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Found 154 results

  1. I just ran into something that I want to "brave my self" if something goes wrong. The problem is I am trying to return a phone (quite expensive) I bought online (UK base retailer). The company does not allow to book return over the phone, only on their website. However, I cannot book a return form their website. I email them about the situation, they reply to me that they are looking into it and the problem could take up to 5 working day to fix. That make me confuse is that under Consumer Contracts Regulations (CCR) i have 14 day to told them, which i already did and they accept the return, and another 14 day to send it back.However, I am too busy to book an online return untill today, then this problem happen. But if I wait for 5 working day, it will be over the 14 day dead line to return under CCR The question I have is am I protect under CCR if I wait for them to sort it out or I should return the item back before the 14 day deadline.
  2. Short Question Can I seek a refund from my credit card company for items that haven't turned up? Would this be under Section 75? Long Question I ordered a new guest bed from beds.co.uk last week. We need it for this coming weekend as we have people coming over to stay in our new house. Beds.co.uk require that you book a delivery date online with their delivery company Premier Delivieries (based out of the same address) once the order has been paid for and processed, which I did within 20 minutes. Although they offer free delivery for a weekday, for a Saturday delivery you have to pay an additional £9.95 (via paypal). After paying my additional fee and selecting Saturday 2nd April for delivery I waited in all day, to find the bed hasn't turned up. I half expected this as after stumbling on some bad reviews under their other name Furniture Italia, I discovered that a lot of people have had items not turn up on the correct date. I even tried to contact them earlier this week to confirm delivery however they never answered the phone. As I've spent over an hour and half today phoning them and their delivery company I decided to look at way's to get my money back. There's stories online of cancellation fees being charged and refunds taking weeks to appear. As I paid the £230 for the bed on my Halifax credit card (Through a payment processing page / not paypal) can I approach them for a refund? Can I claim for this under section 75 as the item hasn't turned up? Thanks Scott
  3. Hi all, Posting this on behalf of my friend that purchased a used car from a small dealership in the North West. It was a Vauxhall Vecta 1.8L petrol on a 57 plate. The car looked and drove well, it has some minor scratches and a fault with the electric window that they are aware of an willing to put right at a later date convenient to him. The issue started last week, he was in the boot and all of a sudden the boot lid dropped on his head, it turns out the gas lifter had popped of as there was no retainment clip on the ball joint, then then caused the boot lift to get wedged in the gap between the boot lid and rear tail section of the car. This has caused the window to completely shatter and some body work damage (paint has come off and metal has deformed where the gas lifter got wedged.) The window was then repaired next day via Autoglass due to it being a car he has to use to get to work (no local transport to his area of work,) at a cost of £75. The next day he is driving to work doing around 45MPH and the bonnet all of a sudden flips up and smashes the front window screen and puts several huge cracks down it, this again has cost £75 to replace. The bonnet has also been damaged in the two corners as they have bent backwards due to the force of impact and the center of the bonnet has 4 huge dents where it initially hit the window screen. After getting home he has checked the safety latch on the bonnet catch and it was rusted stiff (he has taken a video of this to show it won't move,) he has sprayed it with some WD40 and with some force managed to free it as again he needs to use it to get to work. The question is, is where does he stand in regards to getting the money back for the costs of window screen replacements and getting the bodywork issues fixed ? The car was only sold to him 10 days ago. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone. First time poster so please bare with me. I took out a personal loan from a Bank to purchase a car 2 years ago because my GF at the time did not have the credit rating in order to do so. Each month she would send me the money via bank transfer to cover the repayments going out of my account via Direct Debit as agreed from the beginning. We have since split up and she's decided to sell the car and stop giving me the money for the Bank Loan repayments. Her name was on the V5 document as the registered keeper, however as I bought the car outright myself and have proof of doing so in the form of a Vehicle Order form and Loan Agreement from the Bank my question is is it illegal for her to have sold the car without my permission? I also have recent text messages stating that she will always pay for the car but has not done so in some months. Where do I stand?
