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Found 35 results

  1. If you have breakdown cover and pay monthly please check the amount you pay,i joined the aa in 2009 and earlier this year realised they were charging me £143 a year for the £79 service and they dont think that was wrong when i complained,i also found a freind was paying just £59 for the same service, i now have cover through my insurance which is only £50 a year for higher cover,dont get ripped off by them check which is cheaper for you it`s usually through your insurance and cover is just as good if not better
  2. Hi All, We broke-down in France last week and have been flown home by the AA. We then got a call to say it was the clutch and it would cost 800 Euro's. I've checked and it seems this is a lot of money and in the UK for example it would only cost about £300. It does appear it would cost more in france but still not as much as the quote. Do I have any rights to dispute this amount? Thanks
  3. Hi to make it easier I have detailed my issues in the letter below which I have sent to the AA. Any advise? On the 7th October 2012 I drove my vehicle (Mercedes-Benz E270 Cdi) . On my return, I noticed the car doors would not open centrally. I then used the key to open the door manually and managed to open it. I then realised that the car would not also start. At this point I decided to call on your breakdown services to get me back on the road again. I was told the AA patrols are busy in the area however they will send out a sub-contractor to get me roadworthy again. A patrol from a company called FAM Engineering came out and immediately diagnosed my vehicle as “Dead Battery”. He said it’s no problem and that he will start my vehicle with a booster start. I asked him if this was safe to complete on my vehicle due to the complex electronics on board and also when I purchased the car I remember the dealer telling me the car should not be jump started. The battery should be charged and then the car should be started. I questioned the patrol over this to which he replied it is perfectly safe and he does this all the time. To double check this he rang his “friend” who works for Mercedes Ciceley who confirmed how to start it. I suggested that rather than start it this way, why don’t we purchase a new battery and fit it using AA’s service. He was against this as without testing it he said the battery seemed in good condition. He placed his crocodile clips on the battery and then went to start the car using his booster pack and started the car. The cars manual also states that all electrical equipment including the heaters, lights and stereo should be completely switched off. The patrol did not advise us to do this. The car started and he asked me to sign a form to say he had completed his job and drove off. Once I sat in the car, I went to place the car in the “Drive” gear and it would not move out of “Park”. It seemed to be stuck in “Park”. I then called the number on top of the form I signed from FAM Engineering and they arranged for the patrol to come back. He came back swiftly but was not pleased and tried to force the gear to move out of Park quite violently but failed. I was not pleased with this attempt as I felt he could have damaged the lever and made this clear to him. He then went back to his vehicle and rang his friend who works for Mercedes to see what else they can try. His friend said that the car needed to go to the workshop. At this point the car was showing a number of faults on the dashboard system including “ABS Fault”, “ESP Fault”, “Speedtronic Fault” and “Display Fault”. The unhappy patrol proceeded to get the vehicle towed to the nearest workshop and swiftly left. A tow truck from FAM engineering arrived approximately 45-50 minutes to take the vehicle to a workshop/garage. When he arrived he was displeased that the previous patrolman had not used the override switch to put the car into neutral as advised by his contact center. He tried to find out how to do this and then came to the car and violently forced open the leather gaiter and found the switch. Since this incident, I have found out that the gaiter should not have been touched. It should have been the whole panel around the gear lever to reveal the override switch. The second patrol proceeded to lift my vehicle onto the truck. He advised me he will take me and the car home as no garages are open at that time and I will have to ring back in the morning to have the vehicle transported to a workshop. The following morning I arranged for my vehicle to be taken to a workshop. I have extensively researched online regarding my issue and it seems that the vehicle should not have been started as it was. The battery should have been taken off and charged and then the car started with all electronics switched off. As a result of your sub-contractors, my vehicles electronics have now failed. I have been told that it will cost in excess of £1300 for an ESP Module to remedy