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Found 154 results

  1. Hi. I've had a really bad experience with a dealership from whom I purchased a car. That's in another thread and it looks like I am now stuck with a car that I cannot drive. However, when I purchased the car, I also agreed to some additional after sales services. For an additional £995 I got a "Delivery Pack" which included 2 services, 60 valets, 3 MOTS, and the application of a Diamondbrite Paint Protection System. And a full tank of fuel. The only one of these that I have so far had is the tank of fuel when I picked up the car. The only place all this is recorded is on the vehicle order form. There doesnt seem to be any terms and conditions anywhere or any information relating to a right to return or cancel. I have requested from the dealership that I cancel this agreement and reimburse for the fuel but have been told that I cannot. That I agreed to it as part of the sale. Can anyone suggest any Acts that I might look at that would allow me to return this service? Surely I must have fourteen days or twenty eight days to change my mind? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, Quick brief for you. I bought a second hand van today from a dealer for £3700 + £740 VAT. I found it on autotrader the day before. There was no admittance of any fault in the ad. There hardly ever is on autotrader adverts. I'm 30 miles from the dealership so it isn't too far from me. It seems that the gearbox crunches in 1st gear, which wasn't present during the test drive as it was a brief one. The van is a semi-automatic so it is a very situational fault whereby it only happens if I'm crawling slowly and the van decides to drop to 1st. There was little traffic during the test drive so the fault didn't appear during this time. As I got closer to home the problem started happening. I bought the car from a trader who has 100+ cars in stock so they seemed very established. My question is, where do I stand in this? - Am I able to get a refund or repair? - I feel disheartened as the van seemed perfect during the time of purchase but 30 minutes later I'm having gearbox issues. I haven't contacted the dealer yet as I would like your advice as to how I should proceed. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone. I'd really appreciate your input on this issue. My parents recently bought an 06 plate Vectra Estate for £4k from a local dealer. The car drove well on the test drive so a deposit was paid on the condition that some paintwork was sorted before picking the car up and it would be serviced and MOT'd. However, after driving the car home a week later, the gearbox has developed a pronounced whining noise. On investigation this appears to be a shortcoming of the M32 gearbox used in these and plenty of other cars. The car itself has only done 57,000 miles. We've now had our trusted mechanic (a Vauxhall Technician) drive the car to his garage and he's confirmed that at least one bearing needs replacing as it's a fault that will eventually break the gearbox (as confirmed by the huge thread on the VXR owners forum). He's also said that there were some brand new screws/bolts on the gearbox casing and it looks like someone has already had a look to see what's wrong. My suspicion is that they've decided it's an expensive fix and shifted the car on. It was probably the previous owner but either way the fault was there at the point of sale. The dealer has already replaced the crank oil seal that left a puddle on the garage floor but he was initially unwilling to fix the bearings in the gearbox as it will come to £500-£600, suggesting an additive to quieten it down. This was put in (without our say so) when the oil seal was replaced in an effort to mask the noise but if anything it is now even worse. The 3 month warranty that the car was sold with explicitly states that "All internal (gearbox) components including - Bearings" are covered. This warranty not 3rd party but in the name of the dealership so I assume it is basically an extension to statutory rights under the sales of good act. The dealer has said that all he needs to do is offer a 2nd hand gearbox regarless of the mileage it has covered. I'd say that a 2nd hand gearbox would be ok but as my parents paid for a car that's only done 57K miles, they shouldn't have to accept a higher mileage replacement. The dealer doesn't have the facilities to fix/replace cars on site so it would be sent to another garage anyway. Ideally we would like our mechanic to fix it and for the dealer to reimburse the cost. The dealer hasn't been good at doing basic things that have been asked of him. The paintwork wasn't sorted on time so the car had to be taken back and even then it wasn't done as agreed. He hasn't provided documentation of the work carried out (oil seal and additive) despite multiple requests and saying he would. The dealer is currently offering either a 2nd hand replacement gearbox (any mileage) or for my parents to pay £250 and get the bearings replaced (with him covering the difference). I don't think either of these is acceptable for a fault that was present at sale, on a part that should last the life of the car. Any advice on our rights or the next step to take would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  4. Wow... Cabot are becoming a debt powerhouse... The extract is from CreditToday's article of 4th June.
