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Found 146 results

  1. We are currently paying BH £130 a week (TV, washer, sofa, laptop and fridge freezer), I have worked out that in OSC we are paying a whopping £18.95 a WEEK! I have read we don't need this as everything comes with a warranty, which it does as TV, washer and fridge freezer all came with them from the manufacturer. Plus the £9.08 a week for DLC. We don't have home contents insurance, and were told we need DLC because of this, also we were misled in to accepting the OSC on everything. I know we can cancel the OSC, but can we cancel the DLC as well? And can we claim back everything we have paid in regards to both? If we do cancel them (or just the OSC) and claim everything back, is it likely BH will terminate our contracts and want the items back? Any advice is really appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am looking for some help/advice... Currently I have three items from Bright House two of which have OSC applied. Currently I am having serious problems with them and I am looking for ways to get them back for the shoddy customer service and utter shambles of staff attitude toward complaints. Now having looked into this I am now aware that OSC should not have been automatically applied and I was told at the time of signing all this was necessary due to the value of the items I took out and was only optional on lower value items... this now appears to be lies.. At the time of signing both my self and my son was present, now I can back up the claim on item value as after arguing on 2 other items that are low value they agreed to take it off. Also when purchasing the iPad I was told it was needed and would benefit me as when they had an iPad 2 they would automatically upgrade me! never happened. I maintain at no point was I told this was optional ... What I would like to happen is get refunded for the payments of OSC as to me it was lies and mis-selling, I am just at a loss as to where to start?? I have not cancelled the OSC yet as I am afraid it will effect the contracts and my chances of a refund... Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi all, I need some guidance regarding a laptop that my daughter purchased from Brighthouse in November 2011 with an extended warranty which expires in September 2013. Just before Christmas 2012 the laptop went wrong, my daughter duly took the laptop back to the local store for repair under the terms of the warranty. A couple of weeks later she received the laptop back only for it to go wrong again a few weeks later. I have been in touch with Brighthouse on my daughters behalf regarding the issue and they told me that the laptop had been replaced with a refurbished laptop which I was rather suprised at as my daughter had not told me that. So I contacted my daughter and she told me that no way was her original purchased laptop been replaced with a refurbished one she received the original laptop back. They are now offering her yet another laptop which they claim is of better quality to her original purchase.Does she have to accept a refurbished item. My daughter paid the balance of this item off in full.
  4. hey guys i was just wondering if any of you know how many times a day these can come out to my house is there some kind of limit? thx in advance
  5. I'm currently a customer of Brighthouse. I was late paying about 4 weeks ago. I contacted Brighthouse within a week to make a offer of payment and i was told it had gone to collections. They refused my offer of payment and are now constantly ringing me upto 12 times a day , they are visiting my property and they have threatened me with bailiffs and court action. I have paid in the past around about £150 in late payment fees alone and i have their service cover and insurance too. My 16 year old daughter is terrified to stay in the flat on her own as Brighthouse have sent to aggresive blokes around in the past who were abusive and used threatening behaviour. They have given me until tomorrow to pay the balance otherwise they will come out again. Where do i stand in this and is there any help available to me? This is making me very ill too. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello all, I have 2 items from Brighthouse i have paid more than a 3rd on one item but have paid less than that on the 2nd item.I recently lost my job and have been unable to pay for the past 4 weeks.I am now in £200 in areas,Brighthouse has said that they are going to come to collect the 2nd item and put it on hold or something and that i can keep the item i have payed more than a 3rd on and continue with my weekly payments.I called them back and told them that i can afford to pay £15 a week until i get a new job and am able to pay in full. The woman on the phone said that they cannot accept that offer and will still be coming to collect,i told her i will not be allowing entry to my property. I do plan to pay for my items and do not plan to stop paying altogether. Have i done the right thing and can someone please advise me what i should do next as i am not very clued up on all this stuff?
