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  1. Govan Law Centre's successful and popular Bedroom Tax Toolkit has now been updated to take on board recent successful First Tier Tribunal decisions in Scotland and England, and to explain how tenants who may be unable to pursue late appeals can nevertheless challenge bedroom tax decisions by way of supersession. The GLC Bedroom Tax Toolkit was first launched on 6 April 2013 and has since been downloaded many thousands of times across the UK, and been used by many advice agencies and campaign groups across the country in Scotland, England, and Wales. You can download a free u
  2. Appeal Won over bedroom tax. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bedroom-tax-appeal-disabled-woman-2334611
  3. Not sure if this right place but here goes, while I was on benefit I was paying bedroom tax even thought we both have to have our own bedrooms but what I would like to know and I have tried to find out is now I have finally got a job do I still have to pay this, I am now paying full rent,
  4. From this link from The Independent: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/un-investigator-raquel-rolnik-calls-for-governments-bedroom-tax-to-be-axed-8807678.html A United Nations special investigator called yesterday for the new 'bedroom tax' to be abolished, after hearing it was pushing some of the most vulnerable people in Britain to the point of despair and even suicide. Raquel Rolnik, the UN special rapporteur on housing and a former urban planning minister in Brazil, visited council estates, food banks and homelessness crisis centres in various parts of the UK includin
  5. Taken from this link from Scottish Express: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/428437/Brothers-win-blows-a-hole-in-bedroom-tax-benefit-cuts In a ruling that could open the floodgates for thousands to challenge the under-occupancy legislation, a tribunal found that David Nelson’s spare room was too small to be a bedroom. And his brother Ian successfully argued that his “spare” room should be turned into a wet room because he struggles to get in and out of the bath. Around 660,000 social housing tenants across the country have seen their housing benefit reduced by an average of £14
  6. Hi, Sorry if this has already been posted on this site but I have just read a shocking story that was published yesturday in a newspaper. To read more here is the link: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/tenant-slits-wrist-housing-office-2237582 This is so shocking and to be honest, would anyone pay rent in that flat with the state of he's walls.
  7. I just wanted to start a thread to get everyone views, the bedroom tax has everyone talking and many have different views on it, Please have your view, we are all entitled to our own opinion, please keep the thread sensible. Ok my personal view is the bedroom tax is in principle a good idea, for those who want/choose to stay in larger LA housing than is required, of course its not working like that, people cant downsize as there are no properties, it is hitting the vulnerable and this is just wrong. My other problem is the bedroom tax does not apply to persons of a pensionable age or
  8. Hi All If this is the wrong place then sorry but l cant find the housing forum. I am being charged bedroom tax and my Sons 10th birthday is part way threw a week. The council are aware of this but they are unable to provide me with a straight answer and the head of department the workers beneath her and my housing estate manager have not agreed on the solution. As l said my sons birthday is part way threw a week, next week to be exact his birthday is saturday. Now l am fully aware that as he is 10 he cant then share with his sister and l legally cant be charged for the bedroo
  9. A United Nations inspector has arrived in the UK to investigate whether David Cameron’s Coalition government has reneged on international agreements giving everybody the right to adequate housing and shelter. Special rapporteur Raquel Rolnik has been asked to assess whether bedroom tax-related eviction threats that are driving tenants to suicide mean the UK is refusing that right to its citizens. About time. Story http://mikesivier.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/an-inspector-calls-can-you-help-her-assess-the-damage-caused-by-the-bedroom-tax/
  10. This is to do with the Bedroom Tax but more importantly the Discretionary Housing Payment allocation to councils. From The Evening Times this is the link: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/city-demands-answers-over-bedroom-tax-cash-134331n.21946342 Where the article mentions COSLA they are the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and their link is: http://www.cosla.gov.uk/ if you want more information on them.
  11. I have an 85 year old sister-in-law who has recently moved into a 2 bedroomed flat and she now finds that she has to pay the bedroom tax, is this correct, I thought that persons of pensionable age were exempt this tax.
