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Found 154 results

  1. Hi I'm new to the site,any help would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone please tell me if a Won PPI claim that is awaiting acceptance can be used to repay an out standing loan that has been sold and re-bought by the original lender? ie..HSBC to Compello then Compello back to HSBC,now managed by Ceneral Debt Recovery Unit on behalf of HSBC. Also, I read here about a statutory right to waive set off, link below (add W W W.) is there any truth in this? 31.9A.80 Compensation received, set-off not applied; insolvencydirect.bis.gov.uk/freedomofinformation/technical/technicalmanual/ch25-36/chapter31/part9A/Part 5/Part 5.htm Thanks for any response
  2. I swear to god it's the last time I ever buy anything from Apple! I bought it from PC World, who today just informed me that I am just out the 1 year warranty and need to contact apple, who no doubt will say the same thing. I was hoping for some advice on this though because if i buy a device that is faulty and the fault doesn't become apparent until after the 1 year warranty runs out then that surely is still an argument for a replacement/repair? The guy I just spoke to in the shop reckons it could be a faulty hard drive, and I previously just put it down to a software glitch which can be fixed. I set up my speakers and iPod ready to bang out some tunes and to my horror- No Music on it. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. 100 and odd GB of data, but no tunes... This has happened before when I charge it up, add music and I know how to fix it, it just takes hours! And it's highly inconvenient, not to mention extremely annoying. What is the point in having this device if I can rely on it to supply me music when and where I might happen to be, which last night was in the middle of nowhere miles away from my laptop. this is the third time this has happened, and it also occasionally has errors in songs, for exmaple it will be half way through playing a track and then suddenly it's playing something else, then back to the track I was listening to, as though a segments of tracks have been mixed about. Do I have any consumer rights here that I can enforce if necessary. I will not be fobbed off by Apple again, they already sold me a dodgy macbook, refused to repair and I kicked out their genius store once and humiliated by the staff for raising my voice (after travelling all the way there from 70 miles away one day) I never sent the letter of complaint that time, but I should have. I will certainly mention that this time if i have to.
  3. Hi Folks, I've received a letter from Hillesden Securities / DLC threatening to get a charge on my property. This relates to a debt bought from Halifax in December 2008 which had a payment plan in place for £35 per month that had been maintained with Halifax up to the date it was sold . I have continued to pay Hillesden £35 up to the present. In June 2011 - when my credit history finally cleared - I took out a loan to settle some of my larger creditors and this prompted a letter from DLC threatening at that time to get a charge on my property. I sought advise from my local CAB who informed me that because Hillesden had bought the debt with a payment plan in place my only legal requirement was to maintain the payment - which I have done. After a series of letters between August 2011 and now I have received another letter once again threatening to take legal action in order to get a charge on my property to secure themselves. I know from other threads on this forum a little about BCOBS COBS and estoppel but would be grateful if someone can give me some more details so that I can be forearmed in order to prepare a defense if necessary. Thanks.
  4. Hi I'm new to this forum and I need some legal advise please.. The story is I bought a car yesterday Friday 7/06/2013 from a trader and I part exchange my old car, while driving back home after collecting the car from the seller after a cold start and about 10 minutes driving at speed 40- 50 mph, the car will not accelerate and seems to hit a flat spot or limiter. Pressing the accelerator to the floor just kicks out smoke!!! Then I decided to stop because the lorry almost hit me by the round about with my daughter!, so I rang the trader and told them what happened to me and the guy told me to bring it back and it could just be a diesel fuel injector and he will get it to fix, then I rang RAC to tow it back to them and the RAC guy reported it has intermittent power loss and black smoke. Now my question is I don't want a repair anymore as I was still under trauma since what happen to me and my daughter yesterday because the car is not safe to drive and it could be happen again. Can someone please light a shade on me if I still have the right to ask a full refund? Many thanks guys for your help!
  5. Hi, I have had a debt with Wonga in 2011, and I have paid them in full, the only problem is that I now have Mcv Kenzie Hall weasles coming after me for the same debt. I have Bank statements showing all my payments to Wonga. What should I do please? These people are relentless, and they are not going to go aweay any time soon!
