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  1. Just checked Ebuyer site - what a waste of time, no different than any other day. I can't see any reduction anywhere other than the normal they have. Anyone found a bargain ?
  2. Get your wallets at the ready and your running shoes on; it's time to grab a bargain as Black Friday is almost here. Despite being an American tradition, falling on the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States (which is the fourth Thursday of November), the annual shopping bonanza has gone global with hundreds of retailers around the world slashing their prices to tempt shoppers with big bargain deals. Source-Link When is Black Friday PLUS everything else you need to know about it http://www.getreading.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/black-friday-plus-everything-you-10178785 Have you any tales to tell about this day.Any experiences.
  3. Colleague's boyfriend took the car and was speeding. (If it at all matters, he took out temp cover with another company). The insurance company Policy Wise has now sent a letter to say they want £250 or they will cancel the insurance policy. Just checking that they are able to charge this amount? Surely they have to have a breakdown of costs otherwise it is seen as a penalty? Thanks Edit: Just checked the policy documents and it does refer to the £250 charge as a Penalty. http://imglnk.uk/img?i=oOoujV.jpg
  4. Hi I'm in the process of a PPI claims I'm using a company called black pearl claims but wish I didn't now I've done most of the work well not much work really just answering questions Barclay card ask is there a way I can get rid of black pearl claims and continue conversation from Barclay card on a policy back in January 4th 1999 I can't remember the details of the policy and documents of employment or savings etc I haven't got can I claim by myself and get rid of black pearl as it's supposedly at decision makers and if I get money they want 30% + vat if successful all I know of the policy is covered illness as to what I don't remember it was 16 yrs ago Hi guys I'm in the process of 2 PPI claims one with Barclay card and the other Capital one both started by Black Pearl Claims Ltd . I was just wondering if I could pull the plug on Black Pearl Claims as they are charging me 30%+ V.A.T I'm the one in conversation with Barclay Card trying to answer Barclay Card questions like how much savings I had a the time and my employment status etc the claim is from January 4th 1999 and can't provide the documents for Barclay Card for how much money coming in and savings etc as to far back ,it's now at decision makers with Barclay Card apparently but still keep asking these questions after many phone calls giving this information while Black Pearl sit back and wait. All I want to know is two things 1 can I pull the plug on Black Pearl and 2 without the documents of money coming in and savings Barclay card asking for have I got a claim? Some details of claim is I had a £2000 credit card with some sort of insurance that covered me when I come out work policy took out January 4th 1999
  5. After some research on here I now know the true horror of what Vodafone have done to me. To cut a very long story short my Vodafone account was closed early and paid up by me in June (so I thought) PAC code transfered all done. Goodbye Vodafone - hurrah! Get a letter in September saying I still owe £90odd . I have contacted them on many occasions saying please can I have an invoice so I can see why you think I owe this? Athough promised each time nothing received, next I get mail from debt collection and then black mark on my (previously perfect) credit history - Just as I'm apply for a mortgage! Thanks Vodafone!! they can say I owe them something , not produce an invoice to back this up and then ruin my chances of getting a mortgage with absolute and complete impunity! On the advice of my mortgage broker I paid the o/s amount to minimize the damage. When I did this I was told i could speak to the team that placed the marker against me as I wanted to explain it was paid late because vodafone did not supply me with the information required to resolve the dispute and therefore please remove it. After the amount was paid I was put through to sales! When I called back to try once again the line was dropped after 50 minutes . I just dont have to time to spend many more hours on the phone to receive empty promises. So even after paying an amount that im not sure I owe I still have got nowhere in clearing my name . Its shocking and I cant think of any other industry where people could behave like this and get away with it.
