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Found 146 results

  1. I am a customer of brighthouse and I know I should not waste my money but today went to buy a PC and I was disgusted with what they have done they have made all the extras compulsory and the apr thing is now 69.9%. the manager who I know said yeah we have changed and hidden all the stuff in the cash price so you have to pay for it even if not needed. from last week the cash price had gone up by about £400. Sorry tough take it or leave it. This is wrong people need to know they what they have done before you get lured into debt and by making it even more expensive then add massive interest I want to email my mp should I contact any other people as this is so wrong how do we get the message out about what they are doing
  2. As we all know that Brighthouse introduced the new single pricing agreement at the start of September 2013 & increased the interest rate to a whopping 67.9% minimum. If you did not know or were aware of, at the same time Brighthouse introduced a sneaky little price rise in the cost of their goods at the same time. The cost of goods purchased from this company increased by 25% that is the cash price displayed, over the terms of the agreement that means those products will cost you the consumer more. If you are unsure about the reliability of this information, I suggest that you visit your local store & ask them. They cannot deny it, Also ask them about the responsible lending policy that they are meant to adhere to. It states that no more than 20% of a customers weekly income can be used to pay Brighthouse, but again I know that is not adhered to.
  3. Hi everyone. A friend recommended this site when I told her of my problem. Please bear with me as my head is whirring from the problems I'm having and trying to take in info from other threads at the same time. Ten days or so before Christmas 2010, my fridge-freezer broke, as you can imagine, with nine people coming for Christmas, I really needed a fridge. Being on a low income, not having anyone I could borrow money from, and needing one sharpish, Brighthouse was my easiest/only option (apart from not having one at all). I was employed at the time I took the HP agreement out, I have since been unemployed, and am now self-employed. So, there have been a few occasions that I have been late with payments and paid the penalties (I think it was £3.50 in early days but now around £4/£4.50 a time). I am currently experiencing the 'famine' part of the feast/famine cycle that is self-employment and I am currently three weeks in arrears on my payments (they will want four weeks plus penalty charges to bring the account up to date). Unfortunately, the fridge has developed a fault and trips my electric, I have it unplugged and it's unusable and uncovered by the insurance as I'm behind in payments. A guy came to my house today, I'm currently staying at my daughter's as she needs me to childmind while she is on earlys and this is the easiest option. My 19 year old son answered the door and the guy said he'd come for the fridge. My son told him I wasn't in and he couldn't come in. Of course the guy said he could just push past my son who laughed in his face. The guy backed off from my 6ft tall son and said I had to contact him by 10am tomorrow or he WILL come and take the fridge. My son told him he would need a court order and to 'do one' (don't you love teen-speak?). I rang the store after this but no managers were in and I was going to go into the store in the morning while I'm in the area to tell them what for and get rid of the fridge (I can get a cheap one from a 2nd hand shop for now). Now, I don't mind them taking the fridge as it is useless to me and isn't covered by the insurance. I have paid 141 weeks off this fridge (not including the three weeks I am late with) at around £8.48 per week totaling over £1100 so far. My questions: Can they refuse to take the fridge in it's current condition? I know they need a court order and firstly to issue a default notice to be able to enter forcibly, but can I tell them "yes you can come, but at my convenience" as I won't be in much? I don't have my CCA or any statements, but can I still claim back the insurances and penalty charges I have paid over the past couple of years, even if I let them take the fridge? (They told me they weren't optional when I got the fridge, unless I was paying cash for it, and I have asked about cancelling them before only to be told I can't.) Thanks for any help/advice
  4. Hi, My partner purchased two iPhone 4s last year at same time. the man in shop put them both on same agreement at £20 per week. we have a few other things also and have never really had a problem until now. In the summer months (can't remember which month but it may of been July.) my partner had a problem not being able to pay full amount so was told to go in on the Sat morning and they'd sort the agreements out so we didn't have to get into arrears. he did and signed new agreements. it was only last week I happened to check the receipts and noticed we've been paying for a 3rd iPhone which we've never had. He went in today and said they'll go through the agreements when they had time and he was going to ring them at 5pm today. they said they've looked at agreements and he did sign an agreement along with others. they said it was July we purchased it. this is not true but they have an agreement he has signed. We can honestly say we have only two iPhones along with other things. I have a receipt from end May showing this 3rd one wasn't on there. I just don't know how to sort this out as we know for a fact we've purchased nothing since may and that was a playstation.
