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  1. I've read a fair few posts about ignoring these letters and all but would like to know if my situation is any different. I set off the security things on my way out from work one night (I used to work at TkMaxx) and we couldn't find what set the beeping off. I later phoned back to say i'd found a soft tag that i'd been playing with stuck to my magnetic name badge. The only thing bothering them was that i had a top in my bag that i had no receipt for. The last purchase i made was for a grey vest and the top i had in my bag was white with black sleeves. i had had an a
  2. Hi, I have a customer that owes me some money.. she keeps saying she's going to pay tomorrow but tomorrow never seems to come. It's now obvious that she's avoiding paying. Is there any letter templates on here I could use to try to gee her up?? Many Thanks Darren
  3. Sent this email to moneybarn today, to be honest don't even know if I have a leg to stand on if we ended up in court. I have removed my address and name but everything else is correct. My main grievances are the fact that when I was contacted about my account in October I offered to pay any arrears up front immediately and had returned to work and gave every bit of information I could to help at the time (I have emails showing my willingness to pay and continue with our agreement). Also after the car was repossessed they sold it in the same condition, plus a few extra miles, I bought it in for
  4. Hi, someone can help ! Over the weekend I put in an offer to rent a property, and was given a date as to when i could move in providing referencing went through ok etc etc. The problem now is that my boss, who is my referrer, is now on holiday and wont be able to sign anything until he is back. I need to move out and into a new place before he is back. Perhaps naively, I actually thought that they would simply call or email him and ask to confirm any details that I put down, he is contactable this way, but wont be able to print and sign anything off before he gets back. Which l
  5. I would welcome some suggestions from Forum Members please as to what I should with regards to a landlord who is taking her time in restoring central heating in the house which I am renting. I have been without heating now for a week. Prior to this, the boiler had broken down a number of times and the landlord was told by two of the engineers that the boiler was obsolete and needed replacing. I have been in touch with the LL and made the point that the situation is becoming untenable, but all I got back was that she is dealing with the matter. I would be grateful for some suggestions abo
  6. Hi all Can an Enforcement company add all there fee's on after the compliance stage (£235 and interest) before they try to enforce? I know it would be irrelevant if they take control of goods just curious if that was allowed. leakie
  7. Hi, I read here that on can use an online 'Moneyclaim' service with the Courts. What I am not clear on is if one proposes to take such a course, should a Letter Before Action be issued first, as one would with a 'paper' claim? Thanks in advance for assistance
  8. Hiya all, Personally I think that the fine I've received is absolutely unjustifiable on the grounds that it was completely unclear, even clear in the opposite way, that this spot was restricted- and every colleague/friend/family member I've consulted has agreed. However I'd like to sense check that before I waste any more time dealing with the glacial process of formally appealing it now that the informal one has failed. I was parked at the end of a cul de sac, which had no signage about parking. There were double yellow lines alone the sides of the street, but
  9. Hi, On the 18th Jan 15 I pulled into the Excel car park at Stockport as my baby had been sick, I didn't park in a space and i stayed in the car whilst my sister went to get my daughter something to put on while I cleaned her up. I then got a letter in the post from excel saying I owed £100 as had been there more than 15 minutes. I did nothing after taking someone's advise and heard nothing. I received a final notice letter from BW legal this week and I panicked so I called them to try and challenge the fact that it had almost been 18 months. Then I found this site, have i shot myse
  10. Can anybody explain what might have occured? Is the seller a shady Sam who hasn't disclosed this information? Is the HPI input wrong? 27th February 2014 - Registration Of Bike. 25th December 2013 - Written Off, Cat C.
  11. I have a query relating to a situation my partner finds herself in. This is happening in Scotland if it makes a difference. A little background first to let you know why we find ourselves in this position: My partner rents a house at the moment and the tenancy is managed by a letting agency. She has lived in the property for around 6 years, slightly more, and in January this year renewed her tenancy for a further 6 months. She did this knowing we were about to begin looking for our first home together, however we both felt it was a good idea to give ourselves some time without having to w
  12. Hi I have received a 'Letter Before Action' for a parking charge where i didn't get a ticket. This happened almost 12 months ago in a new car park at the Huddersfield Infirmary. There are no barriers and the ticket machine isn't simple to find. My biggest issue with this is that this 'Letter Before Action' is the first letter i have received about this and they are asking me for £140!! Can they do this? I thought the fines for these types of things are about £30? Also, the offence was almost 12 months ago, aren't they supposed to s
  13. I am facing eviction and I am dealing with this but a letter from the management company has given me cause for concern. In an eviction letter there is a line 'Before we start court proceedings which incur costs which you will be liable.' I am used to dealing with Debt collectors and they usually insert the word 'MAY'. I believe this company have broken guidelines. I notice they also arrange finance so it would be fair to say they must be governed by consumer credit. In short I believe they have used threatening and misleading language and wondered if people agree with me. Thank
