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  1. Hi Guys I use to run a pub (left over a year ago) under Ltd Company. I wrote to creditors and told them that I ceased trading and closed down at Companies house. There were no objections from any of the creditors. I now have a letter addressed to my home saying they are going to send someone round and take legal action for the debt on the Ltd company. The house is not in my name and I have no assets. Any help would be appreciated. Pauline
  2. Hi All, can anyone tell me if there is a way of "stopping" a ccj before it goes through? Creditors know that I am a non-UK resident and they are taking me to court using a UK address which I am no longer associated with and they know this. I have no way to access any court papers that are sent to this address and so cannot defend myself. Can my UK property have a charging order placed on it or a order for sale? Is there any way of contacting the court pre- default judgement to let them know I cannot access the papers? Or will I have to wait till it
  3. Beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners http://www.theguardian.com/science/2005/sep/13/medicineandhealth.china
  4. I signed up with BT for phone line & broadband when I moved into a flat. At the time I was told that the line rental was for a year but that the broadband could be cancelled at any time. I paid the years line rental up front. Six months later I moved out of the flat shortly after that, I received an email from BT telling me that, unless I objected, they were going to transfer the supply to someone else. Because I didn't object I didn't reply and I heard nothing else from BT. SRJ have recently contacted me saying that I owe £208.01. This comprises £44 for an unpaid
  5. Good day all. I've got some on going issues with debts being managed by Lowlifes (via our friends at BW Legal). I've covered most of these elsewhere but in brief over £500 was mysteriously added to the account according to my credit file, they weren't updating my file regularly to reflect payments made and also a default has been recorded unreasonably late (IMO). I raised a complaint and they replied with a derisory compensation offer but a promise that the accounts would be brought up to date within 3 weeks. I decided at this point that if this happened I'd be happy and waited
  6. Im going to France on Friday last Monday i tried to buy euros online. i tried 4-5 different company's to get a good rate but i could not buy through any of them because i had recently moved house and didn't pass their identity checks. One of these company's has frozen over £1500 out of my bank account since Monday and my bank nationwide are doing nothing. i don't know which company has frozen the money as it only says on the statement travel money. i ended up going to the post office to get my euros, now am left skint until this money is retu
  7. Hi, My good friend has been on sickness benefit for a long time at one point she was on dla too. It may have change and she may just be on a pension now, I do not know but will find out. she was taken very ill and is in hospital. However they say they will release her soon. However there are some urgent functional problems in her home that have not been repaired that need repairing plus lesser urgent but equally important work needs doing maybe costing altogether £5,000 upwards. This is aside from cosmetic re decorating that seriously needs doing too. I recall a la
  8. Hi, First time poster, long time lurker, so be gentle! My partner had an old mobile phone debt being chased by Lowell for 3 Mobile. I sent them the Prove it letter in 2011 back not acknowledging the debt and requesting the credit agreement. They sent back one page of an overdue mobile phone bill as proof. Nothing else. The debt would have become statute barred at the end of this month. Fast forward a few years, and it now turns out they issued a CCJ for £350 in January to an old address she has not lived at for 6/7 years, whilst sending threat-o-grams to our cu
  9. Hi, Little bit of info required as to hich way to proceed I received a letter before action - without predjudice save as to costs , yesterday, dated 27th may which i had 7 days to reply which has passed anyway the letter was from lyons davidson solicitors it says they are acting for LV in relation to the recovery of their claim incurred as a result of the above incident for which they hold me fully responsible says IMPORTANT NOTICE - under the terms of section 152 of road traffic act 1988 we hereby give you notice of our intention to commence court proceedings unl
  10. Hopefully I'm not repeating anything here which belongs in another thread. My wife received a pcn from parking eye at the Reigate Branch of Morrisons back in March, for exceeding the time allowed. Having previously ignored (sounds familiar?) successfully and being unaware of the changes, we did same again. On this occasion, they did not shop at Morrisons so we have no receipts for the day. We are of course now, much wiser. She received 1) the initial demand, 2) a reminder, 3) a notice to keeper, although it was not formally identified as such, followed by
  11. Not stayed in touch with developments over the last few months so have been 'ignoring' a PPC invoice since December. This morning I arrived home after a few days away to find a 'Letter Before Claim' from Premier Solicitors in relation to this dated 29May. Argh ! The 14day clock running seems to indicate that my response needs to be back with them by Friday (12th) unfortunately i'm off to Germany Sunday early until Thursday. Horrible feeling I might have to settle which goes against every fibre of my being. - £110 grrrrrr Could anyone offer some advice please pl
  12. I received a parcel from my family in Malaysia via Fedex at January 2015. Few days later, an invoice came to me charging 46pounds as the income tax. I decided to ignore it as the parcel is a gift but not a things that I bought. After 4 months, I received a letter from Control Account saying that it's acting in behalf of fedxe to collect the debt that I owed to Fedex. They sent me 3 letters in total, and the last letter was written with the title "Letter Before Claims". I'm worrying about it and should I continue ignore it? I'm going back to Malaysia in 1 m
  13. We are moving back to the UK in a few months time after six years living in Australia. When we moved over here, initially I was paying my credit card debts until I just couldn't afford it anymore due to living expenses, and the charges the banks charged every time I transferred money to the UK. I have never been contacted by anyone during my time here or heard from anyone at all, although I did receive a letter regarding a strange account number, which could have been from a DCA,- that was two years ago. All my creditors knew that I was in Australia.