  5. Won a motorbike off Ebay on 30th May, paid via bank transfer the next day as Paypal doesn't offer protection on motor vehicles. Was described as fully working, just had an MOT. Got a courier to pick it up and deliver it, received it yesterday, wouldn't start, had to buy a battery charger, discovered battery is knackered so will need to be replace, there may be other issues but hopefully not. Where do I stand on this with it not being as described? Can I make the seller reinburse any repairs I have to pay for? Or if I really wanted to could I return it? Thank you.
  6. Creating this post as a just-in-case if things don't turn out right. The car exhaust was brand new, the seller seems to sell a lot of them. It came, we took off the old exhaust (at the cost of my arm dislocating! ). Then it became apparent that the new exhaust didn't fit on to the manifold, I took many pictures with proof, also of the mountings in the wrong place. The seller first told me to bodge it to make it fit, but eventually agreed to a refund, and that he would arrange for APC to collect it. Seemed genuine enough. They collected it Friday, but now the seller doesn't respond to any messages. It could be that they haven't gotten around to opening the box yet to inspect before issuing a refund, but I'm getting worried as the response time was very fast up until now. I can't open a case with eBay as that functionality no longer exists with them, I merely have to request a return and post it back, however I cannot do this since it's already been collected.
  7. Guys I need some advice please. Myself and a female friend went down to London for 9th March to paint at jam called Femme Fierce. We purchased tickets that included a tshirt and a goodie bag for £11.25. When the jam was finished we weren’t given the tshirts or bags as apparently “there wasn’t enough time to hand them out” even though everyone was standing about. After two months, we’ve still not received our tshirts or a refund, despite being promised they would be posted out within a week and we’re being properly ignored by the organiser. Basically most of the writers and artists paid extra for these tshirts, about 100 people (that’s £1000 to her – not included in the £1.25 to paint in a LEGAL tunnel!). She’s just ignoring all of us, but she’s online uploading photos of her latest jams and going to events. A few of us have asked for refunds and still nothing. This is an utter joke, people shouldn’t be able to get away with ignoring people that they used to advertise an event and got recognition because of said event. Basically we’ve all been ripped off. Does anyone know if I can do anything about this?
  8. i bought a car on 30th of march from a dealers in leeds i went to view it, i tried my best to look as im no expert we noticed slight smoke from exhaust we asked him and he said it was due to the repairs he had done and it will wear off after a few days with it just passing its mot i believed him as i presumed that the mot means its road worthy, after the 1st day i noticed the tyre tread on left wheel was completely worn down on one side and after 2 days the engine management light came on so i text the man and no reply i left it a few days and the problem was appearing now physically it was dragging and not picking up speed so i rang him this time and basically he said you bought the car its not my problem its yours im not doing anything for you or that car. so i text him and told him what problems the car had and how when he sold me it it was not roadworthy and that i will report him to trading standards if he will not offer to repair or replace and he basically said see you in court mate. so i had no choice i needed the car to run so i had to go to a different garage upon looking he noticed the front part of the exhaust was falling apart and on diagnostic it showed the coils needed replacing, i fixed the exhaust and left coils as not enough money to pay for it, after 3 days i returned for the coils replacing the mechanic had found he had fitted old reused cheap coils and old reused cheap spark plugs and the valve stem oil seals are failing, so basically ive bought a car that is useless as its only a vauxhalll astra 03 plate... the mechanic did what he could and flushed it out changed oil and coils etc but he said its only going to last 2 months max. im devastated as a single mother id saved up 600 to buy my first car and i might as well of thrown it away and not only that had to spend 300 on top of that to fix. what can i do? i know i have rights but how hard is this to pursue and how much extra will it cost i dont want this person to get away with this. any advice please is appreciated.
