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  1. Hi Guys and Gals, Heres my tale of woe Got a loan with BH (approx £16K) that started in late 2005, due to the joys of self employment over the years have had missed payments and late payments complete with the usual excess charges !!! In late 2009 i had a visit from a collection agent acting on their behalf and arranged to make monthly cash payments to him of £400 to bring down the arrears, I made 4 payments starting in December 2009 through til March 2010 when due to lack of work had to stop making the payments and advised him i would get in touch when i was able to resume the arrangement. Due to vast amounts of spare time i actually looked at a statement that BH sent me later in 2010 and found over £1300 in late collection and collection activity fees , 82 late payment interest fees (4 a month in some cases !!!) and 1 of my cash payments (January's) wasnt showing on my statement. After having a look around this site i sent an account in dispute letter to BH pointing out the late payment charges and also Januarys missed payment of £400 and asking for the charges to be removed and the payment credited. In December 2010 managed to get 9 months work down in London and being honest totally forgot about it as I never heard anything more from BH. BH have now sold the debt on to Hilly's Securities who have recently sent me a statement of account, a copy of a default notice and agreement (No Notice of Assignment) and are threating legal action through Aplins. After looking at the statement of account which is dated July 2012 and is just BH's print out, all of the late/collection fees and late payment interest fees i queried are still showing and January's missed payment is still missing. Am after a bit of advice on the best way to proceed with this :- do i send an account in dispute to Hilly's/Aplins with a breakdown of the charges i want removing (using the calculator i found on the site) and If so can i add interest onto the late payment charges ? Can i claim the Late Payment Interest charges back as well and if so can i claim interest on them? If i can get these charges removed i would then be able to make an offer to clear this account. Sorry for the lenghty post and as usual any help is greatly received Gazbo
  2. I took out a loan about 3 years ago, when all was good in our financial world. Unfortunately, since then my hubby lost his job. The original payments were £202.35 a month. BH reduced them to £40 a month, which then increased to £45 and are now at £50 pcm. They are still charging interest on the loan, and the arrears are now about £6000 L. I have been on payment arrangements for 3 months at a time. They just rolled over the £50 for the next 3 months. However, this morning, I received a letter asking me to call them. I did, and they said that the arrangement has come to an end and that they recommend I contact someone like Payplan to assist and to see about getting the interest stopped etc. I have had a look on here, and am very dubious about getting involved with Payplan after reading some of the posts. Can I not just deal with this on my own, send them an income/outgoing sheet etc and ask them to stop the interest and charges? Do they NEED a response from a debt collection company or are they just being awkward? Any advice appreciated J
  3. Hi not been on this for a while and I apologise that my first post on my return is for advice.. My wife and I have just received a letter from the courts with a time to pay application for a debt we have with black horse. One of the reasons we are in a mess with this (as well as burying our heads in the sand) is that my wife took unwell due to depression and was off work for an extended period (she ended up having to leave her job because of this) we tried to claim the PPI we had taken out, thinking all would be fine but were advised that the protection did not cover depression/mental health issues. I dont deny the money we owe to Black Horse, but do not agree with the amount as we were, as far as I am concerned missold PPI Just wondering if we make a claim against them for the PPI what this would do with the impeding court action. I realise if i send the time to pay directive I am admitting to the full amount. Any advice would be welcome.. Thanks (and I hope you all are having a lovely easter )
  4. I am hoping someone can give me some advice on where I stand with a Black Horse PPi claim. I received notifications on the amount they owe after they have upheld my complaints. Cue much joy and skipping round the room until I read the acceptance forms they want me to sign. One of these loans was originally with Cedar Holdings a very long time ago, and when it was taken out due to my bad credit rating it was secured on the house I then owed with my ex partner. The loan would have been granted to me, whether cheque in my name or into my bank account and I know all repayments would have been from my sole account and not a joint account. Black Horse require all parties to sign the acceptance, and given I split up with my then boyfriend around 8 years ago and have no idea where he now lives, this is impossible to do. Where do I stand on this, can they refuse to pay out as he hasn't signed, refuse to pay the amount to me only even though all payments would be from my account and a direct debit would have been active on my sole bank account?
