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Found 15 results

  1. Paramedics to be given body cameras to protect them from abuse READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/paramedics-to-be-given-body-cameras-to-protect-them-from-abuse
  2. Announcing the new UK Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/announcing-the-new-uk-criminal-records-trade-body-crtb
  3. A new financial guidance service to provide advice on pensions, managing debts and other money issues is to be created by the government. It will replace the heavily criticised Money Advice Service (MAS) as well as two pension advice services. The government thinks a single advisory body will be more efficient but has yet to decide how the new service will actually work. The abolition of the MAS was announced in the Budget in March. It was criticised for failing to help those who needed it most and paying its staff too much. No timetable Like the MAS, the new organisation will be paid for by a levy on financial services companies. The new body will also take on the roles of the Pensions Advisory Service, and Pension Wise - an organisation set up in response to pension reforms introduced in 2015. The government looked at setting up two bodies to replace the MAS and pensions services. But industry and consumer finance groups raised concerns over how they would work together effectively. The new body as yet has no name and there is no timetable for its creation. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37597567
  4. As an enquirers thread was being diverted I have kicked off this thread to discuss CCTV and BWC. As E Munch has highlighted ICO concerns and DPA on this thread at post# 8 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?457929-Bristow-and-Sutor-%28Council-Tax%29-threatened-ARREST-if-not-pay-NOW...%282-Viewing%29-nbspdress happens to be right number wrong street I will kick off with the other side of the coin as in an aggressive EA is captured on a debtor's doorstep CCTV trying to intimidate a 14 year old daughter who looks 18, with no other adult present. DPA issues? and as it is a private house EA cannot demand footage destroyed and apparently no DPA issue especially if warning that CCTV is recording all visitors being displayed. Compare and contrast with DPA implications for BWC on EA capturing the same incident. Discuss
  5. Couldn't think where else to pose the question Any suggestions which body within England and Wales prosecutes s.50 offences and does anyone have access to any reported cases? Relevant section at the following link http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1974/39/section/50
  6. Hi Caggers, Sadly, my business partners sister died in London last week, she had a series of medical and mental health issues which culminated in her passing away in the ICU Department at Royal Free Hospital. Clearly my mates family are devastated and sadly they were shocked to 'find' that to transport the body back to Wolverhampton for her funeral is not as simple as organising a funeral director to transport her home. Apparently they have been warned that they will incur a 'fine' or 'fee' from EVERY County Council she passes through on her journey home, the price of which has yet to be disclosed . . . apparently this 'law' dates back to the plague!! Could anyone please shed some light on this . . . thanks in advance . . .
  7. Visited a retail store today used toilet facilties. See pictures. When you got to go you got to go. Spend 90 minutes in store getting accident form recorded as 'water and foreign body has fallen from hole in ceiling hit him on head'. Action taken toilet closed. Environmental officer was phoned and has closed the toilet until tiles repaired stores retail risk and complience team have been in touch. No first aider was offered. While complaining manager threatened to phone police for harrasment until I phoned head office. Accident happened at midday, environment officer has confirmed fault with tiles was reported three hours later. When he arrive the sanitary bin had been removed and also the company were unable to provide water test logs. Stores defence we checked the toilets an hour before the tiles must have been stolen by customer. Where do I stand???
  8. Is it 3 years from the date of repair that the warranty is undertaken?
  9. hope every body is doing alright! I am new to this webpage, after discovering it exploring the depths of Google. I hope to find a lot of new friends here and help or be helped on some tricky situations. have a good day!