  6. Ever after coming across this Documentary back in 2013 it has slightly worried me. Now old Tawnyowl i must admit believes a lot of what people say to me. Have been fooled many times.And never learn any lessons.. Now once again i find it hard to believe this documentary is just a advert for a magazine. Any wise ones,any economists,anyone who has a little time and who has not seen it can you tell me if there is any truth in all this. As i say it has bugged me slightly since 2013. Well it is out there now anyone,please have your say and at least i can put it to the back of my cluttered mind now. Bear Garden seemed the right place for it. Here we go settle down strap yourselves in and be very afraid very afraid. U certificate it isn't that bad.Perhaps many have seen it before. The Plague of the Black Debt http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/plague-black-debt/
  7. RIP Cilla, the sixties wouldn't have been the same without you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAuoNa5g6i8
  8. Several months ago i received a letter from Idem saying black horse had sold my debt to them at the same time i received a letter in the same envelope from Black horse confirming this, Both letter stated that if i was on a scheme this would be honoured, Black horse froze interest rates on my account in 2007 i was on a repayment only scheme, i thought nothing untoward until i received a letter from idem saying to ring them to set up a payment plan, The amount owed differed from what i actually owed, i rang them and they told me interest was being charged, i explained i was on an repayment only scheme. They said they would write to Black horse, i left it 3 weeks and contacted Black Horse they have not received any letter, However they said they would pursue this and made 2 telephone calls to them i phoned Idem and they confirmed they had received the calls, Now 2 months down the line and 5 letters latter to Idem , they have not replied or made any effort the honor the agreement with them or Black horse, any ideas or help please both my wife and myself anr well into retirement age and don't want the aggravation of these types
  9. Hello everybody - lurked for years but never posted before......Perhaps this is similar to the "free money" thing that other's have experienced with Blackhorse offering compensation for procedural errors. I have been phoned today - 6 July 2015 - by somebody apparently from Blackhorse regarding 3-loan accounts that I had with them way back in 2004. I was mis-sold PPI on all 3 but when a claim was made they only upheld one - in 2012. The operator was very polite and has evidently been given the task of examining whether or not I could remember the circumstances around being offered the loans, my work situation at the time and what the money had been used for. It would appear that the upshot is that they realise that they should have repaid all the premiums at the time of my first claim. Just wondering if anybody else has taken a similar call recently - or have I just been phished?! Cheers Chanch PS The lady's name was Denise Kilpatrick and a quick check of LinkedIn would appear to bear it out as a genuine call
  10. Hi Guys, I'm glad i came across this site. I've been doing some in depth reading regarding the process to have an SAR carried out on various lenders etc. In the past I've had the following: Black Horse Loan (2002ish) Applied for my PPI back and told they couldn't find account (now they've been fined 110+ million i'm sure they'l be more helpful Halifax Bank Account BOS Bank Account Birmingham Midhsires Mortgage. I guess my question is can i just send a single SAR to Lloyds banking group HQ (now that they own all these subsiduaries) or will I have to make one to the individual companies within the group.
  11. We bought a car through Black Horse we traded the first car in after a year and got a bigger car and then we traded that one in and got another one thats the back story. We then fell behind with payments and they reposessed the car that was approx 5 or six years ago we were paying a token payment all we could afford to a DCA this went on for approx 3 or 4 years and then we got a letter back from Black Horse saying they were to be paid again not the DCA we have continued to pay a token payment all we can afford there is a balance of approx £9,000 still outstanding. Can anyone offer some help it will take forever to pay this off at the payments we are making. Thanks
  12. Hi, Ive just come across a thread about BH selling on to Skye, so have started my own.. . I only have 4 months left on the loan after 5 years. I had an agreement with BH that I have in writing, that if I continued to pay the monthly repayments on time (2 years ago) that the added interest, due to a few missed payments and an added 6 months to the term of my loan, without my knowledge, (even they could not see who had done it or why just that the dates had changed ??) that they would remove everything.. they had already removed over £1600 of wrongful charges, plus the payments they say they have received are not the same as the payments to them from my bank, they has less paid, I had asked for a SAR but not recieved this as of yet and the account went to Skye Loans with a different account number etc on 1st June ..worried now that the above will not stand , how do I best deal with this, will Skye loans have to honour the agreement I have in writing ??
  13. I am new here but I have been reading about Idem. They have written to my husband only regarding our joint loan being transferred to them. They have given us a new account number and some basic info regarding paying. They have not confirmed what we should pay, or given any in depth info about the balance. What should we do? Is our loan still secured even though we have not agreed for Idem to have this? Is this even legal as I thought the homeowner has to agree security or the company has to get a court order? I am really confused and need some help as from what I have been reading about Idem they are really nasty and add alsorts of defaults to the account.
