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Found 146 results

  1. Hi looking for some help got a Xbox from bright house and gave it as a prezzy now don't speak to this person so no chance of getting it back to give bright house it back hitting really hard times could I buy a replacement and give that back same specs ect or would they know I have paid over £600 for it already but have other things on account that I want to keep eg washing machine thanks
  2. Agreement 1 – 05/05/2015 - £1.388 – defaulted at £972.00 – Weekly £49 Agreement 2 – 13/08/2015 - £2,458 – defaulted at £2131.00 – Weekly £60 Agreement 3 – 13/08/2015 - £450 – defaulted at £374 – Weekly £17 Agreement 4 – 01/09/2015 - £429 – defaulted at £357- Weekly £21 Litigation to be commenced against Brighthouse in relation to Accounts held. I was not stranger to the business upon taking the first agreement in May 2015. The first agreement runs smoothly after 3 months I took out further finance, this was available from 8 weeks and each time I visited store to pay I was prompted to purchase take out further agreement, whilst I accept it was ultimately my decision to take out the finance I argue that they have not lent responsibly, until agreement number 2 my weekly payment was £49, in August they agree to more than double this by granting further finance of £2908.00 taking my weekly payments from £49 to £126. Two weeks later when I needed an essential small product further finance of £429 was granted increasing the weekly payment up to £147.00. In the space of 18 days my finance commitments had increased by £98.00 from £49.00 to £147.00. Needless to say this soon became unmanageable and by the third week of September I was unable to make the weekly payment of £147.00, the proof of income from the first agreement was used for the further 3 agreements. This is where my world could have fallen apart if I was not aware of my rights:- Their contact centre phoned me up to 9 times a day, In-house collections The store staff came knocking in a white transit van The unauthorised bailiff refused to move out of my front garden until I proceeded to dial 999 on my mobile. The agent remained parked in his van outside my house for 45 minutes. I was charged £5.50 per an agreement for the privilege of the above, £22.00 extra. Penalty charge I have been charged this £22.00 every week since 20th September. 26th September – letter sent to Brighthouse regarding repayments, made reference to the amount of monthly payments were on average £600 a month which was 50% of my wages and requested they remove all interest from my accounts, remove and stop all charges and agree to a repayment plan on £60 per month. Brighthouse wrote to myself on the 2nd October and agreed to the above repayment of £60 per a month, they stated that as interest is front loaded there would be no further interest charges applied to the account. However in order to accept the above I needed to visit my local store at my earliest convenience. I further contacted Brighthouse requesting bank details to make the monthly payment I also raised question of the interest and further requested it was removed completely and agreement was made for the cash price of the goods. Even though in their own written correspondence on the 2nd October they agreed in principal to a repayment plan I continued to receive weekly letters and charges of £5.50 per a week applied. THE ACCOUNT WAS IN DISPUTE November came and went no correspondence whatsoever from Bright house December came, Equifax credit alerts, Log onto my credit file and low and behold Brighthouse have registered a default on all 4 accounts. Until today I have been in discussions with Brighthouse and I have still not been supplied with bank details!! Brighthouse have registered defaults on accounts that were clearly in dispute, this is a breach of the ICO guidelines on registering defaults with credit reference agencies. Brighthouse claim that as they had issued a response the account was not disputed. I was not contacted before these defaults were registered, Brighthouse claim they were asked not to call or visit me whilst I accept this the only letters received were £5.50 weekly charges, these letters breached their acceptance on the 2nd October as the charges should have been removed and should not have been applied continuously. I know that the insurance has not been removed and has still been charged despite the account defaulting, in their own contract they state the insurance is cancelled once a payment is late. I wish to commence a claim through the county courts for a judge to review this as I am not accepting these defaults for a period of 6 years. Payment has never been refused, Means to pay have never been provided. I will not visit the store of the agent/bailiff who trespassed on my property and refused to move. My questions are:- What section of the Consumer credit act would refer to responsible lending? Would the claim value be the total amount of the outstanding debt? I do not believe adequate affordability checks were conducted, where can I refer to research this further? Can any refer to a claim that has been successful regarding registering defaults on a disputed account? Section 43 http://www.experian.co.uk/www/pages/downloads/compliance/guidance_on_defaults.pdf “If we conclude that there is a genuine, reasonable and unresolved dispute between the borrower and lender, then we are likely to find that personal data have been processed unfairly if a default has been filed. Defaults filed in these circumstances may also be inadequate for the purpose of credit referencing in that they do not provide meaningful information about the creditworthiness of the customer.“
