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  1. Hi all I've received a rather threatening letter from Restons Solicitors, I'm hoping you can assist me with my problem. Resotns solicitors been instructed by their Client Hillesden securities limited. I have received an n30 Judgement for claimant Resotns solicitors been. I believe it relates to a car finance agreement I had with Black Horse back in 2000 the Car price was £12000 to be paid over a period of 48 month. After few month later in year 2000 due to financial problem I wasn’t able to keep my payment of the monthly instalment to Black Horse. Black Horse dec
  2. I have a Capital One credit card from pre 2007 so it is possible that they won't have a true signed agreement. This I would like to query, however on my initial and subsequent cards and statements they have mis-spelt my first name. How would this affect my case ?
  3. its approx £1980.00 and yes Ithink its been defaulted by abbey. no CCA as yet, just been avoiding it, and offered £50 per month and they refused unless he made a down payment of £400.00, 1st Credit then sent it to Connaught, which I have found out is the same company, and I have avoided them to be honest. The last letter was saying that they were preparing court papers, so god knows what comes next.
  4. Hi This is my first post so thank you in advance for any advice Briefly, last week I received a Statuary Demand from BWlegal and I have a genuine dispute with the creditor (errors on the credit agreement) and I also believe the debt is now stature barred. The loan was taken out in 2006 and the dispute I had with the creditor was upheld by the Financial Ombudsman. I want to apply for set aside and understand I have to fill in forms 6.4 and 6.5 but I have no legal knowledge and cannot afford a solicitor, could anyone help me with the wording for the Witness Statement? The demand was ha
  5. First time posting. I want to thank this site and everyone on it! Beginning of August I received a notice from CCBC that Lowells (via BWLegal) were beginning court proceedings against me for ~£6500 (HFC Bank loan from mid 2007, defaulted 2008). Lowell bought the debt in 2012 and re-defaulted it! I had spoken to them shortly after explaining that I had tried to renegotiate my monthly repayments with HFC but they outright refused and ignored all letters I sent their way - loan was then defaulted June 2008. Lowells apparently ignored all this and just sent bailiff
  6. This doesn't affect me or anyone close to me personally, as all statute barred debts have been formally declared statute barred. However, I was just wondering what might happen to someone's estate, if it was the case that that they had a lot of statute barred debt and hadn't actually declared it as such? Would it make any difference? I do know that some companies tend to write off debt after a customer dies, regardless of whether it is statute barred or not, but there are no doubt always a few unscrupulous rogues about. Could they potentially
  7. Hi, looking for a bit help if possible. I have received a County Court letter for a debt for an old Barclaycard which i cannot remember being in contact with for well over 10yrs, i'm wanting to put in a defense against it under the limitations act but not to sure as to what is the best thing to say, also not sure if i should send the claimant a letter stating the same facts. The County Court Letter is dated 27/01/2016 and i'm getting really stressed because i was told i only have 14 days to respond. Claimants are IDR Finance and the solicitors dealing
  8. Hi all In October 2009 I defaulted on an HSBC overdraft, £700 of which was charges, the other £700 ish the actual overdraft. They didn't get in touch until last year (I had previously looked in to a DRO but HSBC wouldnt confirm the details to me as it had been passed to a DCA, my circumstances then changed and I was able to negotiate the other debts I had at the time) The account was originally opened in 2005. I sent MKDP LLP a CCA request, they took a long time to respond and finally responded saying that the account was opened 'interpersonally' (whatever that means) and t
  9. letter today from Lowell offering reduction on an old catalogue debt, they said it is equivalent to charges and interest previously applied. do I accept?
  10. I just wanted to share with you what I hope is good news. One of my sons was being pursued by Lowells for a debt that was nearly nine years old and for over £7000 .He had ignored the letters as he knew the debt was statute barred but was served with a county court summons. Using the advice given on this forum I put together a defence based on the fact the debt was statute barred . It continued through the court process up till the notice of allocation to small claims track. He then heard nothing as to whether they had paid a hearing fee for a date set later this mont
  11. Lloyds Bank alleged I had a debt to them of about £1000. I always disputed the debt and Lloyds never took me to court. About two years ago the debt became statute barred Very shortly afterwards a company called 1st Credit, based in Redruth, started demanding I pay them the full debt. I reminded them the debt was statute barred and unenforceable. Ever since they've ignored me pestered me with phone calls and letters, all of which I've ignored. 1st Credit freely admit the debt is statute barred and unenforceable but they say they will persist in attempting to reco
  12. Hi, and firstly thanks for the great wealth of information on his site. I have received 2 claim forms in the last few weeks out of the blue, its close to the dates for statute barred on both of them. Could someone please confirm they are both statute barred as I'm a nervous wreck about them. I have just been flicking through this forum looking for statute barred templates and noticed an explanation which made me question if I'm right or wrong. I have a claim form dated issue date 30th Nov, it is with Arrow global Limited for a credit card with Sainsburys
  13. M&S debt (preference account) - CCA Feb 2009 which produced an unenforceable application form, no terms et c - M&S were advised with no acknowledgment of debt from last activity in Feb 2009. Defaulted by M&S Oct 2009, which fell off my credit record Oct 2015. Debt was sold on by M&S in 2012 to Marlin, whom via Restons issued a court claim dated 2 December 2015, for the full amount. Sum is a little over £5k and is the same amount that the account was defaulted for back in 2009. I received the papers on 4 December 2015, I immediately acknowledged via MC