  5. Hi All. I bought my car back in November privately for £5500 cash. I asked if there was any finance outstanding etc which they said no. Just before Christmas I fell ill with my kidneys and now await an operation. Unable to work and having started a new job I do not get sick pay losing £630 per week. Now my rent is due along with lots of other bills. I made the decision to sell my car, downgrade and use some of the money to left to pay off rent and essential bills. I took it to a garage saw a car we liked. Arranged to swap my car and get £1200 back. The dealer checked my car out to find out there's an outstanding finance agreement. I spoke to the creditor, who is Barclays personal finance who agreed there is an outstanding agreement and they require some forms to be filled out which I have done. I had to write down where I bought it. How I paid. If I had a receipt. When buying the car the seller drawn out a receipt stating how much I paid for it and when and we both signed it. It also asked if I knew if there was any finance outstanding which I didn't and if I had done a hpi check which I did not. I have also sent copy of the log book showing Last owner. i also wrote Down I bought the vehicle in good faith , which I did. Now that was a few days ago. This car is the only thing what can same me my partner and our 1 year old getting kicked out. We had some savings but that went on last months bills and Christmas. I need to sell the car but now I may lose it and have nothing. I took out a loan to pay or the car initially so we may lose the car and pay for something we do not have. I have read that if you declare the car was bought in good faith and you have a receipt of some kind they will let you keep the car . However I am unsure about this. Someone said just sell it anyway as they will just remove the hpi mark as I bought the vehicle in good faith. Is there anyone who can help me with this as I'm making myself more I'll worrying about this and my family getting kicked out. I am a hard working person. Pay my bills and provide for my.family and now this has happened. My family can't help as they are elderly. I just have no where to turn to. CAB were useless, as where the finance advice line. all I keep being told is to seek financial help from family. Which isn't an option and we can't get loans as I went bankrupt a few years back due to my employment going down after a bunch of break ins. Please help
  6. I sold my car on may 14 2014, the person who bought it said they only had half the money so an agreement was to pay the rest over the next 5 months. After five months i realised that the person had no intention of paying the to me and i had already spent the deposit he gave me. anyhow, he eventually stated that when U give him back his deposit he will give me back the vehicle. I paid the guy his money in August 2015. In November 2015 I left my house to go to work only to see my vehicle clamped. I called the number on the paper that was on the window and he said that the car will be removed unless full payment for a PCN was paid in full. This pcn was issued while the car was owned by the guy I sold it to. V5 form was filled and during the time he had the vehicle it was registered to him. I felt that i had to pay the PCN to prevent even more charges so i did in November 2015. My question is can i get a full refund? £547 I would appreciate any advice.
  7. I purchased a car on 27/11/15 from a car dealer named 'wonder value' in south London. when I bought the car I was advised of no problems at all however on the invoice the dealer wrote a note that the vehicle may need new cam belt, brake pads or sensors. I accepted the offer as the car had only recently passed its MOT and I had looked at the certificate. I purchased the car for £1795 and paid £60 for him to drive it home for me so I could insure it once home. The day after a note on the dashboard was flashing up saying 'anti pollution faulty' and 'oil level low'. I obviously expected the oil to be low that was not a problem, when I got home I then put oil in the car thinking both lights would disappear. Both lights did not disappear I took it to the garage, I paid for a diagnostic and new spark plugs. the next day again, the anti faulty pollution light and oil light was still showing. the garage checked my oil level and it was not low at all. i then took it back again and there was still a problem they wanted me to pay another £350 when i have spent £320 on diagnostic, spark plugs, sensors for the car and the oil to be filtered. I have contacted the man who sold the car and he gave £120 towards the repairs, however this does not even cover the cost of repairs. I have had to pay insurance for the car and all these repairs and have only owned it for 3 weeks. I have not even been able to drive the car apart from to and from the garage and had non stop problems. i am a student and cannot afford to pay all these expenses. i have contacted the dealer and told him i want a full refund and he needs to pay for all the expenses. he then replied stating he has refunded the £120 and that was the final offer, however i believe due to my statutory rights i am able to return the car as he has sold it faulty and it was not advised of any of these problems when purchased. I have threatened him that i will take him to trading standards and take this to court if he does no agree to the terms. Please advise the best and first course of action Regards Mashmallow
  8. Long story short i had an old Halifax CC opened in 2006. The CC is in my name, but the debt was not run up by me, but.....by my old man who then refused to pay it, but i think thats by the by. And no, he's won't cough up to pay it. I received 2 letters before xmas, one from Halifax saying the debt had been sold to Lowells in 2014! And the other from Lowell saying they'd bought the debt back in 2014. Now, its not SB as the last payment, of a pound! was made in 2011. Second letter was a nicely nicely letter than i got yesterday telling me i won't have to pay what i can't afford. We struggle to pay our own bills, let alone anything extra. For now, i think my best bet is to ignore the letters? Or do i start the "3 letter process"? Many thanks
  9. I bought an unlocked smartphone on ebay but network selection choice is greyed out so unable to enter providers details. Is this "mis-described"? Pald by debit card.