  5. Hi, Can somebody please help as I can't for the life of me get my head round the figures we have been given by Black Horse for our ppi offer. We had two loans, both with ppi added on top. First loan was consolidated into second loan 9mths after taking it out. The second loan ran for 4 years with ppi and we did make a claim for one month on it, but this is listed separately in the calcs. The one part which has confused us is this... "Less Payments Due if Pro-Rata Basis" Black Horse have knocked a hefty £750 off the balance under this heading and we've no idea why? Can anyone shed any light on what it means so we can decide whether their figures tally up correctly? Thanks, Dawn
  6. Hi - Heard this morning one of my claims was rejected. Very early one taken out in a dealer in 1993. I was self employed at the time and still. This was the grounds for my complaint on this and other subsequent ppi complaints (the latter ones taken out in Blackhorse Offices). They have sent pretty much a standard response , acknowledging my self employment but saying " Your status at point of sale confirmed in your application meant that you were not significantly affected by any of the exclusions or limitations associated with your ppi policy". I believe I was adversely affected , but when I appeal ( all their lines are down currently!) do I keep to this defence or should I say about the whole premium was added at the commencement of the loan. I await three other ppi claims with them all with the same complaint grounds of self employment. I am most annoyed as when I called yesterday I was told the complaint value was being calculated, or was that to get me off the line !" Any advice would be much appreciated
  7. hi we have been paying our ccj off now for about 3 or 4 years and was wondering if there was any chance of us getting a charging order removed from our home. We have never missed a payment on the ccj and the debt has been sold on a few times to my knowledge. So what if at all would be the way to go. Thx for any help...
  8. Hi, I am trying to help a collegue reclaim ppi on a Black Horse loan. She took out a loan & then refinanced into another loan. There was no rebate on loan 1 so I have managed to calculate the percentage of PPI rolled into loan 2. The problem I have is that she is in arrears with her payments, and I am not sure how to calculate the ppi if her loan is in arrears, help!
  9. Hi Everyone. I took a loan out with Black Horse for £8k in 2005 , I defaulted on the loan and apparantly Black Horse sold the debt to Hillesden securities and claimed they had a charge on my home for £11k. I told them that the loan was not secured and also PPi was attached to the loan, some £2.5k value according to the paperwork. I requested copies of my agreement back in june 2010 and into 2011, and this week i received a copy of the agreement. I should say that i have been very ill for over a year and have left everything but i am on the mend so i have time to put all my affairs in order. Hillesden says they own the debt and intend to continue with the debt and to speak to black horse which i did today, they told me i can claim the ppi back with them but regarding the secured charge they sold it to hollesden and i must talk to them stating i am not happy with the way my case has been dealt with. then hillesden will write to black horse and will then look at it. also how come it has taken over i year to get the origional account number and agreement, is it they are trying to get the ppi to offset the charge cuz this cant be correct legally. black horse also said they would reinstate the loan without the ppi and start again I need your expert advise her cuz i think the loan is invalid and therefore the charge they have is incorrect by form and amount. i have kept copies of all phone calls.