  14. Hi, I would greatly appreciate help with a defence. Below is a summary of what has transpired: Contacted by solicitor about an old, pre 2007 debt with Ambrose Wilson. This debt is believed to be possibly not legitimate or alternatively possibly Statue Barred. However, to be 100% sure, CCA request sent and proof of delivery of letter obtained. No response to CCA request at all, not even an acknowledgement. Further request for payment / threats of court received whilst I was out of the country. Received court papers from court, again, whilst I was out of the country. Ac
  15. I owe money to several creditors to which i make regular payments to when they have confirmed they owe the debt etc etc and i know who im paying is correct, but im having problems with MBNA/Connaught/1st credit ....The steps i have taken are below and can anyone confirm the next step for me please; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03 April 2010 - Sent CCA Request/Do not acknoweldge debt 24 May 2010 - Statutory Demand Issued 25 May 2010 - Sen
  16. Hi Everyone Would really appreciate some help with this matter. About a week ago I received a claim form from Northampton County Court originally dated 22 May 2015. The reason I only received it now is because I have recently moved and despite setting up a redirection service with Royal Mail, this letter was delivered to my previous address. The particulars of claim on the claim form are as follows: 1. The Defendant entered into a credit agreement by the original creditor as Capital One Bank (Europe) - credit card and having account number xxxx ("the
  17. Yesterday I began receiving phone calls from a 0203 number, which turns out to be PRA Group Debt Collectors (Aktiv Kapitol). They are now bombarding me with calls (even the number is on auto reject) and automated voice mails requesting I call them. I used to have dealings with Aktiv over an old HSBC debt which passed in statute bared status over a year ago (if not longer). I won't answer these calls and will only deal with them in writing (if I have to contact them at all) but other than that what can I do? I am unable to pay off the debt (and it is unlikely I ever
  18. Hey this is my first thread but i've been following closely in the background for a long while. I'm not sure if this should go here or the scottish debt forum :/ Hbos have a default registered on my current account dating back to an alleged debt that was last acknowledged in October of 2009 by way of a transaction by myself. I had forgot all about this until recently when I checked my credit report on Noddle so in response knowing the age of the account I fired off the template provided on here for debts affected by scottish law. In response I received this back:
  19. Date of claim: 27 May 2015 What is the claim for – Claimants claim is for sum of 51xx being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under an agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 between the defendant and Coop under account ref xxxx/xxxxxx and assigned to the claimant on 08/01/2013 notice of which has been given to the defendant. The defendant failed to make contractual repayment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been issued which has not been complied with. What is the value of the claim? £6k + Is th
  20. Hi all, although its a much discussed topic "Statute Barred" I'd thought I share some recent communication between myself and ecashwindow otherwise known as Early Pay Pay Loans. A month or so ago I received an email from ecashwindow stating that a CCJ was "being" issued at my home address. without acnowledging anything I responded to the email with "You will need to send me copies of any signed paperwork and documents relating to the suggested loan I have with you. Sending me threatening emails suggesting court action will not prompt me to make any payments unless
  21. I had a Monument Credit Card and was receiving statements from them on a monthly basis. At the beginning of this year they passed the debt on to a DC who I wrote to and claimed the debt is Statute Barred (it was over 7 years since last payment had been made and I live in Scotland anyway). I haven't heard from the DC since (about 3 months now) Last month monument sent me a letter asking if I wanted to claim PBP, as I am disabled and was unable to work when I took the credit card out, I sent them an email to stake my claim on the 9th Sept which they have acknowledged. Can they offset any PBP
  22. Hi All I have an account with an outstanding balance still owing which is now status barred as it is 6 years since I last made a payment , I originally CCA the original solicitor for the bank whom stated they could not located the CCA so the account remained in dispute, about two years later they then sold it to a DCA to which I wrote to them stating that the account was still in dispute with the original solicitor for the bank as they could not locate my CCA and sent the DCA copies of the letters I'd sent to banks solicitor and their reply so I was a bit perplexed as to how th
  23. Hopefully this will be the right thread as is a general CCJ question: I had a CCJ placed on me on 10/09/09 by an architect who had done some plans which I had paid him for. He then decided business was tough and invoiced me for additional £3k fees - which I refused to pay as had already paid the agreed £3.5k invoice. Thought nothing more about it, heard nothing else about it until July 2014 when received a letter and an email from Lombard Legal claiming they were acting for the architect. Brilliantly the letter and email both had different amounts owing - a
  24. Hi everyone some help if possible Barclays Credit Card debt default date on my credit file 11/02/2010 i believe the default date to be 30/08/2009 as on that date i received a letters from mercers debt collections limited stating they were dealing with me on behalf of barclays... how can i 100% make sure this is correct? and deal with it? also on my credit file i have 2 entries for the same default from a lloyds overdraft one from lloyds the other from lowell how can i sort this? cheers actually i have just found a letter from mercers stati
  25. Hi guys, Been a while. I'm helping a friend with this. He's received a court claim form from Cabot regarding a Vanquis credit card that was defaulted back in 2008. Surely thay cant proceed as its statute barred under the limitations act? How do we go forward? Do we submit a defence on the grounds of it being Statute Barred. Or do we defend by disputing the debt then put in an application to strike it out due to it being Statute Barred? Not sure if this makes any difference... He was a sole trader when he took the card out. He was a sole trader when the default
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