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Found 146 results

  1. Hi, i am writing on behalf of 2 friends who purchased things from Brighthouse. They have paid £7.50 as fees, when asked what the £7.50 was for, Brighthouse response was that it is a delivery fee. Delivery fee is £30.00 and this is split up into 4 payments of £7.50 Has anyone else paid this delivery fee? Is it normal?
  2. Hi everyone, I am helping my son and his wife sort out their finances and came across their Brighthouse items. My son had an accident and is not currently working and his misses has just given birth. They have 4 accounts running at the moment which includes are the add on insurances. After reading some of the posts on here they will need DLC as they don't have any contents insurance or is there a cheaper policy that will be better? They also have service cover on all of the items which after reading is a huge con, I want them to cancel this and can this be claimed back? Do brighthouse have any PPI included in their agreements as the last couple neither of them have been working when they signed the agreements? Sorry for all the questions. JJ
  3. hi, i could not find anything relating to this so that may be an answer itself. if i have 2 bright house items in my name can i change ownership to my partner? its odd i know but i have a tv and stereo with them and have about 50 odd weeks left to pay on both but i may have to go bankrupt and have been told that the tv and stereo could be seized if i go bankrupt. any info regarding my circumstances and the above would be great and even more so if anyone has a list of what may get taken if you if you go bankrupt would be good to, as i heard there is a list of what you do and dont get to keep once going bankrupt, i am worried to death about it all to be honest as so much buzzing around my head. thanks
  4. telling them they have no right to call at my home address. I want this worded correctly so that they stop calling even when i have already spoken to them and told them what day i was coming in to pay. Thanks
  5. Can i claim back my OSC as i was told i need it and the guy who sold it to me has now been sacked for mis-selling OCS. ive tried ringing and going in but 'theres nothing they can do' all they can do is take off my OSC. ive even spoke to the regional manager and he said the same, here the email i sent to the financial ombudsman, see if they can help me and see if theres anything else i can do to get it back, thanks for your help in advance. To Whom it may concern, I have purchased 3 items from the company Brighthouse who are a trading company of Caversham Finance Ltd. When i went to the store in Lincoln i the first purchase i made was a 3seater and a 2seater settee. The company provide the items on a rent to buy basis, also i would need to take out there DLC (damage liability cover) and there OSC (optional service cover). i questioned the OSC and the person who sold me the item told me that i wouldn't be able to have the item if i didn't take out BOTH of these extras which made my bill double every week, (this person has since been sacked for this exact reason the store manager told me, but the regional manager told me other wise). I decided to take out the contract still as my family needed a new suite for our living room and we couldn't afford to buy one out right. Since buying the item i have finished paying all my payments and have purchased 2 new items one when i was a little bit of the way through that I'm still paying and one when ide finished paying the suit off and still paying, a new 37 inch TV and a kinect for my Xbox 360. When purchasing these items i was also told i NEED the DLC and the OSC. After reading a few things online i have since realised that i didn't have to pay either for the first year as i would have a manufactures warranty on my items for the first year. Since reading this i have contacted there head office and put in a complaint to the customer relations department, they told me i would receive a telephone call off the regional manager within 48 hours, this didn't happen. this happened 9 days later, today, this is the first time he has contact me after i emailing and phoning since Thursday last week , i got a letter confirming he would ring me with 48 hours from 13th September . i went into the store yesterday, which was Friday 21st September and they said they would contact the regional manager and get him to call me but he doesn't work Saturdays, i find this hard to believe as its Saturday 22nd September today and he rang me today for the first time. i have heard of people trying to get all there OSC payments back so i will be trying to get mine back. i understand that the DLC would be needed unless i have contents insurance for my home which i don't have. i have also read my agreement and noticed that it says that they cannot come and take my items away without a court order if i have paid more than a third so with this in mind I've told them I'm going to keep my items and not pay any more off my bill until i have been refunded all of my OSC payments. the regional manager said that there was nothing that he could do even though the store manager said that they person who sold me them had been sacked for miss-selling OSC. Also i have sent my 37 inch TV in for repairs and they sent me out a 32 inch TV and i told them this isn't good enough so they sent me a 42 inch TV instead, I've also told them that I'm keeping this TV and they can keep my 37 inch TV as I've been paying my OSC on a lie for 3 years. The name of the person who sent me the letter about the telephone call conformation for the regional manager to ring me was Mr Alex Turbayne from the customer