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  1. Hi All, When boarding my usual bus journey back from work last week, I tapped my Oyster on the Oyster card machine, it did not respond so I tried again (I had swiped correctly, with card flat against it). Prior to this, a lady in front of me had swiped her card several times and it also did not work for her - No beeps, Green or Red signals, so she went to sit down. I took her experience into account after I had tried swiping my card and informed the bus driver that the machine did not work (either she froze the machine or the machine was coincidently unresponsive for
  2. Bus companies are not required by law to force parents with buggies to make way for wheelchair users in designated bays on vehicles, senior judges ruled. Read More Here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-30376446
  3. Whilst making representations against a bus lane PCN I read through the London Local Authorities Act 1996. I came across something very interesting and I would like to put it to our experts here in the forums. In SCHEDULE 1 Paragraph 2 (4) © states the following: (4) The grounds referred to in sub-paragraph (1) above are— © that at the time the alleged breach of such order or regulations took place the recipient was not in charge of the vehicle. PATAS read this paragraph as written on their website http://www.patas.gov.uk/tmaadjudicators/grounds_buslanes.htm The person wh
  4. I was driving into London and entered a bus lane and received a penalty. I have checked the area using google maps and street view and would like to know if I can contest it. It happened at the end of London Bridge, going north. There are two lanes going north. At the point of trouble, both lanes have white road arrows indicating "straight ahead". However the left lane then veers left and the straight ahead portion becomes a bus lane. In my case I was misled by the straight arrow thinking it is safe to go straight, and then entered the bus lane and it was too late to brake. Ther
  5. Hi there, about 2 months ago I got on a bus using my wallet to tap, I assumed my contactless took the payment, I had my oyster but wasn't sure it had money, got on the bus no issue I didn't really take notice it beeping or anything like that. I was approached by a conductor during the journey but I couldn't find my contactless, I didn't show my oyster because I didn't think it took the payment. The conductor took my detail and said I'd get a letter and I could respond with my bank statement recording my journey. Checked my statement and nothing had been recorded,
  6. Damn!!!! Went through the exact same lane an hour earlier....Anyone has any update? There is no indication or signs that straight ahead is bus lane only. The signs are well past the start of lane and like OP, it was too late once realised.
  7. Hi guys, i recently had a holiday abroad and booked a transfer with Greyhound from Cardiff to Bristol Airport. The bus turned up and was overheating, so the driver told us they wouldnt be able to take us and a replacement would come and pick us up within 30 mins. Nearly an hour later it still had not arrived and a number of us had to make a decision on the spot to catch the next train to Bristol to ensure we made our flight. We had to pay £24 for the train and then a further £30 for a taxi from the station to the airport. We actually got the the airport with only 12mins before the gat close
  8. Hery everyone. I'm not sure if I can post this if not sorry. but I wanted your opinions as to whether the RPI done the right thing. http://www.suttonguardian.co.uk/news/10721808.Bus_inspector_fines_young_girl_even_though_she_had_mum_s_Oyster_card/
  9. Hi, I stumbled across this forum whilst researching ways to appeal the PCN I have just been served with. As I understand, the Lendal Bridge bus lane fiasco is quite controversial (google brings up many irate articles). I lived in York last year for a few months and throughout that time, the bridge was open to all vehicles. On 9/9/13 however I was flat hunting in York as I'm planning to move back there and drove over the bridge unaware that it is now a restricted route for buses/taxis only between 1030 and 1700. The signs are poor - from the direction I took, I did not no
  10. I received a fine from Essex County Council for going up a bus lane at North Hill in Colchester and got a nice couple of pictures showing my car in the area. Not living in Colchester and following a Sat Nav i was not aware that i could not head up the road and a couple of other cars also drove up the road, so i presume they got a ticket as well. I've been back to the road and it is marked out on the road as a bus lane both on the road and there are signs at the start of it, however there is nothing to mention at what time the bus lane is active. I got 'caught' at 3.15pm on a Sunda
  11. Hi All, Recently my girlfriend was assualted by a uniformed local bus driver... This is a letter we propose to send to them however we are looking for some advice. Obviously all the names and details have been removed. Do you think this is strong enough without being rude?
  12. On 5th June I was in Leeds, my first visit. Due to a big accident on the M1 I was over two hours late for an appointment and arrived in the midst of rush hour. I followed my satnav to arrive at the address I needed and apparently, although I have no recollection of this, drove in a bus lane. It must have been for a very short distance and probably in a line of other traffic as I do not recall ANY signs. On receiving the notice I wrote explaining the situation and asked them to confirm that both the notice and the road markings fully comply with regulations. I was apparently in Boar Lane
  13. Hi guys, new here so I hope I conform to set posting standards. Any issues, please point them out. Anyway, I got a PCN by the council through the post for "BEING IN A BUS LANE". I think the PCN itself didnt contain any errors which would make it invalid. The photographic pictures show that I did indeed briefly use the bus lane. I was surprised at myself that I would drive in a bus lane without realising it, so at the time I put it down to it being dark and raining heavily, causing glare off the road surface. I appealed the ticket on many grounds, including compassionate, high
  14. Hi, I could really do with some advice: I've received a 34J 'Being in a bus lane (in the hours of operation) on Commercial Road (Nr Beecroft St) Leeds - the time of the alleged offence is 06:07. I was driving back from an appointment - in a route I don't usually use, but have no recollection of driving in the bus lane - it's not something I usually do and I don't know if there is a turning or a petrol station there but, from the image, the road seems deserted. I've read a few posts where these penalty notices are based on the bus lane being 24hr so am assuming this is what has happen
  15. Hi, newbie here. I'm trying to find information on what makes a bus, a bus. If I have a cat C licence, I can't drive a bus / coach - cat D. If all but 8 seats were removed, would the vehicle still be a bus, or just a heavy vehicle? I can't find any literature regarding this as it seems quite a specific question. I'm thinking that if there are insufficient seats - the vehicle could not be regarded as a psv / pcv... where would i find relevant legislation on the subject? thanx guys, take it easy.