  14. Hi new here so be gentle!! I took out a Loan in August 1999 with then Cedar Holdings over 180 months. This was later transferred to Black Horse. The Loan was secured on my home and I have never had a late payment or missed any payments. This weekend I remembered I was still paying the Loan and dug out the paperwork and with my minimal maths skills I worked out it should have finished last July. I have just got off the phone with Black Horse and although they tried to fob me off they were scrambling for an explanation. There explanation is that on our original documents we signed the forms agreeing to them being able to vary the term, but this agreement was with Cedar Holdings and I have the original paperwork and there is no mention of being able to extend the term only the interest rate. I explained that I had the original paperwork and this stopped them in there tracks. They then said that they had a letter signed by me in 2008 saying I had agreed to the change in term (I have not signed any form) They said the term had increased because of an interest rate change, which yes my payments went up from that date, but are they implying that they have back dated the rate back to 1999? even then it only works out 3 extra months and how would they be allowed to do that without my written consent. When I said I had not had any correspondence to that effect they again started mumbling. Now they are saying they can do it as it is in my terms and conditions. I explained that I am not happy and wanted a full explanation from them. they replied that the loan ended next month, but being the wag that I am I said yes but not if you decide to increase the term again!! Finally they asked what I wanted to happen to resolve this issue and they will call me back later today. This is where I need help. Have I got any basis to ask for compensation or are they entitled to at will alter my term without informing me.
  15. Hi There, I'm in the process of cleaning up my credit report and have realised that the way defaults are reported are not particularly helpful! I had a new car on HP in 2010. Ran into difficulty quite soon into the agreement but worked with them to keep it fairly up to date. During the course of an 18 month period I fluctuated between one and two payments late, never more than two. Then my finances got worse and I ended up 3 payments behind. I made an arrangement with them and brought the account back up to date fairly quickly. I then missed a single payment and they defaulted my agreement. I did bring the account back up to date fairly quickly and since then have been on time. I am still up to date with the agreement which ends in 2 months time. My history with them goes : 0 1 0 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 3 2 0 0 1 D (then 3 years worth of Ds) Since the default I've been up to date with payments, with one slight slip into 1 behind for about 3 months in 2013. But the recent credit report history just shows DDDDDDDDDD etc... even though I've been on time most of the way through the agreement. This doesn't seem very fair to me, and since they defaulted me on a single payment behind I've been trying to argue (unsuccessfully so far) with them that the account shouldn't have defaulted. interestingly one of their staff agreed with me on the phone that the default was an error and should be removed. Unfortunately when I checked on this they denied that was ever said! My question is : Since interest should not be charged on defaulted accounts, and since the interest was front-loaded, should I be able to claim a rebate of the interest? The effect of this would be that I've now overpaid on the agreement and would be entitled to a rebate. IF indeed it was correctly defaulted. Obviously if the default was a mistake then they can simply correct my credit record and I'll complete the payments as agreed. If a rebate should be due how do I calculate the correct amount of interest on the loan? I wonder if it would also be better to record defaults as D0, D1, D2 etc.. . reflecting the payment status of any payment plan in place to clear the default - Just a thought!
  16. Hello, I've started chasing BH over a couple of car finance agreements I've had with them over the years, one was with Chartered Trust it goes back a while. I've written the standard letter to them giving as much information as I could (vehicle reg, previous addresses) they have come back and said that as the agreements have been closed more than three years they can't find anything on their system and so they can't do anything unless I have an agreement number, which I don't. Sounds to me like they are just trying to bat me off. Surely a financial institution has to keep records for more than 3 years? Can anyone advise on how I should proceed?
  17. I have sent the SAR and received it showing my name and signature. My question is this; if I borrowed the money from Black Horse, surely my debt is with them and no one else. I am also a bit peeved as if the SOLD the debt to Hillesden, then Black Horse has decided that this debt is a bad debt so got rid of it and as such have put the amount . .. some £3900 against their annual tax and I assume Hillesden paid between 10 p and 2p in the pound to buy the debt. My question is who is the debt with? I believe it is still with Black horse which makes Hillesens claim irrelevent. Am I right?