  6. I bought a car on March 4th 2013 from a car dealer who trades from home. I paid £1700 for the car (2002 Focus ST170). It was up for £1995, i knocked him down to £1700. When i took the car for a test drive there was a random light on the dash, the dealer said it was the traction control. I trusted him, as he obviously knew about the car...or so i thought. This light turned itself off a day later. So i wasn't too concerned. It turns out it was a coolant warning light. It never returned after about 3 days of having the car. Within a week the Engine Management Light came on, i bought a OBD2 scanner to see what the issue was. It picked up 2 codes, one for a Lambda sensor (£100 not fitted), and one for a dodgy CAT (£600) i assume the CAT fault shows because of the sensor. I thought this wasnt a major problem, so bought a sensor off of a friend, but didnt fit it as i never had the time. I thought changing the sensor would clear both codes, i dont know though? It is something i could do, so i wasn't too worried, minor fault in my eyes. Things kept going wrong, the passenger door wouldn't open from the outside, the rear window washer sprayed water into the car not the window, the washer reservoir empties itself after a day or so. Then, on 7th May i was driving home and the engine died. I got the car towed home by Green Flag. I plugged the scanner in and it revealed a timing issue (P1383)...or so i thought. I got the timing belt cover off to discover the belt was missing most of the teeth. This has probably trashed the engine as the valves would have hit the pistons. I specifically asked the guy if the belt was changed, to which he replied, yea i think it was. Its a £500 job to do as its a weird engine, and there is no room, the engine needs lifting out pretty much to change it. What can i do? Ive done less than 1000 miles since having it, and now it is destined for the scrap yard. I will be £1700 out of pocket! Im very frustrated, i cant afford to lose that sort of money. I can sell it for spares or repairs for....£500! But i don't think this is right given what i paid for it. £200 car, yea fair enough, you expect problems. Am i right in assuming he, as a dealer has to provide a 3 month warranty? He is on holiday until 20th May. I tried ringing him and there was a message explaining this. He has pulled his website, im not sure because he is on holiday, or for other reasons. What are my rights? Can i get my money back as it was not fit for purpose? It can be repaired but will cost over £1000 to have it done. Is he responsible for this? Should a £1700 car last longer than 2 months before the engine fails, the CAT fails....i believe the engine light was turned off prior to me looking at the car. Im sure this can be proved with the right equipment, but its costly. Im really angry with the guy!
  7. Hello, I have a default in Aug 2009 with a credit card with a balance of £17000. There is no CCA with the OC and so the debt could not be pursued. This debt was subsequently sold to Cabot despite no CCA in Feb 2011. I told Cabot to get lost as there is no CCA and they can't enforce it. They obliged and got lost. Cabot said something along the lines of 'oops they didn't know that there was no CCA and bought the debt from the OC in good faith'. They left me alone and didn't pursue the debt - that's a couple of years ago now. Saying that they are still updating my credit file which is showing the default and the outstanding balance. My question is this: I know that DCA (Cabot in this case) buy these debts for very little money, and I was wondering if there is a way I could offer to make some payment, on the condition that they remove the default. As it stands they won't get a penny from me and there is nothing they can do about it, however if I make an offer (perhaps 10% of the debt) on the condition that they remove the default on the account, is that something that would that work? I have no experience in this so if someone could tell me if there is a way to go about this, that would be great. Thank you very much in advance MrSponge
  8. If a developer wants to buy your leasehold business, to knock it down and rebuild as part of a new development, is there a formula to follow to arrive at a figure which is what the business is worth? We have 4 years left to run on our fully insuring and repairing lease and we will not be taking up any offers of premises within the new development.
  9. Hi advice needed please. I purchased a car two days ago from local garage, vectra, £4000 on hp plus £1000 deposit. Anyway I have a stomach condition and have found that I will never be able to drive this car as it hurts too much. I wondered if I was to withdraw from hp contract with blackhorse how much would I be charged. I dont mind loosing a couple of hundred pounds, and would I get my deposit back from the dealer? I have to return the car anyway as there is a hissing noise from the brakes, but just wondered if anyone could tell me how much this could cost me thanks
  10. I'm very sorry if this has been posted in the wrong forum, but I do find it a little confusing. Anyway. A few days ago I bought a used car from a dealership. It was advertised as having electric windows, electrically adjustable mirrors and air conditioning. So I picked it up, and have since found it has none of the above. Now I know some of the blame has to come down to me, but I was so embroiled in the cars mechanical and cosmetic condition, I really didn't think to check the switches, I am happy with the car and do not want to reject it, but do feel a little hard done by as I paid top money, and if I'd sussed it didn't have the extra's listed in the dealers add, I might have haggled on the price. Should I let the dealer off scott free over their misdescription of what was included, or should I try and get some money back. Hope to get your thoughts.