relations department and the call reference number is F0640082, the I've rang 2 or 3 times since then and sent about 4 emails too and it was 9 days and a visit to the store were i told them that i wasn't making any more payments and keeping the products i have until the regional manager rang me. i would like to know if there is anything i can you do to help me get my money back and would appreciate any help that you could give me, if you would like anymore information please contact me and i will try my best to answer you questions. i don't think the DLC is insurance, but is being sold as insurance too but haven't researched it yet but i intend too. there's some extra information on how to contact the people involved with BrightHouse. Thank you for your time, [EDIT] the settees prices: weekly payment of £11.98 + £3 OSC + £2.24 DLC = £17.22 total price £2686.32 taken out 23rd January 2010 now ended. the TV prices: weekly payment of £6.49 + £3.50 OSC + £1.50 DLC = £11.49 total price £1091.55 taken out 27th April 2010 the kinect prices: weekly payments of £5.19 + £2.80 OSC + £1.20 DLC = £9.19 total price £477.88 taken out on 19th November 2011 these are the prices that i have been paying weekly and total prices but i have finished paying my settees off now and nearly finished paying my other 2 items off now. Contact telephone bright house: Regional Manager: David Nurse (I DO HAVE THIS NUMBER BUT DONT WANT TO PUT IT ON THIS WEBSITE BUT DID SEND IT IN THE EMAIL) Lincoln Store Tel: 01522522485 Customer Relations Tel: 0800 526 069 Head Office Tel: 01923 488200 Head Office: BrightHouse Customer Relations 5 Hercules Way Leavesden Park Watford WD25 7GS
  6. i need a letter to send to brighthouse as my circumstances have changed and i can only make minimual paymenst for the time being. I am a full time carere to 3 disabled children, and i have been served default notices. I can pay £1 a week and i need a letter that i can send stating this. Thanks
  7. My husband and I have 3 agreements with brighthouse the last one being taken out last summer. We are both students and understandably our finances fluctuate. We always maintained our payments until july this year when we fell 2 weeks behind I phoned the Chester store and asked to speak to the store manager, only to be told that he was on annual leave. I was out onto a chap claiming to be the deputy manager. I explained that I was 2 weeks behind and needed to split the arrears over 2 weeks in order to get back on track. At this point the deputy manager started shouting that I had signed a contract and could not dictate to them how to pay, and that I had to make full payment by noon on the saturday (this conversation happened on the wednesday) or he expected to see me in the branch to explain myself!! I told him that I would not and could not pay in full or attend the branch and that I found his manner both uncalled for and aggressive and requested that he speaks to me in a respectable manner. He then continued to shout that if I did not attend the branch by noon on saturday they would be out to remove my goods by force if necessary, at which point I laughed!! I then explained to him that I was not stupid and know they cant do that without a court order and suggested he go away and read the laws on reposession. I paid the account up to date the following weekand raised a complaint with their customer services regarding the abusive outburst of the deputy manager. I recieved an email off the customer services department stating that they taking this matter very seriously and that the store manager would be in contact to discuss the matter. The following week two women from the Chester branch called at my home, my husband was busy at the time they called so took some time to answer the door, they continually hammered on the door for a number of minutes and when he got to the door he found one of the women standing on top of our bins shouting across the fence to our 5 year old. My husband refused to speak to them as I was not at home and their behaviour was inappropriate. I have heard nothing more regarding my complaint At this present time we are once again behind by 3 weeks due to a death in the family and priorites have had to change. Last week an man from the Chester store came out, I was at work, my husband answered the door, stated that I was not at home. My husband stated that we would be in the position to pay our account on tuesday, the representative began shouting at my husband demanding that I make contact and pay that day, my husband repeated that I would not be making contact, the representative then took a step towards my husband and shouted in his face that I woulld be making contact or he would be back. at which point my husband told him to leave or he would psyically remove him from the property I contacted customer services and stated that if any bright house representatives came to my home without a court oder the police will be called they have been back twice and became verbally abusive these have been video recorded as evidence and we have once again contacted head office to stated that they can only communicate with us in writing. once I stated that we have 2 recordings of their staff being aggressive they agreed that they would not call again. I have asked for an alternative method of payment as I will not deal with their employee either on the phone or in person they have yet to provide these I have contacted the ombudsman who have started looking into the matter I have also sent the store a copy of the office of fair tradings guidelines on debt collection highlighting theclauses they have breached any ideas what else I can do to protect myself from any more harassment??
