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  1. Hello. I have read many threads on here on brighthouse over time and now needing help myself. I have a fair few agreements with brighthouse making the payments £73.19 per week! Stupid me, yes I know. However I got myself in to a few problems when my partner was out of work and we sold everything to make ends meet.. However he is back in work now, but we're struggling making the payments. I contacted brighthouse and decided to be open with them and explain the situation and ask if I could set up a payment plan as I still want to pay but can not afford the amount. I was made to feel like a child. I have rang them back today well the 0800 number for customer relations. As I want no dealings with my store. They have told me they need a budget plan well whilst I have done one, my monthly leftover is £73 a month! I am petrified if I miss a payment and they turn up at my door.. I offered £25 a week. I was told no. I will have to beg borrow and steal to make any extra money each month to pay them. I am at a loss at what to do now, I can't take food out of my childrens mouths to please them, I know full well I did wrong. But I am trying to sort it, however they don't seem to be compliant or helpful at all.
  2. I am writing on behalf of the daughter who has recently split with her boyfriend so i will try and keep it as simple as i can They split up a few weeks ago, the goods were in his name but its her house and she paid the payments The goods have been paid LESS than a third He split with a bit of animosity and told them to collect the goods, she went to see them to carry the payments on but they would not let her. They said they would have to collect the suite and she could try to get another new agreement. She is a young girl on her own with young daughter and having the suite confiscated would be very hard for them. After a bit of digging and reading on this forum am i correct in thinking.... They cannot enter her home??? UNLESS with a court order Even then they cannot enter her home?? If it went to court does judge have power to let her continue paying? IT is NOT a police matter?? I am looking at the consumer credit act which states that they cannot recover from ANY property the goods are on Section 92 92 Recovery of possession of goods or land. (1)Except under an order of the court, the creditor or owner shall not be entitled to enter any premises to take possession of goods subject to a regulated hire-purchase agreement, regulated conditional sale agreement or regulated consumer hire agreement. (2)At any time when the debtor is in breach of a regulated conditional sale agreement relating to land, the creditor is entitled to recover possession of the land from the debtor, or any person claiming under him, on an order of the court only. (3)An entry in contravention of subsection (1) or (2) is actionable as a breach of statutory duty. So any entry is a breach of duty is it not?? and according to the secretary (courtesy of this site) “…It is BrightHouse company policy that all of our customers and prospective customers should be consistently treated openly and fairly. Accordingly, BrightHouse operates a transparent and responsible business, and takes great care to ensure that company policies and procedures meet all regulatory and statutory requirements...” - David Harwood, Company Secretary All advice gratefully received Ty
  3. I think i am posting this in the correct place, if not please accept my apologies. I have 4 items 2 of which are paid for in December this year and two were new taken out in march this year. Unfortunately i lost my job two weeks ago and have been harassed ever since, phone calls sometimes 10 times a day, now i am ignoring my phone. my wife had the misfortune of taking a call on the house phone from them and received bully boy tactics such as ultimatums of paying by 5 30 or we will get your stuff, my sofa is one of the new items and believe me if i could get rid and get a second hand cheap alternative i would but its not that easy as i have no money and have 4 children who cant just sit on the floor waiting for a sofa to sit on. I will be getting my first JSA payment this weekend do i give them the lot to get them off my back or a percentage of what i receive? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Bought a Hotpoint Condenser Dryer from these "people" back in November 2012, which was delivered and on the contract as NEW, despite the fact it was shop soiled, no manual and flimsily wrapped. Today it gave up the ghost, the drum isn't spinning, was making a loud clicking noise prior to this (only for the past 24 hours). I suspect the bearings have gone in the drum (as did our Hotpoint washing machine, around the same kind of time frame). My question is, with white goods, am I correct in thinking there's some expectation of "lifetime" with these things? Just over 18 months and it's gone, looking at another year plus to pay for this thing which is now useless. Wisely, I didn't bother with the OSC as I understand there is some backup in law towards repairs. I'll make inquiries tomorrow with Trading Standards regarding this but in the meantime, can anyone offer any advice? On a side note, when I pulled it out this morning to see if it was anything obvious I noticed one of the legs had been smashed off the underside. No sign of it where it has been installed in the last 18 months so can only assume it came from BrightHouse like that -- not much I can do that but just proves the crap they sell as new!! Cheers. PS .. this is the Skelmersdale store, who disputed the argument it wasn't new ... oh and also had to refund over £300 in OSC that wasn't removed despite a form being signed by the manager. I smell something fishy!