  11. Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any help you may give. As the subject suggest i have recently bought a car that turned out to be "non road worth". i am certain i have a strong case against the dealer and they wont have any option but to ultimately provide me with another vehicle, refund or repair the car. basically, i purchased the car and have the contract stating that it is in good working order. When i bought the car i also bought a warranty that they offer for the engine and gear box. about 14 days after i bought the car i was unable to drive it. building up to that date the car had no power, wouldnt accelerate past 25mph and white smoke (its a diesel) was coming from the exhaust. Obviously noting something was wrong with the car i started writing the dealers e mails so i have everything in writing. I had written in total 4 e mails within these 14 days, also stating that i had stopped using the car until they can advise the best way to proceed. I never had a response, and booked a diagnostic test at vauxhall. when i wanted to drive there the car wouldnt start so had to get aa to tow me there. repairs would cost over £5,000 which included the engine and i paid £999 for the car. since then i have tried to contact the dealer to get the warranty details and the number i need to call. they havent given this to me and keep on telling me to wait 2 days and they will give it to me, obviously not acceptable. i have called citizens advice and they told me to send a recorded delivery, which i have done and if no response from that then i will go to small claims. i think this is the best way to go and as said i think my case is extremely strong since i have most everything in writing. what i really want to know though is can i seem compensation? my employment requires me to own a car and i have been without for over 2 weeks now - not to mention the drama and time i have had to spent during working hours on this matter to begin with? thanks again for any help.
  12. http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2013/01/18/rogue-dudley-dealer-admits-selling-unroadworthy-cars/ These are the guys we need to get rid of!
  13. Hi. On 4th Jan 2013, I bought a MK3 Mondeo from a show room in Derby. (Over the phone). Yeah, not ideal. Advertised at 82,589miles FSH, 12mth MOT (to be done at purchase), and 3mth Warranty. The 6th of Jan it was delivered to me, after the MOT was done. The delivery driver said that the rear wheel bearings have gone and need looking at. As I got in the car to take the delivery driver back home, I noticed the mileage was at 131500 !! Was told by a salesman at the forecourt I bought the car from, that it was wrong in the ad and should have been changed, but as a good will gesture they will upgrade my 3 mth warranty. I`ve just got back from National tyres, who`ve inspected the car, and said it should not have passed its MOT the forecourt in Derby put it through. They phoned up the warranty company to go ahead with the repairs, who replied saying these parts are not covered. £250 including labour for each wheel. Also the carpets are soaking wet, and the thermostat does not work. The warranty, has my mileage at 124317. Where did they get that from? Thats a 7, 637mile difference!! What are my options? Thanks. Ian Edwards
  14. hi all hoping somebody can give a bit of advice of a vehicle purchase i carried out a £3.99 vehicle check on my iPhone before purchasing, after i purchased i did a full check silly i know i should have done the full check before handing over the cash! The 3.99 check does not give info of finance owing just if it has ever been involved in any accidents number of owners etc.. Now I've done the full HPI it shows as finance owing to Santander which was taken out in 2008, over a 60 month period. The problem is the car has changed owners twice since 2008 and now I'm the third... now I've spoken to the person i purchased it from he was totally un aware of this and had owned it for nearly 3 years. I've spoke to Santander and they won't tell me much at all. The finance is due to end this year, surely by now the car would have been snatched back by the finance company wouldn't it? am i now liable for the finance owing?- if any? there records may not be updated? is it likey for me to lose the car, even thought i bought it in good faith and it has had a number of owners since? if anyone can help with some info i would be very great full thank you in advance!