  8. could someone please help with some advise with brighthouse please firstly we have been on with brighthouse for quite a while and a while ago we got one f the new smart tvs but we have just found out our income is going to be changing drasticly and i idealy need shave quite a chunk off out outgoings for bills etc so today we had to call brighthouse to advise them we needed to send the tv back due to our income changes and could not afford it but this time was rather wierd they claimed before could send it back we needed to make an extra weeks payment on it ( even though we all up to date with them ) they claimed it was a weeks payment as a termination fee so this was the start of the carry on with them lol so as i was a wee bit confused with this new fee as they claimed lol i decided to call their head office but to my suprise the lady on the fone at head office asked if we were in arrears and i told her no as we upto date on payments and yet she was confused herself of what the termination fee was lol but never the less within 30 seconds of putting the fone down to head office we recieved a call from the local store and after explaining the situation to the guy on the fone he claimed dont worry bout the fee we will sort it so thought wasnt to bad but then within 10 minutes we got a call from the original guy who said the wife had to pay this fee and claimed head office had been on the fone regarding it but yet the wife explain she spoke to one of his colleagues and he said would sort it the guy didnt seem impressed and claimed he would be speaking to his colleague and we would still have to pay
  9. hi guys recently cancelled all OSC from my items and because ive done that BH are telling me that i now have to wait 3 months before i can take anything else out because we cancelled the OSC is that correct or are they trying it on?
  10. I went in to Brighthouse today to pay my account up to date and also to remove the OSC on my two items. We have a tendency to go into arrears every now and then and end up paying late fees, but we always end up paying. we were told by the assistant manager (the manager was not present) that we couldn't stop OSC as it was contractural and it was also optional for them as it gave them different repossession options. We gave her a letter (made up from the template on here) stating we were giving seven day's notice and asked her for a receipt for it but she refused. We asked her to write us a note stating she'd received the letter but she refused. She asked us why we wanted to cancel the OSC and I said because it costs too much and we could get a manufacturer's extended warranty for a lot less. She said that this would invalidate our agreement as the items remain property of BH and have to be repaired by them. She also told us that we could not cancel the policy purely on the basis of affordability. They then said that because we are often in arrears, we couldn't stop the OSC policy, but the manager would assess it and decide. I picked up their OSC leaflet and read the paragraph on the back about our right to cancel, but this didn't make any difference. I know that most of this is spurious rubbish, but what about the point regarding manufacturer's extended warranties? BTW, the links on the fact sheet to the DLC, OSC and general terms and conditions don't work. Thanks.
  11. Hi, just a small query. I've been with brighthouse for nearly 4 years, never ever missed a payment and always settled my agreements without any issues. One thing i've noticed, after having checked my credit file from experian and equifax, is that brighthouse have not recorded a single payment i've made. I assumed that by law they had to do this. Can anyone shed some light on this? Many thanks for your help.