  10. Hi guys, Hope this is the right section to post. I had cause to do a credit check on myself with equifax yesterday for the first time ever. I found a horrible red square and when looking into this it turns out this is from an energy provider. Long story short I have a house being done up and its taking ages, over this year its used £12 in electric, I yesterday called up and paid my 48p bill... It turns out in May I called them to pay £10 odd and give a meter reading, this produced a bill which I got a few days later. I saw it was £11 odd lets say and there was no record of the £10 I had paid, so I assumed it must have just not been put onto the account in time. I didnt really think anything of this, then when I next when to the house no reminders or anything, until I got a bill in August once again estimated for £100, so when calling and giving reading I paid the £1.50 owing. What was not brought to light was the 60p difference from the May bill which they said was not paid in June, July or August, so I now have a 3 month late payment showing on my history which has just put the kybosh on a mortgage I was trying to get, grrrrrrr! 45 minutes on phone today and energy people and manager wont budge and say im at fault for not reading bill properly or querying it, they always send reminders but said this was too small for system to produce and do not have to by law. Is there anything I can do? It seems crazy as i have an all green history apart from this. Many thanks in advance Ed
  11. I had 2 agreements with Black Horse (no PPI), one a loan and one a credit card via MFI. I have repaid the loan agreement and the second had a CCJ which has now been sold to MFS portfolio and which I am repaying £75.00 per month. Having looked at statements, they were charging me £25.00 or £30.00 in fees. Can I reclaim these, even though it says in the agreement that they can charge these fees? Thank you
  12. i need some advice, first a bit of background this may be long I had a loan with black horse june 2006, i kept up repayments for awhile but started to struggle after i was made redundant and in august 2007 they got a ccj against me. i agreed to pay £30 a month and did so for 15 months. Then my partner was made redundant who was the main wage earner and i could no longer afford the £30, i had the order changed to £1 a month and i paid that until sept 2011 when i recieved a letter from a company called hillesden securities saying they were the new owners of the debt and i should start paying them. i wrote to both hillesden and black horse. i didnt hear anything from black horse directly but i recieved a reply from hillesden with a black horse letter attatched to theirs saying hillesden had purchased the account. i wrote to hillesden to tell them i wouldnt be making payments until i was notified by the court or black horse direct. i didnt hear anymore and forgot all about it to be honest. oct 2012 we recieved a annual statement of account from dlc (direct legal & collections) i wrote to them asking who they were and recieved a reply saying they were acting on behalf of hillesden securities to which i replied with a letter saying i didnt have an account with hillesden and asked for further details. today i recieved a letter again from dlc with their further details, black horse agreement number, agreement date, date hillesden purchased the account from black horse, ccj number and date of ccj. plus they have told me dlc are a trading name of hillesden securities. Agreement number & ccj info are correct but their dates are wrong. the loan was taken out jun 2006 cant remember exact date but was last week of june and ccj 15th august 2007, dlc says original date of agreement is 26th aug 2007 and ccj was registered on 15th august 2007. yes that means the ccj came before the agreement, these dates have been quoted several times. is the ccj still valid or do hillesden need to transfer it to their name? i have checked my files with equifax, experian & call credit and also done a check on trust online but neither the account or ccj show on any. this is the first time i have check so do not know if there was anything showing before. can ccjs be removed from credit files even though its only been 5 years since ccj was registered? i know i definately have/had a ccj for black horse. confused as i have another ccj which shows on all. they havent made any demands for payments so not sure if i should just ignore them again or if i should reply or even sar them
  13. Hi Forum, I have an unusual and complicated situation that I would greatly appreciate some helpful advice on. On 31st March 2008 I entered into a HP agreement with BH, total price £11,179.83 and paid a deposit of £500. The total credit charge was £2,858.65 and agreed to be repaid by 48 instalments of £282.26 I was able to meet the payments up until and including November 2009, but after this date I was unable to due to my company going into liquidation. I held onto the car without making any payments until October 2010 in the hope things would improve and I could get back on my feet. When I decided I was not going to be able to achieve this I agreed to entertain a VS. At this point the matter was passed to Apex Credit Management. As you may expect, I was very apprehensive to do a VS as I am aware that cars are auctioned and I didn't want the vehicle to be sold for a lot less than its value and be left with a significant amount still to pay. I was visited by a representative of Apex by the name of Mr Brian Pearson. He was a very friendly man at the time and appeared to be very cooperative. When I voiced my concerns over the auction sale being far less than the cars worth