  16. Hi, Hope this is the right forum! A friend received a PCN for going in a bus lane but on the photo it looks more like a cycle lane. Looking at the photos it looks like he was pulling to the outside of the road to avoid driving down what looks like a cycle lane plus the lane he was in does not look like it would fit a bus next to a car which is why we think it could be a cycle lane. But the main query is can I appeal based on the following: The PCN Number starts NQ but when I entered this into the website with the vehicle reg it states the PCN Number is wrong and should sta
  17. There is a very annoying short bus lane in Romford, which makes cars have to go around it if they want to turn left on to the A12. Many cars (including me) ignore this and just use the bus lane. I havn't got a fine, nor do I know anyone that has, but I see a lot of confused people straddling both lanes, including my father than recently brought it up. There used to be a sign with the time restrictions, however the sign is no longer there. Are the same restrictions still in place? Here is streetview with the sign in place. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.588407,0.1
  18. Hi all, Please could someone offer some advice on the following, whilst driving for the first time in Birmingham City Centre I've been recorded as driving in a bus lane. I honestly didn't know that the road was a Bus Lane only road, I entered the road from a roundabout, Roundabout had four exits including my approach lane. My sat nav took me as to exit from the the second exit which was marked Bus Lane so I drove around the roundabout knowing there were Bus Routes in force and exited at the first exit (which would have been first left if approaching from my original direction before
  19. Just to start........I am getting dismayed at the amount of dirty tricks employed by Councils to Rape motorists of money. Any way.....short time ago I was visiting Plymouth. Went down a road approaching some traffic lights and drifted into the appropriate lane. It was a Bus lane...there were cameras...and the next is self explanatory. Received the ticket...my wife took and stated that we should get that paid and i genuinely didnt see it again assuming that she had paid it. As it happens she hadnt and I subs received a notice for the higher amount. I went onto the Coun
  20. Morning everyone, I was travelling home on one of the new routemasters yesterday afternoon when some inspectors came on board. They asked for my card, and since I used a contactless card I showed them it as I have done previously. They checked the last 4 digits with the bus driver and said they had no record of me swiping my card. I was positive that I had, as I had had to step over someone's things to do it and I watched the light turn green. They checked my details and gave me a penalty notice. They said I could appeal straightaway if I had proof of my journey. Apparently at the mo
  21. hi - ive heard that if a road is bus only there should be advance warning. What are the rules regarding this? I was driving down corporation street in birmingham approaching an island with three exits. The first and third exits were bus only - and straight ahead was no entry So corporation street is basically a dead end for cars - but there is no warning signs to indicate this in advance of the island. the only bus lane signs are those on the roads off of the island. Is this adeqate signage? Spoke to someone at the council and they said corporation st is a pedestrian only zo
  22. So, got this one a couple weeks ago: youtube.com/watch?v=zL9Orhx6Zok Challenged the PCN, and was rejected by the council. My grounds for challenge were: 1) No sign indicating end of bus lane 2) I travelled less than 20m in the bus lane 3) When my car comes to rest I am stationary ahead of the broken section, though the view is obscured and it is impossible to say that I am inside it. 4) I did not obstruct traffic flow The reply from the council was along the lines of: 1) The bus lane end sign is further down the road, after the junction, and t
  23. Hello there, I am new user here, I am seeking advises/helpful tips before I appeal to against PCN. What happened: On Saturday 23rd March 2013, at 19:01 (7:01pm), I was driving along Friar Street in Reading Town Centre to find restaurant place. I was taken into that route by Tom-tom Sat-nav (iPhone mobile version) to take me and 3 other passengers to that restaurant place in Friar Street from A33 northbound. When I got to entrance area, I braked and saw a not very clearly signs post (on the left side) as it wasn’t lit at that time, tried to work out to understand what is that si
  24. Hello, here's the story. For some reason, I have not received PCN, may be was lost in the mail, but received Enforcement Notice. I prepared representation, and come to a point when I need to send it. I realized that the letter does not contain the necessary addresses. There is a whole page with explanations on how to pay, but there is no address indicated where to send representation! I find their website and precisely: Make a challenge against a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), and there I came across another crap. In the box where I need to fill my PCN
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