  9. Hi all - I'm in a bit of bind with my car so thought I'd ask your advice. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this I haven't been here for a while! Basically a dealer had an ebay auction for a car and I won it. As the place was a 6 hour round trip I made the mistake of not viewing the car before hand. I also paid for it to be delivered so I didn't have to give up a precious weekend day with the kids to go and pick it up. It was delivered after a week, then the problems started... I noticed a crunch when putting the car into first gear. Being handy with a set of spanners decided I would replace everything possible to do with the clutch without removing the gearbox. Basically replacing the easy/minor bits (clutch master and slave cylinders) with genuine parts - to rule them out as being the cause of the problem. Unfortunately that didn't solve it and now by process of elimination it's looking like a major expense to fix it - most likely replacing the gearbox. As it was bought from a dealer over ebay do I have any options to return the car for a refund? Or have a shot myself in the foot by replacing parts (albeit with new genuine ones)? I paid for the car at the end of Feb, almost a calendar month ago. As an aside the car is covered in rust, far more than would be thought consistent with age. This wasn't mentioned either. The perils of buying anything unseen from ebay! Lesson learnt... if anyone can offer me some advice I'd really appreciate it. Thank you, Matt
  10. Hi, My watch went missing off my wrist when I was out in Nov 2013. (Don't know if it fell off or was pinched). I logged a report on reportmyloss as Merseyside police no longer log items such as watches unless specific criteria met. I have regularly checked ebay to see if it would appear. This week I finally found it & won the bid! The watch is definitely mine as it has a unique ID that matches the paperwork I have. I have asked the seller how they ended up with the watch & they say they bought it off someone they used to work with. I have explained that I have proof of purchase etc, but they have offered no refund. Do I have anywhere to stand in trying to claim back the money I have paid for my own watch? Many Thanks, Danny.
  11. bought Focus ST from a dealer 2 and a half weeks ago, the dealership was 200 miles away so it was a 400 mile round trip to get the car, the car is on finance. on the way home i thought i could feel a slight vibration, it was late the next day i took it to a tyre garage to get the wheels balanced as i thought that could be what the problem is. i was told all 4 tyres are past it, the car passed an MOT the day before i bought it so i said they cant be.. the garage lifted it back up on the ramps to show me. the 2 front tyres are very bald on the inner edges and all cracked between treads. the rear tyres have plenty of tread but again they are all badly cracked between treads. one of the front tyres also has a slit in the side wall! now, before any one says "didnt you look at the car before you bought it" yes i did, but i was checking things like body work, interior, engine bay etc, i didnt even consider looking at the tyres since the car literally passed an MOT the day before! i instantly emailed the dealership with what i found, they asked me to get pictures for proof and also get a tyre report done, then email that along with pictures to them so they can resolve the issue. i did the above, and this is the reply i got!!! "Hi Stuart, I have spoken with the MOT station that MOT’d your vehicle, I have showed them the photographs you sent, and we have gone through each point on the MOT standards relevant to tyres and they have assured me that the tyres are legal. MOT standards are available online. The other major factor to take into account here is that you took the vehicle for a FREE tyre check. The purpose of these free tyres checks unfortunately are to sell you new tyres. Both ourselves and the MOT station are happy that the tyres are legal and if you feel they need replacing it will be at your own cost. I am sorry this is not the outcome you were hoping for, however this is the very reason we independently MOT every vehicle sold" obviously i wasnt happy with that reply threatened to take it further, but they just ignored me, i contacted trading standards, they told me i have rights etc which i quoted to the dealership, they ignored again. i then decided to get the car checked over to see if any other faults were apparent. there were.. . it has a split inner CV boot, it had a broken boost solenoid valve, and 1 of the tyres also has a screw in it (aswell as been bald and cracked) there is also a slight vibration from a driveshaft (probably slightly worn) again i emailed the dealer, and advised i will be getting VOSA involved as i dont think its even been seen by the MOT tester as it wouldn't of passed! as soon as i threatened with this their reply was "if your really that unhappy, please return the car for a refund" the car is on finance, which for me to get out of now has a higher settlement fee than what the car cost, the dealer is over 200 miles away (400 mile round trip) its already cost me in excess of £200 to collect the car, plus a day off work. I asked them if they are going to re reimburse me of the fees to return the car, and also that with illegal tyers im not prepared to drive it 200 miles on a motorway so they would have to arrange to have it collected. again no reply and they are ignoring me im happy with the car its self, im just unhappy about the faults, and dont see why i should have to fork out over £500 to put it right! what else can i do now? it desperately needs sorting, but im literally getting no where
  12. Six year old Annie returns home from school and says that today she had her first family planning lesson at school. Her mother, very interested, asks: "Oh... How did it go" "I nearly died of shame!" she answers. "Sam from down the street says the stork brings babies. Sally next door said you can buy babies at the orphanage. Pete in my class says you can buy babies at the hospital." Her mother answers laughingly, "But that is no reason to be ashamed." "No... but I can't tell them that we were so poor that you and daddy had to make me yourselves!"