  10. Hi any advice desperately needed: Bought a automatic car recently, it came with 1 month/1000 mile warranty for nearly £3000. Immediately after collection became apparent there were a number of problems: airbag light on Squealing noise when accelerator more than half down Slight oil leak Transfer shift does not work (to put in 4wd, 2wd, 4wd low etc) Stalling when engine hot when pulling up at junctions (like it was staying in gear and trying to drive off) I contacted the garage and we arranged for it to go to his garage on a Tuesday, he then cancelled it saying his guy couldn't look at it until a few days later so rearranged to take it in on Thursday. In the meantime we were driving along on Wednesday and the car made the most horrific noise i've ever heard and the engine died, when trying to restart just made a horrendous banging noise. Recovery guys recovered it and delivered to the garage on the back of a lorry NOT towed. Had a call from the garage today saying his garage are saying the torque converter has failed in such a way that it's from either being driven at high speed in 4wd - 4wd wasn't working anyway and i'm sure the car is capable of doing 50mph in 4wd anyway? The other thing he said was it was damage caused by towing which it categorically has NOT been. I don't see how a little back room countryside garage has the ability to analyse an autobox that has got 154,000 miles on it and say the damage has been caused exclusively in the last 200 miles that i've owned the car which is what they're claiming. Fortunately the car we were selling we still have so have a car to use but the dealer that sold the car wants me to go over to look at the torque converter, I don't see the point as I don't know what one looks like let alone what the damage would look like. I've driven automatics many times before so I know the do's and don'ts, I checked all the oil levels every day so I know they were right. I suppose this is going to need some kind of independant investigation but I really don't have much in the way of money to pay for one. I've explained all the symptoms to the garage this afternoon and he's going to go talk to the mechanics he uses who have made this claim to see what they say to that. If anyone has any advice at all I'd be really really grateful, i'm really ill with 2 neurological conditions and i'm so distressed about all of this now it's making me physically sick.
  11. Back in July I bought a ticket at Richmond station (Zone 1-4 travelcard) and travelled into Waterloo I used the ticket to enter the platform (The barriers are 99% in use at the station and always at the time travelled i.e. 17.30). Once I arrived at Waterloo and upon getting to the barriers I realised I no longer had the ticket. I approached the attendant and explained the situation he then instructed me to see the Enforcement officer. Having been once bitten (not enough balance on my oyster on one occasion four years ago) I considered just using my oyster to go through but stupidly thought I would be able to put my point across. Once getting there I was told a) I was liable for a £20 fine b) i had to buy another ticket. I explained that i'd bought the travel card using a credit card and could provide the statement as proof. Since then i have sent an appeal letter into Iracs, accompanied by proof of transaction and the appeal was rejected on the basis it arrived at the office after their deadline (the fact they backdate all of their correspondence a minimum of 7 days makes this a touch ironic). To summerise I replied that I will wait for them to refer it back to SWT and deal with them - I have now received an letter from Capital Resolve threatening a home visit and am debating whether to just pay the £90 fine. At the same time I would hate to give a penny to a bullying debt recovery agency without it absolutely being the best option. Having read a few of the other threads on this site and it would appear much of the advise is to pay the fine that said I have not found a case where a ticket was bought and lost on route. I have approached SWT separately but as expected they have said they cannot discuss any matters of a penalty fare (very quick response time) and I then asked separate to this specific fine - do they have access to a time stamped transaction history at the station? (asked twice - with no response at all) My personal view is that I am not in the wrong at all and would hope once this is referred I can actually put forward my case - equally i don't want to risk a mark on my record if the odds are against me. Any advise or experiences anyone might be able to provide would be greatly received.