  3. I in november 2015 I took out a contract and got a "new" couch from Brighthouse, I have started getting letters through in my name with JNR at the end of it. My dad has the exact same name as me, I dont stay with him, I have my own house. Surely brighthouse have discussed my account with my dad and confirmed my details to him, Surely this is a breach of contract and breaking data protection. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do regarding this,
  4. Hi there, I bought a tumble dryer from Brighthouse on November 2014. I was made aware of the dryer recal exactly 12 months later (not by Brighthouse) and I registered it for a repair and have been drying clothes on the radiators since. I have two kids so this is not convenient to say the least. However I finally got a reply from Hotpoint saying at the earliest may for the modifications. So I contacted Brighthouse to see what they were willing to do as I didn't find this acceptable. I'm paying £7 a week for a dryer that is not fit for purpose, I'm aware that the status is that we can use these whilst supervised but I really don't feel this worth the risk of a fire. At the end of the day it's not worth the added risk to my family's likfe not to mention that some items cannot be replaced if there was a fire. Brighthouse offered a loan dryer as I paid for 5* service in with the price, and offered to deliver it the following week. I was more than happy with this. When the men came with the dryer it was tatty and dirty but once again it wasn't important however I noted that it was another Hotpoint, but the me assured me it wasn't one of the ones affected and off they went. I noticed that the sticker near the door had been removed and replaced the a Brighthouse sticker so I looked around the back and found a small one, so I entered the details online and find it too is one of the fire risk machines! At this point i defiantly was no longer laid back about the situation, after paying such a hefty price in the first place and all the new house fire stories. I contacted my local store who told me that they had no other dryer for me and that I could send my dryer back but I would lose out on all the money it had cost so far. The cheek! So I ended the call and contacted trading standards via citizens advice. Citizens advice were like a machine with the complicated info they were telling me at lightning speed, but I'm pretty sure it sounded like I could send my item back and be refunded due to the item not as described at point of purchase and because it's higher purchase? I contacted my local store who told me they would call me back and when they did they offered to give me little bit off a new contract (but not as a refund) and no where near what I had paid, so I refused and they gave me customer service number. When I called them I got a lady who told me it was Hotpoints issue and they were dealing with it and there was nothing they could do, no matter what angle I tied to reason with her I git the same response and that she would log it with a complaint. Trading standards contacted me back today (48 hrs) and said that they did the right thing in offering a loan product which I agreed but when I told her the rest of the story she said would refer it to the trading standards Brighthouse team and left it at that. I'm at my wits end with this. I'm sorry for the really long post but if there is anyone who can help I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance
  5. Afternoon Folks, I am Michael, 24 years old, and I have just had some news I am to be expecting my first child. First of all I would like to say sorry for how stupid I was 2 years when I took products out with Brighthouse. At the time I had just got my own place, and I needed a TV, I then got two things I didn't need a PlayStation and a Phone. It all comes to £40 a week, which normally I can afford. But I am now moving in with my girlfriend, she knows I have a bill every week for £40, but she doesn't know its brighthouse, I am ashamed to tell her. But last week I informed her that the bill would start to go down. As I belived that next month my TV would be 104 weeks old and I would no longer have to pay for it. I pay £14 for it, 104 weeks means ive paid £1400, for a TV normally costing £400. very excessive! My store rudely advised my I actually had a full year left, I was a little shocked and also ****ed off, as it might not sound a lot £14 but I cant afford it.. Normally I would of been more reasonable but at the time of taking the product out I was almost sure the lady said 104 weeks, I remember discussing the amount it cost at the time, I really feel miss sold on this. But regardless they say they have my signature on the agreement. What is my position on this, has anyone had any experience of reducing payments or stop paying? I need to get these payments down to £15 a week for everything? I cant hand them in I have invested a lot of my money in these products? Thanks Michael
  6. Just a few products to show how you are being ripped off by this company. If you saved the money you are paying them you would save thousands APPLE iPad Pro 32GB WiFi space grey ML0F2 Pixmania.com - £ 682.80 with Free delivery. Brighthouse - £963.27 cash price - £1,768.00 credit price Sony 65" Full HD Android Smart TV Currys - £1,249.00 + trade in and get another £100 off so £1,149.00 with Free delivery Brighthouse - £1,727.01 cash price - £3,432.00 credit price Xbox One FIFA 16 & Gears of War Ultimate Bundle Smyths - Xbox One 500GB FIFA 16 Bundle £279.99 + Gears of War: Ultimate £14.99 Total cash price £294.98 Brighthouse - £793.03 cash price - £1,657.50 credit price So you can see it makes sense to not buy from Brighthouse but save up the payments and get it for a massive saving for cash elsewhere. Don't be ripped off this Christmas, have another look at the above prices, show your family and tell them if they wait a while they can have a free holiday in Cornwall or they can have an xbox and a laptop or practically anything they fancy.