  5. Hi all, First of all I want to say that I think it is awful how you all have been treated and ripped off by this company. I hope you all get resolution soon. Thankfully for me I have read through your posts and have decided to stay a million miles away form these people. I was not 100% sure because of the costs because they seem to double the cash price but now I feel I have had a lucky escape. I am quite impatient and we need a new 3 piece so I was seriously considering it but now we will save for a year and then buy from another store. I hope you all sort these buggers out and get your money back and force them to treat you like human beings instead of account numbers. Good luck x
  6. Hi i have 2 items with brighthouse that cost 18.40 a week (including osc which after reading this forum i understand i didnt have to take out despite them insisting on it) the account should have been paid on saturday just gone but due to unforeseen circumstances i am unable to make a payment until next tuesday which will make it 2 weeks in arrears the following saturday. I have had a shop manager on my doorstep today telling me that if i dont pay by 12pm tomorrow (thursday 17th jan) that they will be taking my goods. in my contract it states in the repossession part if you do not keep your side of the agreement but you have paid at least one third of the total amount payable under this agreement, that is 438.88 we may not take back the goods against your wished unless we get a court order i have paid this amount and more. when i said this to the manager he told me that because it was worded "may not" instead of "can not" then he could take the goods with out a court order. am i right in thinking this is a load of tosh? i have told him the date i can pay it but hes being very arrogant about it and id like to know my rights in this as it all seems a bit wrong. Ive not received any letters or a default notice in writing only him phoning me but i missed his call and him on my doorstep. when he undoubtedly turns up to try and collect the goods do i have to let him into the property? thanks in advance
  7. Hello, This is my first post and I was wondering if anybody could help me with some advice. I recently fell into financial difficulties and have fallen behind with my payments to Brighthouse. A staff member of Brighthouse visited my home and I told them I would prefer to discuss my account in writing and not at the doorstep. She never said anymore and just left. She came a second time and I told her that I was withdrawing her implied rights of access and asked her to leave. I video recorded this visit. She left and I thought she would have got the message that I won't discuss my account at the door. Now she has called around again and I was out. But she left a card through the door. I have a feeling she will be back. I don't know if she is breaking the law by ignoring my request for her to not visit my property. Does anybody have any suggestions. Thank you
  8. Hello. I am planning on going to brighthouse on monday anyway but just wondering if anyone on here knows the most likely outcome.. I have been a customer for a while and never had any problems. T he prices I am paying seem quite reasonable to me and if I have had slight problems (sofa came apart a bit) t was sorted pretty much immediately, so glowing report from me so far..which seems to be rare I have a feeling this is going to change though. I have a samsung galaxy s4 from them which I have been paying for for around 8 months or so now. Never missed a payment or anything. I (like many others) was told when getting it that DLC and OSC were essential.. but I dont really have a problem with that despite finding out that they arent. ..my problem is. .today I have lost my phone. Well, I'm not totally sure if I have lost it or it was stolen from my bag but it was there this morning and it was not there this afternoon when I got home. Does the DLC cover this? If it does, will I get a replacement/refund/what? I have been reading about various DLC claims and it seems brighthouse are quite unwilling to pay out on the insurance that they force on people :/
  9. Hey everyone, been looking around the forums and various threads but still a little confused and hoping for some clarification. My Brighthouse account has gone beyond a week as we're really struggling at the moment financially. When i contact them next week i know they will demand 2 weeks payments plus their usual late fees to every item which i know we definately cannot afford. Am i right in thinking i can tell them i only want to pay arrears from my HP items and not DLC/OS? I'm also looking to completely remove OSC/DLC and have already written up the letter found here which just needs sending off to head office and delivering in store but my question is, if i dont have suitable contents cover for my home, do i have to keep DLC? Speaking of the above, after checking a few threads, it seems i can claim back the OSC i have already paid for all my agreements? If so, is there a letter template for requesting this course of action? I've found the spreadsheet for Compound Interest Calculator but i'm unsure on how to fully use this sheet in claiming back OSC. Thank you in advance
