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  1. Hi, I need a bit of advice. I have obtained a secured loan against a property for the purpose of sorting out my credit score and also primarily for home improvements. They have requested balances of all my creditors and a lot of them defaulted in 2010 as the recession knocked me. I sent them these balances and then someone on here mentioned to CCA all the creditors. The loan completed and I ended up with 20k+ worth of cheques and the balance in my account. I phoned them and asked if they will amend the cheques which they agreed to. Then when I wanted to do it they resisted and I had to
  2. Took a loan out with Blemain Finance in 2006 for £5000.00 ....finished in 2011 never missed a payment my end, however the first direct debit they didn't call for in January 2007, I phoned them and asked why not they said if I sent a cheque and they would call for direct debit in February we would be back on track. No mention of being in arrears. Which I did this. Loan finished in November 2011 (all 60 payments made) and they said I still owe them £1,243.30. I have spoken to Blemain about this they say its down to charges for not having building insurance
  3. Hi Not sure what my next step with Blemain should be. I've been in dispute with them re charges to a secured loan I had with them (loan was £5000), the loan was paid off some time ago ( had a few late payments) They want around £2000 in charges form me though, I finally managed to get a breakdown of everything applied to my account when they addressed my complaint, they have rejected my complaints (they did offer a reduction of £300) I made the mistake of having many of my dealings with them on the phone (they are now denying things they have told me on the phone) I have received stat
  4. Our property got repossessed by Cheshire mortgages and after complaining to the ombudsman regarding the way it happened ombudsman said is an issue that they will not get involved and has to be resolved in court basically. After that we got a call from Cheshire saying they sold the flat and there are several thousands of pounds outstanding but they were willing to work with us and lower the amount to 168 pounds. We told them that we found it strange that they repossessed the property for less money than that (and refusing to accept any settlement offer from us) and now they were willing to
  5. Ive recieved my yearly statement from Blemain today and shocked to see in 1 year all i have reduced my debt owed is less than £100 i took out the secured loan of 17k in april 2007 and as of today i owe them 19k with 2 years left on the loan!! currently have £7700 in fees which they are taking interest on every month. I knew it was bad, but not this bad! My monthly payment is £276 (normally) currently paying £354 to pay off arrears. This loan is crippling. i pay £220 on my £42k mortgage per month without problem and at least the balance goes down! so roughly ive paid Blem
  6. Hi all new on here Been looking at some posts on these parasites and cannot see any where people have got anywhere with them question 1 has anyone ever got them to drop their insurance fees if so how? Question two is it worth me saying to them take me to court cause I'm not willing to pay the insurance charges to see if there bluffing now the facts I paid my contractual payments and now they want £4500 still for insurance charges I had a secure loan over 5 years for 7,000 I've paid £11000 back or just over
  7. How can I stop these people they say I owe 4-5k for there insurance while I had a loan I've paid my contractual payments I complained to the Ombusmen but it was over a certain time but they tried anyway now they have closed the case so they must side with blemain so now I'm stuck
  8. "What if Blemain went to court and got possession, take someone’s home, all without the right documents. Legally they were never entitled to go to court and claim possession. This would have defiantly happened because Blemain sent out thousands of faulty DN (they were a standard computer generated document)   If Blemain repossessed your home after issuing you with a DN like the one I post up then I strongly recommend you research what I am saying, you maybe entitled to a lot of money back. (CCA regulated loans only)" What if Blemain repossessed a property even
  9. Hello to everyone and I wonder if you can give me some advice please. We took out a loan with Blemain finance in 2007 for £20,000 to finish our house renovation. We have been paying it for the last 7 years and when I received a statement form them it says we owe £27,000. I have worked it out that we have paid over £20,000 to them already so i am puzzled as to how we can still owe this much. Any help mill be greatly appreciated. Regards John
  10. Hi I am hoping someone can help me. In 2006 I took out a loan with blemain finance, this was organised through a brooker being relax finance. The original loan was £10,000, I did get into difficulty with the loan due to three periods of maternity and other personal circumstances. I managed to get all the loan paid off with the interest. 5 years of payments of roughly £250. However once I had finished paying the loan I was advised that I still owed £5000. I am currently struggling financially, I have been throughout the loan and I have advised them of th
  11. Hi all, we regrettably took out a secured loan of £6500, (which included broker fees etc.) with BF in 2007 to help deal with other debts. a stupid thing to do but at the time were in financial difficulty and thought it was the best way out. our loan period ended september 2012 at which time we were informed that we still owed £3949. to say i was gobsmacked was an understatement. yes we again got into difficulties with repayments but made sure we paid the arrears as soon as we could, {we were never more than 3 months behind } in fact we paid back more than the missed pa
  12. I've held a secured loan with Blemain for around 5/6 years and had a few hiccups along the path. I'm on my second arrangement and two months into that I couldn't make the payment. I'm self-employed and have one client who is always on their last legs and late in paying me. In cases where I have to buy things for them, I have to insist they prepay, but they have a monthly standing and I recently did some work for them. The net result is they owe me £950 which should have been received by 12th April, but from what they tell me they won't be in a position to pay this until early next month.