the issues created. Also I am now going to have to be without the use f my car as I have to wait over a week for this part to arrive from Germany. I am extremely disappointed as I mentioned to the initial patrol about purchasing a new battery and he dismissed this. Had we have done this then there would have been no electrical faults at all. Prior to jump starting the vehicle there were no faults present on the vehicle. I am now writing to you for you to investigate my issue and cover all costs involved in repairing my vehicle as a result of your subcontractors patrol. I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. I am in a loveless relationship, with 2 children 12 and 5. The 12 yr old is not my current partners child, which is causing a lot of the problems we encounter. I can not stay with him anymore, but I do not know what to do next. We are renting privatley in both our names, I work 7 and a half hours a week, partner full time employment, I have no savings or other capitol. Currently receiving child benefit 33 £ a week, child tax credit 45 £ a week and housing benefit 66£ every 2 weeks. I do not know how to find a new home. I can not stay here anymore and the children would be going with me. I will be grateful for any advice on this situation. kind regards J.x
  5. I broke down today on a minor A road about three car lengths away from the traffic lights , and I had turned my engine off, put the handbrake on and put the warning lights on. I had dialled the number for Tesco breakdown, and I was in the process of moving over to the passenger side when a police van passed on the other side, and one of the officers mouthed at me to get off my phone. If I do receive anything in the post (I don't know how FPNs work), what should I do? I was not actually driving the vehicle, and everything was switched off, so was I committing an offence or not? I'm not trying to dodge the fine, I just don't know whether I was in the right or the wrong.
  6. Ive got an issue Ive stop in Shell garage to call Breakdown company because i had flat tire. Police arrived (someone called from public) and i was arrested for drink driving. Green flag subcontractor ON TIME arrived but i wasnt there. According to them police instructed them to take my car away. So i made a complaint to Essex police. They had investigated and Inspector called me to tell me that police didnt instruct anyone to do it (car had MOT,TAX and insured). After many calls i was told to pay the fee for towing away my car. I was shocked how it could happened. My car was unlocked and it was my personal belongings like wallet, phone and passport. So they took my unlocked car (MBenz worth 7000 £) with all my belonging and i havent seen it since 4 of August and now is 25 of August. I am thinking to go to small court claims. I just cant believe that big companies dont care about there costumer. Any advise Thank you
  7. Last Thursday/ Friday I drove down to Portsmouth from 40 Miles west of Glasgow for a Veterans Reunion. The main event was on the Friday Night. Whilst getting my car ready for the return journey doing the usual checks Iwater, oil etc I noticed that in amongst my documentation I could not find myAA card. I went online shortly afterwards to right down the details in case I required them later. I discovered I had not renewed my breakdown cover so I renewed it there and then. We set of at 0900 on the way to Scotland. We were detouring through Lincoln dropping a comrade off who was picked up on the way down. On the M4O one mileshort of Cherwell Valley Services the car started to lose power and eventually stopped. Thinking how fortunate I renewed my AA breakdown the previous day, that’s when the problems started. I called the AA who promptly came out and diagnosed Cylinder head gasket gone. The mechanic towed us to the services and arranged to have the relay sorted. 26 phone calls and 5 hours later we were on our way for 50 miles and then onto pick up a hire car which we had to organise ourselves. This all came about because of timings. If I had renewed my breakdown cover on Saturday morning instead of evening I would have been entitled to a Relay all the way home. Because I broke down less than 24 hrs after the transaction took place I was only entitled to 50 miles relay any millage after that would be 2.5 pence per mile which the quoted me @ £800. That wasn't the last because I was inside the 24 Hours an additional £79 would have to be paid. If I was pulling a fast one we could have waited till the oil in the car cooled down drove into the services waited 4 hours and then phoned the breakdown in. Unfortunately I am honest, I also believe in loyalty unlike The AA I surmise. After a few phone calls today the AA would offer me no goodwill so I offered none back, I no longer have the 4 policies with them , House, Car,Breakdown and Emergency House call out. Please read the small print as there are no sums mentioned and the wording is a bit ambiguous at best.
