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  1. I'm sure I saw it on here but can't find it. My partner had a letter from Welcome Finance (MKDP) saying she owed over £4,0000. It was statute barred which, with the help of the Ombudsman, they eventually agreed. However, we just saw that the 'debt' appears on her Experian credit score! Is this legal? We've just emailed the Ombudsman again to ask advice on how to get this b/s off of her credit score.
  2. Hi All, Just a quick question. I've just completed the paperwork to submit a PPI claim to HBOS. The claim is against a credit card that I defaulted on and that has since been passed to a collection agency. The debt is about a year off being statute barred. If I make a PPI claim, am I admitting to the debt and therefore stopping it becoming statute barred in a year or so? Many thanks Hardy
  3. Quick Question, I got a letter about an alleged debt with Lowell from Lucas. I sent a CCA request with a £1 postal order, got a letter back a month later saying "No payment was enclosed, so your request can't be dealt with" (Appears to be a tactic to get a phone call to complain... I didn't bite) Then I get a copy of an online application form for a credit card from the CC Company a few weeks later Then a few weeks after that, I get a statement of account for the same credit card, with a copy of the online application form. Then yesterday I get a letter a
  4. Hi all First time posting so please bare with me I have recently received a CCJ for a debt from a mobile phone I obtained back in 2007/08 unsure of the exact timing of obtaining this phone but it was around this date. I stopped paying the phone as I got a rather large bill which I disputed, phone was cut off and lost in the end... I stopped paying the phone around 4 months after purchase so must have been in 2008... I forgot all about this debt when I recently moved back in with my parents I had a bailiff from thr county court knocking at my parents hou
  5. Hi, quick background, I am being hassled from Cabot for a debt that is is over 10 years old and nothing has been paid for 8 years. During this time I lived in America and had totally forgetten the debt. I returned to the UK in December2014, after losing my Father, and am now my 91 year olds Mothers very sick full time carer. Even if this debt is still live I am only on Carers allowance and have no means to pay it. Cabot would call daily hassling my mother, and me, and sending letters weekly. We dont engage with them, other than the once when I told the
  6. Hi there (I apologise for the essay in advance) I'm requiring some assistance which seems to be somewhat of an emergency at the moment. While I was at university I had a student account with Lloyds TSB. Everything was fine and there was regular money going into the account , however towards the end of university I had accrued quite a significant amount of debt (as most students do) and as my student account became a graduate account I had gone over my overdraft limit by a few pounds and I had started incurring overdraft charges that were equating up to a substantial amount.
  7. I defaulted on a credit card account back in July 2009 with Lloyds TSB. I agreed with them to pay £40 per month which I have been doing ever since. In Feb 2013 Lloyds sold the debt to Prime Credit effective Aug 2012. They said all future payments would be forwarded to Apex Credit Management. In Aug 2014 Apex assigned the debt to Cabot Credit Management. I have at no time responded to Apex or Cabot. The defaulted debt has now been cleared from my credit record. I still owe around £5k. My question is, what would happen if I stopped paying the £40 per m
  8. I also have a query relating to Statute Barred status, which I hope some kind person can steer me in the right direction. When does a debt become SB. Is it from the date the creditor last recd payment of the debt or is it last time they recd communication from debtor. Much Obliged
  9. Hi all, I have searched around but cant find a difinitive answer, I was wandering; I have a statute barred debt. I have recieved a letter after changing address on the voters roll. I am preparing a statute barred letter but I was thinking, if I write this letter will they not just sell it on and I still recieve letters just from a new debt collector? Or should I write to the original creditor? Or just ignore the letters and put up with it?? Thanks guys
  10. hoping to start a claim for PPI paid over at least 5 years on a £8k+ that I believe is SB . I have statements from previous SAR for approx 5 years which is a big help - PPI ranges from £30+ per month up to £70+ per month. Debt was assigned to MarlinIII who send a six monthly statement and have already admitted in writing most likely unenforceable agreement. (old application for missing prescribed terms) Would appreciate any help/thoughts/pitfalls etc etc Not sure how far I can claim back and how to calculate many thanks
  11. After getting a positive result last week in the court as to one of my past credit indiscretions, another pops up. At the time i used my brothers business mailing address as i was Sofa Surfing. I had put the account into dispute with the original creditor. This was in 2009 In april last year i received a letter from a well know DCA phishing at my home address, i ignored it. I have just received another letter by a another well known DCA saying that they were given my new contact home address as they could not contact me at the mailing address. They then ask if i am
  12. My wife had a Natwest Credit Card Account from around 2001- 2005. It was closed with a balance of about £3000 then sold to Arrow Global. Last payment to original lender was around 2007/8. No acknowledgement or payment made to DCA at all. They wrote many letters in 2012 demanding for payment because we had made a claim for default charges. We asked them to prove but they went quiet but at the same time the claim for the default charges was partly successful but Natwest decided to make that payment to Arrow Global despite my wife's protest. I wrote and informed them that the dedt
  13. Been contacted by MMF into a payday loan Im supposed to owe. In short they say the account defaulted in August 08 although I never received a default notice. I have never made a payment since. However in June 2014 I made a letter of complaint to the payday loan company which contained the words "I have a payday loan with your company..." Does this extend the statute of limitations?? I've a feeling I messed up. Any help appreciated.