  12. Hi, We bought a 2003 Fiesta in November 2014 (last year) from a car dealer in Warrington for £1500. We didn't do any checks as we felt that it was unnecessary from a dealer (We now know this to have been a mistake and should have done checks), however we did ask if there was anything historical about the car that we should know about, they said there wasn't. Fast forward to today, we've come to trade in this car as a part exchange and they've informed us that it was a Category D write off, and would only offer £150 for it. We've now run a check on it ourselves and this is true. Do we have any recourse against the dealer in Warrington? Since we'd asked about it's history, and they didn't tell us this information, have they mislead us? What course of action should/can we take? There seems to be conflicting reports from similar situations around the internet ranging from them being told to take them to court, to them not having any rights at all. If we would have known that it was a write off, we'd have never bought the car. Over the Course of the last 12 months we've spent over £1000 on repairs for the car (yes - fully admit that it was a bad purchase, all things considered), are we able to claim any of that back as well as the price paid for the car, given we wouldn't have bought the car if we knew the full story? Just a little bit confused on what our options (if any) are? Thanks in advance to anyone that can advise.
  13. We bought a used car, part exchange on 1st November. We bought a 2006, VW golf, priced at £2695 for £2200 and the rest px for our MG ZR. We were told that there was a one month warranty with it, but were given no paperwork to this effect. Within half an hour of leaving the garage, the emissions light had come on so we immediately took it back. We were informed it was likely to be a filter problem, he made a phone call to a local auto shop so we could collect something to put in the fuel tank and we were advised that driving it in in a high gear between 2 & 3,000 revs for about 8 miles, this would clear it. Having done this, the light didn't go off and they told us to go back to the dealer, which we did on the Monday. We turned up there to be told that it would need to be left for an hour, someone would need to fit a Lambda sensor and to bring it back the following Thursday, which again we did. This time my partner was told that it would have to be left until the Saturday, it would take longer than an hour as the electrics would have to be reset as well. My partner explained this wasn't convenient, he needed the car for work and it was agreed that he would drop it in the following morning (Friday), on the proviso that it would be ready for collection at the end of the day. This meant he could see about getting a work colleague to go with him when he dropped it off, and then take him to collect it at the end of the day. After sitting in morning rush hour traffic for over half an hour to get to the garage (5 miles from his work) they had to turn back as they had to be at work. He informed the dealer, and asked if the mobile engineer/electrician could attend his workplace instead to do the repairs. Later he rang to say the mobile engineer only covered Halifax, and wouldn't come out to my partner's place of work in Brighouse, 5 miles away! Instead it was arranged that he would collect the car from my partner's place of work on the Monday, and return it to him the same day. My partner texted to find out what time he'd be collecting the car, and got a response saying 10-11. He also let the dealer know that the airbag light had also come on reporting an airbag fault on the dashboard. My partner received a phone call asking if he could instead bring the VW back and he would give him a refund. My partner asked why, and was told that the coolant light on the MG had come on, it took a while to start, and when it did, blue smoke was coming out of the back. It was agreed that he would return the MG to my partner at work on the Tuesday morning and bring cash to refund us the car (he obviously couldn't bring his card machine!). We thought that the problem with the MG was likely to be due to him having had it sat on the forecourt since we left it and it being a very cold morning. Monday night my partner enquired to find out what time the MG would be returned and confirm he would pay us in cash. On Tuesday morning my partner received a text reneging on this agreement (contract break?) saying that he wasn't going to drive the MG as it had problems and he didn't want to