  7. Having read some of the posts on the forum has got me thinking. Back in 2011 our payments were a fews days late and so we incurred late fees. Does this mean that our OSC and DLC should have been cancelled even though we were only a few days late in paying i f so does this mean that we could in effect require BH to repay the OCS and DLC (yes we are still paying for the items and yes we are still paying the OSC and DLC (but not for much longer)) So far they have taken 8 weeks to repair a portable tv, now they have another TV and hubbys computer and are estimating between 4 - 6 weeks for repairs. Today we went into BH to try and cancel the OCS. We took in a letter stating that we were giving our 7 days notice that we no longer wanted the OSC and when home contents insurance comes through will cancel the DLC. We were told that the letter was not good enough and that we would have to sign a BrightHouse OSC Removal Form before they would even consider taking the OSC off our agreements. If someone could help me with how to upload a copy of the form I can. Also any help relating to these problems would be great as everyone at BH seems to be useless (like i should expect anything else from them) Thanks in advance for any help mpenn
  8. sorry for yet another dlc post, but i've been reading through this section for about an hour or so now and im so confused. I have several items from brighthouse. I have both OSC and DLC on these, as some of my items are refurb. i have just got contents insurance so i can get the DLC removed, just waiting for my paper work to come through the post so i can send a copy in to brighthouse. I've just read that even though i've not had home contents insurance until now, i never actually had to take out the DLC like i was told everytime ive signed up for something. Is this right? and if so, could i claim it back? many thanks, Danielle.x
  9. in December 2012 my fiancé approached BRIGHTHOUSE and asked if we could store our "bigger" items while we moved house and the house was decorated, (fridge-freezer,tv,3piece suite,washer) we were told we could store our items free of charge for up to 30days at a time until our new house was ready, "PICK UP AND HOLD" when our items were returned to us we would then carry on paying for them. we received a phone call out of the blue telling us our items have been claimed back by brighthouse and you will lose all money already paid on them because they have been in storage for longer than 30days. long story short ......... I could prove our items had "NOT" been there for longer than 30 days, proving them wrong I was then told "your items have not been taken from you but have been sent for service/repair" ! and will be returned back to you when they arrive back in store, bored of waiting for them to pull there finger out I phoned brighthouse asking where our items were and when they are to be returned to us ? I was told ..... we think your sofa has been sold but we will find you another one and get your items sent out to you, someone will call you tomorrow. no one phoned so I phoned them, this time I was told ........ your 3 piece suite is here but we cant find anything else we will find them and call you in 2 days. constant phone calls from me to brighthouse (head office, managers, area managers and till monkeys) have got me nowhere they keep brushing me of with we have found .... "this, that and the other" and are still trying to find the rest, Or "COME IN TO THE STORE AND ADD ON" (get bent over) they wont return our items, they wont help us to get them back, they become rude and aggressive, they wont tell us where they are, they try and force us to sign "NEW CREDIT AGREEMENTS" they force unnecessary stress and worry to my PREGNANT fiancé, they are stopping us moving in to our new house but what they will do is ...... let us come in to store and "ADD ON" to replace our original items (lost by them) which will mean losing all money paid so far and start paying from scratch ultimately paying a lot more money ! to correct a mistake made by them. has anyone else had this kind of problem? any solicitors reading this ? please get in touch. thanks in advance for any reply sent to me
  10. I need some help and advice on an issue i am having with brighthouse please. I am not sure if something similar has been posted and i am new here, so i apologise in advance. I have been away for a few weeks due to a family emergency, and brighthouse, among other things, became less of a priority. I have been a customer with them for over a year, and have always paid in full, on time, every week, and everything is on my name. I fully intended to pay, but never gave it a second thought and went off to sit with my dying mother. I came home this morning from my family, only to find one letter about late payment, which was dated the 5th of February, and nothing else from them, except, my ex, who was house sitting for me, had let them in, to recover a washing machine and a corner sofa and matching arm chair. I have a television with them too, which was locked in my bedroom, and a mobile phone, which was with me. My ex sighed a voluntary surrender form for the sofa and washer, not realising the tv was locked upstairs. They told him that unless i surrendered the tv and phone by next friday, i would be arrested. The tv never left the property, as stated in the agreement, and the phone, which is a mobile, is with me at all times. No court order was obtained, and no final default notice has been sent to me. Obviously being a sunday, i can't ring them until tomorrow, but surely without these, they should not have been allowed to take the items? I had one letter stating that i was late paying, but nothing more. I am still within the time frames from when they can take the goods, and have done nothing illegal, as the goods, except the mobile phone, have ever left the property, so i did not breach my contract in that respect. I have had the sofa and armchair since 22 February 2012, so i am not entirely sure if that is a third of the time, because of when i last made them a payment. Can someone please help as to what else i can do? I am sure i cannot get back the goods taken, but what are my rights to the goods i still have, and any payments owed to me, if any, on the sofa and arm chair? Thank you in advance.
