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Found 104 results

  1. I bought a car using a Capital Bank car loan ... not HP! this was "passed on" to RBS? (I think) then to Black Horse. I have been out of work (usual story) got behind and even though I am back in work my income will not support the full amount I need to pay, but do/did have a payment plan that was for £5.00 per month and this is more than I can really afford after all the usual household bills. Black Horse now demand that I pay the arrears of about £450.00 then a monthly payment of £49.00 neither of which I either have or can afford. I have sent my detials of my income and outgoings for each month and they are still demanding that I make their demands. On the telephone their agent suggested that I give the car up which would leave me stranded as I need the car for my work getting there and back (no busses at the right timings) plus as the loan is a bank loan I am sure they cannot demand the car back. The agent even went as far as suggesting I go bankrupt to which i told her that if I did that BH would get nothing! I am continuing to make the £5.00 payments. Can anyone let me know if I am on the right track and what I might expect next and what I might have to do? Having been Cagger for some time I am not panicking ... yet.
  2. Hi firstly hello and i hope this is in the right section i am having problems with black horse finance and my secured loan and require help please it is a long story but im sure you will be surprised at what i tell in fact this is black horse maybe not oh well here goes we took a secured loan out in 2008 with black horse for £10k the way it happened is like this got harrassed of black horse for a loan eventually agreed they sent us forms and arranged an appointment to sign the forms and hand over our personal details bank statements wage slips etc etc. I then ripped up the forms and never turned up to the appointment as i decided not to go through with the loan i then recieved numerous calls to attain why i didnt go eventually i answered the phone and was told i can give you some figures over the phone apr amount etc after listening to these i was surprised at the interest and monthly repayment so i decided to do it. Now here is the best bit they sent the forms out i signed them 10 days later due to the xmas holidays 10k in the bank. We never had an appointment hence they have no proof of income no bank statements no passports and im sure no title deeds as it happened so quick they only have a credit agreement which im not sure if its valid. I have lost my job several times due to the economy and now only have 2 days a week work and cannot afford my repayments i have explained my situation to black horse they have offered no help they have been rude i have stopped communicating as i find myself banging my head against a brick wall strange thing is they have stopped communicating with me i have nearly £3k arrears which amounts to about 18 months missed payments i have missed my last 5 months but they wont take me to court which is what i want to try and get a resolution to this problem could this be because they dont have paperwork to take me to court if so where do i stand if i was to sell my house with this debt as it is suppose to secured could it not be enforcable any help would be appreciated thank you
  3. Hi , we have a car on finance with black horse, there are some arrears so ive offered to setlle it in full, the total amount payable under the agreement is £13780 we have paid just over £12900 in total back, i offered to settle the remaining bit in full, they came back with a figure of just over £2700, then sent me a notice ending the agreement and asked for the car back, i,m going to ring them tomorrow and try and sort it out, any advice on which way to approch them..thanks
  4. Please please help i am not computer literate so am not sure i am using the correct message form I have two PPI claims that i want to submit Black horse and Barclaycard/Morgan stanly card. I want to fillout the correct forms i have downlaoded them all but now not sure which one to use I put my inital figures in the simple Compound Int Calculator form ans the follwoing is what it comes up with is this correct Black horse Financial details 1st Shedule amount of credit £2000.00 Int Rate per month 1.74% APR22.90% Monthly repayments £75.23 Tot chrg £2780.28 Payment Prot Plan Cash price £334.10 Amount of Credit £334.10 Interst rate per month £1.74% APR22.90% Monthly repayments £12.56 Total charge for credit £118.06 Total amount payable £452.16 36 months I paid this off early but they have supplied me with the lsit of payments In the Simple Comp Int Calculator sheet :oops:do i put in the Interst Rate column (APR) £1.74% or 22.9% if it is 22.9% claim calculator comes up with the following figures Tot charges £326.56 Comp Int £2139.13 Total £2465.69 to reclaim I am sure this cant be right they cannot owe me that much. I am also not sure how to make a donation to your site can you tell me how I hope you can help me:oops:
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