  12. Hi we are new to this so please bare with while it try to explain our many many problems with this crap company. we have been customers of the dump for nearly 4 years now and had many items which we have paid off on time and many new items we have now. these are the items we have now: 55" TV - 6 months into contract Fridge/freezer - 60 weeks left Washing Machine - 68 weeks left desk top and monitor - (classes as 2 agreements) - 14 weeks left Range cooker - 119 weeks left Samsung Galaxy s 3- 61 weeks left HTC one s - 47 weeks left now we have only ever missed payments about twice through out the whole time of being with them, and now this Saturday just gone missed another payment of our weekly £62.31, now they are asking us for £152.. We have explained that we cannot make a payment until next Tuesday as we have just moved and my wife has lost her job...and even then it will be just £62... they were not happy and demanded the £152 by Friday otherwise they will come and collect items... which we all know they cant without a court order... now the problem we also have is that we haven't taken the silly over priced OSC or DLC... when we took out the agreements we had home insurance but haven't had it for the pasted 9 months. well.... lets start with the range cooker, when we got it and fitted it in all was good, we installed a pan rack above the cooker and one day in the middle of the night it decided to give way and it smashed the whole top of the cookers ceramic top.. Now BH have always said to us that if anything happens to our products they cant and will not do anything as we don't have any cover with them, so i didn't even bother telling them and scrapped the cooker when we got a quote of over £400 to fix it! then we got a second hand cooker as we needed one.. but we still carried on paying and BH are none the wiser. also we lost our phone by leaving our bag on the train and after ringing the train company nothing was found... not that we had high hopes anyway.. but phoned up network to block them but still to scared to tell BH what can they do if we cant pay anymore and they want there goods back?? thanks
  13. i sent my blackberry off to be repaired and have been trying to find out an update on whats happening with it, will the team at brighthouse be able to call the service centre to get an update on whats happening with it? Also they wont give me a replacement phone in the mean time and also expect me to keep paying for the phone will its in repair! Bit annoyed at that to be honest. How long do phone repairs usually take there as im stuck without a phone in the mean time, also have i got the right to ask for the phone to be returned to me whether its fixed or not as the problem can be fixed locally within 24 hours near mine obviously at a cost but wil beat sitting around for the brighthouse repair team to try to fix it! thanks
  14. I have been a customer of Brighthouse for over as year ..I pay £38 a week .. My circumstances have changed and struggling to pay it .. I also have to remember to ring up and pay .. I have asked them several times to pay by weekly dd or ever monthly but to do that I have to pay a month in front - I forgot to pay last week and now this week with late charges owe over a £100 .. already had a load of calls while at work and two visits from from a nasty man .. one while i was out and he questioned my teenage daughter and sat outside my house . .the other visit , he was horrid and suggested a "rewrite" and left saying i need to pay £45 by Friday .. concerned about this as I was struggling to pay £38 .. wondering where to return the goods but I have been paying for over a year probably longer .. certainly dont want the man hassling my kids again. Help please !!