  13. Will try to be brief: Bought a car circa 7 weeks ago for £2000. Dealer gave me a receipt. Also gave ME the entire V5 to fill in and send off! Within days I thought that there were issues with the car. I had filled in the V5...but did not send off. I figured at this point (perhaps somewhat misguided?) that if the dealer refused to carry out repair work to make the car right....I might stand a better chance of getting a refund and giving the car back if I told him he could have the V5 back - tipex my details - and so hence not record another owner on it - who then would look like he was selling it on within weeks of buying! I took the car back to dealer and complained saying he needed to put things right. Have since had it back to dealer with various different issues - multiple times. Work has been done - but are still issues. Dealer has just now had car again for a few days - and has just informed me that he is going to give me a full refund. I'm wondering about the V5 thing now. If I go in and tell him i never sent the V5 off - ask for my money back as he has said - and ensure V5 is tipexed and my details gone - is this ok? Any possible risks? Via DVLA or any other way? I have had the car insured in my name and taxed since buying it. Any recommendations on what to do? Sorry if this is foolish...just suddenly got concerned.
  14. Well this could turn nasty so i wanted to get some heads up opinions here first. me and a family member decided to go down a new venture and purchase 3 or so cars from a car auction. We turned up in person and paid them in reception for a few cars. We arrange a recovery guy to collect them and drop them at our desired locations. 1st car collected and dropped off fine. 2nd car the recovery guy calls me and says his truck cannot handle the weight of the vehicle so he will have to skip that one and do the last one which was delivered fine. Straight away i have called the auction company and told them is the particular vehicle out the front they said yes, i said can i keep it there until i arrange someone to collect it. They said yes how long. I said maximum 2 days, they said yes thats fine we'll leave it there no problems. The next day i have called them to get a quote for them to deliver the vehicle themselves as i was having a nightmare finding someone who would do the job at a reasonable price (quotes were £100 for 22 miles!!!) the auction company said it would cost about £35, i said fantastic the car is out the front of your offices please double check and i'll go for that. They said fine they'll locate the vehicle and call me back to sort it out. I got a call back saying there is no vehicle there. The vehicle is not out the back (with the other 1000 or 2000 other cars they have) nor in the front where the recovery guy i used said the auctions staff parked it up next to reception. I have literally called them 4 times a day as they never call me back when they say and they have yet to locate the vehicle. On their systems it is showing as being released (because 1. i paid for it and 2. the recovery guy i used initially gave the paperwork/receipt for the vehicle to the staff member who located the vehicle and gave it to my recovery guy) which then in turn said it cannot go on his trailer. To make matters worse this auction company leave all car keys attached to the steering wheel on a string. Apparently the yard where the vehicle was left (at the front) does have gates which do get locked..etc) So could i get some opinions on this? in the worst case scenario, some truck has come and pinched the car from the auction companies property. But 1. Is it my responsibility as i paid for it and initially collected it but then did not take it away (my recovery guy) or 2. Is it their responsibility as its on their land and under their control. I have not got this vehicle insured as not once have they issued me with the reg plate number so if this is pinched the only thing i can do is turn to this auction company. I hope in the next few days i can repost here and say the vehicle was located but as its been 2 or 3 days already im really doubting the vehicle is no longer in their possession and has been pinched. I am a bit lost here, help?
  15. Link bought four of my barclaycards with average amount of debts over £10k each and I am paying £1 one of them and the rest of £55 each I had the cards for a long time over 12 years but nine month ago they have sold it to Link Link wrote to me at the time and said they are happy for me to carry on these payment And so I did pay on time since and they have not said anything so far. MY debts is about £50k and this was mostly due my business But the good thing about this is There is NO DEFAULTS on my file with any of my barclaycards I am wondering why this is or any suggestion what i should do I am happy to carry on with the payment for next few years but where would that ends
  16. Hello, I'm posting this for a family member as they're not very computer literate and need some advice. They have received a letter from Robinson Way regarding a debt that they have not been contacted about for the last 7-8 years, it wasn't a debt they were hiding from, but couldn't afford to pay at the time, they then moved and obviously heard nothing for the above time period. I told them that it is over 6 years old now and should be statute barred (is that said correctly?) Is that correct, do they not need to worry about it anymore? Any help would be appreciated.
  17. My partner bought a handset privately and it worked fine for a month. Then it wouldn't make or receive calls. It turns out it's been blacklisted on UK networks. We've run a report and also reported it to the police. It turns out that it's not stolen, nor is it the subject of an insurance claim. I'm assuming then that the previous owner is in default with their contract and hence it's been blocked by whichever network they're in default with. My question is is there any way to get the block lifted? Anyone had experience of this before?