  7. Hi, I have a TV from brighthouse (a baird 48") The quality of sound is very poor, there is quite obviously a fault as as soon as you turn it up (Just a little bit) the back of the unit vibrates. The sound is like its playing through a tin can. ive phoned them today and they are coming to collect it, they have offered to repair etc but ive said no and i will sign the cancellation waiver form. Now, I took the contract out 20 days ago so im outside the '14 day cooling off' period to receive a refund. I have quoted the consumer rights act which states that the buyer is entitled to a refund within 6 months. The manager was not very clued up so has said they would phone me back tomorrow after she had done a bit of 'research' So when they phone i just need to know for sure that if the item is faulty i am entitled to a full refund within 6 months regardless of the '14 day period' Many Thanks
  8. Please help. My partner is in 4 weeks arrears of £200 due to losing tax credits. he has offered to pay extra on top of what he normally pays but they won't accept his offer and its putting us in more debt due to their charges on top. hes worried sick and suffers from health problems and is awaiting on his medical for him to stay on his ESA and this is making his health worse as we can't make that £200 up on top of the £53 he already pays per week. then we have other bills. We don't have their insurance as have our own but they're now threatening to come into our home and tell the neighbours about us not paying and they want to take our goods which we've been paying on for over a year and some 2 year and we can't do without the washing machine. I don't want to lose our things.we just want to arrange to pay a bit of arrears back on top of the weekly payment even if it does leave us without.
  9. A mum-of-six has hit out at a rent-to-own company after the cooker she bought from them broke down – and she had to wait four weeks for it to be fixed. Tracy Stevenson, 40, of Briery Way, Adeyfield, Hemel Hempstead took out a payment plan for the new Beko induction cooker from Brighthouse in the town centre at £11.82 a week. Over the next three years, the cooker – worth £666 – will set the family back £1,843.92, which is an APR representative of 69.9 per cent. More ... Just look at those rip-off interest rates. She paid £1,178 more than she needed, she could have taken her family on holiday or fed them steak with that. Stop being proud and get your goods in a second-hand or charity shop and use that until you have saved up enough to buy a new one. You can bet your life the boss of Brighthouse hasn't got a cheap Beko in his house and doesn't live on chicken nuggets.
  10. I went into my local store last Friday, Signed up as a new customer, as my wife was already a current customer. So I went in after signing up online which i got approved for. Signed up to a new contract/agreement with them paid first week and bit bill. Was told they had in stock and could deliver Saturday Saturday came and went and after arguing on the phone was told they were just too busy instore to deliver. Promised they would deliver today. Now I rang after no one had shown up by 5.30pm to be told they were no longer going to supply as they had had an email from head office saying there was an issue with the credit or something. Simply putting it they wouldn't supply with the item. Now are they allowed to do this as credit check was done online.Went in store with all documents and they seemed fine with that, signed agreements etc and was given delivery date???
  11. I now see Perfect Homes is doing similar to Brighthouse with this new PerfectCare they have brought out. I wonder if the FCA will be looking into this company also.