  15. Hi all, Wonder if anyone could shed a bit of light on this situation My in laws, who are in their 60's, have a washing machine from Brighthouse, which they have had for about 3 years. They have never had an annual statement in the 3 years and when they asked their local store they were fobbed off with excuses. Does anyone know how they would go about getting one of these that would cover from the period they got the washing machine til now as they have been told that the machine wont be paid off until a week before christmas which we think it longer than what it should be. They have also had a tv and a touchscreen pc in previous years, the tv went back because they missed a payment and the pc was a joke, it broke, was returned three times each time with another pc that was clearly broken and during this time they were advised not to pay as they didnt have the pc. They were told that they would only be entitled to a new working pc if they signed a new agreement with them which they didn't. With all of these items they had OSC and DLC, where do they stand with these as the have occasionally fell behind with payments and have continued to pay they're weekly payment which included these covers? Thank You
  16. Hi everyone. October 2011 my washing machine broke down & at the time, I didn't have the funds to buy a new one. So I got one through Brighthouse. I was led to believe that I would be getting a brand new machine. When the machine arrived it was obviously a reconditioned one which I wasn't happy about. At the time I did question it but found staff very unhelpful who told me it was a top spec machine. It came with no instgructions & when I asked them for some, I was told "google" it & print them off! Which I did as I needed to. Approx a month ago the machine broke down & I called the shop who arranged for an engineer to come out who did absolutely nothing as I had managed to get the machine working. However it broke down 2 weeks ago & I have been contacting the shop requesting they send someone out, however this has not happened. When I last spoke to someone at the shop, I was told to google the problem/fault & it would tell me what to do. I was disgusted but did just that as the machine was full of water. I had to open a filter on the front of the Hotpoint Aqualtis, which I did which flooded my whole kitchen floor. This got the machine working but it had damaged the clothes that had been stuck in the machine. I rang head office on Friday (27th July) & the person I spoke to advised that it wasn't acceptable & that he would contact the store. He advised he would get them to replace the machine with a brand new one as should have been delivered back in Oct 2011. He also said the store would contact me by 5pm that day. They didn't & I have had no call with a ressolution. I have heard nothing from them. I went into the store yesterday (Mon 30th July) morning just after opening so it would be quiet. I requested to speak with the manager & the chap on the counter called through to ask him to speak to me. I heard the conversation, the manager asking what I wanted & that he was busy. refusing to speak with me. He sent another member of staff out to speak to me who said the manager would contact me. I asked for a call by the close of business & surprise, surprise he did not call. So I am still without a washing machine, its damaged clothes, flooded my kitchen which took days to dry out & I am still none the wiser as to what "Brighthouse" in tend on doing about it. They are quick to call me for their weekly payment but not quick to sort their machine out. I took out optional service cover & damage liability cover, so I wouldn't have to go through all this. Any suggestions or help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. BrightHouse, Registered Office 5 Hercules Way, Leavesden Park, Watford WD25 7GS Registered in England 0785922. Data Protection Manager Caversham Finance Ltd trading as BrightHouse 5 Hercules Way Leavesden Park Watford WD25 7GS BrightHouse Customer Services 5 Hercules Way Leavesden park Watford WD25 7GS Customer care enquiries contact: Tel: 0800 526 069 Email; customer.relations@brighthouse.co.uk Customer Relations team open times: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm (Wednesday closed at 3 pm for staff training) Consumer Credit licence No 0345103 licenced for ; Consumer credit,Consumer hire Trading Names; BrightHouse Crazy George's http://www.brighthouse.co.uk http://www.brighthouseblog.co.uk http://www.brighthousecareers.co.uk http://www.brighthousegroup.co.uk COMPANY OVERVIEW Brighthouse is a trading name of Cavendish Finance Limited,which was a former subsidiary of the Thorn Group plc,and taken private in 2008 following a deal done by Nomura (now Terra Firma Capital Partners). CFL was purchased by Vision Capital in July 2007. BrightHouse is the largest rent to own company in the UK with over 200 retail stores employing more than 2300 people. BrightHouse released its financial results in July 2009 showing a 16.9 per cent rise in annual sales to £170.6 million.In 2009 BrightHouse saw their sales increase 21 percent to 50.5 million pounds ($80.6 million) in the 13 weeks to 24 December. PRODUCTS/SERVICES Its product area is home furnishings,domestic appliances,Audio visual equipment