  5. Hi, Evreyone My partner and I had gone to BrightHouse (Bexleyheath Branch) as there was a new store opening were we was in Bexleyheath, we were in need of some bedroom furniture so we had taken a look in bright house and came across a nice black wardrobe. We were approached by staff saying that its £30.00 off as they are a new store up to the 29th July. we thought Evan better at this point getting that off the actual price in our head. We had asked if we could take that one, we signed up, it took around 30mins quite a long process if I am honest. The staff all seemed friendly enough to help when signing my partner up to the contract, up to now everything seemed OK. we had got spoken to about how much we would have to pay Ect... each week and so on a so fourth. Then one of the men came over and had said the £30.00 off they give us, we can use this to pay for the delivery charge of £30.00 or we can pay it along with the £3.70 which is £33.70 today what would we like to do, At this point alarm bells were ringing in my head. I asked "excuse me can you please tell me were it states any delivery charge or why no one has told us about this since we have been in the shop"? One member of staff replies, you are looking in the catalog "sarcastically" I took it on the chin and thought ok we are so i looked thorougly in the catalog on leaflet flyers and shop signs and windows and GUESS WHAT NO MENTION OF ANY DELIVERY CHARGE WHATSOEVER. then i fronted the staff and asked if they can show me where does it state that i have to pay a £30.00 delivrey charge they seemed really annoyed with it they slamed catalog down wanting to show me well it was no where and said "oh well thats the price or it wont get delivered" In the end i felt i was trapped as in we needed this cupboard but alarm bells were ringing shall i shant i i went along with them so we got the wardrobe. I had paid my first payment of £3.40 in order they process delivery, we had done this no problem and she was explaining that it was o.s.c to make it £3.40 or something. mean while she makes a phone call upstairs and askes a college to come down shes gets & read through and sign a contract. hmmmmmmm my brain is ringing big time some how we are all signed up first payment made delivery sorted the £30.00 off they took straight back off us to deliver 1 mile from the shop, and now someone is going to read through the contract and send us on our way????????? still not mentioning in the contract £30.00 delivery charge hmmmmmmmm... whats going on , False advertisement as under the consumer protection act they must make it clear when advertising any hidden taxes fees and delivery charges clearly am i right in saying this? Then my partner has had a mix up with the financial side of things and has missed a few payments they had said there is a Late fee off £40.00 on each missed payment so so far we owe just over £100.00inc o.s.c weekly payment and late charges. They have been Ringing the house phone I have answered and they say "is ************ There" ME: "I'm sorry they're not at the moment can i ask who is calling and what its regarding please" BH: I have told you my name is JULIE im not telling you were i am from as you're not the account holder. ME: i ask if its possible to have a office number she states she dont have one!!! I responded in future dont call my phone if you cant give me your details of who you are!!! Also have had the so called "heavy mob" at me door to collect the item they said is ************** there i said no mate THEY SAY: well can you let them know we will be back" ME: I said here listen who said you can come and bang on my door like your gonna put it through as me little sister 16 was looking after our son the day they came round, My sister had said they was banging on the door as in "shaking" shouting open the ****ing door your big enough to give it on the phone" hurling abuse and was banging for around five minutes saying we know you're in there we will just come back with the police i think, " pussy" They denied this ever happened and said if you got a complaint take it up with bright house we are doing our job end of I said what with a attitude like that your job you're trying to scare people mate and with me it aint working The attitude on the staff i couldn't believe it, i can see how this would frighten elderley or vulnerable genuine honest people and is a joke that they get away with it. I have not yet filed a complaint however i am in the process of doing so, in the mean time i had sent this to the head office to stop them coming to my house as they (ARE NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT YOU AGREEING TO IT) so i had sent this: Caversham Finance Ltd Trading as (BRIGHTHOUSE GROUP PLC) 5 HERCULES WAY LEAVESDEN WATFORD UNITED KINGDOM WD25 7GS Company No. 06250176 17/08/2013 I am formally writing to ask, Can you remove My personal phone number from all records and any further correspondence be in Writing ONLY sent to my postal address. If you fail to take notice of this formal request as of 17/08/2013 and persist to contact my home address be it in Person or on the Telephone, This