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  1. Hello all, I'm in need of any help or advise I can get here, I received a claim form from the county court made by Hoist portfolio holding 2 ltd on behalf of santander UK plc for unpaid overdraft of £1175.08. The original account was with Aliance & Liecester which I opened some time in 2004 as just a basic current account then upgraded later on after about a year or more to a full current account with overdraft facility rising from £500 to £1000 then was closed some years ago when I fell into financial difficulties even before Santander acquired A&L. Befo
  2. Hello all I have been having a problem with O2 I defaulted on a phone contract . They have now passed it to Westcot. The contract was one of the newer contracts which gives you a contract for the phone and a separate agreement fro airtime . I am not denying the debt and want to pay O2 but they keep referring me to westcot. from the library I sent them the cca request and the reply have come back which I have uploaded . I just want so advice what to do next. Thanks Brian
  3. Hi guys need some assistance helping my elderly neighbour with this claim and who is regrettably not very computer literate. The debt is an old Vanquis card. I have filed the AOS online for him and sent the CCA to Cabot and CPR request to Wright Hassell. I have not drafted a Defence yet as its early days but would appreciate your views on anything else I should do/be doing at this time?? Actually not sure if there is a Defence as such to this but am rather hoping that the DCA will have trouble obtaining the CCA as the account was opened in 2006 and presumably this wil
  4. Won a motorbike off Ebay on 30th May, paid via bank transfer the next day as Paypal doesn't offer protection on motor vehicles. Was described as fully working, just had an MOT. Got a courier to pick it up and deliver it, received it yesterday, wouldn't start, had to buy a battery charger, discovered battery is knackered so will need to be replace, there may be other issues but hopefully not. Where do I stand on this with it not being as described? Can I make the seller reinburse any repairs I have to pay for? Or if I really wanted to could I return it? Thank you.
  5. Hi please can anyone help me with some advice? I have received a claim form from the County Court, Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd are suing me. It says that I owe Lloyds TSB £413.17. I don't owe Lloyds any money though. I did have an account with them but I closed it because I didn't use it. It was a zero balance when I closed it. I have looked but I no longer have the paperwork for this. I want to defend this as I don't owe the money, but I am scared as I have never had to do anything like this before. Does anyone have any
  6. Hi hope someone can help or advise me H I'm receiving letters from Akinika they said I owe DWP £1,384 they have already sent me 2 letters and today's one said if I've not paid them this amount in 10 days they will pass this to their solicitors Wright Hassall LLP, but when Dwp first asked me to pay this back I called them and emailed requesting proof of this debt as I do not have any recollection of this debt, I was on income support for a year that was 13 years ago they over paid me and it was all taken back or I presume as I heard no more that's
  7. Dear All New to this site and have been reading through today. Thankyou in advance for any help you can give me with this issue. I had an HSBC current account dating back to 1994 when I was a teenager. Later when I was a university student they gave me an overdraft with limit £1000 in approx 2001. After losing my job in October 2008 I no longer had an income to put into the account. interest charges took me over the limit and HSBC then put on excess charges for being over the limit and additional charges every time they added more interest taking me
  8. Hi all, My (soon to be) brother in law, may have to soon start taking Barclays Bank (Charges etc) to court. My BIL works 9-5 (often later) as a Social worker. He does also not have the knowledge to pursue a case like this. Is it possible that I could handle the case for him? I mean a)Could I get him to sign a form of authority? Would this be acceptable to a court and Barclays? b)Could I engage Barclays in the pre-court protocol? c)What would I put on the court forms? d)Could I attend/represent him at hearings e)What would happen to the monies won? Thanks an
  9. MBNA have confirmed to me that they only have page 1 of my application form from 1993. They have nothing else relating to my application. They quote the Carey case and say that not having all the paperwork is not an issue and that I must continue to pay. I do not want a bad mark on my file but surely I can reclaim all the charges and interest and ask them to stop all interest and charges from this point on? What is my best course of action? thank you.
  10. HELP! I had a loan with Lloydstsb that in 2011 went to Westcot. After 2 years paying Westcot monthly instalements (7k in total!) I still own according to them, same amount as owned Lloyds in 2011! Question is: how to find out if the debt was "sold " to Westcot? LLoyds would not discuss the matter with me at all and will only transfer my call to Westcot. Is it worth to pay off a lump sum? or to stop all payments to Westcot at this stage?!!! Help!! Thanks!
  11. Hi All I have received a claim form from Northampton ( CCBC ) 04 Apr 13 in respect of a credit card agreement between myself and the Claimant Britannica Recoveries S.A.R..L - Mortlake acting for MBNA with an accrued balance of £5509. although now £5819 including court and solicitor fees. I admit i have over the last few years run into financial difficulties because of divorce and been left with a lot of debt and a mortgage to cover. Depression followed this and my head went into the sand. During this time i read about not paying debt for a while so try and
  12. I'll keep the names of the parties involved anonymous. I received two letter yesterday from a debt collection agency on behalf of a utility company for two amounts; one for say £300 and the other for £400. This arose from last year when I was living with three international students, and we were all named on the bill - I paid my quarter promptly, however the other three left the country without paying. I am still a student and having to pay someone elses debt doesn't really appeal to me greatly. I have remained in the same property and my landlord has gone on the new t
  13. Hi all, I would appreciate any help I can get re this issue. My wedding was booked for 27th April 2013. The relationship ended at the end of October 2012 and I emailed the hotel to advise them of the cancellation. My contract states 75% of the total wedding balance is due if cancelled less than 6 months before the wedding date. I notified the hotel 1 week within the 6 months. I am now being chased for this 75% of the total balance by a debt collection company. When I initially contacted the hotel to inform them the relationship had ended they insisted that the balance would still be
  14. Hi Just a quick one hopefully. My partner has had one of their letters sent to her former address, her parents home, last week. We've sorted some things in the past with the help of all you excellent people, but it's been for debt that she was aware of This appears to be unknown or very old. The only loan or credit my partner has has in the last 3 years has been a wonga loan, but this has been repaid in full, I've checked So, my question at this stage, is do we even contact them. Do we phone and if so, how much info do we give out. Do we write using the 'no knowledge of this
  15. Last month I received a letter from CCS Collect (Sam Selby) who state they are authorised to recover a debt on behalf of Capquest Debt Recovery Ltd and regret that if payment is not received within 7 days or an offer to pay by acceptable instalments they will have no alternative but to take the matter to court, with the added court costs and legal fees. Having done some research around this site and as the original debt is in court (by me challenging the unfair charges applied to the account) I chose to ignore that letter. However, they have now sent a 'NOTICE OF INTENDED LEGAL ACTIO
  16. Thousands of customers at Britain’s biggest High Street names are being hounded by debt collectors — even though they do not owe a penny. A Money Mail investigation has found that banks, insurers, phone and utility firms are routinely sending threatening letters warning customers their homes will be raided by bailiffs and property sold at auction if they do not stump up cash in days. Many are the victims of mistaken identity, often do not owe anything and have never been in debt. But when they try to protest, they hit a brick wall. Often they end up being passed between the debt collecto
  17. hi all id be really greatfull if i could have some advice i used to take out loans with a firm called morses door step collection sort of loan i had a few of thease 1 after the other(very tempting when an agent says do i want 500 quid now your loan is paid up) i was told id paid up by the agent and not long after met a wonderfull woman and couple of months later i moved in with her 50 miles away from my home and lost contact with the agent... then about 18 mths ago i got a letter from a company called robinsonway ltd saying i owed £2711 i thought it was a jo
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