and kitchen white goods.In June 2009 BrightHouse launched its online hiring site. Brighthouse offers products from well known brand names including Sony Philips Samsung and Beko. Furniture accounts for about 20 per cent of sales, audio and visual for 30 per cent, domestic appliances for 20 per cent and 30 per cent for technology. Target Markets/ Selling policies Customers pay cash upfront, weekly repayments or monthly direct debit with no deposit, with a charge of 29.9% APR interest on all products. Customers can take payment holidays and return goods without incurring penalties if required. The company’s Optional Service Cover provides customers with full protection against breakdown.The company's lending practices have been criticised for targeting the "poorest, most desperate families" and operating in the "most deprived areas" of the UK. Given BrightHouse's interest rates, a buyer may end up paying more than twice as much what they would have paid absent BrightHouse's finance charges. Their base prices have also been noticed to be higher than the prices charged by mainstream retailers such as Dixons. Media Reports In 2009 a BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat investigation found evidence of a the BrightHouse chain bullying and pressurising customers who were falling behind with their payments. Some customers of BrightHouse, told Newsbeat that staff were "bullying, threatening and rude" to them.A debt charity (Credit Action) warned of treatment of people in "an appalling way", and wanted the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to investigate. http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2009/05_may/14/newsbeat.shtml Brighthouse stories on CAG. Such was the levels of complaints on the Consumer Action Group,from Brighthouse customers,that we introduced a stand alone forum for members much earlier than similar forums which were added for other retail store forums. Complaints range from being supplied with b stock goods,failure to properly deal with complaints,adding unfair charges to agreements,insurance issues,heavy handed collection tactics,and more. Here are some examples; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?89225 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?136953-Help-with-Brighthouse-please http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?48343-Brighthouse-Problem-Again http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?281880-Bright-House-problems....
  18. Hi everyone, I need a bit of information in regards to Brighthouse. My girlfriend has got a few things from them and pays around £140 per week. A few weeks back she missed one weeks payments due to not having the right amount. She walked into her local store to pay the missed weeks payment as well as the payment that was due. The member of staff informed her that there was a £20 late payment charge to be paid on top of what was owed. She said she is not going to pay it and walked out the store. She phoned me and explained what had happened. I said to her that she did the right thing, but go back in and pay the money that was owed on the account. When she walked back into the store, the branch manager tried to force her to pay the £20 charge or he will not accept the money for the account. She argued with him and he called his area manager. After a lengthy conversation he put the phone down and told my girlfriend that she did not have to pay the £20 charge. Last weekend my girlfriend had the same problem only this time Brighthouse and the store manager were using dirty nasty tactics. She missed a weeks payment and the store manager came out to her house. He told her that she has to pay a late payment charge of £20 or he will not take her weekly payments and that she will have a visit by bailiffs to remove her goods. She told him to leave her property straight away. She was quite shaken by this and called me straight away. I was raging with fury after she told me what this idiot had told her. I know quite a bit about bailiffs and what they can and can not do. I reassured her that no bailiffs will come and remove her goods. He left her his card and told her she has got until 14:00hrs to pay the amount with charges. I told her to go to the store with a friend(I live in Portsmouth, she lives in Birmingham otherwise he would of been dealing with me) and take the digital voice recorder that I gave her a while back and ask him why he will not take her payments. She walked into the store and asked the branch manager if he was prepared to put in writing why he will not take her payments. He refused to do that and that she could contact head office and speak to them. She asked him if he was willing to take her payments and he replied no. She walked out of the store and called me straight away. I told her that she should never speak over the phone or deal with brighthouse face to face and never sign anything and that she should put a video camera by the front door in case they ever come back to the house. What I would like to do is write a letter to brighthouse about what this store manager has said, also to the OFT and FSA but I am unsure of what to put in it. Has anybody else had this problem with Brighthouse. Any help or advice of what to put in this letter would be most appreciated.