will be a breach of the OFT (Office Fair Trading) rules and regulations and you will be reported for doing so. Under OFT rules, Debt collectors can only visit a home address if they make an appointment, if the customer does not want an appointment you cant visit!! An implied Licence under English common Law for people to be able to make a visit at a property without express permission; The postman and people asking for directions Ect. ( Armstrong v Sheppard & Short Ltd [1959] 2 QB 384. per Lord Evershed M.R.). OFT can therefore revoke Licence under Common law for them,or there representatives to visit a customer at a property and, if you do, you will be liable to damages for a tort or trespass and action could be taken against you! Including but not limited to Police attendance!
  6. Good afternoon all. Just a quick run down of the problem I'm facing at the moment. I have been going over various posts on the forum and just want a few things clarified before I go any further. Firstly I will start by saying I am currently 2 weeks in arrears with Brighthouse. At the moment, the total cost of my agreements (including OSC) comes to £31.45. When I call up at the end of the month to make a payment, am I right to object to paying the OSC? They will charge me a Late Payment charge of £4.50 per item (£18 per week). As far as I am aware, the OSC renews each week a payment is made, so being in arrears therefore means the OSC should NOT be included in the payment I make at the end of the month, is that correct? My next question is, how do I go about cancelling OSC? I do not have home insurance, Brighthouse have stated to me that unless I have home contents insurance to cover the items, I have no choice but to take the OSC. Is this correct? Lastly, the late payment charges that are applicable to my 2 weeks arrears, can they lawfully be justified by Brighthouse, or can I contest this when I phone up? Thank you for you help much in advance!
  7. Just a heads up. As the title says really just been into store to pay off an agreement we have with them at long last and found out that there new scheme started today which has now pushed them from plain expensive to extortionate especially if you never used to take DLA or OSC with them The APR rate has increased a whopping 40% to 69.9% on the new agreements that now have everything included which is allegedly better for the customer we were told. Not sure how this works with regards to being sold cover and insurance which customers do not want or need in place. Glad to be rid of them at long last.
  8. Bad debt charges rose for the third consecutive year at rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse, hitting £23.7m for the year ending March 2013. This was a 10% increase on the £21.5m bad debt charge the firm incurred in 2012, according to a results statement for BrightHouse Group that said bad debt fell from 8.1% to 8% of total turnover in the 12 months to March 2013. But a rise in turnover meant on that basis that bad debts stood at £23.7m for 2013 based on annual revenues of £296.9m, a rise on the £21.5m of bad debts incurred in 2012 from revenues of £266.4m. The rise could in part be attributed to increased customer numbers, which climbed to 246,800 in the last year from 227,200 in 2012. BrightHouse also opened 27 new stores during the year to take its total number of stores to 280. The company said demographic analysis had revealed the potential for up to 450 stores in the UK, though there is no timeline for this expansion. In a trading statement, the business said 2013 had been a “challenging environment” due to the pressures on customers from high inflation, low wage growth and uncertainty over employment. “In addition, the government’s much heralded changes to the welfare system have increased uncertainty for a significant portion of BrightHouse customers who are completely or partially reliant upon benefits,” the firm said. “This environment leads consumers to be cautious when purchasing large ticket items for the home and reluctant to extend themselves when signing up to a three-year credit agreement.” Despite the rising bad debt charge the firm, which sells household goods to customers with poor credit histories paid for through weekly instalments, posted rising profits and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA). The Group made pre-tax profits of £8.3m for the year, down from £12.4m the previous year, while EBITDA grew by 10.8% to £49.4m in 2012/13 from £44.6m the year before. Leo McKee, chief executive of BrightHouse, said: “BrightHouse has delivered another year of growth in what has been a tough retail environment. “We have continued to focus on delivering exemplary service and meeting the evolving needs of our customers. Our focus on the customer has helped us deliver these results.” Link: http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/15826/online-news/bad-debt-rise-at-brighthouse
