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  1. Hi all, unsure whether this belongs here or another forum area so please move if needed I noticed something this morning on an item I've had in my Amazon basket for a while. It was priced at £250 for a couple of weeks and the same item was the same price in Argos, John Lewis and even Halfords was similar (Couple of pounds more) What seemed like seconds before todays lightning deal kicked in for that item, the price went up to £268 and the lightning deal kicked in @ 30% off RRP. To me RRP was £250 and from what I can see, the item was increased in price for the deal. If I re
  2. I have been for an interview today, I would be working in an environment where they need 5 year history ( not a problem) They then said if I was offered the job they would have to run a credit check ... problem ... I have a terrible credit rating. When they run the credit check would they see everything ? Or are employers limited to what they can see on a credit check ? I have never had a credit check done by an employer before so I have no idea what they are able to see and not see. What on my credit file would stop me getting the job ?
  3. Hi all, first post here so thanks for taking the time out to read my story. I thought it would be best to get some advice here before proceeding with an insurance claim, just so I am armed with the information I need. In June this year I upgraded my phone to a HTC One from EE. Within 6 weeks the screen on the phone began to lift away from the body. Following that, the battery began to die at around 60% and I was unable to turn the phone back on which, a s I work part time and my partner is disabled and housebound, is totally unacceptable for obvious reasons. I called EE t
  4. The best way to outsmart Ryanair's pricing policy is to book ten days before your flight departs, it was claimed today. Economics professor Claudio Piga said he has researched the low-cost airline’s flight costs - and found passengers booking their trip at least seven weeks in advance pay more. But the Keele University expert also found that fares are raised by between 50 and 75 per cent in the last few days before departure, meaning last-minute bargain hunting is not the best method. The professor described prices from low-cost airlines as being on a ‘U-shaped temporal p
  5. I've spent about 5 hours devouring the success stories, and I'm feeling bouyant about starting claims. It does seem a bit daunting though. All my life I've turned down payment protection, gambling that I wouldn't become ill, and that I wouldn't be out of work for long if I lost my job. I'm curious about the sneaky PPI payments that I may have unwittingly been paying. How likely is a successful claim? I had a £25k mortgage with Alliance and Leics from 1987 to 2007 with an endowment that is yet to mature. Then a £46k mortgage from 1989, topped up to £95 in 1991 (still going) An
  6. Hi, I have a second 6th month AST (with 5 months left), LL informs me he wants to sell the property and i have some concerns: 1. LL states that he can give me one month notice to leave at any time during this fixed term and i have to leave, is this right? If this is true, would it mean the same for me? 2.LL want estate agents and viewings, do i have to allow this? Its hugely inconvenience for me but i dont want to be difficult, but am i legally bound to? can all this not be done after i leave? 3. Iniatially, i asked the LL if we could just have our original AST that expire
  7. Good news folks - found a contract starting a week Monday! However, when I tried to sign off I refused to let the JC have my employer details. JC THEN turned around and said, "Fine, but you still need to sign as usual THIS Monday".... They flat turned around and said, "Look, if you don't turn up you'll be signed off for non-attendance, so you won't get that last week's money". ?????? I've FOUND a job, surely I can sign off whenever I want? I've signed off with longer periods between job offer, and start date, without issue. Who is in the right here, techn
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2532236/Outrage-hundreds-drink-drivers-named-shamed-Twitter-BEFORE-theyve-chance-fair-trial.html This appears to be causing quite a lot of controversy
  9. Hi All, I 'm sure this has been posted previously but I cant seem to find any current advice - any help really appreciated I received a Parking Charge Notice from CPPlus for staying beyond the 2hr specified period in a MOTO service station earlier this year. I'm not sure if I followed the correct guidance but ignored all letters sent. Subsequently I started to receive letters from Debt Recovery Plus. At this point I sent a letter to Debt Recovery plus to ask them not to correspond with me as this item was in dispute. Today I have received a 'Letter before referra
  10. Hi, I'm preparing everything for a disability discrimination tribunal and I wondered what should normally be in the bundle. Is it all the evidence to help prove my case or is it something standardised? Thanks for any help.
  11. I rented a flat for me and my two daughters 8th June this year because our house had sold and we hadn't found the right house to buy. I was sure we wouldn't be in it for the full 6 months and asked the letting agent if it would be easy to move on, he assured me it would but I had to pay 6 months' rent upfront because it was a relocation and I no longer had a job. After 2 months in the flat we found the right house and eventually moved out the flat 12th August. I told the agent I would like to surrender my tenancy and he told me because the landlady had already been paid she wouldn't agr
  12. I need to make a quick decision about this one guys. Basically, I was about to file for bankruptcy as it seems the best option for my situation (renting, safe bank account with under £1000 in, total bank account/card debts of £20K, self-employed but minimal trade until I change career). I had considered an IVA through Payplan but would have ended up paying back 40% or so of the total while I still receive some benefits such as HB, TC and CTC. So, everything was set, I have basic stock left which wouldn't be easy for an OR to sell off...but then I realised that my mother had made aro
  13. Hi all, I parked in a car park for holiday inn, its free parking no ticket machines, but we got 3 parking tickets for two different cars which are both in my name, from parking eye claiming it was the hotel car park and not the gym which is what we thought, I have been reading peoples other stories on this subject and they all say bin the letters and do nothing ,but I have now received two letters before action from parking eye and waiting for the third to arrive, I cant afford to pay this money, let alone more if I end up going to court, I have looked
  14. Hi, I'm looking to see if anyone has any experience in the following situation. This morning's post brought written two months notice that the Landlord requires possession of the house (assured shorthold periodic tenancy). We have not yet formally accepted the notice but we have already found another property. Ideally we'd like to move within two weeks; this will allow enough time to complete the necessary administration and vacate the house with two calendar months remaining in the notice period. Now naturally we don't wish to pay rent on those two remaining months. Current thi
  15. Hi, I just need some general advice regarding a recent purchase. Last Saturday I purchased an item worth £4,000 only to find out that it had been reduced to £2,500 on the Monday. Do I have any rights regarding this or do I just have to accept this annoying as it may be. Is there anyway that I could return the item saying I've changed my mind as it was not an online sale I don't know if there is any cooling off period - I suspect not as the item is not faulty. I just need to put my mind at rest that there is nothing I can do about it!