  18. Hi everyone, i really could do with all your help with this. My mother received a letter(oct 2014) from Provident stating they have sold her account to Lowell. In the letter sent by Provident it says: The total balance sold was £XXXX.XX. The individual agreements included in your account are detailed on the enclosed letter from Lowell(6 loan agreements listed). My mother has a letter from Lowell saying it's formal notice of the account being sold and assigned to Lowell.(i'm assuming this letter is the one the Provident letter refers to). The 6 loan agreements listed all have an agreement date along side, each date is in 2010. My mother has tried to pay the Provident a number of times via doorstep collections but whenever my mother couldn't pay, the collector got a bit narky and wouldn't return to collect any more payments. My mother would call them asking when will they be collecting her payment. Finally the doorstep collections stopped and now Lowell have bought the debt. My mom want's to pay so i'd really appreciate your help in sorting this out for her. I don't know what to do, any suggestions. thank you
  19. Hi everyone, I bought a 08 Fiat Bravo from Jamie of Epic Motors Coventry on the 4th Oct 2014. On the 18th Oct 2014, it lost power on the motorway and could only do a maximum of 50mph while making a grinding noise. I managed to pull into a parking lot and called RAC who diagnosed it as a broken turbo. Since I only had roadside assistance and was 120miles from home and it was midnight, I paid £300 to have the car recovered back to my house. I got in touch with the seller on the 19/10/14 to see what he was willing to do. He initially offered to fix the problem free of charge but after speaking to him today (20/10/14) it turns out he thought I was a different customer when we initially spoke. He phoned me up, shouting and swearing and eventually said that I would have to pay to get the problem sorted. At this point, what do I do? He has since sent me a text saying "Just so you no, the warranty was paying for the work on your car, as you have said NO to this being done, I cannot help" At no point have I refused to accept repairs. But after finding out about his background, I do not trust the work that he would do on my car and have suggested getting the work done at a local garage I trust if he is willing to pay for it. How do I go about rejecting the car/getting it repaired and reclaiming from him? Thank you all for your help!
  20. Hey all, Just wanted some advice on my situation detailed below! At the station this morning, my friend was needed to get a 7 day ticket to Reading. She was going to get a photocard this morning, but due to the long queues and late running, I offered my photocard (which I now understand is not right!). when she had to pay, her debit card was not working and so I paid for it and she just transferred the balance to my account. On her way back from Reading, a ticket inspector said that she should not have used my photocard and that she should pay with her own debit card. She explained that her card wasnt working and to prove it wasnt a stolen ticket, she called me to confirm the last 4 digits. They then fined her £20 (which is fine, I totally understand why) but then proceeded with a threat that she will have to pay a fine for stealing the ticket and then confiscated the ticket. I will meet up with her tonight to discuss the details and will post more later. What I wanted to know is: -What are the implications for me as I am admitting to buying it for her? - Will she have to pay extra fines as they threatened her for stealing? - Is there any way I can get the ticket back, considering the fine has already been paid? Thanks very much for any help!
  21. Hi I purchased a car on 2/8/14 for £1295 and was given £350 for my old one, so paid £950 cash, no warranty was ever mentioned and now the car has developed a loud knocking noise, sounds like drive shaft area, no warranty was mentioned, there is also no mention of it on the very basic receipt. just also looked through the paperwork, and the v says 3 previous owners and car was advertised with 2. any thoughts on where i might stand with this one. cheers
  22. It's a 2002 Passat estate with nearly 190,000 miles. Yep, worthless in theory. But I paid a couple of grand. And a couple of grand is a couple of grand. I went to view it, and to be fair it has loads of receipts, it's been cared for, new brakes, 4 new good tyres, new timing belt, recently serviced by previous owner. Went on a test drive with dealer (well he drove it as he didn't let people test drive) and he said it was spot on. Which is was in all fairness. No nasty bangs or anything. We even tried the aircon and it seemed cool enough so I drove away happy, I admit. However a couple of days later, I noticed the car didn't reach operating temperature. I was a bit peed off but thought if that's all I have to worry about it wouldn't be too bad. £224 later it was fixed. I also noticed that in fact the aircon didn't work- now this peed me off quite a bit. It felt ok on the cold day we test drove it but clearly it was just the blower. I've now found out that the window demister doesn't work either, which now is getting annoying. I'm no mechanic and need to pay a mechanic for every fault and by the time I've fixed these issues I would have been better off buying something much nicer. I accept it's a very old car but with having to spend hundreds of pounds to fix it it now feels like a very expensive banger... I just don't really know where to go with this.... Help!?