leaving me a large deficit, he advised that the normal procedure was to place a reserve on the car of the Glass Guide price plus 5%, and that the vehicle would continue to go through the auctions until it sold at this value, therefore a low price sale would not occur and I would not be exposed to a high deficit. This information put me at a lot of ease and I consequently signed the relevant documents (naturally they contained huge amounts of very small print T & C's) however Mr Pearson told me I had nothing to worry about and that from the just over £8,000 I still owed, after the auction I would only be left with probably just over £1,000 and would be able to come to an agreement with BH to settle this. For the record, my car was extremely well looked after with very low mileage and the Glass Guide price was £6,300 in its state at the time. Approximately 3 months later I received a letter from BH saying the vehicle has been sold for a paltry £3,389.20 and I was left with a deficit of £4,514.08!! Obviously I was horrified. I immediately wrote to both BH and Apex demanding to know what the hell had happened in light of the advice I had been given by Apex. Naturally BH said they knew nothing of anything and referred to their terms. Apex were as bad and denied they would ever give such advice and can only refer to terms of surrender etc. Whilst in hindsight, I realise I should of got written confirmation of such things, at the time when you are under great stress you take these things on professional trust. Obviously not being happy with the situation, I decided to take my case to the Ombudsman who have not upheld anything to do with my complaint stating: " It is difficult to conclude that BH has done anything substantially wrong. I have no reason to believe that the current balance is incorrect or that BH was under any an obligation to put a reserve price on the car at the auction." It goes on to explain how BH provided a copy of the signed paperwork and that it was all done in-line with terms and standard practice. All in all, BH have done everything correct and by the book and have done nothing wrong. When addressing the issue with Apex, again the Ombudsman has said that there is not enough evidence to uphold my complaint because: Apex have sent Mr Pearsons account of events and he is adamant he would not have said such a thing (surprise surprise) and that he always advises that cars go to auction and get sold for as much as possible, end of. He goes on to explain that he sometimes uses an anecdote about a car his daughter was looking to buy and refers to a CAPS guide price plus 5%. To which the Ombudsman finds plausible and suggests I might be confused! I can 100% assure anyone, I know what Glass Guide is and I know what Mr Pearson informed me off and never mentioned anything about any CAPS guide price, otherwise I would have wanted to know what this price was? All in all the Ombudsman concludes that it cannot verify verbal misrepresentation and therefore cannot uphold my complaint. I have the opportunity to appeal the decision, however I do not know how best to go about this at all and would be really grateful for some useful advice on this. I will also happily donate to the cause as well. Many Thanks, SK
  14. Hi I am pretty sure Black Horse Finance added PPI to a loan i had with them in 2001 however i dont have any of the documents and yes i have searched high and low. I wrote a speculative letter to them asking for them to search their records but i got what i was expecting i.e. we dont have any records of your agreement with us so cant help you. Given the above should i just give up or is there something else i can do? Thanks Shane
  15. Ive had 3 loans with Black Horse Ltd as follows 2002 £1000 @30% 2004 £1500 @19.9% 2006 £2500 @19.9% PPI was added to each loan with a one off payment at the start and interest was charged at the appropriate figure.Each loan was rolled into the following one a couple of months before the original loan had been paid off.I have recieved SAR and have completed Questionaires.Do I have to submit a claim for each loan or combine them all together.Also what would be the best way to come up with a satisfactory claims figure or figures to submit. Roughly what total am I looking at.Thanks for any advise
  16. Hi All Quick bit of advice required here, a long ongoing saga but hopefully this will now be at an end with your advice. Had a loan with Black Horse and in Dec 2010 a mental breakdown occured and subsequentially my payments got 3 months in arrears, due to other loans I consolidated and they accepted an offer, end of story ? but no ... . payment plan was in place and the last payment made was Aug 2011, payments were stopped by the DRA as they wanted a new income expenditure form completing, this was done. The following month a letter dated 19 Oct 2011 was sent by Marlin claiming they were Black Horse, no letterhead or anything, then on 21 Oct 2011 another letter from the same company stating ME III have been assigned the debt. They put a total default on my CRA files from Feb 2012. None of the letters were ever sent or received and have only come to light as they are taking me to court in 2 weeks time. They are also stating that they are charging extra interest on the said debt, is this legal ? can they write on behalf of Black Horse? Also in theory it was still with the DRA and the payment for October was not due until the end of that month. No payments have been made since and the letters they alledged to have sent never arrived, nor did the response to a CRP 34.14 or a SAR, fee paid never cashed, letter was signed for by Marlin Any advice on what to do next please?