  10. Hi everyone, In November 2013 I had my TV returned to Brighthouse as I was paying the addition cover to allow it to be sent back at any time (this was always the plan as my housemate and I treated it like renting a TV as we were only living together for about 7 months) On Saturday Brighthouse have informed me that the TV was never returned. I have phoned them up today and customer relations are going to see if the store I returned the TV to has any records of it being returned. Customer relations said that if they do not have any records then there is nothing they can do and I will have to pay for the TV. I have looked for my receipt when the TV was collected but I can not find it anywhere. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
  11. Good evening all. This is a rant at those nice people at Brighthouse. My partner and i decided we wanted a new laptop as the one we had was on its last legs. We opted for the samsung 23 inch touchscreen version which is a monitor, keyboard, mouse and remote control. No shops had this in stock so we went for a quality refurbished one which was only available from a store local to Leeds. The lady in the shop said they would deliver it to the store and we could pick it up from there. To speed the story up The pc was picked up from the store yesterday it was in a brown box secured with tape. So far so good. Got the box home and was really looking forwards to setting up. On opening the box i expected to see the original samsung box in there but nooo. The monitor was wrapped up in bubble wrap and some styrene blocks holding it in place. Hmmm not good so i carefully removed the monitor and put this on the side. I went back to the box to get the other essentials out ie the mains, keyboard, mouse remote and instructions But they were not there. All that was in the box was somebody elses returns note for a tv ripped up but all there Name full address customer number etc. It was too late to ring the store. This morning my partner rang up and explained all this got the normal i will ring you back which they did not. Five phonecalls later and it is still not sorted. T hey have to cantact a woman who was not in today (no surprise there) The store where the pc came from originally does not have the parts they should have sent with it and the icing on the cake happened earlier when i switched on the monitor to be greeted with a home screen which had not been reset from the Store and was still asking for Brighthouse password... .. The monitor is going back tomorrow as they have really peed us both off now. Quality refurbished according to them means that the pc would have been reset to factory settings. Have the broken any Laws, rules with regards to another customers personal information being in the box and by also supplying an item which is clearly not as described. ...Many thanks for reading my rant.
  12. I have a sofa with BH and I am interested in reclaiming the Osc and DLC that I am currently paying . I know I have to send SAR but what do I do next , send a claim letter requesting refund back? Can someone guide me to all the template letters I will need ..I did my bank charges some long time ago, is it the same way? All I'm seeing on here is people saying send SAR but not what to do next after having received all the info back from head office Thank you
  13. I am currently with brighthouse and have been for about 5 years and never missed a payment before i have just split with my partner so cannot afford the weekly payments im up to date just now but come next week im not going to beable to afford them, at the moment i only have 6 weeks left to pay to my washing machine and have been told they cannot recover it if i paid most of it, the other things im renting from them is bunkbeds for my children a tv i got in June 2013 for my son and a phone at xmas 2013 he lost it and iv been told i still have to pay for it, and my daughter a laptop at christmas 2013 iv took out the both cover they offer with the goods, my main Question is i v been told if its things in ur childrens room they cant enforce to take it back and also is it true that because i only have 6 weeks left to pay my washing Machine they also cant recover it i was also told i needed to take out both covers insurance because i have no contents insurace, can u please give me any information if any of this is true thank you
  14. I've requested a refund for DLC (and have said there is nothing in law that requires items to be insured PLUS the FSA quote "a borrower should not be refused a loan if they choose not to buy an insurance policy" - therefore an unfair term), OSC and all Charges (which totalled just over £2200), but after sending a Letter Before Court action, giving them more time, I still haven't heard anything. So I'm preparing Court papers now. Has anyone taken Brighthouse to Court, or do they fold prior to this happening? I'm curious about my argument with DLC, do you think I could argue this effectively enough to obtain a full refund? So Court it is ... and I'm looking forward to how they will defend themselves.