  18. I have received a letter from Ruthbridge Ltd asking me to pay a sum of just over £9000 which relates to a loan taken out with Black Horse in 2007 for c£30,000. Ruthbridge has supplied a copy of the CCA and a schedule of payments made on the debt right up to December 2012. The debt was originally defaulted on in 2008 and between 2008 and 2012 a nominal amount of £14 was paid monthly to the original creditor. At that point circumstances changed and that amount was not affordable. However recently I got a loan for a car from Black Horse, and this may have triggered the system that I could pay back some of the original debt. So two questions about the next stage really:- 1. The statement of payments sent by Ruthbridge from Black Horse shows a lump sum of £18000 paid off in 2008. I did not make that payment Should I ask Ruthbridge what that sum relates to? 2. I have no evidence of Ruthbridge now owning the debt. Should I ask for a deed of assignment from Black Horse to then (although I think the debt may have passed through other hands first)? I have not yet acknowledged the debt to Ruthbridge. Thanks
  19. Hi. I'm looking into this for a friend (yes, that's actually true). The scenario is this: In August 2014 a car was bought on a Hire Purchase agreement from Black Horse. My friend was in a relationship at the time and this car and the costs was to be shared between two people. However they are no longer in a relationship. I believe the HP is in my friends name and not the other persons. She does not want to own the car as a single individual though. So my questions: - If the other person wants to keep the car for themselves is it possible to swap the entire agreement into their name? - If neither of them want to pay for the car is there an option to A- terminate? or B- sell the car privately? - If C- hand the car back and allow Black Horse to sell it then I assume they'll end up selling cheap and my friend still has a lot to pay back? - Are there any options I haven't mentioned above? In a sense, any solution where my friend can gain more than 50% of the outstanding value back is a winner. Thanks.
  20. Thoughts needed please. I was tasked with item to buy for Xmas on the list was a Xbox one. I sourced a deal on amazon with a healthy 20% discount but as its a black friday deal you have 15 mins to purchase. My issue started when I noticed my discounted "star buy" rate was now the regular selling price some 24 hrs later. Is it against consumer law to offer discount based on false headline price? Headline price was only charged on black friday day of reduction. Headline did not match individual selling price or RRP. I asked for a breakdown of how headline price was calculated but amazon stead fast refused to provide information.
  21. Help please! I took out a car finance agreement with Black Horse in Feb 2004. Towards the end of the agreement, I got into financial difficulty, and couldnt make the payments. I stopped making payments in 2008, the loan was over 5 years, and due to finish in 2009. I know the entry will stay on my credit file for 6 years from the start of the loan, but after the official loan term had finished, Black Horse then added a default to my credit file in May/June 2010. Are they allowed to do this? As surely after 6 years the entry should drop off my credit file so I dont see how they can then add a Default to the entry after this time has lapsed. Looking at the entry on my credit file, it doesnt even detail the loan agreement term, but its on the Agreement I had from Black Horse. I havent heard anything from Black Horse since 2008. Any advice would be much appreciated?! Thanks.
  22. Hi all. I bought a TV from John Lewis online in the Black Friday sales. The TV is faulty and JL say they cannot exchange as the TV is now £150 more expensive. They can only refund my money. Is this right?
  23. Just been on the phone to PCWorld as the Ipod Touch we ordered on the 28th November has not arrived and I was told that they are awaiting stock and it's unlikely to be back in stock before christmas I have just seen that it is in stock at my local store and online and I am wondering if they are trying to worm there way out of selling it to me at the offered £100 price tag... What should I do? I felt pressured into opting for a refund as it's a Christmas present
  24. Hi all, some time ago I was contacted by Black Diamond-Legal Limited with respect to claiming back PPI. I decided to go ahead, as I just wanted to check on previous unsuccessful claims, this was in June. I have been contacted by an old bank, stating that I am eligible for a refund, they would contact Black Diamond-Legal Limited directly as I had given authority. I have tried to contact Black Diamond-Legal Limited from August this year, to no avail. Has anyone experience with this company/? thanks clayton
  25. On Saturday I received a letter from Black Horse, completely out of the blue offering me a settlement of £830 as they had neglected to insert a right to cancel in a PCP car loan deal. I finished paying off the finance about 3 years ago and they wrote and said that in my annual statements they had neglected to inform me of a right to terminate the deal early and that they are no longer due the interest I paid during this period - £830 I didnt apply for a refund, or know I was entitled to one. They seem very keen for me to accet and cash a cheque quickly. Is this normal? Thanks
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