break down, and that he would transfer the money by card when the VW was returned. However our car is up for sale on their website, and today was reduced in price, with comments saying it is a good drive etc etc. We felt that he was not playing fair, kept changing the goal posts and now implied that there were major faults with our car and so sought to find out what the problem was with the VW to consider our situation for getting the VW fixed, as per the original agreement. My partner took the VW to a VW dealer to get an exact breakdown on the faults. What he was saying was the fault was incorrect; there is no problem with the filter or the sensor. They diagnosed problems with EGR Valve and Hose, Glow Lamps and airbag the tracking needs sorting and two of the tyres are borderline illegal, the other two at 3%. We had looked on the MOT at time of purchase it having only been done in September and nothing was stated about the wheels needing changing. So assume he has changed in the meantime and we won't really have a claim there, we should have noticed it before purchase. We have been told that we're looking at over £1k to get it fixed with them (without the price of the tyres), so have booked it into an independent garage, where the hourly rate isn't the £100ph as per the VW garage, but until they have checked out the full extent, cannot advise on the labour cost. They have confirmed the parts will be the same price as will be VW parts. We informed the dealer of this, explaining it had to be booked in urgently for safety and the cost of doing so, and invited him to come to an agreement for paying the repairs or part of. He has straight out refused this, saying that it's a good car and doesn't need that much work doing on it(!!). Yet we have a report saying that it does. He simply keeps saying about a refund, no further mention of our MG. He has previously been given the chance to repair it, but didn't sort it. We explained that the parts are on now order and, again asked how much he was prepared to pay, as our car was still under warranty but he hadn't fixed it as previously arranged. How do we stand at getting him to pay at least some of the bill through small claims, if he won't settle when the work is done? Further, their advert explicitly stated that it had a full service history, which he also told us, but going through the log book when we got home it only has one until 2012. I understand a lot of people are probably thinking we should get our money back and walk away, but how do we know that they have not been the cause of the problems with our car, as it had been fine up until we sold it, and had had a 21 point service a few weeks prior. Also, it's about the principle that he'll put it back on the forecourt for someone else to go through the same thing with, as is likely to happen with the MG if he's saying it's broken, but is still advertising it for sale. Looking on a reviews page, seems that we've not been the only ones to be given a shoddy response when it comes to fixing faults and someone else is also reporting him to Trading Standards. Help!!!
  14. Hello, First time posting here - really need your guys help! About 2 months ago I saw an ad on Gumtree pertaining to a sale of a car. After questioning the individual selling the car - I was told there was nothing wrong with the car. He gave me the new keeper's form and assured me he just wanted to sell the car for the cash. My brother at the time was with me for it's sale. The car has damages that need repairing as it has a few dents (one pretty severe) and a couple of scratches to take care of. I purchased the car via a bank transfer directly to that individual's account. Three days later I attempt to phone the individual and it seems his phone has been disconnected... I had my suspicions so I did a HPI check and found out the car has outstanding finance. I called up the finance company, and they have stated they are financially interested in the car. Since the two months I found out: I have registered myself as the new keeper, called back to still find financially interested (I had hoped the previous owner would have cleared this by now), gone to a free law advice service to draft a letter to be sent to the finance company and done a few repairs on the car (holding off on the major one for now). Today I received a 'slip' from Armstrong Nationwide Ltd (which I googled to find out to be a recovery service). I called them up and they asked to meet IN PERSON to fill out a questionnaire. My question is this: What do I do?