  8. Hi I bought a second hand car on Sunday (Ford Focus, 77K miles on clock for £3.5K) from a reputable car supermarket. However, it wouldn't start last night (Weds). I called my breakdown cover who examined the car and said there had been a problem with the electronics that had caused the immobilser to stop sending fuel to the spark plugs. He showed me the plugs and said the fact that they were completely dry with a bit of rust on them indicated that it was a fault that existed before I bought it. The garage were clear that I had a 3 month warranty. However, my wife spoke to the car supermarket today and they are happy to have a look at it but they say it's my responsibility (and cost) to have it towed to them (around 25 miles at a cost of around £70). Do I have any right to expect the garage to foot the bill for the towing cost based on the fact that it was an existing fault and I've only driven it once? Thanks
  9. Hi. Two weeks ago I called the AA out due to a rear axle fault and they towed my car to the nearest AA approved garage. Due to the fault they loaded it onto the dolly backwards so that the rear of the car was lifted from the road. 2 miles down the road the patrolman commented that smoke was coming from my car, he found a safe place to pull over, opened the drivers door, had a look, came back to the van and said that it was odd and he didn't know what it was. I stupidly assumed the what he thought was smoke was maybe fumes from the back of his van. My car was dropped off at the garage, and as second-hand axles are like gold dust the garage didn't move my car for six days, when they tried to the battery appeared flat. They pushed it onto the ramp, fitted the axle, went to charge the battery and also noticed an oil leak. On inspection of the car he noticed the engine had a hole in it and that was the real reason it wouldn't start. They inspected the vehicle and have said it was towed incorrectly, the car was in a low gear whilst being towed. The AA had ACE carry out an inspection and they have said that "the cylinder block was holed on it's rear face consistent with con rod impact". They have also stated that "no conclusive evidence that the recovery had led to the consequential damage apparent". Yet three other garages have said that towing a car at 50mph when in a low gear will cause the car to over rev, putting strain on the con rod from it rotating too quickly, which will cause it to break and therefore damaging my engine. They have the AA are at fault and that you don't even need to see the car to diagnose the problem, as it's obvious what would happen if you tow a car in low gear at 50mph. As a "good will gesture" the AA have offered me mid book value for my car, which is £1300, they state in their letter that the report is not able to conclude that they are at fault, that the amount is their final settlement and they want me to take the courtesy car back. Once I have paid the rear axle bill it leaves me with £780 to buy a car!!!! I have written back not accepting the claim. I can't use the money to repair my engine, as £1300 is not enough, plus the garage have said that they can't inspect the rest of the car (gear box etc) until the engine is running, so I can't afford to risk getting it repaired as there are probably other things wrong with it. Plus the ACE report said their inspection was limited. I am trying to get a better settlement, I need to recover the cost of the axle, as I would have had a perfectly roadworthy car if they hadn't blown the engine up, plus I need a higher amount to buy a car like for like (mine has a full service history, one lady owner and the engine was in great condition for it's age). Plus the patrolman saw me drive my car and he reversed it onto the dolly, so he knows there was no problems. I was told he had admitted he was at fault, but now the AA seem to be back peddling. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced problems with the AA, or if anyone can give me any info about towing a car incorrectly, or if people agree that they AA are at fault? I don't know how they can try and deny it was them!! My car was perfect before, sailed through it's MOT, and a major service in April and I've never had a problem with the engine.
  10. We bought a second hand car (X reg 1.4 Astra LS 16v) from a dealer for the sum of £1750 + P/X of old car, The car came with a 12 month MOT, !2 month warranty and a full service. The dealer told us they had sold the car when it was 6 months old to an older gent and that it had been serviced by the dealer ever since, and as they knew the car so well they were selling it on, as the car only had 52,000 on the clock we thought the story was plausable. The dealer told us the car had a misfire which would be 'sorted' before we collected it and the timing belt would be replaced as part of the service. Since then the car has been back to the dealers garage for the rear crank seal to be replaced (which they did begrudgingly), The battery has blown all it's cells which had to be replaced by the RAC at a cost to us (£70) and now, after a trip from Yorkshire to Dorset, the E.C.U. is acting up cutting off fuel when the E.C.U. gets too hot? How do I stand with statutory rights, what can I demand of the dealer and can I claim back the cost (part or all) of the battery, (If he serviced the car for the best part of 10 years he should know if the battery is in good condition or not)? Any help/advice would be appreciated, Thanx
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