  15. My partner has been with Brighthouse for years since it was called crazy charges. we would like to know if he would be able to get back charges they have taken from him numerous times. only problem is we don't know how much they have charged us over the years, also if he did go ahead with it could they then start demanding our things back we are paying for now.
  16. I am having a dispute with Brighthouse regarding getting a refund for the payments of I have made for Optional Service Cover and Late Payment Charges! Has anyone made any headway with this company as to actually receiving a refund for this? Many thanks Pat
  17. ASA Adjudication on Caversham Finance Ltd Caversham Finance Ltd t/a BrightHouse 5 Hercules Way Leavesden Park Watford Hertfordshire WD25 7GS Date: 12 February 2014 Media: Television Sector: Financial Number of complaints: 1 Agency: The Gate Films Complaint Ref: A13-230773 Ad A TV ad for a repayment retailer. The ad began with on-screen text that stated "Caversham Finance ... 29.9% APR representative". After the on-screen text disappeared, the voice-over said, "At BrightHouse we're making life a little bit easier by giving you the things you need right now and letting you pay for them a little bit at a time either weekly or monthly. We offer quick and simple credit and a price match promise on everything." During the ad, gold coloured blocks appeared which morphed into household products. Issue The complainant challenged whether the ad was misleading because the APR was not sufficiently clear. BCAP Code 1.314. Response Caversham Finance Ltd t/a BrightHouse said the ad did not contain an amount of money and did not display any financial information. They said because the ad did not contain an incentive or comparison information, it was not necessary to display an APR. Clearcast said they had reconsidered the ad and accepted that the on-screen text with the APR would have been more relevant if it had appeared later in the ad when the voice-over mentioned payment options. They said due to time restrictions and the amount of on-screen text it would have been difficult to include all features. They said they had received confirmation from the advertiser before the ad was submitted that it complied with the Consumer Credit Act. Assessment Upheld The ASA noted The Consumer Credit (Advertisements) Regulations 2010 (CCARs) stated that, where a credit advertisement included various trigger information, such as an indication that credit was available to persons who might otherwise consider their access to credit restricted, a favourable comparison of their terms of credit to other competitors or any incentive to apply for credit, the ad must specify the representative APR. The CCARs also stated the representative APR must be given greater prominence than the trigger. We consulted the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) who said whilst the APR was clearly shown at the beginning of the ad, they believed the voice-over reference to "quick and simple credit" was likely to be an incentive to apply for credit, and that "either weekly or monthly [repayments]" constituted a comparative indication, and that both were therefore triggers which were given greater prominence than the APR. We agreed that the reference to "quick and simple credit" constituted an incentive to apply for credit and that the reference to the flexible repayment options was a comparative indication, because it implied a benefit available from BrightHouse that would not be available from other credit providers. We considered that information given in a voice-over was likely to be viewed by consumers as more prominent than on-screen text at the bottom of the screen, and that on-screen text at the bottom of the screen was therefore unlikely to be sufficient if the trigger information was given in the voice-over. Although the representative APR appeared on screen at the beginning of the ad we did not consider that it was given greater prominence in the overall presentation of the ad than the trigger information ("quick and simple credit" and "letting you pay for them a little bit at a time either weekly or monthly"). We therefore concluded that the ad breached the Code. The ad breached BCAP Code rules 1.3 (Compliance) and 14.11 (Financial products, services and investments). Action The ad must not be broadcast again in its current form. We told BrightHouse to ensure the APR was given greater prominence than any trigger information in future. We advised them that if the trigger information was given by the voice-over in a TV ad, in general, it was unlikely to be sufficient for the representative APR to be included only in on-screen text.