  13. I took out a loan in Sept 2006 for 5 years. Norton Finance were the brokers involved. PPI was paid as a single premium at the start of the loan. The sum being £3700, together with interest paid to the finance company pans out at around £8000. Naturally Norton Finance claim in a letter to me it was not mis sold, although a "corruption of computer files" has ment they cannot produce a recording of the telephone sale. I have asked for any evidence they have of any signature they may have from me with regard to me agreeing the PPI but they have not responded. I am in the proces
  14. Hi, im new to this but am having problems with Blemain. My loan was 5k in 2006 now out of term and they say i owe £6500 still in charges, late payment fees etc etc. I have started a PPI claim against them already as it has come to light they never cancelled it when i requested they did but now would like to see if i can make them reduce/wipeoff their enormous charges - any advice would be apprecited as these people are beyond reason ... .......... thanks
  15. To keep it brief. I had a secured loan of £5000 that I took out in 2006 with the ever delightful Blemain. Many crazy things happened to me over the course of the loan and I did fall into arrears on occasions and did have to go to court once for repossession but the contractual amount that I was scheduled to pay on the loan has all been paid back now. It was £7520, all done and dusted last October. After I finished paying the loan Blemain sent me a letter telling me that I still owed them another £7000 (not unexpected) but the nice thing was there was a "goodwill ge
  16. Hi, Please bear with me as this is my first post. I took out a secured loan with Blemain Finance several years ago and have now received my third Default Notice in 3 years. I should be able to pay the 2 months arrears within their deadline but I am worried that I may not make it. I am self employed and so money is irregular. They are sending a letter nearly every day piling on the pressure, including one saying they are sending an agent to discuss how they can help me for a cost of £100 and they need to see all my financial records. I don't particularly want this and they s
  17. We have had an eviction date given as we were late paying our monthly payment. It was late due to it being due on the 8th and we don't get paid until the 15th. This is the second time this has happened and the company have forced us to pay the next month installment before they would stop the eviction. This is Blemain finance by the way. Now I have just had a long conversation with one of their advisers, which may I add didn't have a clue to be honest and I am not holding out much faith in what he has told me. This morning we were £49.97 in credit and the next payment off the secured loan
  18. Hi all, newbie to the site and require help. Already searched many of the threads and a lot of information to digest as well as it all being abit confusing. I have 2 secured loans with blemain finance they have county court orders dating back from 2010 for arrears of aprox £2000 on each account (£4000) was ordered to make payments of £200 on each account to pay off the loan as well as the arrears. I have maintained these payments month by month but i still occurred monthly arrear charges of £46 if my payments were a few days late and also interest on the
  19. Happy Christmas, I’m new to the Forum, Just wanted to share my experience with Blemain and hope someone can suggest some options, I will briefly explain my situation. I took out a loan in 2010 for £29500, With the fees the opening balance was £33815.00. After paying 22 monthly payments totalling £8300.00, I enquired to them enquiring why I have not received any loan statements and was advised its not something they normally send out but has to be requested. I then requested my redemption figure and to my surprise my loan has somehow gone up even though I am on a repayment loan.
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