  9. Hi everyone I have a washing machine with brighthouse which went faulty last last Thursday. I phoned the store to be told an engineer would come on out on the Tuesday ,,, no engineer came after waiting in all day I received a phone call asking what the problem was and they asked me for serial number of washer and said they would order the part .. quick diagnosis without even checking . .so I ring the store not very happy .. I was then promised I would have a loan wash machine delivered today after I stressed I have disabled child who soils his clothes and bedding and I need to wash but alas I received no phone call or wash machine ..so again I rang the store who said its down to the service centre but how can it be when my service cover is paid to them?? I m having to go the laundrette whuch has cost me so far just over £ 30 as I cant have my son bedding and clothes soiled till brighthouse sort out my washer so what can I do?? any help advice greatly appreciated
  10. Hello, Every week I am expected to pay £39 a week for 3 items (Computer monitor, the desktop tower itself and another touch-screen computer) and have managed to pay on time most of the time without fail, however this week I was unable to pay and now that Saturday has passed, I am worried that on Monday they will come and threaten to take my stuff away from me. They have done this in the past(not by force, we didn't want any trouble so gave them the stuff) as I wasn't aware of my rights and they returned the item once we paid everything in full. They said the next time we were late, they would come and take our stuff away permanently with no option to get it back. This is what is worrying me as I cannot pay the bill upfront on Monday, however, I can pay it on Tuesday but I'm not sure if they'll accept my payment then. I'm also planning to pay off TWO of the 3 items this week (one on tuesday and one on friday) so I don't have to pay so much per week as there isn't much left to pay on both items (about £35 to pay on monitor and £100+ on the computer) Can they force their way in and take the stuff? Can they also refuse to accept my full payment on Tuesday since I'm late? I've received no notices in writing and they have never taken me to court. I am planning to pay it, I just couldn't manage to do it this week and am now left worried that I will no longer have a computer to use after Monday. Should I just avoid all contact with them and wait it out until Tuesday or what? Thanks.
  11. I have two items with bright house that only have a few weeks to run , I have OSC on both these , I have been looking through some of the posts on here and as I understand it , if I am late with my payment which I have been on many occasion then the OSC should have ceased unless I was asked if I wanted it reinstated??? I this correct, plus it was never really explained to me what it was for I was just asked to tick boxes and stick my initials at the side , could I cancel the payments and ask for them to be refunded? if so how do I go about it?
  12. Hi everyone 1st time poster, long time reader, I'm currently behind on payments to Brighthouse but don't want to pay the the late fee charges. They offered to rewrite the agreement but I want to get the OSC and DLC off my contract and reclaim the money I paid them. What should I do first? Thank you in advance
  13. hi i been a bit stupid ive had loads of stuff off brighthouse and i sold the items and now im struggling to pay for the items and simply cannot afford to do this anymore as my hours been reduced at work im about to move out of my old flat as my dad as moved in there i was just wondering what can they do or cant do as i cannot afford 71 a week now and infact im in so much debt im seriouslyy considering a debt relif order i havent got the goods any more so they cant take them back but so worried ive paid this weeks payment but cant afford to next week for sure
  14. Hi I got a washer from brighthouse on the 17/10/2011 and within a few months it started smoking, BH came and took it and fixed it. Not long after it kept coming up with errors BH sent someone out to replace the circuit board. All was well until a few weeks back and the drum when spinning sounded like it was trying to rip its way out of the washer then wouldnt spin again once again an engineer came out and there was a hole in the steam pipe and it had been steaming the motor which had fried and the bearings had also went.we received the same washer back again today and the very first spin the drum still wants to rip out the side of the washer and sounds like grinding metal. So BH put in an emergency repair but will still take 2 days for someone to come out but they also said it had been repaired and it must of been damaged during delivery. Its not easy trying to take washing elsewhere when you have 3 kids and a disabled wife. I went to BH and told them i wanted a new washer instead of it being fixed again but they said they could only do that if we started a new agreement, no way am i doing that so they said i dont have to pay for the washer this week instead. I have OSC and DLC but looking over the threads on here i should of just been using my home insurance. Any information on what to do would be great as i can see them taking the washer and saying it cant be repaired again and scrapping it and we'd be left with nothing.
