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  1. I very foolishly took out log book loan with Mobile Money and very evident that they are not type of company to help people. I have learnt that they break alot of CCTA code of practice.. and as there is no proper legislation there is not much help out there for when my car was repossed. I have followed every procedure got bona fide debt advisor that log book loan company should recognise and put an account on hold mobile money would not accept. I applied for time order and day after documents sent to them they went to another county were car was hidden
  2. I purchased a 8.4 Inch Book Cover for my Tab S. The 2 poppers on the back have come away from the unit and sadly means it will no longer connect to my Tab S. Ive had this less than 2 months. I approached CPW to help sort out the issue and I was told as its outside of 28 days, they said as there was a limited warranty for 3 / 6 months, I was to contact Samsung. So i spoke to Samsung and they said the Warranty lies with the retailer... So I rang again to someone else at Samsung who said the same thing. So I went back to CPW and yet again they referred me to Samsung. I sent a co
  3. Hi I hope somebody can help me, I recently purchased a used car stupidly my partner said he had done hpi but hadnt. Its an 04 car and I recently got a letter not on a letter head or anything explaining that it has a bill of sale on it. I rang to find out who the company was as it didnt give any clue on the letter. Before I rang I looked into things and asked for them to send me the bill of sale, they say they cant do this but gave me the registration date of 15/7/13 and the number to check myself. I am assuming this will take
  4. Hi all, I wrote a book last year and it was picked up by a publisher and was published in February of this year 2014 and has been doing pretty well, it is available worldwide. I run a Facebook page which went crazy popular and it has now got over 100,000 likes. It currently has about 125,000 likes. I was approached by a publisher to write a book on the subject of Wicca which I did. I have been on benefits since being made redundant last March 2013. When my book was published I had a case worker who I saw regularly to help me get back into work and I asked her about the book and wha
  5. Hello, I'm after some advice please. I've recently moved London Boroughs and duly told JCP. I've done the live transfer claim and had to sign the new "Claimant Commitment". All fine. The lady at the interview booked me in for my regular signing day (tomorrow) and gave me this booklet called "My Work Plan". I've read around this forum and understand it's not mandatory. (I downloaded the excellent FOI requests linked on another thread and have printed it off ready to show them tomorrow if they get shirty). But I have two questions please. 1. Although completion of the My Work Plan is
  6. Hi, I stupidly have a Log Book Loan, which was taken out 3 years ago, due to personal circumstance. I am still trying to pay this. Unfortunately I have falllen behind with my payments, I have always been in contact with them trying to explain the situation, they have before managed to take my car although I did get it back after lending the money. My repayments then went up. I have tried to negotiate a lower repayment, but the lowest they say they will accept is £100 per week. A couple of weeks ago one of the management team contacted me with a full and
  7. Is it possible that a former officer of the old Log Book Loans organisation is now an adjudicator at the financial ombudsman services? I have mentioned him in my application to the FOS in relation to my stolen car. What should this mean for me or anyone else that is seeking justice from this company which has now gone into administration? Fortunately the FOS are accepting applications from before a certain date.
  8. Hi, a general question, not related to any purchase I've made, yet. I thought that log-book loans were only for newish cars and those over, say, £3,000, however, from what I'm reading it appears older and less-expensive cars can end up on a log-book loan as well. So, is there any rule-of-thumb such as, cars over 10 or 15 years or below £xxx will probably not have a log-book loan secured against them. I'm asking because as I understand it there's a glaring loophole in the procedure whereby someone can obtain one or more log-book loans with their V5 (multiple by telling DVLA it's
  9. Hi all, I wrote a book last year and it was picked up by a publisher and was published in February of this year 2014 and has been doing pretty well, it is available worldwide. I run a Facebook page which went crazy popular and it has now got over 100,000 likes. I was approached by a publisher to write a book on the subject of Wicca which I did. I have been on benefits since being made redundant last March 2013. When my book was published I had a case worker who I saw regularly to help me get back into work and I asked her about the book and what I need to do and she said I shouldn
  10. Hi I posted earlier about bill of sale, now I've got a bigger problem. My dad purchased my car for me, and gave it us as a gift for our grandchildren. I went and got a stupid log book loan on the car, now my dad has told me that he has outstanding finance on the car. The garage told him it was fine to buy the car on finance in his name and have the log book in my name. I didn't know it was on finance it was all kept hush hush from me. I didn't know till today after I mentioned my difficulties with log book loan to my dad. My dad doesn't want to get into trouble as he has a fantastic
  11. Hi, I stupidly took out a log book loan, I am up to date with payments but my query is does the bill of sale have to be witness signed by someone other than the person that issued your logbook loan? My Bos is signed by the exact person that gave me the loan, no witnesses were present.