  12. Have a family member who has just finished Brighthouse agreement. There are many late charges and can someone point me to the details about Insurance too so I can do a reclaim
  13. A news item, (not appeared on their site yet), on Sky News this morning highlights the difference in price between Argos and Brighthouse plus Brighthouse adds compulsory insurance, again at rip-off prices. Sorry to say this but anyone who uses this store are really stupid especially after all the warnings, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are. It matters not if you have a bad credit rating, there are other forms of credit besides using this expansion of a loan shark.
  14. Hi I need some help I have fallen behind on my payments with brighthouse as I was made unemployed as my work closed down I have signed up with jobseekers allowance bright house are phoning me asking to make £64.30 payment today but I cant afford to as I only have £ 20 to last me to next friday as I need that 20 pound for food for my daughter who is only one I dont know what todo as I have a couch and tv from them I have had them for at least 1 and half years help
  15. i really need some advice. Firstly i do not have an account with brighthouse it is my husband who had a p.c from them. He has obviously missed payments as within the last year a representative from brighthouse has been to our house 3 times with the latest visit being yesterday. I dont answer the door so a note is put through so i know it is them. I get frightened when they turn up as my husband is out a lot so never here when they come and we have a 3 year old boy and i dont want him exposed to strange men cominr to our door . I get why they want to chase missed payments but it is nothing too with me . Can i do anything to stop them turning up at my door.
  16. Hi, i need some advice as to whether brighthouse are liable for the repair on my washing machine please? I used brighthouse when i couldn't afford to go and buy a replacement washing machine. About 7 months later our cooker and fridge freezer broke within days of each other so purchased them from there also. After about 18 months the washing machine broke so brighthouse came to repair it and said it needed taking away and a loan machine would be provided. To cut a long story short the loan machine was a disaster and flooded my kitchen twice! Then nobody from the store got in touch about my machine so i had to contact them. After this they tried to return my machine 3 times but i refused it each time due to the condition that they tried to return it to me in. The final time they took the cover off and it was covered in dents and scratches so i told brighthouse that i wasn't going to pay until this issue was dealt with. Bearing in mind that they had had my machine for nearly 12 months!! I received a phone call from the manager who offered a new machine in replacement and i would only have to pay what was left on the old one (which was only a few weeks). I agreed to this and received the new machine. A few weeks later i finished paying for it and 7 months later the other two items. So my account is finished (thank goodness). The problem now being the washing machine has broken! As it is less than 12 months old are brighthouse liable to repair it or not? I would appreciate any advice, thanks.
  17. Finally got sick of the "best day to pay" messages sent the "stop" message which is given in the text message. This was done last weekend today, low and behold, another message comes through! I will be making a formal complaint to the Information Commissioners Office regarding the fact they have breached the request to stop messages. I've attached the screenshots of the stop request and message received in breach of the request. Will be interesting to see what Brighthouse say about this as it's a complaint they won't be able to handle, only respond to as the ICO will be involved. Brighthouse reps ... attempt to defend this breach!
  18. I am trying to get advice about being refused a replacement camera from Brighthouse after accidental loss on holiday. The company asured me I was covered for a loss of this nature. I was told to wait 2 weeks for the new camera. After 4 weeks they told me I didn't have a crime ref' number and accidental loss was not sufficient for a new one. BEFORE I informed them of said loss I phoned a different branch and asked a hypothetical question re the nature of my own loss. They said I was in a position to make a claim. The cover I was claiming under was already forced upon me and now it seems that theft would be ok for a replacement but not loss. They told me the opposite first time around. I told them I had slipped on a boating holiday and lost it to the river. Fine they said, wait 2 weeks. I have paid 3/4 payments so far and now they expect me to make many more payments until I have given them around 6oo pounds!
  19. Hello Brighthouse rep, Today I received email, spam email. The email advertises Brighthouse. The email says it is sent from: contact@toner-shop.ro via podcasall.advisoryideas.com I have never been a customer of Brighthouse. I do not ever intend in being a customer of Brighthouse. I did not request that you send me your junk mail, neither did I give yourselves permission to send me junk mail. It seems your junk email which I received is part of your email marketing campaign as it uses icptrack.com within the clickable links for Brighthouse. Please will you review your email marketing campaign? And perhaps contact only those who have given yourselves permission to contact? Thank you.