  15. Hi Guys, Went into Brighthouse today and managed to get myself a lovely TV being delivered next Wednesday Sure the price is a little high, it seems like a brilliant birthday present though However, Am i right in assuming the products listed in the Title are optional and i have a right to cancel them ? While it being a Hire Purchase Agreement, I'm sure that there is something about me not having to have these products and i've scanned the T & Cs thoroughly... Also if i pay it off early, what would i potentially save?
  16. Ok im new to this,, i a 70 year old disabled man.. .brighthouse has sold me goods as new! But they're used or 2nd hand, ,,i have proof of this.. .and im refusing to pay ,,also there are many many issuies with this company.. there been banned in france and ireland. ...is there anybody can give me advice, ,they bully me for money. ..and i really need sombody to talk to. ...is there anybody out there, ,who knows about brightouse thanx jaes
  17. I have been with brighthouse for about 8 years, and i have had no problems at all. When i could not make payment i called my local store and explained. I was given a commitment, for the next week, sure i had to make up the two weeks, but i kept the deal. I have had to do this a few times, and not once have i had bad attitude from any of the staff. Any goods i have had have worked perfectly, a sofa had to have a repair done, again this was no problem, i did have to wait a few weeks for an upholsterer, but so what?? I always think if you are upfront with people it helps a lot, and if you miss payments without contacting them, of course they will hassle you. I read some threads from 5 years back, and i have to say respect is a two way street. Sure there is high interest etc, but we people on low incomes dont have much choice except Brighthouse if we need stuff:!:
  18. Hi all, I'm new here so be gentle lol. I took out a tv with Brighthouse nearly 3 years ago. Our old tv was ancient and when the tubes went we couldn't get it replaced and neither of us had any credit history so went with Brighthouse. At this time we were both working so could afford the repayments. I lost my job just before Christmas but we were still able to make payments. a month ago I had a miscarriage, was very very unwell due to blood loss and my husband had to take some unpaid time off work to me me with our sons, round the house duties etc. Brighthouse Know this! All of it. So now I am 4 weeks in arrears as it has been hard to catch up. I have informed them 3 times that I plan to pay off the remaining balance next week when my husband gets his normal full wage again. I have had people at my door and phoning constantly. The woman who came the other day told me when I opened the door "I'm here to collect your tv" Luckily I have read my agreement back to front and knew full well she needed a court order. She said "I will get a court order" She said she is willing to wait six weeks for a court order even though I am intending on paying next Tuesday This woman has a totally disgusting attitude problem, I have had many many dealings with her in the past and I actually complained to customer relations and told them I wanted no further communication with this member of staff but that seems to have been totally ignored. When I was only 2 weeks behind she phoned to say if it wasn't paid that day she would be up to take my goods at the close of business. When I told her I have paid well over a third and quoted the agreement she said "Err I think you will find that only applies in England" Customer relations were laughing their butts off when I told them that one. (why would they make me sign something only valid in England when I'm in Dundee, Scotland) I have emailed the customer.relations email address I found on here but not sure if it is still in use. I have written out a copy of the letter revoking license to visit my property under Scots Common Law to send to Head Office and I have a copy sitting here in an envelope ready to hand to them if they come up today (which I am expecting) My Question (got there finally) is... Do I have to open the door and physically hand this letter to them or can I pin it to my door? I just don't want to see her again. She has made me cry so many times with her attitude and I am still extremely emotional after losing my baby so cry at everything just now. If I do have to open the door can I just hand it to her and shut the door? Oh and forgot to say the remaining balance on the tv is £140. That is ALL that is left to pay including the arrears. The agreement is due to end in May. If you are still reading this essay it is much appreciated and I really look forward to any advice. So glad I found this place
  19. This is a real quick question. I'm considering using bright house because I'm all out of options. I was wondering if they can receive overpayments or a deposit? I can see why they wouldn't encourage this if it reduces the amount of intrest and period of payments. Can they refuse extra payments? Does paying for something quicker at bright house reduce the interest. what are the fees for over payments. guess what with 30 minutes of searching I can not find anything on there site.