  10. I'd welcome the thoughts about this, please. We have a massive Great Dane dog, who consumes vast quantities of food. This includes canned meat and we buy Butcher's Food from Costco or Makro. One can was found to contain a very sharp cube of plastic. I returned to Makro but the Duty Manager wasn't interested, refused a refund and offered a replacement can of food. Who, in their right mind, would want more hazardous meat? I contacted Butcher's, who merely offered £10 in vouchers to buy more of their food. They admit it was a production fault. It's an oesophagus clip. I asked for cash and this was refused. I went to a law centre who said I should issue county court proceedings, which I did. Butcher's employed a major law firm and the response threatened me with £2000 costs if they had to attend court. It seems my petrol costs and phone calls are not allowable expenses, but my time spent researching and suchlike are allowed under CPR 46.5 I want 4 hours at £18 per hour. Both Butcher's and Makro have now offered me £10 cash plus £25 to cover the court fee. There is a preliminary hearing shortly. What should I do, please?
  11. The former head of the business lobby group the CBI, Sir Richard Lambert, is to lead a new organisation monitoring standards in the UK banking industry. Sir Richard has been appointed by the banks but will act independently of them and not lobby on their behalf. He will consult government, regulators, banks and consumer groups to develop the new body. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24170812 The collapse of bankers' self esteem There is something a bit odd perhaps about the banks setting up a new body to ensure that their people are following high professional standards and treating customers properly. On the one hand, it won't be the arbiter of whether individuals have breached banking standards - because the City watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), will soon announce how it intends to exercise those powers (having been urged by the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards to draft a new "single" set of banking standards to be followed by all). But it will develop codes of conduct that are somehow aligned with, but presumably not duplicative of, the FCA's new standards. It will assess the training programmes of banks and third party providers for their appropriateness and fitness. And once a year it will present its findings to the boards of each bank on whether ethical behaviour is - or is not - at the heart of the respective banks' culture and practices It is all about providing greater confidence to us that we are being treated decently by the banks. But in most industries, treating customers well is a competitive issue. For example, you would not expect Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda to set up and fund an independent body to tell them how to provide confidence to their customers that they're not being ripped off. So the appointment of Richard Lambert, the former FT editor and ex-director general of the CBI, to set up this new monitor of bankers' behaviour shows just how low bankers' self-esteem has sunk. Apart from anything else, it is less than a couple of years since the UK's eight biggest banks set up the Professional Standards Board of the Chartered Banker Institute to "support the ethical awareness, customer focus and competence of those working in the banking industry" and "build, over time, greater public confidence and trust in individuals, institutions and the banking industry overall, and enhance pride in the banking profession". Does the decision of the banks to finance the Lambert Plan show that the banks have written off that earlier initiative as a dead loss? That is unclear. But they clearly don't believe it is sufficient to restore their public standing. So what is the big conspicuous difference between that Professional Standards Board and the Lambert model? Well the Professional Standards Board is governed, at the top level, exclusively by serving bankers. Whereas Lambert has insisted that no senior active bankers will be on his board - though three out of the 10 members would be recently retired bankers or independent non-executive directors of banks (the others would include a consumer voice, a trade unionist, an accountant, an investor, a small business person, an academic and even - oh dear - a hack). Which probably tells you all you need to know. However bankers do have to be wary of one thing. Customer service and reputation for fair dealing is a competitive issue. And in an industry historically notorious for collusion, the bankers have to be careful that Lambert isn't seen as a veil for a collusive attempt to persuade all of us that the biggest banks are all much of muchness when it comes to conduct, thus deterring us from shopping around for the best and most sensitive customer service. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24172431
  12. HOW TO ACCESS INFORMATION FROM A PUBLIC BODY GUIDE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER OFFICE (ICO) This is the Link: http://www.ico.org.uk/for_the_public/official_information
  13. HOW TO ACCESS INFORMATION FROM A PUBLIC BODY GUIDE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER OFFICE (ICO) This is the Link: http://www.ico.org.uk/for_the_public/official_information
  14. They are now seeking the Grandmothers boyfriend. It was obvious it was him at the very beginning. Sad, sad sad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-19214964
  15. Just a bit of fun:-D Click on link. You will be guided to input your height and weight and be matched to a competitor. I did mine and I was matched to two male football players and a lady archer:madgrin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19050139
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