  15. Hi All, I'm new on here so I'm hoping I have found the right place to post this. I bought a brand new SIP mitre saw on ebay July 2012. The model in question has now been dsicontinued. This was a 'buy it now' transaction if that makes any difference, and payment was sent through PayPal, direct from funds in PayPal account (i.e. not credit card unfortunately). Saw was apparently fine, but soon developed problems. The saw works by driving a circular saw blade by motor. The motor transfers power to the blade via two pulleys and a drive belt. One pulley is bolted to the motor, one is driving the saw blade. There are bearings at either end supporting the axles between motor and pulley, and pulley and blade. Basically what's happened is, the bolts holding the pulleys to their axles have come loose during use, this has caused excess vibration, knackering the bearings and causing catastrophic failure of the belt, resulting in damage to the plastic cover housing all these works, completely destroying one of the bolts that was holding one of the pulleys on, and damaged pulleys. I contacted tool_stop (the eBay seller) on ebay in September to see what they would do about it, to which they replied it was outside of their 30 day warranty for a replacement, but they could get it picked up and sent to SIP to be repaired. I contacted SIP myself, and they collected the saw, and returned it to myself repaired in November. The saw has now failed again due to the same reasons. This time the belt has worked its way off and rubbed the casing, melting its way through before failing catastrophically. The casing is there partly to protect the user from such failures hurling high speed debris/pulleys at the user, which could result in severe injury if not worse. I really don't want to be using this saw anymore, because such catastrophic failure could result in injury or fire, so I would like a refund instead of a repair. I assume it's the seller I need to contact about this, not SIP. Do I have the right to demand a refund? I think I read somewhere that I could refuse the contract of sale or something, even having used it, but I'm not sure what exactly my options are or how to go about them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ben
  16. Hi all, really not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but looking for some advice. SO sorry for the length!!! there is just so much to say Basically 1 year ago we bought a puppy, I work as a nursing assistant at a veterinary surgery so we took her to my vet the day after for a health check (we had some red flags from the breeder but this being our first puppy were slightly naive) At the health check she was diagnosed with parrot jaw, basically an overshot jaw. We contacted the breeder politely and told her, she was a bit abrupt with us saying she knew about it, but its not as big of a deal as my vet was making out... anyway we ended the exchange amicably with an agreement of, or so i think of splitting the bill if it came down to her adult canines being removed in the future, which was worst case scenario. She offers to take her back, ofcourse we say no. fast forward about 2 maybe 3 months or so, we realise her sight isn't quite right. Take her back the vets, he agrees something isn't right, referred us to an eye specialist. He agrees something isn't right too but that her eyes seem fine besides being slightly small for her age and head. So he suggested a neurologist as he thought it is her brain. Week or so later we go there, they notice her head tilt and say yes something isn't right we'd like to do a brain scan, they were 85% sure she'd come out with hydrocephalus. She didn't, 1700 pound later (she was fully insured) they tell us her optic nerve is fine. She does seem to have muscular atrophy of the muscles in her head though and this is unique and doesn't have a name, possibility of degeneration over time but unlikely, but that it is the result of a toxic process while in utero... meaning the mum appears to have been exposed to a chemical of some form which has caused it. Advice = just keep an eye on her. Take her home, some visit to vet over rashes and stuff, not thought of much. We email the breeder and tell her, she practically accuses us of doing something to her and it ends with her saying she spoke to her vet and he said its a rare thing and she breeds to please blah blah, we can have a free puppy if we like... :/ i was always polite and said thank you, but right now no.. We take her to be spayed. My vet says he is concerned as although her parents where carrier and clear of vWd (clotting disorder, and meaning she should never be affected) he believes that the time that her swabs stayed saturated indicated to him some sort of clotting disorder and it's worth checking out (we had paid so many excesses we couldn't afford that because IN THE MEANTIME... she got this horrendous rash all over her body and she is in misery and pain and we've tried everything from hibiscrub, sudacrem, surolan, compresses, flea treatments, piriton, cortavance. Finally we go to a specialist and she tested for allergies. She is allergic to 2 types of grass, rabbits, all type of dust mites, clover, mould, etc ALL KINDS. Low and behold? its hereditary.... may have skipped a generation, but hereditary all the same. She now has to have special injections made every month for the rest of her life to try to calm her reactions down. Honestly I am angry, i'm sad. I'm so infuriated and I don't know what to do. We love her, she was an extremely expensive dog, 800 pounds and we've spent tons. I don't begrudge her a penny but, as anyone can understand.. I'm peeved. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  17. I visited the Torquay branch of Comet yesterday and purchased two pairs of 'Monster Turbine' headphones at a discounted rate due to there current financial situation. Upon getting home and inspecting the supposedly two identical pairs of headphones it is clear there were differences between the two. Further research online suggests that one of the pairs are a fake set so i returned to the store to try and take action. Due to Comet currently being in administration they were unable to refund or exchange the items despite the store manager and fellow colleagues acknowledging one of the pairs were fake. I'm am now at odds with what to do, writing to the administrator will more than likely prove fruitless as i will merely become an unsecured debtor and at the bottom of the pile of those set to receive money. Regardless, my staturory rights have been infringed as the goods were definitely not 'as described' and as such is a legal matter. If anyone has any help or advice with what to do in this strange situation it would be most appreciated.