  12. Hi I've decided to try and claim the PPI attached to an old Sharps Bedroom Loan. I took out the Loan at the end of 1999 and paid it off using another loan in 2003. I have no paperwork but am sure that it contained front loaded PPI. All paperwork for the loan was done in my home by the Sharps Bedroom Sales man. It was for about 10,000 and was over 10 years. I have all my old bank statements showing the DD leaving my account each month, stating the account number and First National Bank. I've tried to establish who is now dealing with these old loans and thought it was G E Mone
  13. As far as I am aware, the dreaded bedroom tax covers council houses only.Or does it also cover housing association properties too?. The reason I ask is because my youngest brother has been struck down with Motor neurone Disease.He lives in Blackpool but is coming back to Devon to live at my mums flat until he gets a place for himself ,adapted to his needs.According to the housing association,my mum cannot have him living there because of the council tax, and in any case, he has to be at least 55.Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.... I will be looking ibnto
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2379984/Bedroom-tax-Man-slits-throat-benefits-advice-office-protest.html http://welfarenewsservice.com/bedroom-tax-man-cuts-his-own-throat-in-benefits-office/#.UfMBxKy7fa4 the government will more than likely brush this under the carpet too
  15. hi everyone i went to a local meeting and advice centre yesterday where they hold advice on the new changes that come into effect from April 2013 with regards to the new bedroom tax. my sister gets income based ESA support group and she also gets high rate care DLA. when i discussed this with one of the representatives from housing benefit she advised me that if your in the support group and get the severe disability premium then you will not be effected by the bedroom tax. has anyone else heard that this would be the case the reason i ask is when i called up HB they said th
  16. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any advice regarding the changes to housing benefit regarding sparerooms in April. I live with my husband in what would be a 2 bedroomed house except for the fact that he is disabled so the second bedroom has a lift that goes into it (a full wheelchair through the ceiling/floor lift). There is no extra room in this room definitley not enough for any bed. I wrote back to my council when they said that they would be cutting my housing benefit by just under £20 a week explaining that this is not a spare bedroom. They wrote back with a standard let
  17. CONSUMER ACTION GROUP - BEDROOM TAX CAMPAIGN The Welfare reform Act is due to come into force in April 2013 which includes the Housing Benefit reforms (commonly known as the ‘BedroomTax’) that will have a dramatic impact on numerous citizens throughout the UK. The Government claims pensioners will not be affected are misleading. From October 2013 if a pensioner’s spouse is not of pensionable age, they will be required to claim the new Universal Credit and be subject to this loss of benefit as well as their pensions. It has been designed to reduce the Housing Benefit expenditur
  18. Hi all... If there is no legal definition of what a bedroom is, and it is down to the housing benefit officer to decide if a room is a bedroom (not the landlord/housing association), Then how can he/she make a legal decision on if your room is a bedroom or not ? If he/she says it is a bedroom, then i say it is not. I can't legally prove my case, but neither can they. If i say it isn't a bedroom as there is no legal definition, and use this as a ground for an appeal, then surely the onus is on the housing benefit officer to legally prove me wrong. Without a legal defini
  19. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bedroom-tax-victim-commits-suicide-1883600 A very sad story indeed. Who wants to bet cameron will blame the woman instead of the tax itself.
  20. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this, as my mother text me about it this morning and I have been looking around the web for answers but have found none. Apparently a 'bedroom' must be at least 7ft by 11ft to be legally classed as a bedroom. My neighbour is quite panicked about this bedroom tax thing. She became out of work halfway through last year and has been on benefits since. She gets full housing benefit so this 'tax' will affect her. She has had a letter from the council telling her she will have to pay ~£10 extra per week from april as she lives in a 3
  21. Mike Dailly of the Govan Law Centre has written a guide on how to challenge a decision which can be downloaded from here: http://www.govanhilllc.com/brtax/ Although written with a Scottish audience in mind, all of the arguments apply equally in England, Wales and NI.
  22. Housing benefit judicial review to go ahead A judicial review into the consequences of the cut in housing benefit is set to go ahead after the government lost an attempt to have the action thrown out. Lawyers representing disabled adults and vulnerable children argue that the change will disproportionately disadvantage them. The cut, dubbed a "bedroom tax" by its critics and a "spare room subsidy" by its supporters, is due to be introduced on Monday. The case will be heard in May. From 1 April, changes to housing benefit affecting
  23. It's just a ploy to get millions of people to pay more for their rent. There's not enough housing to offer people the choice of moving if they wanted too in their own areas. I know someone who wants to pay less rent on a smaller property now the children have flown the nest, which she needs to do to help her financially. The housing assoc and local authority have organised three different swaps to this person and each of these people decided they didn't want to move in the end. That's just one person. Can you imagine the chaos on a large scale! It's beginning to remind me of the Poll
  24. As the title says came out on 18th March 2013 This is the link: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2013/03/advice-for-landlords-on-bedroom-tax18032013 This is a PDF of that link:
  25. there have been quite a few developments on bedroom tax today IDS has announced that foster carers will be entitled to an extra bedroom both whilst fostering and between placements IDS has announced an extra room for claimants with "adult children" in armed forces the dwp have decided to back down from judicial review in relation to extra room for disabled child in social sector the dwp have decided to withdraw their challenge to an extra room for a disabled child in private sector
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