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  1. Hi, I need your advice I parked on a street where nobody shows the timer this is on disabled and non-disabled cars, I parked in a disabled slot and placed my blue badge, when I came back 20mins later from a dental appointment I was given a notice, I have only had a blue badge a few months CODE 40 "Parked in a designated disabled persons parking place without clearly displaying a valid disabled persons badge" The images shown on the enforcement site showed 2 images taken at an angle so you could not see the dashboard or badge. I questioned this with photo evidence
  2. Hi Folks! In December 2011, GE took us to court as we fell behind with our secured loan with them. The judge ruled in our favour and suspended the order and we all agreed on a given repayment plan of £156 per month. I stuck at that for 9 months, with every month calling GE and paying the amount over the phone, October 2012 when starting a new contract job in London that involved long commuting and even working some Saturdays. I work in IT btw. I know it is not an excuse but the commute overwhelmed me in every sense, and I started to get ill too. I forgot
  3. ... in August 2015 BT hoovered £50 out of my bank account. I had cancelled BT sport in 2014 when my team were relegated and now out of the blue without any authorization from me they take my money. A year after cancellation! Their phone system is a joke. I was on the phone for half an hour (I timed it) just to cancel a contract I had NOT taken out. Later a guy from BT Billing rang me back who refused to listen to anything I was saying. Not least that I had cancelled the service in September 2014, that I had not been having the service since September 2014 nor been paying for
  4. Hope this is the correct thread, apologies if not. At beginning of July my husband drove to Brighton railway station to park as he normally does in the allocated disabled parking bays (which is managed by Meteor). On his arrival at 4.45am the service road to the parking bays was closed off due to resurfacing and a sign had been put up saying blue badge holders to use main car park and to collect a voucher from the car park attendant. He sought out the attendant who said he had just arrived there himself and at that time didnt have any vouchers nut to display his
  5. Hi all, I haven't been on here for a while but thought I would put this on here in hope of some advice. My father who is the owner/keeper of the car that received the PCN and my mother who are both holders of Blue Badges and in their late 70's/mid 80's. I was the one responsible for parking in the disable bay which as far as I am concerned had a perfect right to do so, but inadvertently forgot to put the badge on display due to having to physically lift a mobility scooter out of the car and help my mother into it. My father in a panic over this PCN started to fr
  6. In January I had an appointment at our local hospital for back to back sigmoidoscopy and gastrosopy. Understandably I was extremely scared and when parking in a disable bay I forgot to put my blue badge up. It was the last thing on my mind. I was in the hospital from 8.30 to 11.30 and when we came out we pad the parking fee and I found I had a parking ticket from te private parking company I just ignored as a friend of mine did hen she got a parking ticket from them and after she ignored letters they seemed to drop it. I was justified in parking there as I had a
  7. I bought this car from a dealer in January (almost two months ago) and noticed the car emitting blue smoke from exhaust and later on from dashboard. I can only use the car on weekends therefore it took me so much time to notice this issue. The ABS sensor for one of the tyres also started malfunctioning within the first month (almost 300 miles) and the dealer had changed one of the ABS sensors before I bought the car so it could be the same tyre's sensor going faulty. I took the car to Halfords via my warranty provider who so far only confirmed the ABS sensor fault (it had taken me 5mins t
  8. I need some advice on something with regards to having to display signs within a car park. My mum went to the local co-op on a Sunday evening around half 4. There is a car park at the side of the co-op which is free to park and thought it was the co-ops car park. She is a disabled badge holder and now in hindsight she should have put them on the dash but as she didn't realise it's a council car park and clearly being well out on the outskirts of town a traffic warden shouldn't even be around that area as it's nowhere near anything. So she entered the car park and
  9. Hi All, I co-own a property with my ex. I moved out due to separation in 2013 and at the moment until finances are straight, the mortgage is in both of our names. As the property is a new build, the water pipes and network is owned and managed by a private firm known as Blue Property Management. This is a private company to whom we have to pay yearly charges to to look after it and maintain etc etc. There are arrears on the bill when I contacted them last year after much deliberation from them they reluctantly decided to accept £10 per month from me in order to brin
  10. The heading says it all. My partner has a blue badge and we have a disabled parking space right outside our house. Sadly we forgot to replace the badge on the dashboard after using the car yesterday and were given a ticket. Other than throwing ourself to the mercy and kindness of the authorities is there any way of avoiding the ticket. It is a local Council ticket and they were the ones who issued the blue badge and placed the disabled space for my partner when she was registered as being disabled.