  18. a year ago we had got one of the new free range cookers from brighthouse but recently the pan storage door kept popping off and we got fed up called the engineer out who came on Saturday i thought would been an easy fix to replace the rivets but was shocked to find out the engineer saying it can not be fixed so they gave us 2 options which in reality enraged me when he left we spoke to the manager of the local store they want to write the cooker off scrap it and they will claim their money back via the insurance they were ever so nice though and offered to collect it asap lol but the situation i am in with having children thats not a viable option meant we would be without a cooker unless we took out a whole brand new contract starting from scratch which meant we would lose the years payments we made well over 800 quid 2nd option was to live with it and not worry about the door keep falling off lol and they would generously deduct 10 weeks off the overall contract ( big wow ) but what had me confused as we all insured via the dlc and osc on their osc doc it claims they aim to repair or replace an item quickly
  19. Hi, Like many others at the moment my partner and I have been struggling financially for some time now, despite that we have always maintained payments on our Brighthouse account until recently. On Monday someone pressed the intercom system on my building and said they had a parcel for me so I allowed him entry into the building, I opened my front door to receive said parcel and two men appeared instead. They notified me they were from Caversham Finance and had come to take the goods I have from them back. I asked him to identify himself and if he had a court order to retrieve the goods as they have protected status, he claimed he did and completely refused to show me either his identification or the said court order. I asked them to leave the building and at this stage he attempted to push past me and into my home. Thankfully I was capable of resisting them and as soon as I did they rang the Police to say that there was a breach of the peace occuring and could they attend. At this time they were advised to leave the building and wait for the Police to arrive. As they were leaving my partner who was returning at the time tried to enquire as to what was going on and the bailliff physically pushed her out of the way causing her to strike the side of her face on the wall. I was obviously infuriated by this and let the bailiff know, his response was f*** you c*** as he ran down the buildings stairs. When the Police arrived I informed the officer what had happened and that we wanted to press charges against the bailiff for assault. The Police officers who were talking to the bailiff then approached and notified me that if we were to press charges against the bailiff then he would be making a counter accusation of assault and racial abuse and I would also be arrested. Had my 13 year old daughter not been there and already hysterical then I would have gladly taken the counter allegation on as he had no physical marks (unlike my partner). As it was I was left with no option but to drop the matter (in my opinion) the bailiffs left the scene and even managed to give me a cheeky wave and blew a kiss as they were pulling off. The Police officer who was dealing with them was kind enough to say "Well none of this would happen if you just paid your f****** bills" as a result it turns out the bailiff did NOT have a court order and despite the threat of "getting one in the morning" they are yet to be seen again. I have contacted Caversham regarding this whole incident and am waiting for a reply. The point of my thread? Well hopefully to warn anyone who is having to deal with these bailiffs "DO NOT ANSWER YOUR DOOR TO THESE PEOPLE" If anyone has any advice of what I should do next then please feel free to let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  20. I have an agreement with Brighthouse and I have fallen behind by one payment because I was away visiting family over the new year, now I'm being constantly called 12 missed calls since Saturday from 8:30 in the moring to 7:40 in the evening. Would this be breaking the Protection From Harassment act 1997 section 1 prohibition from harassment which is below. Prohibition of harassment. (1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other. (2)For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other. (3)Subsection (1) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows— (a)that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime, (b)that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or ©that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable. I also have dlc and osc but I have tried to cancel the osc with it being "optional" I thought I could but was told by staff that I can not cancel as it is now law that I have to have the cover in case anything happens to item I thought the dlc covered this side of things. Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
  21. Hi guys I have a stupid idea the other day to buy a new washing machine from Brighthouse. After I'd come home and thought about it (after the staff in store where lets say... pushy and I fell into their trap!) I realised that paying £1068 for a washing machine on sale in Currys for £349.99 is ludicrious. I phoned Brighthouse and asked to cancel my order, they told me I cannot, I explained that the hire purchase agreement I'd signed and that is sat in front of me said I had 14 days to change my mind - They've told me that I can only change my mind once the product has been delivered. I have a feeling they're trying to get me to have the washing machine delivered and then tell me because it's been delivered I cannot cancel? This is stressing me out, I simply do not want to be in this agreement with Brighthouse anymore, I'm not bothered about the £8 I paid to them already.. Thanks in advance