  15. Me and my partner bought a Vauxhall Astra 1.9 Sri cdti 150bph on the 22nd September 2015 for £3500 from a second hand dealership. The car went off for a MOT before we got it and it came back with advisories which the dealership dealt with. We waited 2 weeks after payment before we actually got to drive it home. A Week later thick black smoke was coming out the exhaust, we immediately took it back to the dealership and they said they would sort it as it was still under warranty. (Swirl flaps needed replacing) they had our car for over a week and when it came back they hadn't done the job properly, they had botched it up. Instead of replacing the swirl flaps they put blanking plates either side of the egr valve and capped the swirl flaps (temporary fix) A day later the car lost power and was in limp mode, when I had a look at the engine the main air intake pipe wasn't even bolted on properly one bolt was missing and the other was extremely loose. The sensor for the swirl flap wasn't connected and was left hanging, the inlet manifold had been taken apart and new bolts put in (not nessesary comes sealed from factory) there is silicone all over the bottom of the manifold where the swirl flap is, the fuel lines were hanging loose, there is a bracket now missing from the back of my engine and nothing was attached. When I rang the dealership they just fobbed me off saying that they had done the job properly and what was I complaining about, when I asked if they would reimburse me to get the car fixed properly they said no as they had done it properly. (I've taken it to a garage for a second opinion and they are agreeing with me, poor workmanship and it needs to be fixed to repair the damage the dealership has done to it looking at £500) I just don't know where I stand. Help me please Thank you in advance
  16. Writing this on behalf of my friend looking for advice. He bought a car in December 2014 from a garage, with Barclays finance. A couple of days ago he decided to check the car value on Autotrader and did the HPI check - turns out that car had a category D and was written off. The date for this is 19th of March 2015. He contacted the garage and they told him all cars are HPI checked and the finance wouldn't go through if the car was written off - which could be fine, as the category was recorded 3 months later. he tried to contact DVLA, but as this is cat D - there's nothing on V5 and they've told him to contact the insurance company. He's current insurer wasn't helpful and there is no info on the HPI report as to what company has written it off. Now the questions are - what can he do in this situation ? He clearly paid over the odds for a written off car, as the price was almost 8k on finance. How is this possible that the car had a category recorded 3 months later ? What would the next steps in this situation ? All help is much appreciated.
  17. On the 2nd of December last year, I bought an LG 3d Blu Ray player (for my bedroom) from Currys. Yes, they offered the extra cover but I declined. Two days ago, during one of my poor health days, I thought I would put a film on in my bedroom only to find that the player didn't switch on. I tried everything (new fuse, new battery for the remote) all to no avail. Yesterday, I took it back. I set my phone up to record the dismissive attitude of the Currys staff and being prepared to give them what for. Currys failed me miserably! They swapped the ruddy thing with no fuss. Bugger!
  18. Please guys could you help me to try and manage the situation that I have 14 days to sort out or be threatened with alleged Court ACTION. 1st Credit have sent me a threatening letter stating that a debt they bought from Barclaycard in 2006 needs to be paid or Court action pending. I have no recollection when I made a payment towards this debt and am not sure what I should do. ## Please advise what would be the next step as I have only 14 days.
  19. I had a couple of bank accounts dating back to around 2011 go deep into over draft and then I left the country and abandoned them. Not big, not clever, but it is what it is. These particular accounts I had attempted to claim the bank charges back on during the test case a number of years back and been refused when the test case failed. Now that I'm being chased for these debts I want to try claiming back the charges again, which I am fairly sure totalled around the amount, or even more than the debts (which are £2100 and £730 respectively). These charges, however, go back anywhere from 5 up to 12 years distant, and I'm not sure I can claim these back any more, or if the bank will still have the information regarding them on file. In addition to this 1st Credit have indicated that they are now the holder of all information pertaining to these accounts and I imagine I would need to ask for any statements through them. Any help on how I should proceed would be lovely. I have not yet acknowledged the debt with 1st direct, fairly sure its not statute barred yet.
  20. I wonder if any one can help me I recently purchased a nearly new Giant road bike off ebay. It was advertised as in very good condition. They did not mention any thing about any problems with bike. I paid by paypal using money already in in my PayPal account. Bike was shipped to me already built sent by specialit courier. When recieved bike it was not as described. Brakes dont work gears don't change properly, parts of gear system are bent and back wheel is bent. I contacted seller to complain and there reply was these problems where not present when tested bike before sending. They refused point blank to take bike back or refund my money. I contacted ebay and paypal and opened a duspute but despite providing proof they saw in sellers favor. Ebay wont tell me why and are refusing to look in to it any more. Is there any way to get my money back. I have copies of payment I made to seller, I have photos of problems with bike and have taken to my local bike shop and have a report from them. Report lists all problems. Brake Cables need replacing, wheel needs fixing or replacing and gear system needs fixing. I have been quoted £150-£200 to repair. This is including labour. Could I take seller to small claims court to claim costs of getting bike repaired or to get a refund for bike. And If I did would I have enough evidence to back up my claim. Would I have a good case Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance
  21. I took out a loan in 2001 from IGROUP loans. I spoke to them last week about reclaiming my PPI. I was (and still am) a Local Authority Officer at the time and would have received 6mths full pay and 6 months half pay if I became ill and could not work. I have just come across the papers for the loan. I made copious notes and there is no evidence of a discussion about what benefit my employer offered if I could not work. They have informed me that they cannot offer a refund because the PPI was sold by a broker - Headland Finance. What is the procedure if the PPI was sold by a broker? All my monthly instalments were paid to IG loans not to the broker? Is there anyone out there who can offer some advice? I do not believe that the PPI was necessary.