  14. My girlfriend had a number of debts from 2008 and before. She totally ignored them and didn't know what to do and how to go about addressing any of it. Thanks to some very helpful information from this forum - we sent SARs and got back lots of information in 2012. We decided to "sit tight" with everything and wait things out until they became statute barred. As far as I can tell (having waded through the reems of information sent back) they are statute barred now (no payments made in 6 years +).. .with the last one to become so next month - July 2015. This
  15. Hi everyone, Hope I am putting this in the right place. I pretty much cleared up all my debs quite sometime ago so I haven't been around on here much. However there was one debt I absolutely refused to pay. HBOS. My account went 50p over which was supposed to be covered the day it happened or the money went in after the 50p was applied or something and mushroomed out of all control. They added £32, then £32 more all for the 50p and I was livid. This was 2008. I told them they could chase me forever, I would happily pay my overdraft and leave the bank but I was not pay
  16. I had a loan originally from Welcome finance some 10 or 12 years ago for an amount I cannot even remember, but approx £1500. I was making the normal payments until I got into financial difficulty and they let me pay a small amount of £20 a month and they said interest would be frozen. Some time later I moved house but continued to pay the £20 per month, right up until I changed banks and the direct debit was not set up again. I have now started getting letters from Cabot demanding over £4500 for the debt. Looking back on old bank statements I found that the last paym
  17. I have received two letters today for "formal demand for payment made in accordance with the Practice Direction - Pre-Action Conduct of the Civil Procedure Rules". These are for an HSBC overdraft and Credit Card that I know are statute barred. Should I reply now with the SB letter or wait for the claim forms?
  18. My sister had loans with Alliance and Leicester back in the 2000's. They were all paid off in 2007, following which she moved house. A few weeks ago she sent the FOS questionnaire off after finding her old paperwork in a box she'd only just got round to unpacking I had been telling her about claiming PPI and to do it herself, not to use a company who would take a big cut. I worked it out to about £2,000 on the one loan I had details of, but there had been three prior to that, rolling on, one paying off the other. The final total should be much more. she's had a letter to s
  19. Hi there need some help urgently, i have a debt for 6k which has been statute barred for the last 6months when i say statute barred, the last payment was september 2008, and the default date january 2008. the dca 1st credit, contacted me in september, i requested statement of account, and they left me alone.. after which i never heard nothing again. about 2 weeks ago, i started receiving phone calls which i ignored from them. today in the post i have received a letter from the original creditor who sold the debt to 1st credit, that back in 2008 they applied a
  20. I have a Capital One account which has for some time been with Robinson Way, in November 2008 I sent Robinson Way a CCA request today I have received this. It looks very similar to other Capital One agreements I have seen posted I assume they are claiming that the two pages are front and back of the same document, however, I have some questions If the lines on the first document are folds and not evidence of a cut and paste why do the not show on the second page? The first page shows two barcodes top right and bottom left, they have complet
  21. I brought a car from honda in may 2004, it was a a ex show room car, and I was offered £1000 off the price of the car . How ever Honda finance increased their interest rate from 11.9% to 12.9% to get the cash back from the £1000 discount from the car. Also the copy of the consumer credit agreement I was given is unsigned by honda finance , so would i be correct in that its a unenforcable CCA cheekyone
  22. Hi A quick question if I may. A friend has a joint debt with wife. He was in an IVA which completed last year, the joint debt was subject to the Settled IVA. Wife was not in an IVA. Seven years after starting IVA - IVA friends wife has received letter saying they are pursuing for outstanding debt, they can't pursue him due to IVA so going after other name on joint account. I guess some of the payments to the IVA from him over term of IVA will have settled some of the debt. In the past seven years wife has made no payment to IVA and received no communication regard
  23. I have recently received a student loans letter from SLC demanding payments - or I will incur a further fee, this is from a new style (post 98) that was due to start payments from 2002. Some simple maths shows that this is now a statue barred loan and I would like to send them a letter stating the fact. Which Act do I use for the paragraph stated below: "As this debt is statute barred, you cannot take court action unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from me within this period. This is stated in s5 Limitation Act 1980, and any court clai
  24. Hi all. I got a letter from Moorcroft in April asking me to contact them urgently to discuss an overdue account; very few details given, date and amount was missing for eg, creditor was shown as Arrow Global. I contacted them by letter and informed them that I didn't acknowledge the debt and that my credit report was perfect, showing no late payments/defaults etc, so the debt would be statute barred in any case. They wrote back to say the account was on hold while they looked into it. I received a letter saying that they had heard from the creditor (who were no longer
  25. I am getting letters from Lowell about an alleged debt that is now well and truly statue barred - doesn't appear on my records and is well over 6 years old. The Lowell letter states at the bottom I object to them wasting paper on this nonsense, I do not acknowledge any debt and will never pay them a penny. Do I have any legal right to tell them to sod off and make them stop sending me these letters? ps: they are generously offering me a 75% discount on the 'debt'.
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