  12. My daughter has told me that she took a log book loan on her car Grrhh! She borrowed £100, has so far paid £600 and reckons that by the time she has made the final payment she will have paid £3000, Can this be challenged ? Are there any template letters? Thanks
  13. Hi There People Does anybody know of the difference between the "White Book 2013" and "White Book 2014" All I can come up with is this link from the Justice website; http://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil Is a "White Book 2013" still in use in the County Court ?
  14. Hi, Am I right in thinking that if you get a top up to your log book loan and sign a new agreement, a new bill of sale has to be registered within 7 days?
  15. I took a loan out with log book loans in August last year. Lost my job tried to negotiate without fail. They took my car in Jan of this year. borrowed 1200 to get it released. tried to negotiate again without success. Two weeks ago police seized my car because my licence had been revoked. Went to pick my car up and log book loans has taken it. Can anyone help me?
  16. Hi. Have just found an old National Savings Bank book of mine. Last transaction was about 1999 and there's only £3.50 in it - does anyone know if I can still take it into a post office and take out the money? I might as well have it, if I can.
  17. Everything I Know About Poverty Publication Date: 10 Jan 2014 Over 90 blank pages of IDS's wisdom on the subject of poverty. Individual empty chapters have amusing headings, such as "Making £53 per week work" and "Food banks explained". The pages are neatly lined for use as a notebook. This book proves that there is absolutely nothing in the mind of Iain Duncan Smith, that can be disputed, where poverty is concerned. Nothing at all. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Everything-I-Know-About-Poverty/dp/1494970775/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1394989804&sr=1-2&keywor
  18. Just seen this in Credit Today http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/16606/online-news/unsecured-creditors-await-payout-from-collapsed-payday-lender I wonder if they realise they have got hold of a lemon!
  19. Hi all Wondering if someone can help me. I do not have a bad experience to post (yet!) but wanting advice on what's best to do in my situation. I have debt on both my credit cards in which i'm paying high values of interest on. I wasnt registered on electoral roll which really affected my credit score, i am coming up with a really low score and high risk, even though i've never missed any payments of anything, had several DD in place for years, had a car bought in my name, had a constant wage paid into my account for 5+ years. I am now on electoral role but it takes a long tim
  20. Hiya, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to give me any advice. My brother bought a car at the beginning of May this year (£2250 + trading in his old car) from a garage. He's had nothing but trouble with it since but that's a different story! yesterday morning he received a note through his door from a repossesion company, after ringing them it turns out that the previous owner (who we believe to be the owner of the garage he bought it from) had taken out a log book loan on the car for around £2000 and they have said my brother must surrender the car to them. W
  21. I just wanted some advice on where I stand I've had a log book loan for some time and never missed a payment. We are currently in the position where we are struggling to pay. The car itself has died a death and has been scrapped so there is not a car to repossess. I would like to reduce the amount we are paying but mobile money have refused. Am I best just stoping payments or what other options do I have?
  22. I bought a new car this year and the car was delivered in the first week of April. Money handed over the same day. UK Car Discount operate online and over the phone only. I was told that the log book would be registered in my name as the car was being made and upon receipt of the funds, they would fill out the "Change of Address" tab on the V5. I phoned up recently to say that I still havn't received my V5 and it transpired that they only sent off the change of address form on 19th May. I contacted the DVLA today and gave my details along with the Car Reg plate and they said that the
  23. I am trying to reference a Sherlock Holmes book in a bibliography The book is called the sign of four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth ‘: I am trying to find the current publisher and date as there is no ISBN number
  24. Strange question i know I am trying to locate a publication called Lord Justice Auld's Review of the Criminal Courts of England and Wales I believe it was published September 2001 I have tried HMSO, Ebay, Amazon any ideas
  25. Best advice I can give is this, decide if the oustanding amount is more than the value of the car. If it is and you have not been issued with an S87 default notice then know this. If the company is a member of the CCTA and the S87 has not been actioned, by this I mean on the S87 it will give a date to repay any arrears then you can surrender the car to the company as full and final settlement of the debt. They dont want you to know this so keep it quiet, they will say you can surrender at any time but will then say it has to be auctioned and you still owe the remainder. Do not a
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