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Found 4 results

  1. Hi ,I have been looking at other posts and I am unsure what to do. On Friday I parked at Orpington Station car park and paid £6 in advance online for my parking ticket. It said my number plate will automatically be picked up but to be sure i printed out my receipt to leave on the dashboard. I returned to my car that evening to find a parking ticket! I asked the man in the station and he told me that they have special 'sections' that you have to park in before 9.30am. However throughout the whole online booking process i was not told this and the worked at the station said theres a sign as you drive in but thats it! I looked for the sign as you drive in but could not see it (probably due to overgrown bushes and builders advertisement boards etc). He told me i should appeal it as i did pay and a lot of people dont realise about the areas, expecially if its their first time parking there. However from looking on here everyone seems to be saying ignore it? If i ignore it what is the likely outcome that will happen? would anyone suggest appealing it?
  2. Hey forum users, I have a question about whats happened as of recent. I have a plan set up with chandlers to repay the amount owed on council tax, I was a SINGLE day late of a payment and now they are saying that they are coming to take my stuff, the reason the payment was a day late were due to losing my job not only have I lost my job there is also a high chance of losing my flat too. I've had to sign on to job seekers allowance and claim housing benefit until I get back into work. The guy on the phone said I have to now pay a extra £125 for them to come seize my possessions, what can I do in this situation I wont lie, i'm scared and I don't even know where I stand in this situation. Please help me, I just don't know what to do!
  3. Hi all My cousin has just been on the phone giving chapter and verse on her run in with a bailiff who clamped her car for a pcn, she is of course furious (this not my 'bag' so to speak so I couldn't offer much advice) She has been reading various forums and I fear she is about to go off at a tangent taking bad advice en route. It comes across to her she needs to quote Ali v Bromley Magistrates Court among others to take matters further but. she can't tell me why she thinks it is relevant only that she has 'read' it on a forum as advice given to another!!!! I have done a bit of searching and drawn a blank, does anyone know of this case please? WD
  4. Hi Guys. As some may recall a while ago I have lost my job due to my employer being a bit of a F and case is with employment tribunal (it was accepted jej). At the time I lost my job I have applied for JSA and 3 days later for housing/council tax benefit. That was respectively 29.02.2012 and I think 02.03.2012. It took ages to get JSA due to mistakes made by JSA and fact they lost my documents. I got my JSA benefit after 3 months, after I already found a job. Still better late then never. All my issues with getting JSA were logged in their system so Bromley council had access to it. During my application for housing/C.tax benefit I have mentioned my landlord does not accept DSS and if possible not to contact him. I have provided them with confirmation of loss of employment, statements from bank showing savings (below any limit as times are hard), proof I have applied for JSA and some other documents. They have decided to send a letter to landlord with some odd questions in regards of my application. They also sent a letter to me. Landlord was not happy and warned me I will have to move. I have replied to Bromley council in regards of questions they asked me and explained that landlord will not reply as he does not want to (rule towards all his tenants) and does not have to. They refused my benefit mid April based on fact I had no JSA (they knew it was on going) and landlord not replying. I made an appeal towards end of April, explained landlord situation again and JSA situation. As soon as I got my JSA confirmation (20th of May) I provided it to Bromley council. Since then had no contact from them at all. When I called on 11th June I was told my application is still on hold as my landlord did not reply. I asked the person I spoke to if there is a legal requirement I can quote to landlord to force him to reply, she put me on hold for quite some time and when she got back I was told no there is not. In other words his reply is voluntary yet they still do not want to process my claim despite me being entitled to the benefit. Because of their games during entire 3 months of my job search I was stressed like hell as I had no money coming in. Now I am still stressed as I am living of my overdraft and CC until 1st pay. I will have to pay interest on that. I do not feel their actions are reasonable or fair. Unlike many in this country I worked most of my adult life. In 8 years employment I was claiming benefit for total of 5 months (3 months now). I can safely say I am not a lazy person living off benefits. Yet they do everything in their power to not give me money I am entitled to. I am going to try and have a meet with them tomorrow. They do not do walk-in meetings, only by appointment. Obviously Monday to Friday 9:00 till 17:00 only, as I have a new job no way to get a day off in future. I have an off day on Friday and they can only book appointment for me in 2 weeks time. If I do not succeed I will leave a letter with them. Now knowing what has happened can someone tell me how to take court action against Bromley council for not paying my benefit, stress they caused me and extra costs I have because of them? I do not want to do that but I know they will say no to my benefit as landlord did not apply. Thx to them I also have to move by 23rd as landlord got ****ed off.
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