  20. I have fallen into difficulties with my Brighthouse account and am about to contact them via email to try to arrange a payment plan could some one please check the following before I go ahead and send the email thanks I am writing with regard to my existing Brighthouse account at the above store. Unfortunately I have run into financial difficulties and I am contacting you to make a payment arrangement on my account. I am only able to offer £10 per week at this time, I would also request your bank details for me to be able to transfer this payment each week. I will ONLY discuss this in writing via email or postal mail. I withdraw permission for Caversham finance/Brighthouse and any of its employees or representatives to attend my address as is my right by law. I withdraw permission for Caversham finance/Brighhouse to contact me via phone, for both Parties protection I will only deal with this issue in writing and will keep copies of all correspondence. If any employees/representatives of yourselves disregard these withdrawals of consent a log of evidence will be kept and I will make appropriate reports of harassment. A copy of this email and all other correspondence will be kept as evidence that you as a company are aware that I have legally withdrawn the right for you to attend my property, and as evidence that I have attempted to come to an arrangement to pay in the face of the financial difficulties I am facing. I await your response confirming receipt of this email, and confirming that you have notified my local store of my withdrawals of consent for attending my property and being telephoned. And your response to my offer of a payment agreement.
  21. I have had accounts with bright-house for about 7 years, but have always paid up my accounts right to the end ie:- finished and kept the goods however as i am on benefits sometimes i would miss a payment 1 week but make it up another week I have seen the charges for late payment go from £2.50 to £5.50 I must have paid hundreds of pounds in late fees over the last 7 years. In the last few months it has become very hard to keep up but i do however i find myself paying charges every week now, the company refuses to remove any charges as i have 4 accounts my charges every week are £22 phone calls are continuous to my mobile phone but very few to my home phone. I use a call logging and blocking app on my mobile and have noticed that since i sent a letter forbidding them to phone me they have increased their calls from 2 calls to my mobile to at lest 5 a day + 2 texts, these seem to be coming from a central call center, these happen every day of the week except Sunday, they have also turned up at my house but i refused them entry and then sent them a letter forbidding them and saying i will call the police if they turn up again. I have only 6 months left on my tv and only a few months left on my other 3 accounts is there anything that i can do to stop these cowboys from hassling me? I think i have paid them far to much already. Help
  22. Hi Not sure where I stand with this but thought I would post before contacting head office. Our account is in my Mrs name so when the laptop started to develop a few minor faults I let it roll as they were nothing major but then more and more faults developed so I told my mrs to take it into shop for repair. She came back with a new laptop and said she had been told in the shop there was nothing they can do as they don't deal with Acer no more and if they sent it to them for repair then they would just refuse to repair it. Now I find this totally hard to believe and surely my rights here are that they should fix it or replace it. With being told this she signed up for a replacement laptop which I was told today nothing I had paid off the previous laptop counts. Whats more annoying is he said there was only 15 weeks of a 102 week deal to be paid off. Any advice where I stand on this matter appreciated
  23. All-party group will ask whether customers paying 70% APR on household items are getting value for money BrightHouse, the controversial “rent to own” furniture and electrical goods chain aimed largely at pay-by-the-week low-income households, is to be investigated by an all-party parliamentary group just weeks after it appointed advisers to prepare for a possible stock market float. The inquiry will examine the “very high” costs for people on low incomes who use rent to own to obtain sofas and TV sets and whether consumers should be better protected. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/sep/08/rent-to-own-firms-face-parliamentary-scrutiny
  24. Hi I haven't been on here for a while I was wondering if I could get any help I have 3 items from brighthouse for the amount of £20 a week I recently came out of work and have been on benefits but recently got a 6 month sanction I have told brighthouse this and worked out my affordable amount I have as I only get child benefit and tax credits as £5 spare each week I have paid over a third on all 3 goods but brighthouse won't accept this amount even if my agreement was to be made longer what suggestions is there that I could do as I need the 3 items for day to day life and without them I don't think I would be able to be seen in public as I need to wash my clothes any advice would be great as I have explained to them 4 or 5 times about my circumstances and they just don't listen
  25. Howdo Folks Id like to know why I'm getting these if I'm not a "Valued" Customer and never have been... Im interested in seeing what Customer Relations have to say on this...
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