  22. Brighthouse stopped their "optional" insurance from 2nd September and started to sell their goods and insurances as part of one package. I guess they did this as many people were claiming back the money they had paid for the insurances Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations says that unfair commercial practices are prohibited. Brighthouse were previously saying the insurances were now optional but have since taken the optional away and are forcing customers to pay for the insurances whether they want them or not. This I believe is just another unfair commercial practice used by Brighthouse. Another unfair practice is that Brighthouse do not provide a value for the product and a value for the insurances, making it impossible for the average customer to make an informed decision in their purchase. (again, against CPUTR) I only know one customer of Brighthouse, she is a single mum who desperately needed chairs / couch. She managed to claim back the insurances from Brighthouse. There is very little money left to pay on her couch and she is looking to get something new for christmas but Brighthouse staff wouldnt sell to her unless she bought everything including the insurances. She is still probably going to buy from Brighthouse Wondering if anyone is going to attempt to claim money from Brighthouse from new agreements taken out after 2nd September? eg - if you have taken out a new agreement after 2nd September, maybe you could think about claiming your refund of extra money paid and use CPUTR? Brighthouse say they offer a competitive priced product. So you could get a price comparison from the high street and using CPUTR you can hopefully claim the difference in price? Just a thought:?:
  23. i work for a large housing organisation, as an elecrical inspector etc. and was called to inspect a problem at one of our tennants house reguarding problems with their brand new cooker, which was smoking and tripping the electrics. the cooker was bought and installed by brighthouse. on inspection, the cooker cable had melted and was connected incorrectly, the live was connected to the neutral terminal and neutral connected to the live terminal. and the earth wire loosely connected. when i was there, a brighthouse field engineer had turned up, when i question him about their electricians qualification etc, he told me that they do no have any, as they are trained 'in house', when i asked where is the 'minor works certificate' i was told that they do not issue them as they do not have to produce any. i stated that they have broken the law, by not complying to bs7671 electrical regulations and the electricity at work act, and not being a register company with a goverment body eg the NICEIC, or a domestic installers scheme eg part P and not using qualified electricans. the tennant also told me that no elecrical test had been carried on the cooker installation, so how can brighthouse PROVE that it is safe for use. luckly for the tennant they were not electrocuted...they are now seeking legal action against brighthouse.
  24. I've been reading many-a-thread on this wonderful forum about the less-than-wonderful Brighthouse and the infamous DLC. Two points I've seen and I'd like to clarify this as I'm making a claim for ALL my penalty charges, and OSC (see note below). Point from BH - you MUST provide proof of valid home insurance that covers Hire Purchase goods. Point from posters - there is NOTHING in law that says it must be insured. So where do I go, do I go down the mis-selling route as there is nothing required by law to have the items insured (none of the other items from anywhere else I've ever has ever required insuring). Or do I pursue this another way? Let's put this into context. I currently pay (between my partner and I) £63 per WEEK .... so that's a hell of amount due back. Thankfully I'm wise with Brighthouse and don't often pay late, but I'll be claiming those back. On the OSC front - I bought a Washing Machine in 2009, which I've only just paid off, in the first year it had to be repaired (the plug became faulty, I had to ring BH and they arranged for an Hotpoint engineer to fix it). But despite the fact it was in the first year and was a manufactures fault, they will say I've claimed on the OSC. How do I pursue this? BEFORE ANYONE FROM BRIGHTHOUSE REPLIES. PLEASE DO NOT. I WILL ONLY BE DEALING WITH THIS ISSUE THROUGH RECORDED DELIVERY MAIL. Many thanks and looking forward to taking back from Brighthouse my hard earned money (and I'll pursue them to the hilt!!)
  25. Hello I recently got a Phone from Brighthouse, and have fell behind with 1 weeks payment, I rang the store to explain my situation and was met with a rude person telling me 'You must make a payment today, its company rules'. Now today, I had a manager ring me and says they want the goods back as I have only been with them a few weeks. I have read on here that they need a court order and need to issue me with a default notice? I have not had anything in writing from them yet, just verbal abuse. I read on the Citizens Advice website that they can repossess the goods as a third hasnt been paid, so I am a bit confused as to what they can and cant do. I was willing to pay them this week when I finally get paid, but after this I am seriously thinking of cancelling the HP agreement, but I dont want them turning up at my home. What are my actual legal rights for this, and can I cancel a HP agreement if its in the statuary 28 day thing? Thanks in advance.
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