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Found 27 results

  1. advice needed please i was on income support/incapacity benefit before being moved to esa leavel 2. Ii have had a few assessments at ATOS my last one meaning i was put in a work support group. i have agrophobia and and have not left the house on my own for over 4 years and i have been assessed by a pyciter in a core 10 assessment scoring 29 !! meaning i have a high level of clinical need. They do not want to put me on drugs as they feel this will not benefit me until i have intensive therapy and I have been put on the waiting list for this. I am also under a drug clinic as i have been poly diagnosis. My addicton is caused by my mental health problems ..I am also beig treated for joint probems in my hands and tummy problems where I am unable to eat and they are also looking into suspected polycistic ovaries ...im falling apart but i do want to get better and go back to work (my hubby used to work full time and i used to work part time before i became ill he has had to give up work to look after me and dont get an exta for it ) i would rather we both worked as we had good jobs before i became ill now the problem i have is that i have been put into haltion in to jobs they want me to join work groups or have counselling with them ,last time i had the wrong type of counselling i had a break down. I am also attending hospital/doctors appoitnments for all my other problems my key workers are happy to talk to them and explain what the matter is with me and my capabilities and my problems They will not talk to her ,they will not accept a docters note saying i am ill !! all i want to do is get better so i am able to go back to work but they will not allow this ,they just want to push these work groups that i am not capable of at the moment in time i have appealed being put into the work based group but when i phoned up to see whats going on they could not find it and the time before this when i called they said they had a back log !! and we will be contaced ?? we are now awaiting there 3 hrs call back that never happen as they never do my advisor says hes in a catch 22 !! he can see that i am ill but until they get informed by the job centre he has to do his job !! ,he said if i go to a group and fail its better then not goin at all !! but hes not the one living in my head he not the one who has to pick up the pieces after me failing !! thats left to my hubby and children ..and last time a group failed me i had a break down i just want to get better but NHS waiting lists means that this will take time and according to Halton into Jobs I have'nt got any. so what do i do ???
  2. Hello, I'm proposing the spreadsheet guru's out there devise a new one to replace the runningfos one. In my case, if I remove Over limit Fees and Late Payment fees from the monthly payment column, it eventually puts the PPI payment column into a positive black rather than a negative red, thus rendering the rest of the calculations useless after the point that happens. It starts counting the running PPI balance from 0 instead of the last rows value. Before anyone says you cannot claim charges on PPI, I would ask you to read the following information taken from the FoS website. If this is wrong, is there any evidence? If you read the ombudsman case studies, they suggest the bank should re-instate you to the position you would have been had you not taken out PPI. This includes charges as a result of the premiums. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/ppi/redress.html case study 2: credit-card account closed and PPI policy cancelled before ombudsman decision So, although credit card "penalties" could be dealt with as unfair and illegal, they should also be able to be dealt with via PPI redress - IF the reconstructed statement shows the account would have been within it's limits had it not been for PPI. Ie my case I received 8 charges totalling £395 in 2004 in late payment and over limit fees on my way to a trust deed My reconstructed statement shows that with the removal of PPI and associated interest, my account was actually in credit from 03/09/03 until the account was closed on 10/03/05. That shows that the over limit charges and late payment fees were a direct result of PPi being added to the account. As the account would have been in credit - No payments would have been due and I would not have been over the limit. I would imagine it would be easier to win back your charges this way, albiet the reward may be less.
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