  22. I purchased a Sony LCD 40 inch TV from Preston Sony Centre, the store closed about 2 years ago. The TV failed just before the expiration of the 5 year warranty.Ii contacted the parent company Sony who told me to take it to the nearest repairer to me. The TV according to the repairer can't be repaired economically as the part is no longer available( although Sony say they will have parts available for 7 years) therefore the whole screen would have to be replaced. The repairer cannot get the parts from Sony and Sony keep telling me that they are looking for the warranty. This has now been going on for a couple of months. i didn't receive a third party warranty certificate to cover the 5 year warranty when I took delivery of the TV only the standard Sony warranty paperwork. Preston Sony Centre was a franchise operated by a company by the name of Willo who have now gone into administration. I have tried on two occasions to contact the administrators to try and find out who the third party insurer was , however I have had no response todate. Is this a lost cause or can anybody offer some useful advice. If so it would be much appreciated. thank you
  23. I bought the Beko CDA648FS which is a double fridge freezer for £80 on eBay. I found that it is running constantly and doesn't turn off, which points to a faulty thermostat. Anyway, after searching parts, I found that the particular model is due for a recall because of a house fire a similar model caused. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011322/Beko-fridge-freezer-recall-Bermondsey-tower-block-warning-half-million-families.html Do I have any hope in a refund, or even replacement from Beko? EDIT: Nevermind! I used the Beko checker and it said my one is not affected. Feel free to delete!
  24. Hello, Thank you for all the advice here, good place to find help from good people - so I'm hoping I can bother you for some tips please This past friday (17/07), I bought a used but low mileage vehicle from a seemingly reputable dealership. I work for a UK company but contract for a Swiss company and so spend most of my time in another country. I arranged the finance remotely (I could only get finance with a UK company due to UK employer) and there were only really four vehicles on the market at the time that were of interest to me. Aware that I (oddly) have slightly more protection buying by phone/internet these days and given the dealership's reputation, I was happy to go ahead and buy the car based upon the description, chat with sales regarding condition of vehicle etc and that I would pay deposit / finance etc based upon the car being as per description. Possible mistake, I know, simply due to my working conditions I did not have the time to take on lengthy searches/checks/etc... all basic mechanical and history checks were done of course, the car has been covered by main dealer warranty to date without any issues or advisories etc and the mileage is low and general condition of the car is very good for a car that is 5.75 years old (24k miles). To put it simply, I am still quite happy with the condition of the vehicle... but after my first drive at night, it has come to my attention that some things that were on the advertisement of the vehicle are not actually on the vehicle. One, I'm not really bothered about, the other two are significant to me, including one being a selling point of the vehicle for me over some others that were available on the market at the time. The car is supposed to be equipped with cornering headlights, after tonights driving I am sure they are not and having found this, it prompted me to double check the other options on the car to find a couple of other things missing. The car is a late 2009 Porsche Boxster S and I have discovered that the following items, that were detailed clearly and plainly in the description (which I still have a copy of) are not actually options on the vehicle: - Cornering headlights - Heated steering wheel - Sports Chassis Sports Chassis is the one I am most disappointed by, an medium expensive suspension option and a significant selling point for this specific vehicle... had I known that this was not fitted to the vehicle, I would not have purchased the vehicle & would have looked for one with PASM [electronically adjustable suspension] instead... there were three Boxster S cars I was investigating and this was the only one with Sports Chassis option, the other two being PASM... making this my first choice. For the heated steering wheel, admittedly I am not too bothered about this one and to their defense, this option is specified on the build sheet - however it appears as though the heated wheel has been replaced with the sport design wheel which offers a different type of gear shift paddles post-original build... I knew it came with the sport design wheel, but only after discovering the lack of heated wheel did I find out that this