  20. Hi guys i am pretty new too this forum posting regrading troubles with brighthouse well heres my story here goes i recently got into a small debt problem with them last monday gone i was forced into only paying erm £30 out of my normal £51 fortnightly agreement payment plan as of a slight other bill problem so its now left me still owning them £35 which consists of late payment fees they have given me only tomorrow too pay it in they wont give me any more time seening i dont get nxt money till16th if i dont pay it by tomorrow they are then looking at collecting my goods any advice on this matter i would be greatfull
  21. Note, I am unable to post links as I do not have more than 10 posts. I request site admin if they can edit my post to include a link. legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2005/2705/made This link: legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2005/2705/made states the following: I contacted Brighthouse on behalf of a friend who purchased a TV for around £800, however, the equivalent product from another high street retailer is just £329.00 Having spoke with the store staff, the store manager and 3 people within Brighthouse head office, it seems that they are unwilling to match this price. They rely on the fact of their store policy which says that the product must be identical.... BUT!!!! This is impossible since I have been told by Brighthouse staff that 'Baird' is exclusive to Brighthouse, essentially it is Brighthouse own brand. I believe that my friend is entitled to this reduction as per their price promise and using The Consumer Protection (Code of Practice for Traders on Price Indications) Approval Order 2005, where it states: 1.5.2. Do not make statements like “if you can buy this product elsewhere for less, we will refund the difference” about your “own brand” products which other traders do not stock, unless your offer will also apply to other traders' equivalent goods. If there are any conditions attached to the offer (eg it only applies to goods on sale in the same town or excluding Internet sales) you should show them clearly and prominently, with the statement. Brighthouse refuse to reduce the price despite being informed of the above. There is a great difference between the prices of 'Baird' and equivalent products from other retailers. If anyone can help with this or provide guidance as to what to do next, please let me know! It seems that the only way I can get Brighthouse to acknowledge consumer rights would be to take this matter to court.