  11. Hi, I parked my car in a pedestrian street that allows blue badge parking but received a PCN for being “parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours’. I contacted the council to make an informal appeal but they’ve just replied saying the PCN is valid as I’d been parked for more than 3 hours. I wasn’t aware blue badge holders can park in no waiting areas (I thought they were treated the same as no stopping areas) so I only parked there because there was a blue badge sign. I thought this overruled the no waiting sign and meant I could park for as long as I
  12. On Saturday I received a letter from Black Horse, completely out of the blue offering me a settlement of £830 as they had neglected to insert a right to cancel in a PCP car loan deal. I finished paying off the finance about 3 years ago and they wrote and said that in my annual statements they had neglected to inform me of a right to terminate the deal early and that they are no longer due the interest I paid during this period - £830 I didnt apply for a refund, or know I was entitled to one. They seem very keen for me to accet and cash a cheque quickly. Is this normal? Thanks
  13. Hi, Wife received letter of action to issue a CCJ for a debt that's well over 7 years old, had no contact with any company or made any payment at any time over these 7 years. Logged in online to the courts site and disputed the CCJ with the fact that's its statute barred and at no time has she ever been in contacted with said company or made any form of payment towards said debt. The court replied via letter saying they have informed the company and await a reply. Yesterday she received the following: "Please see attached copy letter sent to the court confirming
  14. I am writing on behalf of an elderly 80-year-old, seen your Forums in the past, and hoping you might be able to give me some advice on his behalf. Mr B was given a PCN by Kingston Council for driving in a bus lane. He has had several periods in hospital, and therefore the matter has now been processed to bailiffs, Collect Services, who have now called twice at his property (despite being advised he is a vulnerable person). A complaint was made to Collect and a copy of their complaints procedure requested. No response has been received from that, and a c
  15. Hiya guys Posting this for a neighbour who's today received PCN for parking on a DYL (01-Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours) Familiar story that the blue badge fell off the dashboard. The badge belongs to his wife (yes, she was with him) Ticket was issued in Biggin Lane , Hitchin opposite the market, vehicle parked wholly on the road, not up on the kerb. I've had a look at his PCN as well as on Google maps at the location and can't see any errors in the issuing of the ticket. My feeling is that he can only appeal with the facts and hope they are a sympathetic counc
  16. I hope that this is the right place to ask for some advice. I receive DLA HRM and have done so for over 20 years. Just over 3 years ago I found out that I could have a Blue Badge because of my DLA award. I applied in June 2011 and it was given to me with no problems. However this time round when I asked for it to be renewed, the council refused to supply one. They told me that I had not sent in any up to date evidence to support my mobility problems. I understood that HRM made it automatic but it doesn't it seems. The council have told me that the award would have been based on
  17. Hi All, Just been reading another thread and thought I would re-post about my problem with Welcome Finance. I took out a secured loan in 2006, the property was repo'd by the original mortgage lender (I gave them the keys instead of going to court). Welcome got a payout of 10G from the sale, I thought that was that. About two years ago they came back to me demanding a further 10G as it was a shortfall, so began a very long and inevitably fruitless complaint with Welcome. All until the last letter that I had which stated: "The loan was pre-paid, which means the loan was in CR
  18. There is a very annoying short bus lane in Romford, which makes cars have to go around it if they want to turn left on to the A12. Many cars (including me) ignore this and just use the bus lane. I havn't got a fine, nor do I know anyone that has, but I see a lot of confused people straddling both lanes, including my father than recently brought it up. There used to be a sign with the time restrictions, however the sign is no longer there. Are the same restrictions still in place? Here is streetview with the sign in place. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.588407,0.1
  19. hi all, i've just had a leter through my door from marston group saying i owe £408 for 'offence:board train in non compulsory ticket area withou. 27/01/2014' (sic). they say they're in possesion of a magistrates court order. i have no recollection of this and believe it to be false but there aren't any contact details other than the 24hr automated paymeent line. should i go straight to the court? also, will it be my nearest magistrates court as there are no details of which court or where this 'offence' took place. there is a hm courts and tribunals servi
  20. Hello again guys, I now have another problem with a different company and as you can guess from the title it is British Gas. I came home from work today to find a letter addressed to me from British Gas and I thought that was odd as I only have gas and it is a card meter. I thought it may just be a letter informing me that they wanted to rape my wallet further. How wrong was I, it was a letter stating I owe them £516.62, I have no idea were this figure came from as stated before I may use about £20 of gas every three month or so as it is only for the cooking and heat
  21. I wrote to Royal Bank of Scotland on behalf of Mrs Sam over a year ago. She had paid PPI on a credit card and she thought that it might have been mis-sold. We got a letter back from RBS which fobbed us off basically. Mrs Sam didn't need the hassle, as she is unwell, so she didn't pursue it. Last week she received a letter, totally out of the blue, from RBS which states that PPI may have been mis-sold. They have asked her to fill in a questionnaire and return it to them. The gist of the letter appears to be a question over how such policies were sold to self employed people. My wife has be
  22. I have received my new Blue badge and a letter which states; "Do not place this new blue badge inside a wallet with a clear plastic pocket as this may cause damage to the hologram on the badge when exposed to high temperatures" Many BB holders have these type of wallets as they are convenient and they are not exactly cheap. We never had this sort of warning with our previous BB. Not sure whether to take the chance and place it in the wallet or not? BTW are we required to return the old BB to whoever issued it as it is a requirement for the new one?
  23. Hi, I recently parked in a Disabled Parking Bay policed by my local Council , Maidstone. I like many others hide the Blue Badge to prevent theft and so must remember to get it from its hiding place. On this occasion I forget as I had just received a disturbing letter and went to discuss this with Citizens Advice. When I returned to my car a Fixed Penalty Notice fpn had been issued for failing to display the Blue Badge. Although I showed the Council that I had a valid badge, the fine remains payable. What I would like to know is the actual Offence and under which piece of legislation
  24. Following on from a few threads on MSE, and Pepipoo, where one poster has been very keen for posters to start claims against PPC's using the Equality Act, if they use a requirement to display a blue badge. The argument has been the Equality Act applies to motorists, and "reasonable adjustment" should be made, and very little if any proof is required of any disability, let alone a blue badge, so the PPC is acting unlawfully to the Act. The Equality Act obviously does apply, but another poster asked the question, why can the council insist on a blue badge, if no-one else can, as the Eq
  25. I parked in a loading bay from 11.36am to 11.41am and displayed my blue badge i had a cctv video me and issued a ticket through the post today under contravention 23L parked in a parking place or area not designated for that class of vehicle i was parking in what they describe as loading place, goods vehicle- lime gro by side of 29 uxbridge rd, This is Hammersmith and fulham council i never noticed any lines etc as i just sat in the car for this length of time i thought it would be ok can i appeal?
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