburgh in 2007 and was home visiting my parents. 2 - Last time I was home the bus lane was o
  13. Hi! I have just received two Bus Lane PCN's from Leeds CC on the same day. Both "offences" were captured by the same camera, on the same road, a mere 82 seconds apart. So essentially, two fines for the same alleged offence. Extortion. The mitigating circumstances are that I was in an area restricted to buses and taxis. I clearly remember the signage as I entered this area at 22.00 hours but I was unconcerned as I am a licenced private hire taxi driver working out of York. I was taking a fare from York to Leeds at the time. It appears from my online research this evening tha
  14. Hi All, Well its been quite a day, one to forget really but I need any help and advice I can get please. Just about to leave for work this morning, and this guy walks up, saying he has a warrant to collect money for a court fine I apparently got for a parking offence. He said he was a court officer from Marstens representing Northampton County Court. I was completely taken aback, as I did not know what this was about. I asked him to show me what documents he had but he would not. All he said was that I had to pay or he would seize my car. I kept it polite, and told him that unti
  15. Thought this may be of interest to others its from the Evening Times Article: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/driver-wins-landmark-fight-over-bus-lane-fine-132374n.21791364 Colin Mackenzie was issued with the fixed pen­alty ticket in January for driving in a bus lane in Maryhill Road at Bisland Drive. But he argued the sign was misleading - because it showed the bus lane in the wrong part of the road. The 56-year-old, from Bearsden, who took his case to the parking adjudicator, has now received a letter from Glasgow City Council telling him his fine has been withdrawn
  16. Hello, I was wondering whether I can challenge the penalty notice I have received on the basis that there is no marking (solid line or dashes) on the road to indicate where the bus lane starts, there is only a BUS & BICYCLE ONLY writing on the road. Thanks Sean
  17. I was caught in a bus lane on Clapham Park Road which I can see online is a common plight. I received a PCN (34J) from Lambeth Parking. Can anyone advise if I have any grounds to appeal? Specifically 1. does their footage need to show you passing all the signage including the blue 958 and 959 signs? I am looking at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?395266-Driving-into-bus-lane-penalty where Newbie21 states: [must] prior to, and after enforcement, record the bus lane signs that the vehicle would have passed proving that the driver at the time the vehicle failed to
  18. Hi Just received this PCN, I was under the impression that if it is broken lines on a bus lane (the car was at the end of the bus lane where there is a bus stop, as you can see in the photos) you can go move into a left hand lane, keeping traffic flowing without penalty? Obviously I must be wrong, because I got the ticket, but wanted to check. It's so annoying because I am normally so careful. Thanks in advance
  19. My local council has sent a 'Pre court reminder' to us to pay £200, because we failed to send them back my child's free bus pass after she moved schools. I'll try to cut a long story short. My daughter got a free photo bus pass when she went to our local catholic grammar school. A month or so into her second academic year we decided to move her to another school in a different area a few miles away. We accepted that we would have to pay her bus fare for her journey to the new school. She started her new school and we were paying £5 a week bus fare. Two or three months later we g
  20. Hello, Today, I was caught on a bus using my sister's Oyster card (an 11-16 student card) when I myself am 18 and should be using a 16-18 student card, which I applied for many a few months ago which never came. My name and address were taken, and my sister's card was confiscated. The inspector mentioned that a letter would be sent asking me why I had used the card etc.? I didn't know that it was an offence as we are both students and I only used the Oyster card for free bus travel, so TFL were not loosing any fare from the action. Whilst googling for advice on the situation I stumble
  21. Dear all I've been done for driving into a bus route on Rye Lane, southbound - in Peckham. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Rye+lane+peckham&hl=en&ll=51.467189,-0.066304&spn=0.000027,0.019248&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=52.637906,78.837891&hq=Rye+lane+peckham&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.467253,-0.066402&panoid=PVlcaBOMg2k4M1lbKxv02w&cbp=12,134.24,,0,8.58 So I made a Representation on the following grounds: - Warning sign is severely defaced - It's the wrong warning sign (should be #877) - It's the wrong warning road-marking (sh
  22. As many others I've also fallen foul to this mo'fo! Basically, it was a genuine mistake, I was following the TomTom and wasnt looking properly, it said to turn left and I looked up n for some reason followed the black cab onto that lane, thrn it was an OH! SH1T! moment. tbh, I hardly used the lane. however, you may disagree. anything I can do? Heres the video link pics of PCN also attached Thanks
  23. In June 2007, I was told that I would never be able to legally drive and that I should register as partially sighted. This was sent to social services who sent someone around to see me. She told that I'm automatically entitled to a bus pass. I just have to send in my documents and I'll get one. I then had to renew my bus pass and had no problems at all. It was awarded for 5 years. I had to renew it this year and it has never worked. I went into the council office this morning who looked at the pass and said I need to see someone. She looked at my file and said I shouldn't have a bus
  24. Right or wrong? (Forget about the the 'licence excuse') Speaking as an ex-bus driver, I actually know the answer! http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/4859900/council-jobsworths.html
  25. I read an earlier post that indicated the Leeds pcn's may be written out incorrectly. Can anyone here look over mine please and advise if I can challenge my recent pcn. http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n278/anjme/PcnLeeds_zpsa91e1201.jpg [ATTACH=CONFIG]42492[/ATTACH]
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