  22. I have used Brighthouse for a few years with no issues I'm aware of the fact that its a rip off but a bad divorce ruined my credit. Now i'm a workings single mum studying for a BA (hons) and everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago when i changed jobs and there was a gap between me getting paid. I called brighthouse explained that i wouldn't get paid until the following week and that was fine however when I was supposed to pay on Thursday of this week I got a nasty bug and was in bed genuinely sick I didn't even think about brighthouse then this morning there was banging at the door my 8yr old daughter shouted me and still sick and in my PJs I answered the door. A brighthouse employee was stood there and demanded to come in and take my items ( these are 2 non frivolous items I will finish paying off in the next few months) I told him no way was he coming in the house and that I apologise I am sick and I will pay monday when I get to the bank. He started screaming in my face that I had broken the agreement and I had committed fraud and theft and he was going to call the police.. .my daughter was crying and he kept shouting that it was my fault. .so I told him to go call the police and closed the door with him shouting he was calling head office and that I was a thief. As soon as I closed the door I called their head office and made a complaint, the store called me and had the nerve to say that oh he didn't mean what he said.. .to which I said if he turns up again I'm calling the police. Then the general manager called me to say she is investigating the incident internally and she will get the store manager to call me. I'm really really shaken up my daughter is distraught because she thinks the police are coming to take me away. I want to make sure the manager understands I'm serious in my stance that i will not be bullied or be treated like this over what is essentially 2 missed payments I have every intention of paying. I'm just really in need of some advice
  23. hey guys im new to this and wanting abit of advice, im sure uv heard this story a milliion and one times already but here go's, iv got two tv's and a laptop from brighthouse payments were going great upto a few weeks ago with by them giving me tthe wrong advice on something now they are demanding late fee payments which iv refused to pay now they are sayin they will send out people to get the things back which i dont want as iv already paid alot of money on the things in the first place, im hoping somebody can tell me where i stand on this matter and if they can force there way into my home im pretty sure they cant but would like your guys opinion thx alot
  24. Hi i have been reading through the brighthouse post's and finding them rather interesting to say the least and i do have a problem with them as such or soon will...to cut a long story short i did something that i know i shouldn't have in the first place but did and here's what i did... I got a tv from them for a friend and she was paying for it every week until a couple of month's ago and i got that friend's daughter a tv also and same thing's happened so right now feel pretty stupid. The time the first friend stopped paying for the tv i wrote to brighthouse giving them their address and name and offered i think about half of the bill which worked out to about £35.00 a wk they of course refused and in the end to save me money i had to send back 3 item's one of which would have been finished this november and didn't know this site then so could say no to that item going back. Now her daughter is doing the same thing and just getting me down now as paying for two item's i don't have in my home..(again i know i shouldn't have got them but didn't know what i do now with how they have done this to me). So what i am thinking about doing is as i have two item's in my home still which i know i have paid more than 1/3 but i was going to pay them up so then have no need to pay the 2 item's i don't have here and letting them know where the 2 item's are if they want to go get them.So wondering if i should do that or just not pay all together? thanks for info Steve
  25. Hi Really need advice regarding this company. I had an operation and contacted brighthouse a week before I missed my first payment. I always pay a month in advance and advised them that I would bring my account up to date the following month which was the 15th March this meant I would owe 4 payments by the time I brought my account up to date and paid my usual month in advance. I was then informed by a rude member of staff that I would not be able to afford to bring my account up to date. After many arguements I didnt hear from them for a couple of days. They then turned up at my home at 8:30pm and advised they were repossessing my items (this is after 1 missed payment) I contacted the store the following day and agreed that they could take my fridge freezer and dryer as I hadn't had them long but advised that I wanted to pay my account off completely on the 15th march. I went into store and was advised before they could give me a final amount I had to bring my account up to date first. I did this and was advised that to clear my account I needed to pay £198 but I had to give them 7 days notice. I gave the notice when I was instore and contacted them the following week and was then advised the final payment was 259 as they forgot to add my 3 laptop payements to the balance. After being on hold nearly 20 minutes I finally made my payment. I have just had bright knocking on my door again saying that they are here to repossess my stuff as I am now 2 weeks behind in my payments I have checked my bank and the money is still in my account. The brighthouse staff that attended said I would need to sign a form to give 7 days notice but when I was instore and given my final amount they did not ask me to sign anything. I advised I would check my bank and contact them back. I rang them and advised that I called and made this payment2 weeks before and was advised the payment had gone through. I advised them that I would make the payment today but they refused to take it. They advised me I had to bring my account up to date and pay the late fees aswel then they will arrange to give me my final payment. I have refused to do this as I feel this is their mistake not mine. I advised I would be in tomorrow to pay £198 plus my last 3 payments on my laptop they said if I dont pay the late payments then they will not except this money. They are now saying that they are going to make arrangements to repossess my stuff. I only have 3 payments left on my laptop and about 10 payments left on my 2 other items. I advised that they are legally mine but they advised that because I have not yet paid the full payments they can come and collect them. Please can you give me some advice. Are they allowed to take my stuff and where would I stand if I leave it and let them take me to court Any advice would be fantastic Many thanks
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