  19. hi i don t no if any1 can help me we have a brighthouse account which is due every saturday this week we genuinely forgot to pay what with one thing and another we ve had them on the phone 2day threatening to be out at 10 tonight to get the goods as this is the time my partner finish s work they did not phone us we phoned them to say we will be down on wednesday to pay it not avoiding payment or anything the store manager has threatened us with the police coming in our home and all sorts really reall stressed and upset just don t no what to do any help gratefully appreciated
  20. Hi all, I'm hoping for a swift response to this as I need to contact Brighthouse tomorrow as they are expecting payment. about 5-6 months ago my girlfriend and I bought a sofa from brighthouse, the payments weren't too steep and at the time we were on benefits and receiving child tax credits so we could afford to pay the weekly payments. On the day that the sofa arrived, the delivery guys broke one of the feet, when they dropped the sofa off they gave us a foot and told us 'just stick that on the bottom of the sofa and it will be fine'. when we went to put the foot on the sofa we noticed 2 things. 1) the foot that we were given was different to the rest of the feet on the sofa and 2) the old foot had actually been snapped off and we couldn't get the pieces of it out. we were in town a couple of days later so we went into brighthouse to give them some money and told them about the foot, we were told that they would report it and we would be hearing from them about a repair. In August of this year I was lucky enough to secure employment, the only problem with the job was that the pay was monthly pay, we went into Brighthouse and told them that we wouldn't be able to pay weekly but would be able to pay monthly, we were told that we would still be expected to pay weekly and if we didn't we would incur late charges. we again mentioned the broken foot on the sofa and asked when it was likely to be fixed, they said they would report it again and that we would hear from a repairman soon. 2 weeks into my first month of work, (bearing in mind that I hadn't actually been paid yet) we started receiving phone-calls from brighthouse demanding the money owed and that if we didn't pay they would be coming to repossess the sofa. we managed to get the money from a family member and paid the money over the phone the next time they called us. we then started paying the money each week out of our tax credits, which was severely impacting our ability to support our then 9 month old son but we had to do this or we would have the sofa repossessed, on the 28th October this year, we went into brighthouse and paid the money that we owed plus 1 months money in advance which took us to the 5th of december in credit, we once again mentioned the broken foot on the sofa and the guy that we spoke to wrote down all the information on the repair and said he'd phone it straight through to head office, we went off into town and did what we needed to do and went home. as of last week we have once more been receiving phone-calls from brighthouse demanding payment, when we asked them on the phone about the repair we were told that the 'docket' was only received on the 22nd November... Nearly 1 month after it was supposed to have been immediately phoned through to head office. We are struggling this month so we told brighthouse that we could pay them on this friday as my girlfriend receives payment from a temporary job that she has recently started. The person we spoke to on the phone informed us that they were expecting the payment on Wednesday 15/12/2010 and weren't prepared to wait an extra 2 days, even though their final day for a weeks payment is close of business on the Saturday. I'm not disputing that we owe them the money, I just fail to see how when we've notified them on numerous occasions of a fault with the product and their subsequent failure to act on our notification that they can demand payment as heavily as they have been. Also, the fact that we've notified them that we can pay monthly but they deem that unacceptable. hope someone can help. Regards a very worried DLaver.
  21. hi all i was hoping someone could enlighten me , i had a phone call on my mobile as well as my landline from this company they asked if i had any previous loans well the only main credit i can think of is 2 years ago i had finance with "Brighthouse" i had a xbox 360 (which in total i paid £600 !! for , a TV i paid in total £1100 and a laptop £546 , i remember i was not happy that i HAD to take there "Optional Service cover" (why they put "Optional!" ill never know and also i had to have "Damage Liability Cover" which i said to them that i did not want it but they said if i didnt take it i could not have finance , The guy on the phone said that there company are taking on companies who sold unnessasary Insurance etc etc which he said after i said to him what i wrote above that i should be entiltled to my money back and that they would take on the company for me but (although he said it pretty fast) i caught the part where he said that they took a 39% charge for taking on my "case" is it true that because i paid an obscene amount for a service i never wanted or used that i am entitled to a refund ? Is this is a case for "Missold PPI" ? i have kept EVERY single receipt and i have all the credit agreements for the 3 items i had any help much appreciated you guys are great thanks
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