  23. hi everyone, I bought an Onkyo TX-NR609 amp on ebay 6 months ago. It's been working fine, but now it's developed a fault. The item being used is out of warranty and I don't have the original purchase receipts other than ebay prove of purchase. After some research I found that so many people have complained about this common issue, that onkyo have decided to extend the warranty and allow people to send the goods back to them to get repaired/replaced. My problem is that onkyo are asking for original receipt of purchase from an Authorised Dealer, otherwise they are not willing to cover their product. Surely it doesn't matter where you purchase it from? After all the fault is with the manufacturer's product, so how come the customer is losing out? What can I do?
  24. Hi there, I purchased a used Alfa GT 1.9 JTD from a private seller advertising on autotrader around 1 month ago. this was the advertisement posted: M-JET 16v 3 DOOR GT COUPE, WITH FULL LEATHER INTERIOR , FULL SERVICE HISTORY ALL MANUALS 2 KEYS AND PLENTY OF RECIEPTS, RECENT CLUTCH AND SERVICE,REAR SPRING AND DROP LINKS, 6 SPEED MANUAL 150 bhp POWER AND ECONOMY ALL UNDER ONE HOOD.TWIN TAIL PIPE EXHAUST,SOUGHT AFTER STYLISH ITALIAN THOROUGH-BRED COUPE ALL IN COLOUR CODED AZZURE, BLUE, Next MOT due 04/09/2015, Tax expires 31/01/2015, Full service history, Electric windows, Air conditioning, Parking aid, CD player, Leather trim, Height adjustable driver's seat, Folding rear seats, Sports seats, Metallic paint, Alloy wheels, Power steering, Cruise control, Central locking, Alarm, Immobiliser, Driver's airbags, Side airbags, Passenger airbags. 5 seats, £1,999 the private seller took me for a drive and I had a short test drive in it. everything seemed fine during the drive. the HPI check was clear and he showed me the totally clear MOT certificate issued the week before. I bought the car and have been using it for driving to work etc. i noticed a few minor issues immediately (as you would expect from a used car) but last week the whole car began to judder. i took the car in to my local specialist garage who said that the car should not have passed its MOT test and would have failed on at least 5 separate points as well as several advisories. the MOT certificate I was provided was completely clear. The certificate is legitimate (i check on the mot check website) but the results are clearly falsified. I am unsure what to do. I cant afford to buy another car without some kind of refund. what rights do i have and what would your advice be moving forward. if i report the car to VOSA my worry is i will be left without a drivable car - they will fail the MOT and i assume will get no refund to my outlay. i don't want to sell the car on as i don't want the same thing to happy to another person, and i don't want to scrap the car as i will lose most of the money i have just spent. if I ring the private seller he will tell me to sling my hook "buyer beware, sold as seen" etc thanks for any help and advice you can give. Torison
  25. Hey guys, really was unsure if I was going to bother posting this, but here goes. I purchased a used iPhone 5 from a Game high street store last July 2013. It is obviously now out of the 1 year warranty they give you. I purchased the phone for the sum of £380 & I was sold the phone as "unlocked". I had been using the phone since July 13, initially with a "giffgaff" simcard (I believe is run on the o2 network, but for the past 4 months or so, I have used a "3" sim card in it. This week i decided to sell the phone & I selected "Erase all content and settings" on the phone prior to its sale. To save myself any hassle, I took the phone to a local highstreet store to sell, but they informed me the phone is locked to Vodafone. I can now confirm the phone will only activate with a Vodafone sim card & will now not accept my 3 sim I had been using in it for the previous 4 months. This has really annoyed me as I paid GAME a premium for an unlocked phone, which turns out to be locked to Vodafone after I had reset it back to factory before selling. I contacted my local game store (not where I purchased it) who were totally dismissive as it was outside the 12 months warranty. Manager didnt come near me but also wiped her hands clean. I phoned the GAME helpline in London & was told "well, youve been using a 3 sim card in it & it was unlocked when you bought it, so contact Apple,, its outside the 12 months warranty. Youve been using it for 14 months havent you?" This is the first time I have had cause to "erase all content and settings" which has bought this problem to light. Personally I belive I have been missold a phone by GAME, I cant belive how dismissive they have been. Should i just put this one down to experience, I don't want to as I feel ripped off, but I believe it will be extremely difficult to go anywhere with. Has anyone any thoughts?
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