  16. My strawman (name recorded at birth) was issued with NTO on the 17/06/2011 and I followed a proceedure of asking the council to prove they had the legal right to issue the ticket. They didn't respond and continued with their standard process of letters until I received the letter from Northampton Courts about the PCN and the money now owed. I wrote them correctly worded letter and they issued a revoking order which revokes the court action but not the original PCN. The council (Wiltshire) has kept on in a never ending circle of re-issueing the NTO and the Court throwing it our each time I send
  17. Hi there, im new here My problem is its payday tomorrow. I have numerous payday loans. 1st one is wonga. loan was due today, sent them an email to collections @ wonga . com . yesterday morning explaining the situation and try to get a repayment plan, still had no reply. This morning, got the standard email saying they tried to collect the money and it failed, as my pay doesnt go in til tomorrow, and also a phone call with an automated message to phone them back. The problem is when my pay goes into bank and i also have money due to quickquid, wage day advance and lending stream tomorrow.
  18. I’m looking for legal advice on the following situation. I have paid a reservation fee and have signed a tenancy agreement for a property that we are supposed to move in to on May 1st. I have given notice to my current landlord and will be vacating on May 2nd. I received a phone call today from the estate agent representing the new LL saying that due to unforeseen circumstances the LL needs to move back into his property (he was living abroad) and no longer wants to proceed with our agreement. Our copy of the AST doesn’t have the LL signature. Can the LL do this? Do I have any rights
  19. Howdy peeps, Back in 08/09 I was attacked in another town in Kent. The police attended, found out who it was and eventually it all went to court and they earned themselves a lovely 'free board' at HMP. Today, I was walking to the shops (where i live, which is about 40 miles away from that city), whilst on the phone, one of the guys who attacked me in 08/09 came up to me, asked for a cigarette, which I said I didn't have (as I stopped) then the abuse started again. Lucky for me his friend was there which pulled him back and stopped him from attacking me. Despite that, he followed
  20. I have a Nationwide Flex account which I hardly use but it is set up to pay my PayPal payments. Last week I bought 4 items off ebay totalling £2.97 but didn't realise I had a 0 balance at Nationwide. The payments bounced and the wonderful people at Nationwide have informed me I will be charged £60. I've printed form off to close account but I am wondering what will happen about the £60 charges? Been into my local branch and they were has much use has a chocolate teapot. Any advice please ? Thanks in advance.
  21. My hubby is at court this week. He had a CCJ awarded against him which he admitted fully to, however after submitting his income/outgoing, the claimants refused his repayment proposal and it was ruled that he had to pay in full which we certainly can't afford. We submitted the paperwork and there is a hearing this week (full payment was ruled without a hearing), I just want to check he has everything he needs to take with him to show what he can afford to pay. Wage slips Bank statement Tenancy agreement Anything else? How many copies of each will he need, it's only a 30min hea
  22. So the motion was passed and it comes into force this April. Lord Fraud made some interesting comments during his submission. Yep it's all the claimants fault for withholding evidence at the onset of their claim and then flourishing it like a rabbit from a top hat at the tribunal, utter cobblers. How quickly? JC+ are happily going to accept claims from people that have been found not-fit-for-work by their GP are they? The claimant could claim UC. Really? How does one go about claiming a benefit that has not even been implemented yet? Alternat
  23. Hi, I've just received a letter from RBS regarding an SAR I have requested. The letter states that - 'as you no longer hold an account with us, to protect you from fraud, we need to verify your identity before the request can be completed. Please send three month' original bank statements or an original utility bill, dated within the last six months showing your current address. We are unable to accept credit card statements, copy documents or mobile telephone bills.' Although I understand I do have to provide the info I'm struggling to provide originals as I only receive
  24. Just wondering if their is any general limit to a debt before the creditor finds it worthy enough to issue a CCJ. I am now 26 but about 4-5 years ago i had mobile phones that went into default with differnt companys etc etc. I checked my online credit report with equifax a couple of days ago and it says my overall debt with everyone is £1837 and my highest debt to one creditor is £499. Seen as i have moved around living differnt palces for years its never really caught up with me and my credit report shows i have no CCJ's. At 26 and starting to settle down now, i would
  25. Hi Need some urgent help please, a solicitor has contacted my mum in respect of a debt that has been under dispute for a number of years. Connaught have now purchased the debt and they are acting on behalf of Connaught Collections. What does she do???
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