  17. Hello all. In November 2007, I took out an 84 month joint loan of £20,500 with Black Horse and I have just realised that there is PPI on it of £5832 plus Credit charge of £1969. About two years ago, I successfully claimed a refund of PPI from Barclays on a loan taken out with The Woolwich without referring to CAG but having read this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?70341-Black%20Horse%20PPI I am concerned (even though the thread is dated 2007) where post 2 states "If you have the terms and conditions of your loan agreement I would have a good read through them first. A Secured loan can have some nasty hidden conditions, one that has come to light is that you may be liable for their Legal Costs in dealing with anything to do with the Agreement" Can someone elaborate on it please as we cannot afford to be hit with such charges in the event of us not being successful in this claim. Just to put you in the picture thus far, I contacted Black Horse and made the complaint and they have sent us their forms (similar to the FSA forms) which will be returned to them once I get a reply(ies) from here, hopefully by the end of the week.
  18. Hi. Looking for direction on a ten year old problem, that now I am retired, and met someone who is more savvy than me, really needs an end putting to it. Its with the Black Horse, who I notice are very unpopular on here. I will try to be brief so you don't get bogged down and I do hope someone can answer my question , here goes........ In May 2002 and due to divorce I was coerced into agreeing to the purchase of a motor home by solicitors. This was to enable myself and daughters to regain the family home, and my then husband to move out and live in the motor home. He initially agreed to have this as his financial settlement for the divorce. The original debt totalled £40,094.35 , which included interest charges of about £ 10 k. However, the divorce dragged on and my husband changed his mind, and I was left repaying the debt. The payments were £333.63 per month and with having two teenage daughters I soon got into difficulty with the debt. Eventually Black Horse repossessed the motor home and it was sold at auction for £19400.25 (no receipt of this amount), which Black Horse said left me with a balance of £17024.17. At this point I went to CAB who negotiated on my behalf. They achieved only a small reduction in charges. I cashed in an endowment and started monthly payments to Black Horse of £30 per month. (By this time Nationwide Collection Services Ltd had taken over the account.) I paid Black Horse a further £9000.00 from the payback of the policy and continued to pay £30 per month, then after constant pressure from the collection company I raised the payments to £40 per month and then more recently to £50 per month. I now have a balance of about £5000, which I cannot continue to pay at £50 per month. My partner has pointed out loads of discrepancies in the lack of accounts, and the fact that the vehicle was paid for within 3 years of the 10 year agreement, and that now they are just chasing for interest /charge payments. The Financial Ombudsman was very sympathetic but could not take the matter further as it was unregulated. A solicitor more or less told me to pay, and wanted loads of money in the bargain. Is there any way I can get this debt looked at properly? Is it possible to get the balance discharged or reduced? Can they take me to court for interest charges, and keep adding to the account , as at the moment I am just sending £5 a month.? It is no longer recorded on my credit file as in the words of Black Horse , “the vehicle has been repossessed and its more than 6 years ago? Thanks for reading ...