specific wheel does not have the heated option and it will have been installed aftermarket. Cornering headlights I would have liked and it's not simply that they are not functioning... they are not installed on the car. I have not yet confronted the dealership about this discrepancy. I wanted to ask for advice on here first before talking with them. I am, genuinely, happy with the majority of the car... the engine and rest of the car are in pristine condition and it's a hoot to drive. I'm not sure of my ideal outcome from this, I quite like the car so would prefer not to reject it, only the mis-advertisement that would have led me to a different (although who knows, potentially worse despite options) purchase are offputting. It would be nice for them to fix this and fit at least the headlights and sports chassis suspension options. It would just be nice for them to honour what they advertised to be sold. Noted: As especially this sport chassis option was so important to me, why did I not thoroughly check this when I collected the car? I did give it a test drive before finalising the paperwork (even though payment in full had been received by the dealership at that time)... unfortunately I had only driven cars equipped with PASM adaptive suspension prior to this vehicle and so the relatively stiff suspension compared to that, lead me to believe there was nothing missing. Cornering headlights (or lack thereof) only truly became apparent at night. Any tips on where I stand please? What can I do? Or do I just suck it up as a lesson learned and check more vigorously next time? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  25. Hello, on Friday myself and my husband part exchanged our ford mondeo for a ford c max grand. We said we wanted a more economical vehicle and we were shown one that was a 2011 reg and was supposedly a 1.6 tdi. We spent hours working out the finance cost, fuel costs based on the economy and tax costs. We agreed to buy and signed on the dotted line. Half an hour after we left the dealer, they called us saying they'd made a mistake and the tax was actually £20 more and could we bring the cash the next day. We thought it strange but agreed. We collected the car the following day on Saturday morning. We got home, looked at the log book and it's actually a 2 litre engine. We called immediately and they admitted mistake and promised to sort it. They've been rubbish calling us back, and offered us an insulting £200 as a 'goodwill' gesture if we'd keep the car to save the hassle. We turned it down as we've signed up for the car for the next five years, the additional tax over this time is £100, additional insurance £10 per month so £600, and extra fuel is £4 per 100 miles, which their breakdown cover allows an annual mileage of 12,000, so even our lower estimate of our annual mileage estimate of 10,000 comes to £400 per year extra. So just our insurance and tax alone comes to £700. We've given them these figures and the maximum they will offer is £500. We've said this is too little. They're arguing the car they've given us is worth £1500 more than the 1.6 (this is a lie, brand new it's only £1000 extra). We asked to swap for another 1.6 they had in stock same spec. They refused saying this car had done less miles so was worth more so we could give our car back and essentially buy that one, at an additional cost of £31 more a month. We could also have our old car back and forget it all, this is also unacceptable to us, if we'd wanted to keep that car we wouldn't have traded it! They've also offered a car that's done 10,000 more miles on the clock, this is doubly unacceptable as they also lied about the mileage of our current car stating it had done 70,000 when in fact it's done 79,000, however, we accept we should have double checked this. Where on earth do we stand? We would never have bought the 2 litre model as the whole point of us changing car was for a more economical one. We've said we know they won't cover all the additional fuel costs, tax and insurance costs for five years (although really they should as we bought in good faith on those figures) but we can't accept less than £1000. I know I'd have a case for trading standards as I have all adverts and paperwork signed by us and them stating we were purchasing a 1.6. I feel they've made a huge mistake and want us to pay for their mess up which is hugely unfair. I've called Evans Halshaw customer care and they've said their complaints procedure is lengthy and I have to give each manager 3 working days to contact me and there are three managers I have to give a chance first. Our temporary insurance expires Friday and we don't want to pay to swap our insurance if we then have to swap it over again and pay for another vehicle. Help please? Is £500 the best offer I can get despite the fact it will cost us so much more than this?
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