  14. Hi, new member here I had a big issue with Lloyds due to a number of transactions that I didnt recognise. Lloyds however didnt do anything to resolve the problem therefore I submitted my case to the Financial Ombudsman last week. I wanted to ask how long did it take you before they acknowledged and logged your case? Its been 5 days now, and the 2 representatives I spoke to seem to given me 2 different answers. One of which saying logging your complaint takes 48 hours, while the other told me itll take up to 2 weeks. On average how long has it taken the ombudsman to log you
  15. I haven't got an appointment for a medical yet. But I am scared that I won't be rearded whatever you get when you pass. I think it's ATOS. Anyway, in December my a doctor diagnosed me with anxiety but I also have another problem which is not mentioned on my sicknotes,. It's trapped wind which is embarrising and I am seeing the doctor on Monday for both my anxiety and the trapped wind. My brother has been on ESA for about 9 months because of his Herchsprung's deasease. It's bowl related and he has stomach pains which will make him violently sick, he was born with this. ATOS has now taken h
  16. Hello CAG members I have recently had a new permit system put in place at my place of residents. I sent an email to apply for permits to both my company and private vehicle back in September 2015, I had a response saying that they will send them out. I did not receive them and I should have chased this up but I'm a busy man and work away from home a lot. It weren't until December when I got back from work that I found a PCN on my car, I sent an email to ask where my permits are and they sent me an email saying they will send them out but whilst I was waiting I received anothe
  17. Hello all! I am new to the forums. I must apologize for starting another Parking Eye thread but would appreciate some advice. My wife, unfortunately, once whilst driving my car and secondly her own, has received 2 charges of overstaying on a car park. The car park in question is free of charge for 2 hours. The letters have since come, asking for £60 initially and then £100, one to me and another to her. I have followed advice on the forums to ignore, however a letter has arrived notifying of 'letter before county court' and stating that I have 14 days etc.
  18. Hello, 20th January I received two phone calls from one number. 21st January, the same number called me. Upon answering, the vodafone rep asked me a few questions about my phone, what i use it for etc etc. After explaining to the vodafone rep that I work night shifts and her call woke me up, she persisted in asking me questions. I answered a few more questions and could feel myself waking up even more... In the end, I became annoyed and told the rep that I am going to have to end the call because I need to sleep in preparation for my night shift. The rep still pe
  19. I was meant to start my MWA at 11am on Tuesday but due to a family member being taken ill i had to sign off at 9am the same day as i wasnt/wont be job searching for the next few weeks.I'm just wondering if i will be sanctioned for not turning up to start my MWA the same day as i signed off? The women on the phone when i closed my claim down said i wouldnt and that the MWA provider would be told that i signed off.
  20. Hi I hope somebody can help as I'm stressed I was given full legal aid for a trial in Aug 2010... In July 2012 a letter arrived at our home addressed to me from a company called rossendales ltd asking for £8000 towards my legal fees they were recovering a dept i had never been notified about.. My wife took advice from CAB to write back stating i did not live at this address we heard nothing back... I was released from prison in august 2013 so near 23 months ago and 35 months since my wife wrote back to rossendales.. Then out of the blue yesterday i get a lette
  21. Am posting on behalf of a friend. He received a PCN from Parking Eye,which he ignored instead of appealing and requesting a POPLA code as I instructed him. He has now received a 'letter before county court claim' with a request for payment. Is he still able to appeal this and what are his chances of success?How's best to go about it? I am guessing this is the standard Parking Eye letter for supermarket overstays and that you are familiar with it.If not,I have a picture (minus the personal information. Thanks.
  22. Hi........ Just got few questions regarding 5 debts that I have been repaying under a self debt management... In all I have been spreading £200 per month across these five debts, all which the defaults are 6 years old in 28 days time.... After the 6 year dead line, I will be wanting to lower the repayments by at least half, giving the family more money in our pockets each month, what are the possible implications on lower the repayments after the 6 year defaults are removed. I have had NO problems with any of the companies I owe the money to over the last 6 y
  23. Hi everyone! Sorry for the slap dash post but I am currently in urgent need of help in regards to bailiffs. Today I was at my girlfriends house when a pretty big bloke knocks the door her mother goes and answers it expecting nothing. Turns out its a bailiff looking for money that is owed due to non payment of council tax [its something to do with when ny girlfriend went off to uni and they were still paying her mother tax credits and they wanted the payments back, something like that ]. hes there for ages and says hes going to clamp the car and he goes to get a big chai
  24. Basically my completion date was set for next Tuesday. I am buying the house off my mum and dad. House is valued at just under £60k and they are selling it for £36k which is fine to me. Mortgage was agreed with Halifax, they credit scored me several times and I passed. There were a few amends to the offer but they amended and made another followed by credit scoring etc. I passed them all. Mortgage adviser phoned me today to tell me they had withdrew the offer after they credit scored me today. I have checked my report on all 3 credit report sites and absolutely NOTHING has changed. I have
  25. Good evening, I visited DL under 3 weeks ago, joined, was told December would be free and my payments would start in Jan (for a 3 month contract). I asked the sales person if there was a cooling off policy, he said if I hadn't used the facilities "it would be fine". So, two cancelled inductions later (cancelled by DL) I cancelled. Turns out the "changing your mind" can only be done in 7 days after paying the joining fee. This isn't what the sales guy told me. It is on the back of the contract (DL pointed it out to me when I cancelled). Is there anything I can do about this? I h
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