  19. I have a charging order on my house, via black horse, and am making agreed payments as per court order, recently i received a letter saying the account had been sold to msportfolio, how can the charging order be still valid if the account is no longer with black horse? or by selling to someone is the charging order sold on, but the court documents state black horse. any help gratefully accepted regards Brownfrog
  20. loan was 5k over 5 years almost paid off! when I checked my statements loan signed for 22/6/07 payments to start or loan commencement date 3 months latter 1/10/07..... KEY FINANCIAL INFORMATION 60 Monthlypayments starting on 1.10.07 bla, bla, interest will be calculated on the daily balance outstanding on the account and applied to the account monthly.all standard! but my account showed, they had added interest from the date I signed the loan. a total of £283.33 which they no doubt added to my balance and have been charging me interest on for the 5 years. So I rang and challenged this and said “I didn’t ask for the start date to be deferred, nor did you tell me you’d be charging interest from the date I signed for the loan until the start date and if you had, I would not have agreed to this. Surely you can only charge interest from the loan commencement date,which is stated on my agreement 1.10/07.” She said” just a mo I’ll speak to mysupervisor” upshot was, make one more payment of £137.14 and we’ll close your account.(asked and have got this in writing now) SO DO I.... A....make the payment and just be happy at that? OR B........Say "hold on a min" you’ve acted unlawfully! Deduct the £283.33 from the balance and re-calculate the interest you have charged me and remove this from my outstanding balance. ? OR C If they have acted unlawfully calculate £283.33 @ 21.9 APR over 5years (total of £1031.79 which is greater than the outstanding balance) do I say hold on. the loans over and YOU owe me money. Think if I pay £137.14 and they close account I’ll have job getting the difference back ANY ADVICE WOULD BE HELPFULL THANKS
  21. I can see their viewing figures suffering somewhat.... http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/news/1144406/Wongas-game-show-deal-challenged-Twitter-protests/
  22. I received a letter today from black horse basically it says. The ppi policy you complained about was associated with a loan which was part of a chain of loans.these loans were settled early with new loans. I have fully considered whether you were eligible for the policies whether the policies were suitable for you and whether we provided appropriate information to you in relation to your ppi policies. I am satisfied that there were no issues with the sale of ppi,however due to the way that we calculated the rebate due on settlement or cancellation of a single premium ppi policy, you incurred costs when you settled or cancelled these policies compared to what you would have paid if they had not been single premium policies. Due to these additional costs your borrowing for the subsequent loans would also have been higher than you needed it to be which in turn increased the size of the monthly repayments and also attracted interest. As a final response we are able to offer you a payment of £308.51,this represents a refund of the extra amount paid by you at the time that the policies were settled or cancelled and also the additional amounts that you have paid due to the increased borrowing on your subsequent loans. Above is the main points from the letter. I read it as You did have ppi, but it was sold correctly so your not getting anything. The rebate you received was wrong and this cost you money on subsequent loans so we will give you £308.51. So the advice i need is what should i do? accept the £308.51 or not? Any advice welcome
  23. Hi I had a loan for a scooter back in 2001 with Black Horse Finance. The loan has been settled for some time (6+ years). I've recently SAR'd them so i can investigate whether they sold me PPI with the original loan. If memory serves me right then they did as i remember as a poor student the payment advertised with the scooter dealer was £88 a month but i ended up paying BHF about £110 a month. There response i guess is typical, they have no record of my account because 6 years has passed. I dont have any of the documents relating to the loan anymore. What (if anything) can be done to get details of this account out of Black Horse or are they right to tell me that they dont hold any record of my account. Is this a usual response from BHF for older accounts or are they genuine in what they say? I'd appreciate guidance if anyone has any? Thanks Shane
  24. hi I bought a static caravan, believing it was a 2007 model (as stated on the Black horse Finance doc) it transpires that it is a 2005 van, What are my rights thanks
  25. My story began in 2006 when I answered the telephone. A woman I cannot remember her name selling Moben Kitchen was calling. Though my number was x-directory I failed to understand how she got my number. To cut matter shot we arranged to meet. When she arrived, I thought she was pushy and I told her and she apologised and explained is just kitchen was on offer for £7,000 and was ready to make me an offer of knocking £500 off. Stupidly I agreed and the sales went through. The installation was due in July 2006 for 2 days and I took time off work. Unfortunately the cooker they delivered was faulty no knob. Moben promised they will deliver the correct part in two weeks and throughout September, October, November 2006 I was still asking for the part. I then wrote to the Judge in Glasgow, Ombudsman explaining the situation and told then I intend to with-hold payment until my cooker was fixed. In November however I received a letter Mellicks & Co their Solicitors, telling me to pay the money now or risked going to Court, I wrote to them explaining the situation but it fell on deaf ears. I was forced to hire a solicitor at additional cost or so I thought but nothing was done. at last! towards the end of December 2006 the Cooker was fix and I pay Moben. Unknowing to me Moben had sent my details to Equifax that I defaulted payment and they black-listed me. Can you please help to take my name off blacklist as I owe Moben nothing? Vicky
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