  11. I have quite a bit of stuff from Brighthouse most of it is over 1/3 paid. I never had any problems paying them and always on first name basis with my local store. However Saturday i got a letter saying my jobseekers allowance was going to be sanctioned as apparantly i didn't show up at my work programme. I did show up but they're taking their word over mine. I am making a application to apply for hardship payments which isn't very much. The question is would Brighthouse allow me to pay £30 during my 26 week sanction instead of the £140p/m i normally pay (i know its a lot but its a lesson well learnt). I'm concerned about contacting my store about this after reading the horror stories about how brighthouse wont help and will come and collect the stuff. The items i had are essentials except for the pc but that has personal stuff on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  12. Hi. Can anyone help me? My parents have had stuff with Brighthouse for a few years. (in dads name) my mum passed away in November, she was my dads appointee so his money got stopped until we could sort it. it took 4 weeks. Brighthouse asked for £135 otherwise they would take the stuff back. the problem is this: My parents got my sister and nephew (aged 4) a couch and an xbox. they live around the corner from my parents house. the couch is broken and needs replacing. Brighthouse have come up with a number of excuses not to replace it. from it been at my sisters address; to not having stock. They even said it was because my sister had had to send something back to them voluntarily on a previous occasion. This has been going on 2 months. so my dad has said until you give me a date for replacing the couch I'm not paying. He hasn't paid for 2 weeks (couch only.) The xbox is in brighthouse currently been repaired but because someone has told them that the kinect is elsewhere they are saying we cant have the xbox back. There are 18 weeks left to pay on the couch and 12 weeks on the xbox. They are ringing me all the time. I don't have an account with Brighthouse. Never have and never will. I didn't think they were allowed to do this. The couch is the only thing not up to date with payments. I phoned their head office. They said everything is at the managers discretion. but they did say that as long as the items were in the area they can be at different addresses. Also that if a person returns items voluntarily they shouldn't hold it against them. My dad is 72 and has mental health issues and it is obviously stressing him out. My $ year old nephew is upset. Oh and brighthouse said my dad could be prosecuted for fraud.
  13. hi, ive been with brighthouse now for nearly 3 years until recently i made all my payments but due to xmas and having 6 children have now fallen behind with my payments i have 3 items with brighthouse which were due to finish payments this year i only have 500 pound left to pay off but because of all the late charges havent pay in sometime now a nd have tried to reason with them by asking if they can take part payments but i aint getting nowhere we them as they keep adding on late payment fees. two weeks ago i owed them 289 i told them there was no way i could afford to pay that amount in full so they said i could pay 100 so i did this and when i rung them the following week to make a payment they said i need to pay 289 pound to be up to date saddly i cant afford this but they wont let me make part payments need help cos this is stressing me out and i now have the blaiffs knocking on my door what can i do
  14. I have read several posts here about Brighthouse and their OSC and DLC policies. I have had several agreements with Brighthouse and have managed to remove the OSC but not the DLC. I have a TV from them which has been accidently damaged by person or persons unknown spilling some kind of liquid on the screen and although still working perfectly the TV has strange marks on the screen. I have told Brighthous about this when I went into the store to make a payment but the DLC was not mentioned. From what I have read on here I would think that I am not covered by the DLC "policy" and have wasted my money paying for this. Would I be better off just trying to claim on my Home Contents Insurance which has a new for old cover for accidental damage? I only have 6 weeks left on the agreement with Brighthouse.