  14. Hi, This may sound a stupid question. But I've been tipped off by a reliable source at work they are going to outsource my department/function shortly. I already thought this was going to happen though. We are a small IT team of two people, and in November we had an audit which revealed some (allegedly) appalling spending decisions over the years. However I only started in August 2014, so legally I am entitled to no redundancy pay. Is there any benefit on waiting for the official announcement or just find a new job and resign as normal? I have also looked at TU
  15. Hello my situation is as follows. I have recently managed to pass the 6 year mark on most of my two relatively small debts. I have a CCJ that was paid but remains unsatisfied on my CRA that is just over 5 years old. My partner and i are looking to apply for a mortgage we have as a deposit £17 - £20,000. I was thinking about the CCJ and i remember years ago i was sent a letter by Northumbria water threatening to take it to court and i managed to prove that it had been paid. Could they have still sought judgement on this? I have no paperwork left to prove t
  16. It will be years before the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) mis-selling scandal is over, according to the chief financial ombudsman, Caroline Wayman. Complaints about the behaviour of banks and credit card companies who mis-sold PPI are still running at 4,000 a week, she said. However at the peak of the scandal in 2012 there were 12,000 complaints a week. Banks alone are now thought to have paid out around £22bn in compensation. In total, the Financial Ombudsman has dealt with 1.25m complaints - and that does not include complaints made directly to banks and cr
  17. I am self employed and my earnings vary a lot often for a short period oftime. My housing benefit claim was already close once because my earnings weretoo high. However the problem is that my earnings vary a lot often for asmall period of time and it is inconvenient for me to make a new claim forhousing benefit each time my earnings vary. I would like to know how to explainmy situation to the housing benefit department to avoid that my claim is closedeach time my earnings vary temporarily I would like to know if there is a specific law for self employer or if I have to file a specific fo
  18. List of events Received claim from Northampton CC Acknowledged service Sent CCA request to Lowell and CPR 31/14 to BW Legal Reminder sent to both after 14 days Embarrassed defence submitted as could not reply to particulars without agreement, DN and NOA. Directions sent out for witness statements no later than 14 days before hearing I filed my witness statement to court with 15 days to go 2 days before the hearing I now get claimant witness statement with copy of agreement and NOA attached but no DN What can I do from here? I am surely prejudic
  19. I have been working for an agency for 4 years now, doing the same job, on the same site for 3 and a half of those. A couple of years ago, the company started taking on 'flexi' workers. A couple of months ago, i was advised to apply for this round of 'flexi' jobs. I asked if the job i have been doing is available as one of those jobs, and was told, in no uncertain terms, that no, there will never be a flexi worker doing that job. On that basis, i didnt apply. I have discovered yesterday, that indeed the flexis are taking over that job. Is there anything i can do? the flex
  20. I received a letter last week from Atos telling me that I will need a medical to discuss any entitlement I might be able to claim (fine). It has taken them almost 11 months to tell me that, but to add further delay they say it will be at least a further 26 weeks before I will be called for a medical.
  21. I have today recieved another letter from fredricksons this time headed LETTER BEFORE ACTION. How serious should i take this ?? Is legal action imminent as i dont want to be caught off guard and a claim form landing on the doormat, or is this just another standard threatogram ?? Any help would be much appreciated thanks. Any further info needed just ask please.
  22. Hi everyone - I hope someone can help me please. I received a letter yesterday from Link Financial to say they will takecourt action if the debt is not paid. Background info is - Had HSBC loan for 15k in 2004 and paid until beginning of year 2006. HSBC continued to try to take out the payment by direct debit from my HSBC currentbank account to pay the loan monthly amount, but as the current account wasoverdrawn by £1500 there were no funds to do this so they kept charging me £30every time the direct debit was returned. The result of this was that my accountwas overdraw
  23. Hi All, Hopefully I am in the right forum, apologies if not. Can anyone give me advice? I am about to buy a repossession, offer accepted, legal team on the case etc. I want to check the utilities BEFORE I complete. The Estate Agent has no information about the utilities, but they are taped off and the system drained. Can I get it all working to get a Gas/Electricity/Water person to check the systems are all OK BEFORE I move in? I am have a damp specialist visit to see how much the damp/condensation will cost to remedy (Top floor flat), but how do I get water gas electr
  24. Just a quick question, I haven't had a ticket yet. I was looking for somewhere to park while my girlfriend popped into a local shop. I drove right up and down the street, but roadworks were covering up all the places to park. So I stopped on a corner, which has double yellows, while she got back in. not a second later, I see a camera car crawling up the road, they definitely wouldn't have found anywhere to stop, so she jumped back into the car and I drove off. My question is, would they have caught me while they were moving, or do they have to be stationary to take a pic
  25. Evening, Is it true that letting agencies cannot do a thorough check like a bank and only see CCJ's and other similar marks on your report? Or Do they only look for those? I read somewhere they cannot access the defaults on an account. Looking to rent but have a few defaults. Hopefully I'll find somewhere.
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