  18. Hi all, went to see a Merc Sprinter van yesterday and it looked okay. I asked the seller (trader) if everything worked and he agreed. the van was dropped off at my house this morning and I went for a run in it after I had taxed it and insured it. I found the Speedo didn't work and the glowplug light was on constantly. I took it back to the dealer and he couldn't rectify the faults and told me he needed to contact an auto electrican and then get back to me. This afternoon, I have also found the heater is not getting hot, the interior lights don't work & there is no spare wheel. Where do I stand and what time limits do I have, he told me that he would give me 3 months warranty. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello there I have a small problem im hoping you can advise me My dad (trusting as he is) purchased a Renault grand espace 05 plate 120k from a used car dealer on 05/10/12 Now the car drives fine however it has a very loud whistle under acceleration, he was told after placing a deposit that a new turbo was going to be fitted and all would be good when he came to collect. He picked the car up yesterday and the whistle is still there, the seller claims it's just due to it being new and will go away in a couple of weeks and won't talk about it anymore, I know this is rubbish having previously worked as a Renault service manager. I've done a fair bit of googling and all the Renault forums (and a couple of RTE's i know) say the turbo is about to expire, a very expensive job. So i'm wondering what his rights are here, can he return the car now demanding it be fixed or a refund issued? or does he need to wait till the turbo expires? (is there a time limit on these things?) Thanks for any advice James
  20. hi there, i have bought a second hand car from a private Car Trader and i didn't get V5C along with it.i have paid him in cheque for the car and applied for V5C at local DVLA but dvla said it would take 4-6 weeks before they can issue me a new V5c on my name. but i am not sure if the person who own this vehicle (who sold it to trander) refuse to accept change then what option i will have to recover my money or keep the vehicle. i also spoke to big name Garage and they have confirmed me that trader is trustworthy and they can produce an invoice which shows they sold this vehicle to private trader. sorry if i have created any confusion here. thanks and i appreciate your feeedback on this matter.
  21. Hi all, I have just bought a used van from Ebay and went down to collect it yesterday. I paid cash to a business for it, although the owner of the business told me that it was a private sale as he did not want to put it through the books for tax reasons. on my way home last night I noticed the windscreen was cracked and then the clutch went... I immediately sent an email to the seller letting him know but he has not got back to me yet. Does anyone know where I stand with regards to potentially getting him to pay for the new clutch? It is a 9 year old '53' plate van with 100,000 miles on the clock. Thanks, EB.
  22. Trouble ahead! http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14342/online-news/mortgage-lender-buys-credit-card-debt
  23. Hello I bought what i thought was three authentic Hollister women's t-shirts but turned out to be fakes from a ebay seller, I opened up a ebay case seller refunded for just one of the shirt's and case was closed automatically. I have opened up a new case regarding the two outstanding fake shirts, not having much look with seller, ebay not helping. Should i take it to Paypal and open a case? Thanks
  24. This is my first post so sorry if in wrong section. I have been viewing the may postings on her for a few weeks and thought I would start with Late payment charges so sent off my letters, to date the only one I have recieved back was from Egg... but they sent me a copy of my loan agreement.. mmmmm? dated 20/1/05 well a copy printed out on a egg letter head ....so you ask !.. on reading this I see that the original loan was for £14k then they have added £4874.38 LPP so the total amounts states £18874.38 @ 6.9% have they charged me interest on LPP and if so is the legal? I love this site .....
  25. Hi all, first time user so please be gentle, I'll try and keep this a short as poss, my problem was I bought a car from garage and needed to change over to a cherished number plate so the owner of the garage allowed me to have the new car along with log book 6 months tax new MOT and service he kept the car I P/X'ed. I had to send all paperwork off for both cars so this left me with the tax disc and log book for my old car. After having the new car for a week I noticed a knocking from the front passenger side when braking and after taking it to two different garages i was told the brake discs were warped and needed replacing. I phoned the owner of the garage straight away but could not get hold of him and found out he was away for two weeks on holiday. I needed the car fixed asap as i was about to go away myself and didn't want to drive a car on a 400mile round trip with a defect. I got the discs and pads replaced cheaply as poss as my brother is an ex-mechanic so labour was FOC but parts were £79, am I within my right to keep the tax disc from my old car to cover the cost of the parts, there is nothing on paper to say the car i part exchanged should have the tax with it. The owner of the garage has since phoned me from his holiday and said "no the car comes with the tax we had a deal, why didn't you take the car to the garage that just serviced it we will have to talk about it when i get back" I know that it is up to him to prove the fault was not on the car when he sold it but don't want any come back if i just send him the log book and mot certificate with no tax disc as i had to cover the cost of the parts. Hope this makes sense would appreciate any advice many thanks
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