  15. HI, all We entered an agreement with brighthouse for a 47inch tv, after a few days we had problems with it as it would take a while to come on in the morning a nd it had a line in the centre of it, brighthouse gave as a loner and told us they were having it repaired, when tv came back there was no change"same problems existed" over the next 2 years we gave them the tv they gave us a loaner kept ours for months, then gave it back, but always unfixed, March 2012 they did the same and we have had a loaner since, now we have paid tv in full and we still have loaner, We went to the store and they told us it cant be repaired and they are still trying to get us a replacement. They still havent got us the replacement and i was hoping someone could give me some advice in how to tackle this situaton.. .. thanks to all in advance who reply
  16. Hi everyone, I have been helping my son with Brighthouse and now have a new problem. He brought a mobile phone in June with all the bloody extras. After this I wrote a letter for him cancelling all the add ons. Now his phone has gone wrong and because he has no extra warranty they are saying they won't repair this, surely this is wrong as it has a manufacture warranty. Thanks in advance JJ
  17. Hi Guys its all over, my payments have come to and end i'm now free! I have had nothing but hell from this company for 3 years. To come to the end is a wonderful feeling. No more phone calls because i'm late paying. No more late fees and being asked to pay the late charge plus 2 weeks.! I look at the tv and stand, and they really are mine, all mine! I was one of the lucky ones, it never broke down during the 3 years. That was a relief because i moved house without telling them 5 months after i took out the agreement. I had no intention of not paying anymore, i simply carried on phoning every week from my new address. Did you know they have no way of knowing you have moved unless they pay you a visit......Then they get a shock When you call the store they ask for your card details and your address. The address of my card changed (but sort code account number the same) but when asked for number of my house and postcode, i gave my old one......Weird but true. No flag on the pc to say what address the card is linked to. You can be anywhere in the country, so long as you still pay, you wont get harrassed i suppose. It goes to show that not everyone that moves house is avoiding paying BH. I could have done a runner, but i hung in there. I wanted to look at my goods and pat myself on the back when payment was made in full. Until the very end. Even then they wanted more money than i expected but i paid it get rid of them. I have accepted that i was one of many paying higher interest rates to cover the people that do stop paying for whatever reason. I will never, ever go back to these people. I cant bear looking at their tv ads, they make it look so simple. Its not. Dont you dare have a family problem come up. Dont dare have a sick child or loose your job. Dont dare to forget whilst cooking the dinner or whatever..... There is NO mercy where they are concerned. They have targets set in their store, they will do whatever it takes to make sure they are met. Good riddance Brighthouse! The only positive thing i have to say is i met ONE member of staff who was genuine
  18. Hi, I have three agreements with Brighthouse to a total of £38 a week, only taken out in August but due to an unexpected council tax bill (double the amount I thought, as it had arrears added from a previous property) I missed a week - then once you miss one, it's difficult to catch up with all the charges etc. since I defaulted on Xmas Eve, this one guy has been to my house around 7 times. I answered the door once and told him i would be paid on friday to get rid of him, thursday comes along and he's at my door again, so I don't answer. I also don't answer any of the 30+ calls I get from the per day; I know I'm not doing myself any favours, but can't afford to pay with all the charges that have been added on, and can't afford to get the goods repossessed as I'm a single mum to three young children and can't be without a fridge or a sofa to sit on! Last time I spoke to this guy who keeps turning up at my door, he said they would have to refer for collection and I said 'so be it' kind of thing. He's just been again, spent 20 minutes knocking forcefully and then a further 10 minutes parked right outside my window (there is a communal driveway running past my house) which was very disconcerting. He's left now, but where do I go from here? Can they repossess my goods now, seeing as I've only paid a few months' worth of the agreements? (and my final one was only taken out a couple of weeks ago) Please help, I'm really worried and am having to sit with my curtains closed all day!
  19. Hi. I've been a long term customer of Brighthouse and 6 weeks i took out a new agreement for a phone. this is the first agreement i have taken out in 2 years. When i was looking at the site last night i noticed that the price the price of the phone and when i did the maths i was paying the osc. when i took out this agreement i was not asked if i wanted osc and i did not even know i was paying for it until last night. Where do i stand on cancelling this? My weekly payment is due tomoroow and to be honest i do not see why i should have to pay another payment on the osc tomorrow when i was not even told it was on my new agreement as all i have read has said that i have to give 7 days notice, which means i got to pay this osc tomorrow. I think this was put on my agreement fraudently as i was not told this was added onto this agreement. Am i right? thanks in advance
  20. hi i recently (23 nov 2012) got a brand new laptop from brighthouse as a present for my son for xmas. i picked it up took home and wrapped it. on xmas day after opening it i then proceeded to turn it on to set it all up for him to my horror and a sad faced son:x half of the screen was not working. I took it back into the shop and the manager proceded to look at it and all i was told was the damage was made from dropping it which i felt as if they were aiming at me. and he would phone me with the out come which he did the next day saying that they will replace it. my problem is do i have to accept a new one when most likely either the same thing or another fault will happen? can i pull out of the contract and would i be liable to pay the amount agreed. im really confused and dont know what to do. thanx
  21. Just a quick query. My partner bought a brand new condenser dryer (and is paying full rate), when it was delivered, it was only wrapped in clear wrap, had no instructions and clearly was not in it's original packaging. You can tell it's been messed with, the Hotpoint sticker has been ripped off from the front inside door. When I spoke to them they said it was still new even though it had been on display in the shop! I've been trying to get the full definition of new from Citizens Advice but I'm still waiting for a call back. Can they sell "new" items that have been on display in the shop? I thought they'd have to sell it as ex-display. I was told that they have to but only after 90 days, is that correct? I'm more than happy to take Brighthouse on, to go as far as Trading Standards if necessary. I just feel they are shipping out display items to unsuspecting customers. Many thanks.
  22. I have a laptop and tv from brighthouse, have had the laptop since April on a 2 year contract and its had problems since day 1 I have 2 weeks ago returned the laptop and said I no longer want it due to problems and affordability. Was told by manager that on this occasion they would accept the laptop back early (thanks even tho its worth £500 and I have paid over £300 already for a load of rubbish). The only clause is that I have to continue to pay the £10 a week whilst it is being repaired (unless it comes back and the repairer says its my fault then they want me to claim on my home insurance) yeah right! My question is its been nearly 3 weeks now and no word from service centre I have paid £30 so far (£10 a week for last 3 weeks) for it to sit in service centre and tomorrow they are expecting next weeks payment, should I still be paying for this even tho they are taking it back? Thanks in advance
  23. I have been a customer of brighthouse for about five years now and was always told that i had to take the osc and dlc as i don't have home insurance, after the first couple of items they just added it without mentioning it ,can i claim this back and how? I also got a tv which they smashed when it was sent for repair and said they would replace it with a like for like but my fiancee said she did not want a second hand t.v so we got a new philips ambilight series 8 42 inch T.v which we have paid off but it switches itself off and on and the sound dips in volume at random can I get them to fix this? My tumble dryer I got from them also a couple of years old and paid off does not work properly either and the on button has fell off and the dial in the middle to select the setting has snapped so we had to take off the back to set it so it goes on, can i get them to repair this too, Have other questions but going on a bit so will wait for replies on this. Thanks Joss
  24. WOW im in shock just been doing some checks on my contracts with brighthouse and my DLC and OSC cover is £30.40 a week, with that being said do I really need them???? (Yes I have my own Home Insurance)
  25. hi, i have read a lot about brighthouse, my partner has had many things over the years, and has paid ocs on everything, the question i have is, the ocs is sold to customers as a must have, but for the first year most goods are covered by the manufacturers guarantee/warrantee, which the workers in the shop fail to inform you. is this not deception. the legal definition of deception is as follows. The Act Of Misleading Another, Through Intentionally False Statements Or Fraudulent Actions. Can I Claim The OCS Monies Paid During The First 12 Months, Of These Agreements, Or Parts Of Agreements Where The Products Where Sent Back. pt.
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